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Oct 07

The Peter Connelly Story: a tragic story that cannot be rewritten

babyp3Every time I look at one of those pictures of baby Peter Connelly – like this one here – I wonder what his little voice would have sounded like; did he ever giggle or did he just barely manage a tiny smile (like in this photo…) before the reality of his short life set in with the delivery of yet another blow from a nearby fist. Who took these photos of him – who cared enough to bother?  we take photos of our children to preserve those very precious moments of their babyhood, their childhood – all those ‘firsts’ and milestones from the day they are born until, well, I am still taking heaps of photo’s of my two eldest grown up sons and cannot see why I would ever stop.

You do it because part of you never wants to let go of that most precious part of them – their childhood. That special time when they had complete and utter faith and confidence in everything you said and did, when they trusted you 100% to never let them down. You do it so that when they are grown up and not calling you everyday, when they are no longer around to ask what’s for dinner each evening and no longer having 100% complete and utter faith and confidence in everything to do and say – that you have a precious and timeless reminder of the times when they did.

babyppetercLittle Peter would have trusted his mother implicitly like all children do, at his murder trial it was said that he was “always wanting cuddles” from a woman who only gave him indifference and a couple of male thugs to live with him where he should have been safe and secure. Even at the height of his agonies he would have only ever wanted his mum…

Today Sharon Shoesmith launched her appeal against her sacking by Haringey Council, still determined to prove ‘it wasn’t her fault’ , still finding justification for the actions of her entire department which oversaw the death of this child. It seems obscene that a woman who was happy to be paid in excess of £133,000.00 a year to ensure that children like Peter were cared for is using the excuse of ‘lack of funds’ to explain why her department failed so dismally to save little Peter. How much money does it cost to pick a child up in your arms and walk out of a house with him…? plenty of money for salaries for pen pushers such as Ms Shoesmith, but none it seems for any real work to be done.

The tragedy is that Peter Connelly will not be the last child to be tormented to death by an unfeeling, unheeding mother – not the last child to be destroyed by a mentally-challenged male that it’s mother has found by the roadside and brought home. And we will hear the same time-worn and feeble excuses that Sharon Shoesmith and councils like Haringey will trot out in their own defence. Nothing they can say will change the fact that Peter was allowed to exist in hell on earth, in conditions that animals in a zoo do not even have to endure. His is a story that cannot be changed because the hard facts, and the actions and non-actions of those adults around him, speak for themselves.

So who took those lovely photo’s of little Peter – and why…? who cared enough to record his sweet little face?  there have been enough published to fill a book – one that sadly could have had a different ending, but did not.

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508 Responses to “The Peter Connelly Story: a tragic story that cannot be rewritten”

  1. vera says:

    Thanks Kerry,
    I just joined it. I didn’t start one though. Is that right?

  2. KERRY says:

    I think so, the link below shows all the people who have signed it (too few for my liking!) so if it has worked you should be on there.


  3. vera says:

    Thanks Kerry
    I just now signed it. My name is there. Apparently I didn’t have to join anything, but I did. You could sign without joining.Anyway, I agree with you. Not enough people signed.

  4. vera says:

    I’ll bet Peter never even watched cartoons or movies for children. How sad.

  5. kerry says:

    I often think the same thing 😥

  6. Canadianmom says:

    Or read him a book :(

  7. vera says:

    I swear, if he was mine I would give him the world.Just to look into his beautiful eyes would be a privilege. I’d be kissing his face all day.
    Tracey Connelly truly should rot in hell. There’s a sadness in my heart forever because of what those bastards did to that innocent little doll.

  8. Kerry says:

    Same here. Same for all of us I’m sure. What a shame that useless lump didn’t feel the same way.

  9. Canadianmom says:

    I’ve always wondered how poor Peter’s back was broken . . . sadly, now I know. I wish it wasn’t true, I wish it wasn’t this awful for him but I guess it was. Our poor, poor baby.


