The priceless legacy of Arthur and Yvonne Boyd: Bundanon

arthurboydA great artist is one that is connected in both mind and spirit with the environment they are inspired to paint. Arthur Boyd was one of Australia’s most ‘connected’ artists in this respect – he captured the unique beauty of Australia’s pastoral landscapes as well as being influential in expanding and exploring new heights of creativity.

Arthur Boyd and his wife Yvonne both felt deeply that encouraging creative thought and and the ability to be inspired was something which all artists should share in. In furthering this they gifted their beloved property of  ‘Bundanon’ to the Australian people in the hope that it’s beauty would inspire others as it had themselves.

riversdale‘Bundanon’ is a landscape of pristine bushland and green pastures situated south of Sydney on the Shoalhaven River near Nowra. The estate comprises the Bundanon Homestead and the Riversdale property; further to this generous legacy was added the Boyd Collections.

Today the Australian Govt oversees the Bundanon Trust  which offers those from the artistic communities the chance to gather at Bundanon and experience a wide range of educational and artistic activities and projects.

Arthur Boyd was famous for saying “You cannot own a landscape” – it was in this spirit that he gave Bundanon to the people. Now it magic is shared and enjoyed by everyone.

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