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Worse than animals: The Murder of Baby Briana Lopez | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Apr 18

Worse than animals: The Murder of Baby Briana Lopez

Tag: Family Life,Female Topicswendy @ 9:08 am

If you want an answer to the question “Can it get any worse than what happened to ‘Baby P’…?” then  think I have found that answer. In no way does this diminish what happened to that poor sweet child, but it can in a way serve to the British authorities as a precedent in how to deal with such cases of horrific child abuse.

Mandatory Life Sentence. That is the legacy of this horrible story; mandatory life sentence for people who abuse and kill children. The parents of little Briana Lopez will never see the light of day ever again and when you have watched this graphic, and terribly disturbing report you will wonder why they were never strung up by their necks.

That photo above left: that is the only photo ever taken of little Briana and it was taken of her lying dead in her cot – it has been airbrushed so that her injuries are erased. After her death, on searching her parents filthy squat for evidence, they discovered the sad fact that there was not one photograph anywhere of this little girl – not one of her playing, giggling or just looking into the camera. Her parents never bothered. I doubt this little baby girl ever smiled let alone giggled…

The police who worked on her case took that photograph of her in death and realised that there should be a picture of her to be remembered. Watch her story and weep…

ALL social services depts and staff EVERYWHERE should be forced to view this report.

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96 Responses to “Worse than animals: The Murder of Baby Briana Lopez”

  1. Teresa says:

    RIP Lil’ Briana, you are in god’s hand now, and NO WILL EVER HURT YOU AGAIN…

  2. Carolyn says:

    Brianna you are with Jesus now running and playing at the feet of Jesus. No hatred or anger just love and happiness.

  3. Siobhan says:

    this is so sad, its actually evil, hope they never get out of jail, r.i.p ur safe now! ♥

  4. Wendy says:

    Thanks Siobhan :)

  5. Jeanette Avila says:

    I’m so sick what they did to baby Brianna. I think they should get the death penalty I couldn’t imagine what that baby went through. The government should do something. They will to face god the baby gone and it so sad.
    I’m a grandmother. And her own grandmother did do anything to save her she should be sent to death her self, and the uncle to. I cry every night for her she is an angel in heaven. There is to much abuse in this world everyone dose not seem to care.

  6. JOYE says:

    May God help us all. Child abuse, you call this child abuse. I call it premeditated murder. These animals better be glad I’m not the grandmother because they would not have lived ong enough to go to trial nor to abuse this angel a second time.

  7. Wendy says:

    That poor little girl was surrounded by evil, sadistic people – she never stood a chance.

  8. jess says:

    Well youd think brianna would be dead after all that abuse while noone knew about the abuse youd think a baby wouldnt even live up to 5months like brianna they must of fed her so they could abuse her

  9. Brittany says:

    How could you carry your own for 9 months, and this do this to your own poor helpless baby. After I read this I had to go give my baby girl a big hug, and kiss. I don’t understand how someone could ever hurt their own child like this. My baby girl is only 4 months, and when I see her smile it makes all my problems deappear with a quickness! I would do anything in my power to protect my own. If they didn’t want her, myself, and thousands of other people would have taken her with pleasure! I would have loved you like you should have been loved. R.I.P. Brianna you should have had much better baby girl!

  10. Kasey says:

    Dear Briana;
    Although we never met I love you.At night before I go to sleep I pray for you. When I see my children laugh and play I think of you.
    You are in my heart Briana and there no one can ever hurt you again.
    Now your in haven a place so wonderful and devine. In the arms of jesus smiling, laughing, playing in the clouds. Jesus will protect you now Briana,I promise you. As i write this letter to you my heart is heavy and my eyes filled with tears. How I wish you could have been my child so you would have never ever been in fear. I would have loved you and gave you hugs and kisses every single day. Not boo boo’s, bumps, and ochies only hugs and kisses and tickels just to see you smile. Briana rest in peace beutiful little baby…….. I love you.

  11. Mary says:

    That’s really sad…I cried when I read this cause I got 2 children of my own and I just can’t beleive who would do this to a child, and they dont even have one picture of her…they deserve life without parole!! It just makes me sick to know that you could of had everything but stupid people just took that away from you! Thank god your in a better place now where you’ll have all the love and care you need! R.I.P. Briana we all love you!!!!!!!