    If you scroll down to the bottom and read July 29 it talks about that day. How can anyone be so evil? Caution: it is very upsetting.

    This is one thing now I wish I didn’t know.

  10. Canadianmom says:

    Now that I am not raging mad and I actually think about this, I thought Peter’s most serious injury occured in the the living room when that useless pierce of flesh was “playing with him”. After reading so much, it is hard to know what is the truth anymore. I guess that the only thing that matters is that it happened to begin with. It really bugs me that they didn’t have to explain what really happened to Peter. That stupid bitch should have to beg for the public’s forgiveness!

  11. David Misner says:

    She should with a picture of Peter behind her. You see Iron Man 2? Iron Man defeated the bad guy turned around then told the people “he’s all yours”

  12. Canadianmom says:

    Exactly! I never wanted to harm anyone before her!!!

  13. David Misner says:

    Not that is matters it was Iron Man not Iron Man 2. How much sympathy would she get if all knew exactly what she did and also had a picture of Peter behind her as a visual reminder too

  14. Sheila says:

    Like everyone else, I lay in bed each night and replay what happened to that Baby. I dont see how anyone could have let that happen. I would murder whom ever tried to hurt my children. I have four children 2 year old twins, 3 year old and a 6 year old, I couldnt bare to look in their crying eyes and continue to let someone hurt them. They are the best little huggers, perfect kisses, and the most innocent, pure love. I see Peter in my children. The thing that makes me feel better is I like to believe that Peter is safe, and he is my child and I am loving him. I have many pictures of him(unfortunately they are all the same) but they are of him. I also try to make myself believe that he was numb and couldnt feel all the awful things that happened to him, although I know differntly. I wish I could have let him fall asleep on me, and rub his little cheeks, and just kiss him til he woke up. That was robbed from all of us. Peter’s playing now, and we should think about his smiling face, and all the great things that he is getting to do now. My heart skips a beat in pain with each thought of him, so I had to help myself with this. I know there are other children who get abused, starved, cut, scolded, raped, and murdered too, but Peter is the one that I absolutely can not let go. That pathetic piece of shit Tracy Connolly can beg for forgiveness, but she or her nasty partner and his bother will never be forgiven. They are safer in PRISON, so maybe we should be glad they are getting out, ’cause “we the people” will take care of them. TO PETER: You are very loved and missed by many. R.I.P angel boy!!!

  15. vera says:

    The monsters are surely safer in prison ❗ Far safer than they’ll be when they get out ❗

  16. vera says:

    Peter was special in many ways. He was beautiful, both physically and inwardly. It was said that he always smiled.
    Knowing what happened to him in his short life has brought us all together throughout many countries, seeking justice for him.

    He was not only abused and neglected (as if that’s not enough).
    Peter Connelly was SINGLED out for TORTURE. That baby was systematically TORTURED. Just to please and humor those who did it!
    From the time of his birth to the time of his death, Peter Connelly received no love, no mercy. That’s a reason why he stands out!

  17. vera says:

    I too read that Peter’s broken back occurred in the living room.
    But you’re right, it doesn’t matter where it took place. It’s that it took place at all.
    I was also thinking that perhaps an inquest was not done because if it was, then the social workers who were supposed to be doing their jobs by protecting him would REALLY have to answer. Don’t forget, by the time the inquest was to be considered, millions of people already knew about the case.
    I think these bastards should’ve been jailed as well as the killers. Not physically harmed, but jailed. They were receiving salaries to protect children. Peter Connelly was one of those children. They simply let all this happen to him. I’m sure they knew and didn’t care.

  18. Kerry says:

    Oh. I’ve just read it. It’s so bad I can’t even cry, just feel numb :sad: :sad:

  19. Canadianmom says:

    I know, for me it is difficult to put into perspective what our darling Peter went through because I have nothing to compare it to. Makes you sick.

