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The Peter Connelly Story: a tragic story that cannot be rewritten

babyp3Every time I look at one of those pictures of baby Peter Connelly – like this one here – I wonder what his little voice would have sounded like; did he ever giggle or did he just barely manage a tiny smile (like in this photo…) before the reality of his short life set in with the delivery of yet another blow from a nearby fist. Who took these photos of him – who cared enough to bother?  we take photos of our children to preserve those very precious moments of their babyhood, their childhood – all those ‘firsts’ and milestones from the day they are born until, well, I am still taking heaps of photo’s of my two eldest grown up sons and cannot see why I would ever stop.

You do it because part of you never wants to let go of that most precious part of them – their childhood. That special time when they had complete and utter faith and confidence in everything you said and did, when they trusted you 100% to never let them down. You do it so that when they are grown up and not calling you everyday, when they are no longer around to ask what’s for dinner each evening and no longer having 100% complete and utter faith and confidence in everything to do and say – that you have a precious and timeless reminder of the times when they did.

babyppetercLittle Peter would have trusted his mother implicitly like all children do, at his murder trial it was said that he was “always wanting cuddles” from a woman who only gave him indifference and a couple of male thugs to live with him where he should have been safe and secure. Even at the height of his agonies he would have only ever wanted his mum…

Today Sharon Shoesmith launched her appeal against her sacking by Haringey Council, still determined to prove ‘it wasn’t her fault’ , still finding justification for the actions of her entire department which oversaw the death of this child. It seems obscene that a woman who was happy to be paid in excess of £133,000.00 a year to ensure that children like Peter were cared for is using the excuse of ‘lack of funds’ to explain why her department failed so dismally to save little Peter. How much money does it cost to pick a child up in your arms and walk out of a house with him…? plenty of money for salaries for pen pushers such as Ms Shoesmith, but none it seems for any real work to be done.

The tragedy is that Peter Connelly will not be the last child to be tormented to death by an unfeeling, unheeding mother – not the last child to be destroyed by a mentally-challenged male that it’s mother has found by the roadside and brought home. And we will hear the same time-worn and feeble excuses that Sharon Shoesmith and councils like Haringey will trot out in their own defence. Nothing they can say will change the fact that Peter was allowed to exist in hell on earth, in conditions that animals in a zoo do not even have to endure. His is a story that cannot be changed because the hard facts, and the actions and non-actions of those adults around him, speak for themselves.

So who took those lovely photo’s of little Peter – and why…? who cared enough to record his sweet little face?  there have been enough published to fill a book – one that sadly could have had a different ending, but did not.

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  1. Virginia1968 says:

    One of best articles ever written about this little boy. I feel the same. Are there any more happy pictures or memories? Any happy stories? That is the pain of this whole thing, that if the 3 things that killed him were all dead, if you sack all those who failed him, if you punish all those who witnessed that suffering and did nothing, it still is not enough. Does not take away that he is dead today after unimaginable suffering. So please, if there are any more happy pictures, any funny stories about this little boy, then please publish them and let us remember him in our prayers that he and others like him will have life somewhere else in another time and place, when smiles like these in the photos above last forever. Rest in peace my angel. I love you.

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks for that and I am glad you feel the same way. It is almost unbearable to wonder if this little boy was ever allowed any happy moments at all, nobody not even his biological father has come forth to tell about the Peter that played with his toys and who was only able to escape that hell of a house on the very odd occasion when he had custody access. I fail to see how he never sensed anything wrong at all with the way his son was being treated by his mother…
    And not to forget that Peter had siblings, especially the little sister that Stephen Barker raped…I hope they are moving on from all that nightmare – and that they never forget their little brother. Rest assured, Peter will never be forgotten here and anything I come across about him that will keep his memory alive will certainly feature here.

  3. roni says:

    Wendy i read that the father tried to kidnap his son ti=o get him away from this and the mom called the police on him and he had to give him back. There is a video on facebook of this story and it appears to be made by someone that lived with the baby and his family. I am absolutly sick over this and cannot sleep at night now.

  4. Wendy says:

    How shocking, it seems that the powers that be did everything in their ability to ensure this child did not have a chance in hell of escaping that house of horrors. Too many of these women have too many rights – surely the police would have sided with the father once they saw the conditions this child was living under. It makes you so furious!

  5. lala says:

    I am just so horrified dat little baby peter was all alone, wat kind of mother wud dream off doing dat & i tink d father shud have pushed further 2 get baby peter back, he prob did try his best so i will say im sorry 4 d lose off ur son baby peter but wat i wil say is if dat women ever steps out of prsion she is D**D

  6. Kristin says:

    I saw the “cause invitation” last evening on Facebook and could not
    stop crying! I am deeply saddened by this terrible loss! I cannot
    imagine the pain he endured while he was alive! What person could do
    that to an innocent child? How dare Tracey allow Steven to touch her
    child like that? To raise a hand to a child is absolutely wrong. I
    wish someone could have rescued him from his nightmare. Where was his
    Grandmother or Father when all of this was going on? I feel sick
    knowing he was so helpless and couldn’t tell anyone what was going on.
    His death took a major toll on me! I wish I could help all of the
    kids who are abused. It sickens me that this goes on in this world of
    ours! May Baby Peter finally rest in peace, our sweet little angel.

  7. Heidi says:

    Where are these sick people? Someone should beat them as that child
    got beat. To horrifying. Go home, grab your babies (no matter what age) and HIG, LOVe KISS and CHRISH their lives for we are lucky to have them to love.

  8. J.Brooks1@student.salford.ac.uk says:

    I am still so upset about the death of baby peter, that i have chosen to go on a social work course at university. on hearing of his tragic young life, I a mother of 5 decided to go an access course to social work, I had no qualifications. but i succeeded in to getting into university. I owe all this to baby peter. although the chance to save him is gone I will strive to make a difference to other childrens life. and as for those who go on to read the bad press in the media, and to make the social workers tha folk devils, all i can say is practice what you preach. If you think that you can do a better job than th

  9. J.Brooks1@student.salford.ac.uk says:

    if you want to make a difference go on a social work course. baby peter is my insperation and i hope many who think that they can do a better jod than the socialworkers involved in peters case did, then i say practice what you preach. and do it for baby peter. rest in peace my beautiful sweet baby peter. I LOVE YOU.

  10. Tina says:

    I have 2 boys blonde hair blue eyes and im scared to death for them right now. I saw this story on facebook and I was crying so hard I was shaking by the end of the video, my boys do not live with me rite now I moved to a differant state and I left them with family to finish the school year and there aunt, uncle, (family) and father all agreed that once the school year had ended and my appartment was set they would move back in with me. The following monday after I left there father pressed for custody and told the court I abandond them and that he had no way of contacting me, so the published it in the local paper (while im in onother state) and he was awarded fully custody, no I have to prove that was not true and to make matters worse Im not allowed to see or speak with my children and they are not allowed to say my name or call me mommy because daddy’s new girlfriend will punish them. His family is on my side and she has pretty much cut them out of there lives aswell. the last time I tried to see them they got into a fight and she tried to run him over with her car infront of the boys, thankfully he called the police they did not arrest her but it is on file and I’m going to use that when my day in court comes. I just pray that nothin will happen to my children like what happend to little petter. GOD HELP THE POOR SOUL WHO HURTS MY BABIES. and I understand some of you are wondering why I left in the first place it’s because I sufferd 10 years of abuse at the hands of there father and his mother who had the same problem with his father told me the only way it will stop is if I go far away and take the kids with me.

  11. Austin says:

    What a beautiful child…….So sad why this happens.

  12. Angela says:

    I cannot stop thinking of this poor baby or stop crying since I have heard of his ordeal. I want to hold him and comfort him and make it all better, I have a child that is 17 months and this truly breaks my heart and soul. I find it tragic that the 3 evil people who did this to Peter are enjoying greater protection from the government than Peter ever recieved. THEY are being protected and taken care of. Poor baby Peter suffered unimaginable torture and agony…..but lets be sure not to infringe upon the liberties of these monsters. THINK OF THESE THINGS WHEN YOU VOTE PEOPLE!His evil “mum” should be sterilized so she can never do this to another innocent.
    I love you baby Peter. I hope you dont hurt anymore.

  13. Mike says:

    My name is Michael Peterson. I told myself that I would not watch this video. I am a father of three, and grandfather of two. I am a tough construction worker guy that holds a license. I am married, and I am the worlds biggest child. I watched the video. I am mad, angry, and completely overwhelmed by this. This boy, this smile, this terror in a childs life has taken me to a new level. I am a man, and men don’t cry. We ball, when nobodys see it. This story, this face, this child, is forever embedded in my mind.
    Peter, walk tall. Peter, smile big. Peter, laugh. Peter, let’s play. Peter, draw me a picture. Peter, let’s go for a walk. Peter, let’s play in the dirt. Peter, sing me a song.
    Baby Peter, I love you! You are as cool as the other side of the pillow.
    rest now, we’ll talk in the morning…………night night

  14. Mike says:

    Okay, got that off my chest, now, here’s what I wanna do………..

