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Why so much secrecy around missing toddler William Tyrrell?

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Three year old NSW toddler William Tyrrell disappeared from outside his grandmother’s house in the NSW town of Kendall without trace almost one year ago. No clues as to his whereabouts to date have been found, the child was playing in a quiet street in a quiet town and has seemingly vanished into thin air.

Why then are there legal injunctions in place that effectively gag his foster parents from being identified by name and by appearance? why can they not speak out about William’s full story and why are his biological parents not even mentioned in media reports?

A little child is missing and nobody is allowed to say anything of substance. Who is that legal injunction protecting?

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  2. wendy says:

    Of course – it is common but unspoken knowledge that William was not living with his biological family when he went missing, the ‘parents’ that speak with their faces blurred are his foster parents. I don’t think this was a random abduction and I refuse to believe that he was taken by a stranger…I think William was almost certainly taken by a person or persons he already knew.

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