    I cannot wait to hear how Tracey Connelly dies (and SB)!! I have to admit that I eagerly await that glorious day. I will litterally throw a party! I hope that bitch s-u-f-f-e-r-s. I hope we get the news of her release in Canada, but I’m sure Wendy and others will be right on top of it! I will choke if I find out she was reunited with her children.

    Peter: how much love do you feel, buddy!?!? We send it to you everyday! Forever.

    I know what you mean Sheila, about feeling like he’s part of your family. I blow him a kiss everynight after I kiss my boys in bed. There was always something about HIM that made it personal.

  20. vera says:

    I know it’s upsetting to read about Peter’s horrific life and death. But we must know and remember what was done to him, and by whom.
    After reading I see that more people are enraged by what was done to that poor little boy. I’ve known this for some time now because I read and search anything concerning Peter Connelly. That’s why I am so passionate about this.
    Hopefully, some justice will be served when they’re released. If more people become enraged, the more we stand a chance of that.

  21. Amira says:

    If he was mine, like vera said I would do everything in my power 2 let him have a great life!!! And he never got to do things that regular children do. It just makes me sick that these crappy people in the UK that murdered and tortured Peter r getting out of jail soon, they deserve a lifetime in jail and a $500,000,000 fine. AND FOR ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO TORTURE AND MURDER THESE PRECIOUS CHILDREN. B ASHAMED OF URSELVES NO CHILD SHOULD HAVE 2 GO THRU THAT KIND OF RETARDED ACTIONS.

  22. Leena and Dominic says:

    yes, Peter is still remembered… everyday… His death is a reminder for social services to wake up and take action at the right time instead of hoping for the parents to improve. read an article of Sharon Shoesmith saying that she gathered all the Paracetamols in the house for her unfair dismissal… too bad she dint take the next step, i would have helped her.. if she really was guilty of her failure , she would have atleast kept her mouth shut and face the humiliation. RIP PETER , REMEMBERED U ON UR 5TH BIRTHDAY , THSI MONTH

  23. Leena and Dominic says:

    yes, Peter is still remembered… everyday… His death is a reminder for social services to wake up and take action at the right time instead of hoping for the parents to improve. read an article of Sharon Shoesmith saying that she gathered all the Paracetamols in the house for her unfair dismissal… too bad she dint take the next step, i would have helped her.. if she really was guilty of her failure , she would have atleast kept her mouth shut and face the humiliation. RIP PETER , REMEMBERED U ON UR 5TH BIRTHDAY , THIS MONTH

  24. Canadianmom says:

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if you could fill in a few details for me about Peter’s final resting site? Where were his ashes scattered . . . Is it Islington Cemetery? Is there a headstone to mark the spot? Who erected the memorial stone there and is it still there? Do people still drop off toys there? In some pictures in Islington Cemetery I see a semicircle of small saplings . . . Is there a garden dedicated to Peter? Was his funeral service just for family? In the interview with the grandma I thought she mentioned that his ashes were scattered by the father’s parent’s final resting place and that she hadn’t been there yet. Has anyone been there?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I have been relying on the Internet for answers and I am having trouble finding them. I hope to one day travel to London, maybe when my kids are older.

    I find myself wishing that the father would make a statement about Peter, share new pictures or tell a happy story about him. I know he wants to move on but Peter is so important to so many of us! I guess that would be intrusive . . . I know. Just wishful thinking. I also think he would probably open himself up to a lot of criticism if he spoke out. I keep wanting to know how Peter’s sisters are and if they think of him. I want to know what happened to Peter’s toys and his clothes (that didn’t have blood on them) and what his favorite toy was.

  25. Wendy says:

    The memorial to Peter is still there in St Pancras and Islington Cemetery in East Finchley. His memorial stone is located in the Garden of Remembrance. His memorial is located very close to a bird bath in Spinney No.2. His ashes were scattered near to his paternal grandmother’s grave – none of his family have erected a plaque in his memory, apparently to prevent those involved in his death ever finding his grave and visiting it – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/3476109/Baby-P-laid-to-rest-without-plaque-at-Londons-largest-cemetery.html

    There is a sea of toys and flowers scattered around the memorial spot, a black headstone was erected after the Sun newspaper sponsored the purchase and placed the memorial close to where his ashes were scattered – http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2583233/Baby-P-given-memorial-by-Sun.html

    Peter’s maternal grandmother was in no way qualified to speak. She was as bad and neglectful a mother herself as her daughter turned out to be. Th grandmother was herself a drug addict and a prostitute.