  15. Wendy says:

    Men and women are definitely wired differently – emotionally and psychologically – but there is absolutely no distinction between a male human heart and a female human heart Mike. And men certainly do cry – that they don’t is as big a myth as it is about all women being born to be mothers. This female proves that there are women who should never consider having children, and there was a time when women like Tracey Connolly would never have bothered going to the trouble of getting pregnant because a) it was not financially viable, and b) Peter would have been taken at birth and adopted out.
    In my opinion men can make better parents than women in certain situations – how often do you hear about a man’s GIRLFRIEND beating his child to death…? men seem to have their priorities in a different order when they become single dads. They tend to put their kids first and new partners second.
    I often wonder how this child would have turned out he not been killed – or rescued – what kind of man would he have turned out to be…? looking at the way he was treated probably a man that was unable to cry even if he wanted to seeing as all his tears would have been shed long ago.

  16. Angela says:

    As I kiss the sweet head of my baby a put him to sleep. I wonder why Peter could not have been cared about and loved in the same way. Did he ever feel caring and love? What when on in his little head when he lay agonizing in the dark? Why didnt anyone, the doctors or social workers care about this boy? What were his days like? Did he shuffle around on his own between being hurt? Did his siblings play with him? Did his mother ever give him any affection? When I see the pictures of his sweet little face, I see uncertainty, as if he doesnt know if he should or can smile or not. He wants to smile. He is an angel. There is no anger, no meanness. This poor baby never understood what was happening to him. I understand your comments. This boy, his face, his story are part of me now and though never one to be religious, I have to believe that there is a God and a Heaven. The thought that Peter is not being loved in the arms of angels is unbearable.

  17. JANINE says:

    do you think that the death sentance should be brought back in England, for people that do this to innocent children?

  18. Wendy says:

    All children are innocent regardless :)

    In answer to your question – definitely. But I doubt that in this case the death penalty would have been handed down due to the fact that none were directly charged with Peter’s actual death. Neither the mother would say that the boyfriend dealt the fatal blow (as was the word of Jason Owen’s teenaged girlfriend that night) and the boyfriend, Stephen Barker, denied everything. So there was not a conviction of murder recorded – but the fact is that little boy did not die on his own, injuries and death were inflicted on him.

    I would welcome seeing such people swinging from the end of a rope but how we feel as individuals and how we act as a society are two seperate things; it was a fact that conviction rates were less when the death penalty existed in the UK and no doubt juries again – given how PC and human-rights aware people are now – would be even less likely to convict a person if they knew it would result in a hanging or such. Personally I feel, with child abductions and murders, I think locking the killer in a room with the parents for 30 minutes would suffice and then put what’s left of them in prison. Easy to do – they will surely cop the same from fellow prisoners anyway !
    What better way to channel your grief than on the person who caused it…?

    Death penalty? yes – for child killers for they are the worst.

  19. Mary says:

    The death penalty does a service to the public in that it A) Rids society of dangerous, evil people and the burden of paying for them and B) it provides decent people with a much needed sense of justice. I am from the states and though our system differs from yours, many principles are the same. Unfortunately, it is quite costly to carry out the death penalty, appeals are expensive. Studies show that the death penalty doesnt deter crime. Am I still in favor of it? You bet. Some people, like Steven Barker, should not be allowed to live, pure and simple. His inhumane actions exclude him from the rights and liberties of humane beings. Peter was a beautiful, sweet, innocent baby. Loving couples pray for a baby like that! And as far as the fellow prisoners go, I dont know about England but I work in the penal system in the U.S and these Protective Custody creeps are protected like the Queen. Jailhouse justice is not as frequent as one would like. Barker is most likely lounging around watching tv and stuffing his monstrous face on the pound of the taxpayer. Would be worth an inquiry?
    My heart breaks at the thought of Peter and the tragedy of his little life…the only thing I would enjoy more than the execution of Barker is to rock that sweet baby, sweep the hair from his brow and gently sing “everything is alright now angel”

  20. Mary says:

    It would be nice if the money that went to the legal rights of these criminals and the estimated $60,000 a year that went to housing them and keeping them “safe” could go to go to at risk children instead! Maybe then the shameless Shoesmith would have one less excuse for why she is so incompetent.

  21. Autumn says:

    I was deeply saddened by this horrible incident. I grew up in a home that was abusive (not nearly to the degree of poor little Peter) but I often asked myself “why does my Mom let this happen?” and it is one of the things I struggled with for years before being able to resolve it with help. I made a CHOICE when I was a child never to hurt my children if I had any. I have 2 beautiful children (11 and 14 yrs old) and the best husband on the planet and have never had an incling to even hurt them in any way. The thing is, it’s a choice. I know abuse if painful in many ways but there’s a way out. Obviously Peter’s Mom did not grow up in a safe/caring environment but to allow someone to hurt/torture her child like that I’ll NEVER understand no matter how she felt about herself or her life. I’d harm anyone who tried to do anything like that to my child…or LEAVE. She’s as responsible as the person who did all that damage, in my opinion. He is an absolute coward and will have many questions to answer to after this life…so will Peter’s mother. I am so thankful that little Peter will never have to suffer again. He is in a good place now…peaceful and happy. He doesn’t have to grow up in that abuse and doesn’t have to endure it anymore. It’s a disgusting shame that he wasn’t more protected. I know by law, the police probably had NO choice but to force Peter’s father to return him to his mother but how could this not have sent off more red flags and set in motion an action to get that poor little person out of his hell? I just don’t understand how this could have happened. The social worker is not fit to work in that field. We are foster parents ourselves and have encountered some very lax, uncaring workers and I had to fight tooth and nail for one our foster children to get the required help she needed, no help from her worker. She denied everything we stated and brushed things off and you just wonder how they can be allowed to work in a career that is so sensitive and need people who are able to see these needs. Anyway, I could go on and on. My prayers are with Peter and all the innocent children who currently suffer…I wish we could snatch them all away from their hells and protect them.

  22. Autumn says:

    Oh my goodness Mary, your last comment of rocking Peter and sweeping his hair from his face while singing to him made me cry. I bet he NEVER ever experienced that loving gesture but longed for it every second of his life. I am a religious person and the only thing that consoles me in his case is that a loving Father in Heaven will be rocking him and sweeping his hair from his face while singing “everything is alright now angel”…I hope you don’t mind me quoting you.

  23. Autumn says:

    I’m sorry, I keep writing but I just thought of what a priviledge it was for me to be able to sing to my babies. I remember taking them out of their beds at night while they slept and sitting in their rocking chair and singing songs to them quietly while they continued to sleep. What a blessing it is to have the gift of motherhood. How horribly sad but BRAVE of little Peter to endure such a sad short life on this earth but thankfully it was just that…short for his sake. I feel that is a blessing in this tragedy. I can NOT imagine a year and a bit of that kind of abuse let alone a life time.

  24. Mary says:

    Oh Autumn, wouldnt it be a joy to be able to comfort and love that baby! I think of how his little heart longed for love and I cry. I congratulate you on overcoming the adversity of an abusive childhood and I applaud you for being a foster parent. Peter’s short life has affected me unbelievably and I would like to do something for abused children in his memory. Fostering is a tremendous gift to a child.

  25. Doug says:

    What sick @**hole would do this to their kid? I saw a video of Peter, and he died with a broken spine and 4 broken ribs in a bloodied cot. I cry when I read these things. murder of somebody under the age of 14 should be considered a pedophile case, and it should be that those parents go on death row. I’d love to beat the sh*t out of that b*tch of a mom till she cried blood.

  26. Autumn says:

    It is disgusting indeed that anyone could even allow this to happen to their child once let alone for a full year and leading to his death but they will be judged, I believe. I believe that nothing we could ever do here on earth will even come CLOSE to the wrath they face after this life. There is a special place in H__L reserved for people like that but again, it’s not my place to judge…..I do however, agree with the death penalty in cases such as these not because I feel it my right to judge them but because justice requires an eye for an eye and 5/10 yrs in prison, dreaming about vacation time afterward, doesn’t seem to even come close to justice…IT MAKES ME SICK TO THE CORE!!! Mary, thank you for your very kind words. I have always loved children and just knowing what it feels like to grow up in an unhappy environment makes me want to take all the poor children who are innocent, into my arms and just hold them there and tell them it’s ok. I agree, I wish there was something I could do for all the abused children around the world. The mother’s who sell their children for food (I’d rather die with my family by my side, starving than to allow some slime ball access to my prescious child/ren), the list goes on. I wish that we could protect them all!!

  27. Amber` says:

    When i watched this story i cried. I have two boys and i could never let anyone hurt them. I can’t see how his mother can even call herself a mother after what she let that monster do to her baby. Women and men like them deserve to dye. Its amazing how our court systems could let this happen. I hope they get what the deserve and i hope they see his little face in there dreams every night and suffer. No child deserves what they did to him if anything he should have been able to go with his father and maybe he would still be with us.