  12. Emira Tucker says:

    I have read about this story via facebook about a month or two after watching a video that someone made about her on youtube. It just guts me and brings me to tears every time. There is not a day that goes by now that I don’t think about this precious little angel when I see my 4 month old daughter laughing, cooing, and smiling. As I write this post it brings tears to my eyes. I cannot fathom how anyone could hurt a child let alone an infant! These “people” aren’t even good enough to be called animals, since most animal mothers (at least mammals anyway) feed, care for, and protect thier young out of mere instinct. Even the animals that do kill there young its a quick painless death, not 5 months of pain and suffering… These people are lower than scum, and in my opinion need to suffer the longest most painful and horrible death imaginable. IF these souless pieces of waste did not want a child they should have given her up for adoption! This baby like all babies deserve nothing but love and kindness warmth, kisses and smiles, not endless torture. This actually made me question my faith for a short time, but i know now that she is in paradise with God,

  13. angelika says:

    We love you baby Brianna…forever… from France.

  14. Alexandra says:

    I read about this story months ago and it keeps coming back to me. So upsetting, unsettling, disturbing on so many levels.
    I am going to write a list because that is what will help me process. I am writing in a way that will help me work it through. I hope my thoughts will spark your thoughts, and most of all I hope for peace:
    1. Child abuse – physical, verbal, sexual, or social- is never about pleasure for the abuser. It is about power. The abuser was abused and felt powerless, so he (or she) abuses as soon as he (or she) can, or will look the other way.
    So when people write “how could they have gotten pleasure. . .” it is a complete misunderstanding – rape is not sexual. it is about overpowering the vulnerable.
    These monsters became monsters because someone did something horrible to them. And then they did not self-reflect, or were sick and could not , and the cycle of violence continued. It must be stopped.
    My thoughts on the Lopez’s disgusting behavior – let’s consider appropriate consequences: People who are stuck in the cycle of violence and abuse have lost the Gd given privilege to have sexuality. It should simply be removed. If a person cannot handle being in possession of normal, healthy, functioning genitals, then they should be castrated. Just like a known criminal is not permitted to own a weapon, so too a person who misuses his “equipment” should have it all removed.
    If we are honest, and truly intend for something to happen “NEVER Again” we must learn from those around us. Because imagine how many young innocent (or elderly vulnerable) are abused in equally horrific, large and even very small ways every single day???

    2. This is a horrible tragedy. we all know that. we all have read the disgusting, awful details. it’s like a traffic accident – you try to look away but you keep looking and then it becomes burned onto your brain as a reminder to drive more safely. The thing to do, for me, is to try to reflect – ok, this is horrific. We all keep thinking about it. What is there to learn here? And what part of me (or you) tries to overpower someone else even in a small way?
    3. I think about how many people are disturbed by this tragedy and as a result are moved to be more gentle with their own children, to slow down, to touch their children with more respect, more kindness, to listen more carefully in the name of the innocent, the completely vulnerable and totally unprotected Baby Briana? In her name, I kiss my baby one more time today, I put her down on her changing table even more carefully, i slow down and tell my baby what I am going to do before i do anything – slowly and gently change her clothes, put on her bib, offer her nursies, change her diaper – anything. And I honor Baby Briana, and I am ever even gentler with my own girl.
    4. The lack of acknowledging Briana’s humanity: she wasn’t a person to this family. She was an object. A crying, needy object. She was not treated with any respect. We as a society need to ramp up our treatment of young children with respect. That means telling them what is going to happen before it happens – as simple as “I am going to close the car door and it will make a bang” or “I am going to pick you up now”. People talk to their dogs more than they talk to their children. They understand that a cat is unsettled by a move from one home to another, but are surprised when a young child is upset in the same situation. I am not saying that these things are abusive, just that as a society we need to become more sensitive to young children – Brianna’s horrific experience is just the extreme of how people deal with those who are voiceless. Let’s say tickling: An infant or young child laughs because they have NO choice – it is an involuntary response. I would suggest that before tickling your child, consider that it is an act of overpowering someone who is powerless. Then decide if you liked it when someone much, much bigger than you, that you trusted, tickled you. Yes, the baby is laughing – but she has no choice.

  15. maria kuvari says:

    i wonder is there a god..i am waiting to die and maybe i will get an answer from him WHY????I am so embarassed that i was born human!!!I wish you little sweet angel make company to baby peter and laugh both of you and live in a better place than here away from sick-devils with the human appearence!!I also wish i could curse so badly all those who abused and murdered all these baby-angels and my curses came true!!!Who knows maybe they will come true..

  16. tara says:

    I don’t believe in the death penalty but in this case I’d heartily agree. But then again with what they put this innocent little angel through death is too good for them. 2%= Briana. You’re in the arms of angels now.

  17. Wendy says:

    Torture and then a long, slow death would be more than good enough for them. People who say ‘death is too good for them’ are copping out.