    I am sure that Peter’s sisters still think about him and will not forget him. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say in the future when they are old enough to speak out, just as the sister of the murdered 6 year old Australian boy, John Ashfield, did. They are in the custody of foster carers. Most of Peter’s clothes were taken in as evidence as – and you will be sickened to learn this – when police looked through the house for evidence after his death, they did not find one single article of his clothing that was not stained with his blood.
    What his favourite toy was we will probably never know; Peter’s father has never revealed such information. All he ever says is how he ‘never knew what was going on…’

  26. vera says:

    I doubt that Peter had a toy, let alone a favorite one. I did see him playing in that walker type chair when Barker was trying to kiss him . It was on his first and only birthday.
    I read that the teenager said that she witnessed Peter being so afraid when he played to let anyone notice him. He played with his head down very quietly. I guess he thought if he was noticed, it would mean more pain for him.

  27. Annette says:

    Makes me so mad. We just had a similar case of child abuse here in Louisville. A child beaten til he couldn’t stand and then beaten and beaten some more. The details are awful. The jury demanded the boyfriend get 90 years and the boy’s aunt get 20 to 30 years..The system is trying to make an example of these two and yet Tracy Connelly gets out in what? A years time? Why couldn’t she had at least gotten 20 years. The aunt tried to make the same case Tracy did but our system doesn’t accept excuses and lies like that.

  28. Wendy says:

    The problem with the sentencing is the judge changed the charge from murder – which it no doubt was – to one of ‘causing or allowing a death’…nobody knows why he did this almost towards the end of the trial, and he did not have to explain why because judges are not held accountable to the public. That needs to be changed. Even the jurors were shocked when he told them not to consider a verdict for murder – god knows what he was on about.

  29. Canadianmom says:

    If there was an inquiry into Peter’s death would the judge have to answer those question?

  30. Wendy says:

    Yes, which is why the Inquiry was cancelled…

  31. sheila says:

    I live in Shelbyville, wow we are close. I’ve not heard about the child in Louisville, can you fill me in? I did read somewhere that since Peter’s death, there have been many more children to die at the hands of their parents. What the hell is going on in England?

  32. Annette says:

    http://www.wave3.com/story/14353376/couple-sentenced-for-2-year-olds-death?redirected=true.. I don’t think it’s just in England hun…it’s here too. People are at their breaking point in their lives and some of them are turning on their children. That’s the only thing I can think of.

  33. sheila says:

    Thanks for the link. I dont think that I had heard anything about that. I do know that child abuse happens here, I guess that I just research so much about Baby Peter, that most of everything I find is happening in England. I wish that it didnt happen at all.

  34. Annette says:
  35. vera says:

    It angers me so much that the monsters that killed Peter were not in any way punished by the law. It’s as though they are temporarily being housed by the government until things cool down. The only reason that Barker is serving a longer sentence is because of the rape of the 2 year old.
    Why the hell weren’t they charged with murder?
    In the eyes of the law, how did this child die?
    Who murdered him?
    I just had a thought. If these bastards were not tried for murder, then can they be charged with murder at a later date? (Of course that’s if they survive the Public’s Rage after they’re released). 😕

  36. Canadianmom says:

    Let’s hope they can be charged with murder.

    The thought of those two living in society makes my skin crawl.

  37. vera says:

    Mine too.