  28. Autumn says:

    alive….but well??? I don’t know. I personally hate that he had to go through what he did but I feel he’s in the best place he can be now. I think it’s a blessing he is in God’s arms now and will never have to suffer with memories or even more abuse through his mortal life.

  29. Holly says:

    This poor poor little guy. I found his story as i am in school and have a essay due on child abuse of all the kids i researched this was the story 2 weeks later i still cant get over. i wake up and Peter is the first thing i think of. I cant tell you how many times i think of him during the day and i can say he is the last thing i think of before going to bed. i have a 4 year old and my other son will be 1 on the 28th. my little one is who i see when i see the pictures of Baby P. i can not imagen putting him through all the things Peter went through, and whats worse the monsters that did this to him will be out soon?? really??? i can honestly say i have thought of a trip to london to slit her throat for what she has done.. they only got 3 years how much could i get of taking the life of a baby killer???? iam so mad, hurt and devistated by his story. poor poor baby P i wish i could have done something for you a hug a kiss a cuddle anything to ease your pain, rest in peace sweet love.. xoxo

  30. Carlette says:

    I have looked at Peter’s photos and videos every day and his story still brings tears to my eyes a month later. Many of the previous posting helped me tonight – just to know that others feel the same way I do. We all love you Peter and may God bless you in heaven.

  31. marrina says:

    death to all who did this to him. I could even watch the whole video it made me sick to think our justice system did not do justice for little peter. I would stand there and flip this switch on these very evil people!!!!!!

  32. su says:

    those retarded people needed a psyche hospital not live in a house with a beautiful bb. what a missed opportunity to separate the mentally challenged individual from a normal person. the price of this is a life of an innocent bb. it is an extremely sad thing, my only fear is those menatlly challenged pple that did this would never have any concience cuz of thier mind set

  33. Wendy says:

    So would I Marrina – without any hesitation at all.

  34. Jamie says:

    Dear Peter, I love you! When I look into your beautiful blue eyes, I just want to take you into my arms and hold you. I want to read you a book and warm your bottle up for you. I want to get a warm blankie and snuggle with you on the couch while watching Sesame Street. I want to give you a warm bubble bath with a lil rubber duckie to play with in the tub. I want to dress you in your Halloween costume and take you trick or treating. I want to take you sledding when the snow gets here and leave cookies and milk out with you for Santa. I want to take thousands of pictures of you opening your Xmas presents, capturing your happiness! Peter, what I’m trying to say is that you are truly missed and I love you soooo much! The people that surrounded you in this life didn’t appreciate you and I’m soooo truly sorry for that! You deserved the world, but weren’t provided with any happiness. Just know that you are loved! Justice will be served! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  35. Kayla h says:

    I saw this case of Facebook a couple of days ago. To this moment, when I see that beautiful face of Peter’s I cry… I cry and cry and cry… and wish so badly that I could just take him into my arms and love him… be there for him… take his pain away… I have a son. He is a blonde haired blue eyed little angel… and his name is also Pieter… this hurt me in such a terrible way to find out that little Peter was hurt so badly… I am glad that he is in a better place… but I also wish that I could have been the one to provide that better place of eternal love and protection. I would have loved him so much… just like I do for my own little Pieter. They could have grown up together… happy and healthy… and with a mother and father that truely cared. You shall forever have a place in my heart right next to where my Pieter sits. I love you Peter… I always will and will never forget you…

  36. San says:

    I will never forget this little angel..i wish i could do something for him, i wish i was there during his suffering and i would try to save him. i believe and am thankful that he is with the good lord now but it really makes me cry everytime i think of him, i feel like i could hear him screaming in pain and it breaks my heart no one ever tried to save him..now im always wishing that all this people who did this to him and all those who could have done something will suffer in any way more than peter did. the father could have done something too, but he just ignored what he observed..maybe he didnt want to take the reponsibility of his own child. if he said he tried to save his baby, i tell you, he never, because if he tried, then something must have been done

  37. San says:

    one thing more, how can there be lawyers so willing to defend these animals who tortured baby peter??how can they defend these parasitic animals that are a threat to humans beings?they are definitely very useless so make them useful..disect their bodies..they can be useful in laboratories. these lawyers who are defending them..have you no consience at all?

  38. Leena James says:

    R.I.P little Peter.. Hope to meet you in Heaven and Hug U forever
    U will never be forgotten…
    watch over every child being harmed by the very people who brought
    them into this world….

  39. sharron says:

    how can anyone ask if their are pitcures of peter in a better state as I dont think this little boy was ever happy,this is the worst thing I have ever seen and I would vote the death penalty for all those involved

  40. Wendy says:

    This child had grandmothers, a father, a stepmother…did none of them bother to take any pictures of him at all? it is clear that nobody valued this beautiful child enough to make him happy and safe.

  41. ESTER says:


  42. Mary says:

    It kills me that no one cared enough about little Peter to keep him safe, happy or take his baby pictures. I have his picture in my office and I look at him every day. His circumstances were so tragic in that so many people LONG for such a child and this little guy simply fell through the cracks. He deserved so very much more. He should have been taken from those creatures and adopted by loving people. He deserved at least that and everyone was afraid or too apathetic to do it.

  43. Sheila says:

    I read that Baby Peter had an older sister who would cover her ears when she hear him being tortured. She was too scared to do anything in the event that something might happen to her. I know most people dont agree with me on this, but she could have and should have helped him. She was in fear of this happening to her, he was in fear of when it was coming next, living in the dark, his skin rotting from urine and feces, not knowing when he was going to eat, and not having a loving touch. I wish with all my heart that I could have been able to save him. The first night that I saw the video on him, it took days before I could sleep again. I have a picture of Baby Peter with me at all times. He’s an angel, and He is feeling the love of God, and the angels. What about his father, did he only see him one time? He had bruises, how could he NOT know something was wrong with his son? He gives his sobbing story, as does the grandmother, but you had the oppertunity to help that little angel, and both of you had more pressing issues that needed your attention. How can a grown ass man/woman say “I was too SCARED” to do anything. how the hell you think this baby felt? NO MERCY for any one in this case. Not even the sister who could have ran out with this angel. There isnt one thing in this world that would have stopped me from saving him. Peter went through more pain and torture than one person may go thru their whole life. These monsters need to be stoned to death and then hanged just to be certain they die, of course after they suffer the exact toture they handed that precious baby boy. Rest in Peace Peter, you are loved. I love you!

  44. Wendy says:

    Hi Sheila. Peter did have 3 siblings but they were young children at the time – also living in that house were Jason Owen Barker (the lodger and brother of Stephen Barker), his 3 children and his 15 year old girlfriend. It was Jason Owen’s teenage girlfriend who claimed to have covered her ears when little Peter was screaming in pain; she also reported that it was Stephen Barker who snapped the baby’s spine and that he was the last one in the child’s bedroom before he was found dead the next morning – she said he went in because Tracey Connolly was complaining about paralysed Peter crying in his cot and Barker went in saying he would ‘sort him’. When he came out little Peter was not making any sound anymore…

    Peter’s body was found next morning by one of the other children, a 14 year old. Obviously his mother had not bothered to check on him after Barker had silenced him, or rather, killed him.

  45. lakeiasha says:


  46. nick says:

    Judge, social workers and Doctors should all face court.

  47. Wendy says:

    I was shocked at the penalty the judge handed down – I was led to believe that Magistrate Kramer was a tough cookie and was going to be especially harsh on this evil trio. But he wasn’t really. Heads are rolling at the Ormond Street Hospital and Sharon Shoesmith will be haunted forever by this little boy – I hope they see Peter in their dreams for the rest of their lives. Just one of them could have saved him.

  48. Nancy says:

    I am sicken by what happened to this beautiful little boy, we need to change the laws and make social workers accountable. I don’t know how anyone could be fooled by the mother, how did they let her cancel appts and no doctor did anything. This is a case made tragic because he could have been saved and no one did anything. I can’t blame the 15 year when the adults did nothing. Why was a 15 year living in the house with a grown man? I hope everyone involved in this case never forgets this little boy could have been saved and they did nothing

  49. angela lingle says:

    I agree with u about making a difference,baby Brianna Lopez is what started mine. I’ve chosen to try to have child abuse laws changed. I’m asking for 5 to 10 years for anyone who dose nt turn it in,end result being death so i will ask u and anyone else. Who reads this i have a on line petition go to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/silencedangels. Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle Thank You……

  50. angela lingle says:

    Dear writer,i will not question your actions but i will pray for ur boys and u. I hope u get them back use any and everything in court,that he and his girlfriend are abusive. But be able to prove everything to,i’ve been trough the courts for custody. I went to my county cps workers for help,and i now have full custody of my children. I have a i line petition to stop child abuse i need help please go to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/silencedangels good luck.. Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle U and ur boys will always be in my prayers….