  18. vera says:

    When we say that death is too good for them, maybe we mean that death alone is too good for them. I agree with torture first, then death!! They must not die until they are tortured.

  19. Sylvia says:

    Vreselijk verhaal heb het gezien met tranen in mijn ogen.
    Hoe kun je niet van zo een kleintje houden?
    Als ouders moet je onvoorwaardelijk van je kind houden en beschermen baby Brianna heeft dat nooit gehad alleen maar ellende het idee dat ze nooit gelachen heeft en geen een foto van haar gemaakt is maakt me ziek!!
    Wat zijn het voor gestoorde mensen die dit een baby aandoen?
    Waarom? Het is niet te bergijpen ik ben zelf moeder van een 6 maanden oude dochter zo een kleintje is toch het mooiste wat er is.
    Onze meid krijgt zoveel liefde van ons ik vind het vreselijk dat Brianna dat nooit gehad heeft van haar familie.
    Die monsters moeten ze hetzelfde doen als ze bij Brianna gedaan hebben!!

    Brianna R.I.P
    Je zal nooit vergeten worden.

  20. Nathan A Medeiros says:

    I can not begin to understand why on earth someone would do this to an infant child, I despise Rapists and Molesters especially ones that do this to children. No matter what the punishment is that you give this diabolical people It’s still merciful, But in Hell they’ll truly suffer over and over and over again I hope they are forever haunted by the events that took place that night But they don’t care about their crimes. Still if I were the judge I would purposely send them all into general population and make sure that their crimes are broadcasted throughout the prisons. And when they are found brutally bludgeoned from with in the Prison Walls and I’m told it was cruel and unusual punishment I will present them with the Photos of this infant child who never had the chance to live and say” this is Cruel and Unusual” ” They received mercy compared to the baby”.

  21. vera says:

    That would be some justice for that innocent baby, indeed!

  22. Manon says:

    I feel so angry…….R.I.P…..Sweet Briana

  23. vera says:

    While her murderers are incarcerated I wonder why inmates haven’t yet got to them. They don’t deserve to live. I wonder why they didn’t receive the death penalty. I really haven’t researched more than the horror committed upon that helpless baby.

  24. Wendy says:

    They are a wretched bunch of sub-humans. Their crimes deserved the death penalty for sure.

  25. karen says:

    i read this story a week ago and look at it every day its so sad and all i do is cry when i read this i showed it to my family and what i cant wonder is why aint her abuser dead why should they have there life even if its behind bars every one of them including the grandmother and uncle should have death sentance this is sick no baby deserves this kind of life and the cage aroung her grave is sick they should be six feet under an caged like animals better yet they should be flushed like all other shit.

  26. yessica castillo says:

    when i saw this,, i felt sad, discusted, and angry at the same time.. i still dont understand how can anyone actually do this to their own baby.. i cryed and cryed,, thinking about this horrible thing that happend to this inoccent baby,, they scaped the law of humans by not getting life in prison.. but they wont escape the law of god.. they will burn in hell!!!

  27. Anna Yordanova says:

    Dear Briana your mum never kissed you,but there where you are now lots of angels kiss you for “good night”.I hope to meet you one day in heaven.

  28. patriciapalomares says:

    I love you baby brianna, no more pain sweetangel of god your in my heart and thoughts everyday sweet baby girl,

  29. Toni Maraj says:

    I just heard of this today and can’t even think about this without just feeling like my heart is wringing. This makes me sick, just sick. Physically and mentally. I wanted to see what happened to the parents, nothing could make up for what they did but I can’t go further than this. There is only one thing I can do, from this day forward I can give my thoughts of love to that baby who did not deserve such atrocities.

  30. Crystal says:

    In God I/WE Trust>>>3

  31. Windy says:

    What upsets me is that the law initially was very mild and then was changed because of this case but just in New Mexico I think they should have gotten the death penalty especially because this was a baby and she was so badly abused and had no way to protect herself. I just recently came across this case. I am a grandmother who’s granddaughter was shaken and sexually abused by her father and he only got 5 years she was put in the hospital a month after she came home from the hospital from being a premie. Her father tried to hide it but we persisted with the hospital that her seizures were not normal and she wasn’t eating, finally after 3 days and a video to prove she is having seizures they did a scan of her head and found bleeding of the brain, 3 days of him hiding what he had done to her and 3days of the ER turning my daughter away not believing her that sucked but he wont get to see her ever again

  32. laura jones says:

    Rest now baby angel. You make me a more tolorant loving person. Rest now in the arms of God himself. I dedicate the kissess I give my bsbies you you sweet darling child. I love you.

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