  38. tahliah says:

    i swear, im and i think child abuse it disguisting he was a beautiful child, he didnt deserve what happened to him no one does, but this is soo1 sad, i cry at stuff like this, i hope his mum step dad and the other dude rots in hellllllll

  39. Canadianmom says:

    I read someting one time that Tracy said (apperently)about Peter’s horrific life and his abuse that has been bugging me. She said, “it didn’t happen the way they say in the newspaper.” and I have been wondering exactly what the hell that meant. Does anyone else remember reading that? What a stupid thing to say (not surprising, I know). Is she refering to the abuse that finally took his short little life? Is she saying it wasn’t as bad or as often as the papers made it out to be? You killed you baby boy, how could it NOT have happened like that? I am so annoyed by that comment because it’s like she is saying she doesn’t take responsibility for his death.

    I still think of you often Peter, and blow you kisses every night. You are loved little angel.

  40. Wendy says:

    I would not let her stupid words bother you – I doubt she could even read a newspaper and I seriously doubt she was ever given a copy to read. This woman lived in total denial about what was happening in her house so of course she would come out with such a lame remark. She also claimed she was scared of Barker and that was why she never stepped in to protect Peter…total rubbish again. The most she could ever do was deny what happened and when it comes down to it, however it happened, her child died with injuries to every part of his body.

  41. vera says:

    ‘My case is not as clear cut as the press has made out.’ That’s what the bitch said. Then she went on to speak of her dreams for her future. Going to school, and how she will never return to prison. She never mentions her baby boy. It’s all about her case.

  42. Wendy says:

    ‘My case is not as clear cut…’ – those words would have come from her legal team, she is nowhere near as articulate as that. She has reportedly claimed that on release she will do a lot of travelling (she will need to as people will give her no peace anywhere…) and that she wont be looking for a new man too soon. Heaven forbid…

    So long as they spay her first…

  43. vera says:

    You’re right Wendy. Of course they arent’t her words. I never thought of that. I hope her legal team is good and she gets out soon. I wish that when she’s released she gets the punishment that she so clearly deserves.

  44. Canadianmom says:

    Oh, hell, yes! If there was ever a candidate for sterilization it would be her. Guarenteed she will fall back into old habits. It would be a public service to spay her!

  45. Wendy says:

    I think it should be a condition of her release – she could not be trusted and for some unknown reason there will be men who would sleep with her with or without the knowledge of who she is, lets face it a lot of men are not at all fussy. I sincerely hope that she is NOT reunited with her remaining children on her release and I will be staying on this to see what happens. She has displayed complete and total irresponsibility as a parent, complete and utter failure in every single area regarding the most basic behaviour expected of a mother- she must never be allowed another chance to try again because it is simply not worth another child’s life.

  46. vera says:

    I think that Tracey Connelly should never be allowed to breathe. She should be tortured, not spayed.
    If this monster is just not allowed to have any more babies, but is allowed to be in charge of anyone other than herself, it would be horrible. I am hoping she pays the ultimate price for what she has done to that baby. That poor little doll.
    I cannot even imagine that bitch getting any opportunity in life whatsoever.


  47. vera says:

    During the Easter holiday, I went to visit my grandkids. The youngest one is 9 months old and crawling, laughing, crying; just being a baby!
    Of course, as always Peter is on my mind. While observing my little grandaughter, and following her around as she explores I am so careful that she doesn’t fall down a step, or pick something harmful up and put it into her mouth.

    Instead of getting that care, little Peter Connelly got just the opposite. He was purposely hurt.

    My son hates to hear his daughter cry. He wants to see her smile and laugh.

    Those bastards MADE Peter cry. They terrorized, tortured, and then murdered him. They deserve the same horror dealt to them, that they gave to Peter.

  48. Canadianmom says:

    absolutely! So often I too see little kids, or my own playing or whatever and I think Peter will never have the chance to do that. Those three need to be dealt with severely.

  49. serina says:

    you are soo whrigt about that…just the other night peter was in my dreams and i heard him scream and crying.soo awful…..