  51. angela lingle says:

    Dear sweet Mike,u have put one of the biggest smiles on my face… It’s so nice to hear a man thats not afraid to show the sincere heart of a human being. U can help me make a difference in child abuse please go to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/silencedangels be Peters voice no more shall there crys go unheard thank u. Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  52. angela lingle says:

    Dear Angela ur baby is living proof that there is a God,u are the daughter of a king done ever forget that he loves u and all of us… Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  53. angela lingle says:

    Dear Wendy i do agree with u but at the same time i don’t want to play God… As much as i would like to give them a very slow and painful death,i’m trying to be a better person then that… Like the story of baby Brianna Lopez who died at the hands of those who should have keep her safe. I can only hope that my attempted to change child abuse laws prevails…. So i will ask for your help in doing this please go to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/silencedangels that is my website be one of the silenced voices thank u… Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  54. angela lingle says:

    My sweet Autumn i’m right there with u lets go get are babies,my heart gose out to all of them… I have dreams at night of rocking my many angel babies. Cradling there tiny fragile bodies,while singing to them lullabies of love…. One day i will but when my babies are done rocking there babies. My children think that i’m there HERO but they are really my HEROS… Please help me put a stop to this ugly thing called child abuse,go to my website at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/silencedangels thank u…. Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  55. angela lingle says:

    Dear Mary are sweet Autumn is a great person with a loving soul.. I to was abused by the hands of my biological father when i was 7 years old i was rapped by him. It changed my life forever some good some bad,the good i don’t leave my babies with no one but my mom… The bad i’m so afraid of something happening to them that i don’t give them there independence that they need….. Peter and many others are the reason that i’m trying to stop child abuse please help me go to my website http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/silencedangels thank u. Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  56. angela lingle says:

    Dear Doug please put ur anger to use help me stop child abuse go to my website http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/silencedangels i need u thank u. Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  57. angela lingle says:

    Dear Autumn all it takes is one person to make a difference,i to was abused my biological father rapped me when i was 7…. It makes me love my children even harder my first time seeing autopsy pix was this november… Of baby Brianna Lopez so i started my homework on child abuse none of them are worse then the other…. I don’t know what makes people do those things to babies/children all i know is that i can’t sit here doing nothing….. Are childrens crys will be heard and i will be there voices and i have a big mouth…. Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  58. angela lingle says:

    Dear Amber i’ve watched a dog give birth it dose mean ur a mother…. The sad part is that female dogs take better care of there pups then some humans do there babies….. So please help me stop child abuse go to my website http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/silencedangels thank u. Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  59. angela lingle says:

    Dear Holly the story of baby Peter brings tears to my eyes along with many others… Baby Brianna Lopez died at the hands of her mother,father,uncle she was rapped by her dad and uncle kicked,punched,bitten and thrown by her mom.. Brianna was only 5 months old the only photos ever taken of her were her autopsy photos…. Nevaeh was only 9 days old when her dad rapped and murdered her,these angel babies are why i’m trying to change child abuse laws. Please help me go to my website http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/silencedangels be peters voice thank u…. Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  60. angela lingle says:

    To all those who read this i’m trying to change child abuse laws please help me do this just go to my website http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/silencedangels…. Peter will live in the hearts of all of us so will Brianna Lopez,Breanna Loveless,Jordan Heikamp,Tanner Dowler,Darian Robinson,Latiana Hamilton,Skyla Brooks,Ariana Swinson,Jezebel Donnell,Kelesy Briggs,Tahani Mahomed,James Malicoat,Cohen Legacy,Jesse Donnell,Shaniya Davis,Izayah Denison,Daylee Robertson,Benjamin Sargent,Crown Shakur,London Sherwood,Loralei sims,Heather Sims those are not even half of are babies….. Please be there voices thank u. Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle R.I.P. my BEAUTIFUL ANGEL BABIES THIS MOM LOVES & MISSES ALL OF USE….. MERRY CHRISTMAS BABIES

  61. Wendy says:

    Thanks for that Angela – ‘accessory after the fact’ is what they call it when someone aids and abets a crime and by remaining silent that is what they are doing.

    I have signed your petition and wish you luck.

  62. angela lingle says:

    Dear san i hear the crys of all of them every day and night,that is why i have chosen to do something about it…. And so can u please help me change child abuse laws go to my website http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/silencedangels be Peters voice thank u… Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  63. Manderly says:

    Ever since I read about this little boy and watch videos I haven’t been able to stop crying or being angry at some of the people involved. I can’t even wrap my mind around this because it’s so gruesome. I have also been reading some of the post and I see a lot of people asking why didn’t someone step in and just take him. And as horrid as this is going to sound… people don’t want to get involved. There is a story out there, Thirty-Eight Witnesses. A lady was killed on her doorstep in full view of acquaintances, neighbors, and friends–all of whom did nothing, even though the woman was stabbed repeatedly and stalked by her killer for more than an hour. When the police asked around if someone see someone NO ONE came forward. They didn’t want to be get involved.
    We as people need to start stepping up. This boy could have been saved, if the government didn’t have the money then why didn’t a friend or another member of the family take the boy away. IF I knew this was happening to a child that I knew, I would not hesitate to take that child away from them no matter what the cost.
    I’m not from the UK I don’t know the laws over there very well, but I wouldn’t wish what was done to this boy to be done to my worst enemies. I say that we take the mother and the boyfriend and whole ever else was part of this and do to them what they did to that little boy. I hope that they rot in jail.
    Peter, your in a much better place, though I wish you where here in this world with a different family that you could just cuddle with and love you. You have touch the hearts of millions and I wish that I could have done something for you. You are loved and will always be loved and I’m very sorry that we couldn’t or didn’t save you.

  64. Angela Lingle says:

    My sweet baby boy i love znd miss u every day,u are in my thoughts, heart, and soul…. I live,breath,and speak u, u will never be forgotten….. I promise to keep fighting till the day has come that Heavenly Father calls me home… Good night Peter i love u have fun playing with ur angel friends….. Give them all XOXOXO from me, tell them i love all of them too…. Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  65. Angela Lingle says:

    Dear Manderly, we do need to stand together….. And doing so we must support those who care enough to take action…. I was sadden by the Brianna Lopez story, so i’ve began my long hard fight to try to have child abuse laws changed….. Please join me stand up for the black and blue, sing my petition by going to my website…. At http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/silencedangels u to can make a difference. Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  66. sheila says:


    Its so hard to believe that that poor little baby boy got not on bit of love. Where was his biological father? If he had visitation with Peter, then why didn’t he know something was wrong with him? I was once told that you can’t understand people like this unless you are one yourself. I would love to be able to hole baby Peter, and rock him to sleep, or kiss his ailes when he has them. I also understand that his sisters were young at the time, but I also cant help but think that no matter what your age, you should have done something or said something to someone. Did Peter have a middle name? Did his sisters at least hold him or kiss him?

  67. LB says:

    I too was appalled beyond words at what happened to this precious boy and the fact that he was continually given back to disturbed, evil, dangerous people.
    At the same time, I realize that nobody took Steven Barker in their arms as a baby or child, raised him to have empathy and realize that people and creatures outside of himself do FEEL PAIN and other things. This needs to be stopped at the SOURCE of when it starts. The system failed ALL THESE PEOPLE from the start! Something needs to be done to ensure that at the FIRST SIGN of abuse, there is extreme intervention…cameras in homes, etc…whatever it takes. I’m not expert on how to solve these issues, but I know that what is being done or not done is not working! It’s time for things to change, laws to be enforced more strongly, and children to be saved before they grow into the abusers that do these things to others.

  68. LB says:

    I want to know how this all turns out. Will there be mental tests conducted on these 3 people? Will they be placed in mental hospitals? What’ s the outcome? Will someone sit down with Tracy and Steven and his brother and talk to them about the pain Peter felt? and the truth that humans outside themselves are individuals in their own rights, rather than objects to be tortured and abused at their pleasure? Who will finally help these 3 people to be PEOPLE rather than monsters?

  69. Wendy says:

    Unfortunately all the mental cases are walking the streets rather than are locked away in hospitals which are basically closed.

    A person can become a monster – a monster cannot become a person.

  70. LB says:

    Wendy and all, have you heard that this tragic case was possibly linked to a paedophile ring? Apparently the young girl who witnessed Peter’s torture and abuse was recruited to care for the children while this was all going on. That makes sense when you realize that most child welfare agencies would have suspected something and gotten the child out of the house and dealt with things, rather than putting him back in the abuse as if nothing was seriously of concern.

    I am not surprised but still appalled, sickened, disturbed, and fearful for other children being put in these situations by satanists, paedophiles, parents who do not supervise their children, parents who marry or date abusers, and just people who are mentally ill and insane! What CAN be done though? These things are so hidden and covered so well, there isn’t much of a chance at catching them.

  71. nancy says:

    Yes go into social work but don’t forget the children are what are important. All it would have taken is one full body scan and someone to really look at that child to see his injuries. Kids don’t normally lose there fingertips accidentially. This is the part that is so horrible for me is all these people were supposely involved and little Peter died so painfully. We need to stop putting family first and put the children first. Why was he not given to the father at the first incidence of abuse in his mother’s care. Why does it seem like so many of these cases happen with a boyfriend

  72. Maria says:

    I wish I could jump into one of those pictures and take him away and raise him as my own.

  73. LB says:

    To Nancy,

    I’m not sure if you saw the article regarding the latest findings in this case. They have linked the entire thing to a paedephile ring that is the largest in the area. Because Peter died, I’m pretty sure this ring will be busted wide open and other childrens’ lives will be saved. I sure hope so. Please update us on anything any of you on here find out. I am following this case closely.

  74. sheila says:

    These people can’t be a human, if so, would they have done this and not cared? Steven Barker said “I was toughening him up, he died because he was weak” Who says that? Not a mother or father, hell not even people who would rather not have children, but they sure wouldnt allow this to happen. We will NEVER understand why or how they could do this. If we understood, then wouldn’t we be just like them? Something other than human is what they are. I came from abuse, I have four children and I love them more each day. I couldnt ever hurt my babies, or let anyone else do so. I protect them with all I have. I hope these three devils suffer so much worse than peter did. I hope he comes to them every night and they cant touch him now. Baby Peter, you are safe, loved, and will never be forgotten. All of these people including the doctor and everyone who saw him and could care less, they will get what they deserve. I wish I could have been there, I would have died saving you. RIP Peter

  75. Wendy says:

    ‘Toughening up’ a little baby – what a big man especially when he himself did whatever his own brother (Jason Barker-Owen) told him to do. He is a spiteful, wicked, evil bastard. Nothing less.

  76. LB says:

    to the person who wrote me and said “these people cannot be human,” oh YES they were and are very HUMAN! First of all, they are a true depiction of what “humanness” without accountability to GOD can be capable of…ATROCITIES!!!
    These people were victims originally whose situations were never properly dealt with.
    The statement “I was just toughening him up, he died because he was weak” could be heard from any child of a narcissist/sociopath. My own husband says things like that…where did he get those putrid statements from? HIS OWN ABUSIVE SO-CALLED EXCUSE OF A FATHER, WHO GREW UP IN AN ORPHANAGE AND WAS OBVIOUSLY ALSO ABUSED!
    We HAVE to STOP ALL ABUSE!!! I’m not saying that certain people are not born with brains that cause them to be “different” from the “norm”…I’m saying that more research needs to be done to HELP THEM BEFORE THEY GROW UP INTO THESE NON-EMPATHIC CREATURES WE HAVE SEEN TOO OFTEN!
    In a PERFECT WORLD…one that LOVES GOD, JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT….one in which someone feels that there are CONSEQUENCES to actions, this would never have happened, but it was another proof that people need God and INTERVENTION from the start and all the way through life!

  77. Wendy says:

    I would like to extend an open invitation to ‘God’ to step right in and intervene at his earliest convenience – or why should ‘he’ need an invite…he is supposed to love all children.

  78. LB says:

    Wendy, I value your comments and I am as incensed at all this as you are, I promise you. I just understand how people’s minds can be warped. I showed your comment to a friend. Here is what she answered:

    “God operates only by faith in His Son Jesus Christ, so He does nont just intervene in the affairs of man, woman or child (we are all his creation but not all his children until we come to him in faith).

    The Bible says “they must believe HE is and believe He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him”…I’m going to venture to say that these people did NOT have any upbringing knowing HIM. They were not raised with morals and values, if you read the background on all of them…Tracey’s mother slept with a guy that abused her…the guys tortured animals and people at young ages and the one even tortured his own brother. Those things do not make for healthy, balanced adults at ALL! Now, let’s add to that the fact that they all spent hours and hours watching brutal sex scenes, probably horror movies and had maybe loud music blaring while they did drugs.
    I study the MIND. Neuromessages produce good and bad outcomes and actions, PERIOD. I could take anyone on this page, give the right stimuli, and make you do something you don’t think you ever would. This is also why people say “Garbage in/Garbage out”…these 3 people were not raised right, did not keep their minds on healthy things nor hang with healthy people…they formed their minds and actions around complete chaos, murder, torture, sexual deviance, so NOTHING they have done surprises me…however, I also find it extremely ABHORRENT, because I do not watch horror movies, listen to super loud music, do drugs, hang with wrong people. I’m in the RIGHT stimuli and was raised being taught EMPATHY! My husband was not…he watched his father torture animals and laugh about it, like it was a game. He watched his siblings be abused and his mom too. He lived with knowledge that one of his sisters was molested and years later, we all found out so was the other one. My husband is NOT BALANCED! So, I know what I’m talking about here.

  79. Sheila says:

    You are right, God has to be there from the beginning. Unfortunately these people didnt get what they needed to be a rational person. For that Im sorry, but you know, we have to draw the line somewhere. There are all these people who are making excuses for these sick-o’s. They got a slap on the hand for torturing a baby, for killing him, for hiding all they done. They obviously knew what they were doing was wrong otherwise they wouldnt have tried so hard in hiding it. Little Peter suffered, he died all alone, now those who was suppose to protect him are protecting his murderers. They get new identity, jobs, housing, 24/7 police protection. Well, with that deal guess how many more are going to be killing their children. Already in London was a little girl whose father snapped her back into, thankfully she died hours later and didnt have to suffer like Peter did. When Steven Barker was in that small dark blood filled room hitting Peter as hard and as much as he wanted, he knew the pain he felt, and didnt care to share with a baby. God’s punishment will be given to them, but God did not make evil people. I will not turn a blind eye to what they have done and welcome them in my home or in the states. Maybe I would, then they would get a harsher punishment. When they get out, guess how many more children will be effected by these people? You may change the looks and name of a person, but you cant change who they are on the inside. They are cold, bitter, incapable of love, and dont want to do right. I feel very strongly about this case, all that could have been done, and all that was over looked. Peter didnt have a chance in hell, but God was with him. He was their angel, that maybe tried to make a difference in them, but Satan won again. Not one loving person who is human can do this. I believe that you are who you decide who you are going to be. You don’t have to cause pain to others because you experienced it. Maybe they were human once upon a time, but they are not now, nor will they ever be. They can give two shits less to what they have done to baby Peter and to Peters sister that Steven Barker raped. You have your views, I have mine. I am a strong believer in God and what he does, but God did not make these mosters, yes only God can make them human again, but they have something far worse in them to ever see the good of God.

  80. Wendy says:

    And just how on earth does a 17 month old baby know anything about ‘seeking Him’ in order to be rescued from his life of hell by the almighty…?

    Looks like God is willing to let these children die rather than swallow His pride, get off His royal backside and do some real saving himself…

    History has shown that waiting for God to do anything for the human race in times of adversity and catastrophe is a complete and utter waste of time. Maybe sinning adults need to repent but innocent little children who have committed no sin whatsoever…? adults allow them to die from their abuse and God allows the adults to kill them.

  81. LB says:

    Wendy, I was referring to the adults back when they were still children, certainly NOT to the baby. He could not choose one way or the other and I believe is in heaven in the arms of God.
    I was saying that when Tracey and the men were children, they should have been brought up with morals and values and Godliness.
    Nothing that happened to Peter was his fault. NO WAY! I’d have to be as psychopathic as the others to even imply such a thing!

  82. Sarah Keenen says:

    I think that peters story was cruel and sickening…..I agree with heidi. They should be beat as well as that pour boy who deserved nothing but love and care. As do all children out there. Children are precious and like little dolls.

    Now, I think that cruelty is just wrong. It makes me want to vomit on whime ever may bring it. It sicks and disturbing. The one of many thing s on this world I can not stand is child abuse. t just gross…..Now that pour boy could have been a smart succesful boy whos dreams or life was ruined by someone who was not succesful and scum…..r.i.p Peter…..x)

  83. Wendy says:

    They should have been but they weren’t – and I have known dyed-in-the-wool churchgoers who thumped their bible at all who would listen and yet took to their children with a closed fist behind closed doors. This is why I am very unconvinced about the whole god-thing even though I was raised Roman Catholic, went to church each Sunday – I believe Christian is as Christian does.
    Morals and values are one thing for sure – respect for your fellow human beings is just as important.

  84. LB says:

    I totally agree with you. I was raised Catholic as well and knew people who were hypocritical. That’s way too common. Even the 2 priests in our parish molested children at one point I guess.
    I’m sure not saying that wearing a label makes someone something.
    It takes a relationship with Jesus that is evidenced by ACTIONS that are consistent and pure.

  85. Mary says:

    There is a good deal of philosophical rhetoric going on here. Bottom line, Tracey Connolly and people like her should never have children. Years ago, if you were so screwed up that you could not take care of or provide for your children, your children were placed with stable people who could properly care for them. In today’s permissive welfare culture, anything goes and God forbid the well being of the child comes before mom’s right to her benefits. Children like Peter have become commodities to people like Tracey who dont wish to work and men like Baker who sponge off of them. In a sense, Peter and his sisters supported three abusive adults. Peter was tortured and killed for it.
    Its sickening. This little boys face is etched into my soul. How could anyone NOT love him.
    It is wrong what we are allowing to happen to these kids. Welfare may be good for the Traceys of the world but not so good for the Peters.