  50. Wendy says:

    I often wonder about the neighbours who heard his screams and yet did not do enough to alert police, or even confront those evil adults. Barker for one thing is a coward of the worst kind – he picks on babies and elderly women for his kicks. My dad always said that ‘ a bully always meets their match’ – when Barker does I would like to shake that person’s hand!

  51. vera says:

    I read that one neighbor, after learning of Peter’s death was surprised and said he thought the “family” who lived in the house was a nice family.
    More like the Manson Family.
    What about the neighbor who claims to have seen Peter eating dirt in the garden? It would’ve been better if she’d shut her mouth than admitted seeing Peter shoveling dirt into his mouth and not reporting it until after he was murdered.
    Maybe no one heard his screams. Maybe Barker muffled the sound somehow. He wrapped the baby in a cocoon like fashion inside a blanket so that he couldn’t move.
    Social workers, doctors, police, his grandmother, and his own dad knew that things were not right for that little baby. No one helped . No one cared. Too many people knew and not one person helped him. I think if Peter Connelly could talk and pleaded for help everyone around would’ve turned their backs on him. For some unknown reason, that little guy was invisible. Unloved. Now, only in death, he’s loved by millions. So sad. Not fair.

  52. Canadianmom says:

    Just put my boys to bed and as usual thought about little Peter. We say our prayer to Peter, which is a big deal for me because I’m not religious!!

    It’s sort of to the tune of Away in a Manger if you know it. I’d thought I’d share because we all have our own way of remembering our little guy.

    Be near him Lord Jesus,
    I ask thee to stay,
    close by Peter forever,
    and love him, I pray.

    I love you little Peter,
    look down from the sky,
    and watch over my babies,
    from morning til night.

    You are still in my thoughts everyday Peter. I blow you a kiss as I put my boys to bed and look at your picture before I turn out the lights. You are so sweet and beautiful . . . the perfect little guardian angle. Do the best you can sweetheart, so many need you.

  53. Wendy says:

    Wow that’s beautiful :)

  54. vera says:

    I’m not religious and this site is not about God. I truly hope God is real, because then, it would mean that Peter is finally FEELING the love. It would mean that Peter is finally KNOWING he’s loved. What a miracle that would be. To see his little beautiful face smiling, and happy, and giggling.
    Thanks for the prayer, Canadianmom.

  55. Canadianmom says:

    I too hope God is real for the same reason. I think Peter feels all the love we send him with our thoughts and our memories and the way we pay tribute to him.

  56. vera says:

    I sure hope so. :sad:

  57. vera says:

    I learned that Peter liked Winnie the Poo.

  58. vera says:

    Hi Everyone,
    In my forever quest to learn more about little Peter I found this. Type in these words and you will get to see lots of Pics of our little angel.

    À la douce mémoire de Baby P (Peter Connelly).Photos

  59. sheila says:

    Dear Peter. It’s been a while since I have been on. No worries baby, I didn’t forget about you as that isn’t easily done. I just wanted to come by to let you know that you’re on my mind daily. You are truly
    loved by many. I love you more with each little though of you. I hope you are playing and having fun. I love you baby Peter, sweet dreams, sleep with the angels.

  60. vera says:

    I did not forget Peter either.

  61. Jacob says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt such an emotional connection to a story. I see these pictures I can’t help but see my own little boy staring back at me with big innocent eyes, completely trusting, just wanting to be picked up and cuddled. I love my little boy so much and it makes me so sad and angry that there are children deprived and abused that are no less deserving of love.

    I keep thinking about how this baby probably knew only cruelty in his short little life. Wishing I could bring him back for just a little while to cradle and comfort so he’d have known what it was like to feel loved, and I’d know he knew it.

    I keep thinking back the timeframe this was happening, and what I was doing at the time, just living my day to day all while this child was being tortured. How many are enduring the same as I type this?

    I pray that there is a special place in heaven for baby P and other children that endure this treatment.