  86. Wendy says:

    Mary that is about the best summation of this whole tragic, sickening story I have read so far to date. It has all gone so wrong – what started out as a means to assist mothers to feed their children has now become the sole motive for breeding indiscriminately with no thought or intention to actually care for the child that comes out of the act. The Govt’s have also learned how much of a vote spinner the welfare class have proven to be – get the dregs on the payroll, give them what they want and they will vote for you again. Get enough of ’em and you’re on an election winner!
    You know what I would like to see…? a benefit payment for each unmarried female starting at the age of 13 and paid each month until the age of 25 that she stays UNpregnant. Do it the other way around, instead of paying them to breed, pay and reward them NOT to! it could make a difference.

    With the Govt’s encouragement babies have become not only a meal ticket but a means to an end.

    I like your comment Mary – it has hit the nail on the head.

  87. Louise says:

    I cant believe the tragic story of baby peter it is so horrible to think those three people thought it would been a good idea to torture a 17 month old child and the worst is to kill him i really wonder what good they thought they were doing and best yet. They thought they could get away with it very wrong indeed i hope all three fry for what they done.
    poor baby peter we all will miss him very much if only something was done well before he died he would still be here but now he is with the angels and forever and always in our hearts.

    If anyone wants to comment send an email to lilbeeatch@hotmail.co.uk

  88. Mary says:

    Wendy,it makes me crazy. We the tax payers want our tax monies to clothe, feed and care for the baby Peters, not the slovenly Traceys and the leeching, parasitic boyfriends that surely come in tow. Hence the outrage that Peter’s abuse happened right under the eyes of Social services.
    It explains why Tracey went to such lengths to hide Peter’s injuries and abuse. If her children were taken away, eventually her benefits would be taken as well. Even this pig realized that then her “lover” would leave soon after…in search of another single mom with a crash pad and some kids he could knock around. How do people NOT see this?
    The system is screwed and has become totally convoluted. I love the idea of paying these girls NOT to get pregnant, it would prevent so much suffering. Of course you are dead right about the politicans pandering for the votes of these dregs…they arent worried about a little child in a filthy diaper, in a filthy home, scrounging for old pizza crust off the floor at 3am while mom and her new boyfriend get drunk and smoke crack…all on the taxpayer dime.
    This HAS to change. We have to hold people accountable.

  89. Wendy says:

    I think too that a benefit for these girls to avoid pregnancy could be the answer because there is no doubt, over here at least, that they have these babies simply to get a lifestyle handed to them on a plate. One girl wrote to me, and I have seen this quoted in the media, that on her estate alone, the young girls start sleeping around at the age of 14 with the sole intent of getting pregnant, getting out of school and securing a flat and a paycheck. I read a story recently about a truly appalling 16 year old who was living in a park in a makeshift tent with her Polish ‘boyfriend’ and they were ‘having sex several times a day, everyday’ so that she could get pregnant and get them a council flat. Neither worked, both on the dole and the boyfriend smoked pot when they weren’t procreating. Into this scenario an innocent baby stands to enter. What sort of govt allows this let alone encourages it? we have an entire subculture of teenage females who have their eyes firmly on one thing – scrounging off the taxpayer for the rest of their lives. That a baby needs a loving, nurturing environment is never in their minds. I am all for benefits for those who truly need them – but it has clearly gone too far. They want the money – give it to them, but for NOT being pregnant!
    Us taxpayers should not have to fork out for these feckless people at all, but what other answer is there…? I would rather see these babies not born at all and if it takes my taxes to achieve this then so be it.

  90. Mary says:

    It is the same scenario over here. These girls aspire to get pregnant so they can get section 8 housing, food stamps, free health care, free cell phones, and a nice check every month. It is a lifestyle that they want to achieve. Zero thought to the poor babies or what it takes to really care for one. Real mothers want to give the world to their kids! I worry about college, giving my kids a good start….not these girls. These kids are a means to an end. Partying, sleeping around and sleeping in!
    It is a pervasive condition. I dont think the social workers in P’s case were particularly caring or competant but I dont think they were necessarily evil either….the problem is, they see SO MANY children living in conditions like P, they have become desensitized to it. It is commonplace to see dirty, neglected kids living with these women, it becomes difficult when the courts and the system do not back taking them away. It is a horrible situation.
    I dont think any of us want to see children on the streets but this is quite harmful to them too. We cannot reward irresponsible breeding and parenting. It is criminal. We have a nasty term over here….its “F*#k trophy” and thats all these little ones are to these people. I despise them.

  91. Julie says:

    I watched the video and couldn’t even finish watching it. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about what that child suffered. It makes me want to hurt those people the way that they hurt baby Peter and really make them suffer. I can’t get the pictures and images out of my mind!

    It does help to think that he is in a better place. His heavenly father is loving on him and he is happy. I know not everyone agrees, but I also believe that God was with him every moment of his time here on earth.

    I also believe that God created people to have free will–and tragically, this is what someone did with their free will. There were so many people that could have intervened, but didn’t! God didn’t let this happen–they did. There is so much suffering in this world because PEOPLE choose to do bad things.

    Have peace now, baby Peter. You are loved.

  92. Maggie says:

    why did they hurt him seriously look at the pictures that just wrong!!!!!

  93. Tammy says:

    This is to LB and Sheila,
    ……GOD???? Please remind me who he is again, and what he did to help poor little Peter! I am/was a born again Christian and cant help but be disgusted in ‘GOD’ !!! Apparently we have an awesome God, please tell me…..would an awesome God let this happen to an innocent, helpless baby?? And u say that people ‘need God’ well call me stupid but I’m pretty sure Peter needed God to help and what did God do for him???? NOTHING is what God did for little Peter. At any stage ‘GOD’ could have intervened and saved Peter, but instead he let that poor little angel suffer such horrific torture!!!! Its things like this that make me wonder if God is really real, and if he is WHAT…THE…F***…IS…HE…DOIN!!!
    Dear Peter,
    Ur story broke my heart! Gone to soon and yet not soon enough to escape the torture they put u through, now they can no longer hurt u baby. Sadly you never got the Love, Care & Protection you deserved, but your finally safe now little Man! You came from Heaven and now your back there, except this time you got your wings!! There’s a special place for you in all our hearts ♥ i never knew you, but ill never forget you ♥ RIP Angel ♥ xoxoxoxo

  94. J. Chisler says:

    I regret to be the one to tell you this LB, but your absolutism is very narrow-minded and consistent with that of religious fundamentalists. I can tell you from first hand experience that drug use (marijuana), sexual deviency (premarital sex) and heavy metal (Slayer) are not the root causes of evil. The nonchelaunt attitude of, ‘well if they had only accepted Jesus into their lives’ us utter crap. Wendy nailed it on the head, where IS God when he/she is needed most? It is the responsibiliy of members of society to gaurd each other and stop relying on omnipotent beings. Get off of your knees and stop praying and be proactive, YOU can make the difference in someone else’s life instead.

  95. Laura Formholtz says:

    Ok, first of all…where was God? He saw the whole thing, He was watching…God gives people the right to do what they choose, even though He knows what they choose. That’s not how I’d do things if I were Him, but I’m not. Now, knowing that, also realize that God gave people brains to protect children in abuse situations. What happened in this case, was that, once the abuse began (done by SATANISTS, not God-honoring people), the SYSTEM FAILED PETER. The social service people LOST HIS FILE by LEAVING IT ON A SUBWAY!!! That was NOT GOD’S FAULT…you are blaming the wrong being! Some people are EVIL, period. If I were to blame God, I’d blame Him for not closing up Tracey’s womb to begin with and for allowing her to ever have children in her care! Misplaced blame on God will not change anything, will not undo what was done, will not bring precious Peter back…and BACK TO WHAT??? More abuse? Even when they COULD get him out and DID, they PUT HIM BACK THERE. Who I AM FURIOUS with is THE SOCIAL SERVICE PEOPLE AND THE TORTURERS OF THAT BABY!


  96. Laura Formholtz says:

    to the person who told me to “get off my knees” and become proactive, I do not usually pray “on my knees” and I AM being proactive. I am working toward getting my degree in Psychology to hopefully help people not become what Tracy and those men were. I am doing what I can but I will NOT blame God for human cruelty. He is LOVE, not torture, murder, pain. That, is associated with a lesser being, named SATAN and with fleshly SIN. And please, if you want to call me a “fundamentalist” that’s a label I will bear, but I am FAR FROM religious. I have a personal relationship with Jesus, not a man-made, rules and regulations, idolatrous “praying to other gods” one. I despise the very word “religion!”

  97. Wendy says:

    Any mention of a ‘god’ in any of this is futile and a waste of time. ‘God’ -whoever and whatever that is – is a figment of the individual imagination, ‘it’ is whatever you want it to be. What is certain is that despite this children will continue to be abused and killed and only people can do anything about it. Enough prayers have been said since time immemorial for this ‘god’ to have done something but…well I’m still waiting and kids sill die.
    There are plenty of theories to explain why women allow their own children to be abused and killed and none of it has anything to do with a ‘god’ – nothing does in my opinion. Lets deal in reality here, not time-worn fairytales.

  98. Laura Formholtz says:

    I will continue to make mention of my God. I am not ashamed. He is the One who saved ME from years of abuse as a child. Why doesn’t He stop this? Because He CAN’T, that’s why.
    As far as humans being the only ones who can do anything, I agree that people need to stop making excuses for not calling child abuse authorities, police, etc. I have always been a whistle-blower even on my OWN abuse and I will always be a human who is involved in saving these children and adult-children. I AM doing what I can to help but I’m also not leaving God out of my vocabulary or my life, sorry. My theory is, ok, this stuff goes on WITH God…without Him YIPES!

  99. Wendy says:

    Fine – but he is ‘yours’ so please keep him to yourself…

  100. Laura Formholtz says:

    no can do, Wendy. He told me to “go into ALL the world” not keep Him to myself.

  101. Laura Formholtz says:

    I just got off the phone with another Godly woman who I asked the question of “WHere was God in this situation of Peter’s torture/death?” What she said was interesting …she said “God only moves by faith…if nobody knew that child was in trouble and nobody was praying for him, that explains why this went on unstopped.”

  102. Laura Formholtz says:

    because they were satanists, that’s why. Satanists see humans as objects to do with as they choose. Since slicing a person’s fingers does not directly hurt a satanist himself, and he sees the person as an OBJECT, he can do such a thing with no pain himself, no remorse, no sorrow, sympathy, nor EMPATHY!

    Anyone who could harm another person severely, lacks conscience, mental stability, and empathy.

    Am I justifying ??? NOOOOOOOOOO! Am I explaining the mindset of the insane and Godless, yes, exactly! It also involves another spirit entering another person’s body, but I won’t go into that at this time. (I have cast them out of people. Trust me, I know they exist and they don’t care who they hurt nor how!)

  103. Wendy says:

    Well, it is just that you’re boring us – that’s the problem with fanatics, religious and otherwise…only THEY see the point of their obsession, nobody else does. This is not a site for preaching about religion so please keep to the topic and keep religious icons out of it – there is nothing more boring.

  104. Laura Formholtz says:

    Ok first of all, I HATE the word “RELIGION” and please STOP calling me that or referring to me having anything to do with it. I have a relationship with Jesus, period. And, unless you are the moderator of this group, I have a right to speak in any way I choose about this or any given topic.

  105. Wendy says:

    Laura, we are discussing Baby Peter here not your god or Jesus or whatever and this is not a platform for you to do so. You do retain the right to speak about what you like but others also have the right to not want to hear it. Once again this is not a platform for people to spout about relationships with Jesus, God, Allah, Buddha or whatever unless the topic calls for it. I wont go on any further because I have lived with a ‘saved’ person in the past and to argue or otherwise only encourages them further.
    I am the moderator and owner of this site and I’d like to keep this forum interesting…and secular.

  106. Laura Formholtz says:

    Well, since you have informed me that this is your site, I respect that. I will say only one more thing. Paul, after rebuking an elder in the Bible, when realizing he WAS in a high position, backed down. I do likewise at this point, out of respect for your position only.

  107. Wendy says:

    My position only is to keep this darn site interesting enough for people to want to read – some do, some don’t – but as the issues surrounding this poor baby are so sensitive and heartbreaking I just feel it would be too easy to go off onto other tangents and forget what really matters and that is this little boy and his story. He has been embraced by so many people around the world, it is incredible. That’s what I like to see. Words are so often empty.

  108. sheila says:

    to whom ever said, “baby peter wasnt saved because there wasn’t prayer” OMG who are you? One sick individual. He was helpless, defenseless, and only wanting love from the one person whom bore him. How does that say” he didn’t have prayer”? Baby Peter was just that, a baby. Who takes it upon themselves to beat, torture, and kill a baby just because there isn’t prayer? Are you hiding something yourself?

  109. Mary says:

    This is getting crazy and Wendy, I agree, not a place for preaching. I guess some people need to neatly explain away how an innocent baby was tortured, starved and neglected….and boy will those bad folks get theirs in the end!
    Please. Those scum are eating 3 meals a day, playing cards and watching tv all day.
    It is up to US to save these abused kids and up to US to send a message to the politicians that we want true justice for their abusers.

  110. Laura Formholtz says:

    Ok, first of all, there have been quite a few misunderstandings of my posts. The lady I talked to did not say Peter was not saved because people did not pray, specifically in that way. She was saying that the entire situation was full of ungodly people, period, with nobody doing anything godly. Now, that was her comment.

    Next, please stop acting like because I was explaining the psychological mindset of abusers, that I don’t care about what happened. I DO CARE! I DID CARE! and I am infuriated that Tracey and those other two are not being kept behind bars FOREVER!!! What happened to Peter was terrifying, horrendous, beyond awful and evil. I am AGREEEEEEEEEEEEEING WITH YOU ALL ON THAT!

    But there ARE reasons that people’s consciences are not tormented and allow them to do those things, whether you want to believe that or not…and THAT was my first point…Tracey and those guys were the FIRST ONES AS CHILDREN who should have been dealt with. They should have gotten help way back when, and been watched like a hawk. They never should have been allowed to even HAVE children in that home or any other. The problem was, according to what I read, nobody seemed to know that the men were living with her??? Have you read that too? How does a social service worker or 80 or 60 of them, NOT KNOW THERE ARE THINGS GOING ON IN A HOME? Even the condition of the home should have been enough to get ALL the children out of there!!! And KEEP them out!
    The ENTIRE SITUATION should not ever have happened, period!!! and neither should the others that are STILL happening, due to a rotten social service system of people who “don’t want to get involved” or ” break up FAMILIES” SOME “FAMILIES” NEED TO BE BROKEN UP!!!

  111. janine says:

    i agree with your comments fully, i am on a social work course at the moment, i am finding it very hard and demanding, but i am doing this to make a difference to all those children who need help and i will do my best to protect the vulnerable. i will be thorough in my investigastions and strive to do the best child protection social worker that i can be. Baby Peter and all those other darling children are my inspiration. Rest In Peace my sweet little darling I love you. XXXXXX

  112. Wendy says:

    Okay, Laura and Whitney – you are both SPAMMED! any further comments will go down under the ‘delete’ button.

    In fact I have logged both your IP’s – yours Whitney as and yours Laura as…yes, I am able to track both of you to where you are believe me. Each time you post a comment here your computer leaves more info than you believe…

    and I shall simply report both of you for posting child porn links here – I get a lot of that and I report every single one. You can both deal with the consequences. Take your god-shit and shove it.

    Religious fanatics – they should all be put to death.

  113. Leena, Dominic says:

    I wish I got an answer to why God let children suffer, but this whole thing has a different way to be looked at, God did send the police, doctors & social workers time & again to save him but what could God do if they weren’t doing their duty well. . also, every week a child dies of abuse in UK alone, wasn’t baby Peter’s death an eye opener to the Government & Social Services & all of us. Because of the media exposure of the unbelievably horrific story atleast people will be more vigilent & people who need to get involved, will do their duties well. Anyways, baby Peter’s death cannot be justified, it’s just too sad.. Im sure he is with the angels now playing with other children….
    RIP , lil Peter

  114. LPJ says:

    Two weeks back, I had a dream where the b@stard stepfather Steven Barker was sitting on my couch and I am trying to pull out an iron rod from under my bed to knock him dead but the rod was getting stuck … & I was yelling & grunting in my sleep, so much that my son started crying & I couldnt sleep the rest of the night. I felt the hatred ,anger & disgust I felt the very first time I read about baby Peter in UK in Nov 2008 in the MIRROR paper when I was travelling to work in the bus, a sick feeling in my stomach that lasted for 2-3 months & uncontrollable tears, it even affected my work…
    its changed my life & made me love my son more & more with each passing day …
    RIP baby Peter, I want to kiss & hug U forever if I see U in Heaven… :-(

  115. Wendy says:

    I feel the same way, this story too made me even more aware of how important it is too make our children aware of how much they are loved and that they feel secure. I think Peter has touched more lives than we will ever know about.

  116. Wendy says:

    Please note: hence forth no comments regarding religion or gods of any kind will be accepted into this discussion. There are plenty of sites elsewhere to discuss whatever faith you have and whichever ‘god’ you choose to follow – you just wont be able to do it here and all attempts will be spammed. This is about little Peter, not fairytales – show some respect.

  117. mary says:

    Good. They are not in touch with reality.