  62. Wendy says:

    Lovely thoughts Jacob – sadly one of baby Peter’s killers, Jason Barker Owen, will be released from prison within the next six weeks and the child’s mother, Tracey Connelly, is set for parole next year. Given the horrific circumstances of this story it is a travesty that their sentences were so lenient – barely five years for both of them and you can bet your boots that the authorities will be bending over backwards to ensure they will be protected once outside. Owen is requesting a new identity so nobody will harass him…I hope he spends the rest of his miserable life looking over his shoulder in fear just as that poor little boy had to.

  63. love baby p says:

    thats just sick how any one could do that

  64. Anna says:

    i don’t know this baby boy but he’s always on my mind. i have a 5 month old baby boy and i give him kisses and lot’s of hugs. i cry everytime i think of this baby p and all the pain and sufferings he went thru especially with that tiny body. i wish he was mind cause i will take good care and love him dearly. i just can’t believed that this assholes are getting out soon for murdering a baby this is sickening it’s making me more angry. i always think of you baby p.

  65. Sheila says:

    Thinking of you Baby Peter, Everyday! Your murderers will get what they deserve. It’s impossible to go the rest of your life not talking or laughing about what they did. Identity change or not.

  66. Jo davis says:

    Trash like these so called human beings should be thrown to wild pigs to be eaten alive. May they have eternal unrest

  67. vera says:

    I wish that. To be eaten alive.

  68. April¬¬ says:

    R.I.P baby boy you did not disurve what you got 😥 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  69. Wendy says:




  70. Nicole says:

    For all that is merciful on this earth we MUST reintroduce hanging for these monsters! 4 weeks old, WTF!!!!!!

  71. Vera says:

    Unfortunately one monster was already released

  72. vera says:

    Sorry I thought you were talking about the Connelly tragedy. Although anyone who does what these creatures do should HANG!

  73. Wendy says:

    Totally agree Vera.

  74. Aquasia says:

    Hi wendy,

    I am glad you have this going. I am from India. I would like share that I “stumbled” upon the topic of murdered children on the net and since then I am a changed person. It started with the James bulger story and i cried for months no end…then I “found” baby P and it just ripped my heart apart ….and then I thought that’s it It cant hurt anymore and boy was I wrong!!!! i read about Baby Brianna Lopes….I JUST DIED!!!!…I have a precious prscious precious little baby boy who is 10 months old and I cant imagine anyone so much as to talking to him in a harsh tone and or a high pitched voice let alone touching him…. and then I read this going on all around the world.. if I hadnt had my son i would SERIOUSLY need therapy to get over this…. i had soo many sleepless night… cried alone in the bhathroom so that my husband doesnt suspect what i am reading …he knows how much i adore babies and children… i am soo helpless so helpless how can people working with kids or for kids… NOT care enough how can u ignore the pain in silent eyes and tiny bodies withering in pain… i am not sure if you know about the baby brianna case…i hope people have not forgotten her too i keep looking at the dates of the comments posted just to know if they are recent i feel relieved to see “posted yesterday”…. i cant thank for all the people here who think this is “WROng” and we should bring back the death panalty…i have hope for the wrold with poeple like these …. ok i have no words now my heart is hearting again…. god bless our lost angels… i hug my little boy a few extra times now making them count for these little sweet hearts who never got them…. love and god bless you Wendy…sorry for the typos as my eyes are teary 😥

  75. Wendy says:

    Hi Aquasia, the story of this little boy touches people around the world and it is wonderful that he is still remembered today, almost five years after his death. It is amazing how people still return here to leave a message in remembrance of Peter and it shows how much people are determined to continue to hold him in their hearts. If only he was as loved when he was alive…thanks for writing to us:)

  76. Aquasia says:

    Hi wendy, I am back here today again coz there is one though that keeps chewing at my brains and heart. I wanaa know if anybody else feels the same way. From what I have read on the net i learnt that the week end before the little angel was killed he had spent the night.. get this” ONE WHOLE NIGHT” with his dad over the weekend. how on earth did his dad miss his injuires???? from what I see on the net I understand baby P poor sweetheart had a broken back days before he actually passed away now i am sure he must have been in a lot of pain.. how did the father miss this??? did anyone question the dad?? did the police question him? From what I see on the net the injuries were horible and there is no way one would have missed it. How did his father not think of taking him to the doc when he had the chance. I wish i knew what had happened in this area.

  77. sheila says:

    It’s almost your birthday dear little man. I think about you daily, and wish that I could be holding you while you are laughing, having fun and feeling love from everyone. I can just imagine your sweet little voice. I can’t tell you just how much I love you! RIP little angel boy.

  78. Aquasia says:

    Hello, just wanted to leave a message for baby brianna , today would have been her 10th birthday… sweet sweet angel of love… mommys around the world love you sweetheart…..i belive god has sent into a loving and caring family now… rest in peace sweetheart and wish you a very happy birthday darling… I LOVE YOU BABY… SLEEP TIGHT!! 😥

  79. ann says:

    i cant believe they are trying to see if they can get their names changed legally when they get out of prison.12 years is what they got,WTF,drug dealers get more then that and why didnt the neighbors say anything about hearing screaming and do something,thats f***ed up

  80. wendy says:

    These people are cowards of the worst kind aren’t they? they can dish it out to a defenceless baby but want protection for themselves…….they should experience fear and pain as that baby knew it, that would be justice. They do not deserve to live in safety, they deserve to be afraid!

  81. Vera says:

    You’re right Wendy . They should experience every fear and pain that baby Peter experienced. Loneliness and despair should follow them all the days of their lives. I wish it were so easy just to put an evil spell upon these monsters. Unfortunately they’re able to eat, laugh, and be in touch with humans. All of which Peter was denied. I’m almost lost for words. I don’t know what to say anymore. It makes me so sad that justice for peter was never served. The only way I believe he will receive any justice is through vigilantism .

  82. Aquasia says:

    Oh god I just cant tell you guys I am so relived to see that people still remember the little angel. I was just thinking about baby P yesterday and wondering how many people still do? I so wish that we as the citizens of the world can do something to make life hell for these morons. Can you imagine our money being spent on protecting these bastards where as the people who were actually paid(social services)to protect the little boy did NOTHING!! One thing that has been eating me all this while and noone has any answers is the fact that how come the father is cleared of all the charges. Yes I might be wrong but please can someone tell me this….I know baby P visited his father two weeks before his death . How on earth can a father cannot notice his little boy’s ripped ear, broken neck and torn out finger nails??? I understand he bought the bullshit about the bruises from the trac(sh)y bitch but HOW CAN ANYONE HAVE A LOGICAL EXPLANATION FOR A BABY’S NAILS TO BE RIPPED OUT ACCIDENTLY???…The father also failed to notice the baby’s general distress?? Can u imagine how miserable the poor baby must have been??? How can a parent not know instinctively that something is horribly wrong… My heart bleeds to think that his father was the only one who could have REALLY saved baby P from the horror if only he would questioned more and not taken bullshit for answers..now the docs are saying his injuries were not normal “play” type ..but why dint someone think of this then???…. I so wish he could have done something…. I cant believe he held and hugged the battered baby just two weeks before his death and dint realize something was wrong…. I still cry for baby P..specially in March and August….. Sweetheart I love you my little angel… you were obviously too good for the world to have….you were a beautiful gift…. not appreciated by us mortals and we failed you darling (as humans and we will still all fail ones your tormenters will walk out of the prison..)..and therefore god rightfully brought you home sweety… RIP…love you!!!!….shame on us to think that his killers should even stay alive for a sec let alone be protected. Resent the fact that the little innocent baby’s killers will walk out of prison one day to carry on with their filthy lives where as SOMEONE/ANYONE… SHOULD/COULD HAVE WALKED OUT OF THAT HOUSE OF HORRORS WITH PRECIOUS BABY PETER IN THEIR ARMS…..STILL ALIVE….. 😥

  83. vera says:

    The whole point is that EVERYONE failed that baby and no one is or was held accountable.

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