  118. Angela Lingle says:

    Dear Wendy you are so right this is about Peter not God not the Devil or what people belive,i myself will not wast my time on the MONSTERS who did this to him Peter is my son now and i love miss and think of him along with to many other’s……….. I’m still in my fight against this ugly thing called child abuse and i will never stop fighting for my babies,no longer shell they not be heard cause i have a BIG mouth and i’m not afraid to use it…………. I think that if you need a license to drive a car then a law should be passed that you should need a licenses to have a baby along with both parties should be married,do a custodial evaluation,an alcohol/drug evaluation,parenting classes,and a CPS backround check and a run threw the house…… And if they pass then they get the license to get pregnant,as a mother i would kill and die for my kid’s so i just don’t understand how a parent can harm or allow someone to do anything to there children……… I check my babies like 20 time’s a night to make sure that there breathing and that there ok i don’t leave my babies with no one but my mom and if she can’t do it then i take them with me or i don’t go,how i look at it is my children did not ask to be born nor did they ask for me to be there mother so i owe them they don’t owe me when i chose to start a family that is when i put my life on hold……… As far as going to parties,spending the night out,or just thinking of me, my kid’s think that i’m there hero but really they are mine…… I thought that you might like to know that back in Dec. of 2009 i called Senator Mary Jane Garcia to help me change child abuse and she finelly called me back,i want to thank you Wendy for signing my petition you were the first person to sign and i will hold you forever in my heart for loving these Angels so much to help make a difference i will up date you on what happen’s with the Senator………. To my sweet Peter i hold you in my heart,mind,and soul i love and miss you we will be together some day untill then my sweet baby boy i shell see you in my dream’s……….. Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  119. Wendy says:

    Hi Angela – now there’s something that I do have time for…angels, they are something different altogether. Peter is one now as are all the innocents who are with him. I am happy your efforts are being rewarded, do please stay in touch and let us know how it goes.

  120. Wendy says:

    Hi Mary, one thing I have found with some of these so-called ‘saved’ that I have encountered from time to time is how aggressive they can be which to me says ‘fanatic’…and fanatics are always tinged with danger in my opinion. I have also seen how religious fanatics have been shown to be horrendous child abusers; they are great at meting out physical abuse and punishments all in the name of ‘salvation’. There are quite a few of these ‘christians’ in prison for what they have done to innocent children and there they should rot – fat lot of good their ‘god’ is to them there…
    And you are correct – they are totally out of touch with reality – Stephen Barker is supposed to be a ‘convert’ to Jehovahs Witness now…just shows how religion provides an excuse for sadists to escape justice. We are not fooled though…

  121. Erika says:

    I am so glad you stopped that! I was reading through all these posts and started getting so frustrated! There is NO EXCUSE at all for hurting a child, religion or lack of. no child should suffer for any reason. I use all my social networking pages to put out child abuse awareness. like others on here when i heard peters story it made me so sick. the same night i heard about it i grabbed my two youngest sons and kept them both in my bed with me and just stared at them for hours thinking if anyone ever laid a hand on my kids it would be the last thing they ever do! tracey connely should suffer the most considering she should have been peter’s prtector and she failed! she was just plain selfish. it was all about her keeping the welfare money for having him. she should have just given him to his father if she didn’t want him! even though they did not love you baby Peter, I do and I always will!

  122. Nancy Merritt says:

    I just want to make sure they never get out of prison to abuse another defensless child. WE need to write to our congress person and say make the penalty fit the crime, if you injury a child you will pay, if you can’t take care of your child we will find someone who will. WE need to stop paying for people to have children and give them to someone who will take care of them. WE need to make sure no chld is abused again,

  123. Angela Lingle says:

    Dear Wendy well i talked to Senator Garcia yesterday and she said that she can’t have any law’s changed here,but she told me to call my Senator and give my Senator her cell and home number……… She will talk to her for me to try to get her to start up a bill,and to tell my Senator that it is my idea and what i’m asking for so my friend Wendy i’m one step closer then what i was in Dec. 2009 i must crawl befor i can walk………. But all it take’s is one person who care’s enough to make a change, and i care about my angel babies they did not die in vain i don’t care what you or anyone else belive’s………. It’s not about God the Devil or Heaven and Hell it’s about taken a stand fighting for the (Silenced Angelas) to put a stop to this UGLY thing called child abuse the only thing that should be a debate is why is this still happening to our children,one is to many but from what i’v seen it’s sick and it has to stop………. So for anyone who would like to help and try to make a difference then wright be back if not then by pass,i don’t have time to debate about God cause my belife’s are just that what i belive no one has the right to push there belife’s on to anyone eles we have what’s called (free choice) meaning that we can belive what we want to……….I don’t care what you belive Wendy to me you are a good person and you truly do care about our Angels,so to every one eles leave my friend Wendy alone stop getting into her bizz and put your time on trying to stop CHILD ABUSE come on dose it really matter what your belife’s are to save a child (let it go) move on to what dose matter on this site……Remembering Peter and standing together and try to stop this help me to keep our children safe……….. Peter this mommy love’s and misses you so very much sweet baby boy,i promies you and all my other angel babies that i will fight for you’s i will be your voice’s never again will you’s stand in the dark i love you Peter OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX……….Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  124. Wendy says:

    Brilliant news! we wont give up the fight !!!

  125. Angela Lingle says:

    Dear Wendy how can i give up on the fight if a person said that they care then they can’t just sit around and do nothing,cause i know that i can’t even if i die befor i ever have a bill passed i will die trying to………..And that’s what matter’s the most,what people don’t realize is that all of these babies/children belong to all of us they are our future and it’s are duty to keep them safe,we must be there teacher,friend,and there safe haven…………. I love my babies and it is such an horon to be a mother there mother,so for evey one who will read this hug your children tell them how much you love them live each day as if it’s your last cause for most tomorrow will never come thank you for taken the time to read this…………… Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  126. Wendy says:

    Do you have a website besides the petition? – if not you need one so that you can recruit more people to join the cause.

  127. Angela Lingle says:

    Dear Wendy I am doing what Senator Garcia told me to do,i’m putting together some stories along with what yhey looked like befor the abuse and the after math the hardest of all the autopsy photo’s….. In the stories i hae Peter’s story i don’t have a real autopsy photo of him but done on a computer but i do have photo’s of his bloody clothes, it’s one thing to hear about abuse but to see it is a hole new ball game……… In the passed few day’s has been the most hardest and sadest day’s i’v never cryed so much in my life and i could not have done it without my good friend as alot of people know her as J.K.S. she has alot of child abuse video’s on you tube she made one on baby Peter…… She is just such a great person and she e-mail’s me all the info along with the photo’s, it is a very heart breaking thing so see the photo’s but i have to do this if i want to reach these people…… I see all of these angel’s in my children every day,i would like to share with you and everyone who read’s this the story of Max and Saga…. Max 3yrs old his sister Saga 1yrs old were murdered 2yrs ago,on March 17, 2008 a woman named Christina took a trip to Sweden and took 2 things with her, a hammer and anger to kill Max and Saga’s mother when opening the door Christina smiled and then hit Emma in the head 15 time’s 3yr old Max heard his mom’s scream’s and came to help her…. Christina turned on Max with the hammer and then looked for 1yr old Saga and beat her to,Max and Saga’s crime there mother was dating Christina’s xe boy friend and she was not letting him leave her nor would she let anyone stand in her way….. Max and Saga’s mother lived but poor Max and Saga didn’t,Christina got life but the down side to that is in Sweden life is only 12yrs,so in 10yrs Christina will be free while Max and Saga will never again run in the summer’s sun,put there arm’s around there mother,go to school,or have a family of there own…….. So what i would like to know is where is the JUSTICE for the UNJUST, Max and Saga’s autopsy photo’s were the hardest to see, i know that this site is for baby Peter but i just have to share these angel’s stories,for 2 reson’s there stories should be heard and if i hold the stories in it would kill me…….. I dont have anyone that i can go to talk to cause my family dont want to know see nor hear about child abuse they all support me but it hurt’s them to much my mom who is not just my mom but my best friend,she is a CPS worker and has had to deal with child abuse alot and she try’s to listen but want’s a break away from it too….. So i thank you for letting me share this with you and other’s,and Peter i love and miss you my sweet baby boy you have touched so many live’s with your sad and unfair story thank you Peter for your strenth i love you……… (AND A CHILD SHELL LEAD THEM) thank you for your time it took to read this……. Yours Truly A Mother Who Cares Angela Lingle

  128. Wendy says:

    This area is for ALL children who suffer and die from abuse at the hands of cruel and sadistic adults, so thank you for sharing that shocking story here because these things should not be hidden away and forgotten. This is what authorities would rather – they would rather people did not know and that these children suffer and die for nothing. The reason I write about such issues here is because I want people to realise the problem will not go away simply by blocking one’s ears and refusing to listen. These children suffer in silence already, we cannot ignore their stories, to do that is to be compliant in what is happening. I admire very much what you are doing, stay strong and keep up the great work :)

  129. Leigha says:

    Wendy I couldn’t agree with you more. Religion had nothing to do with this boy’s death. There are so many many people who are GOD fearing and religious as ever yet sexual abuse, beat and torture their children. Even murder people. The bible thumpers needs to shut up and stop acting like this is all due too people not believing in GOD. This had to do with sick people who don’t believe in basic human compassion and decency. You have to believe in that before you can believe in anything else.

    And this boy lived in pure torture, fear, loneliness and filth his entire life. Where was GOD when his bones were being broken, his face beaten. Where was he?

    We are the only ones who can protect these children and we failed little Peter. The human beings of this earth left Peter to suffer and die a horrible death. Human beings (who very well believed in god) walked into that boys life with the job of protecting him and left them there to die. They failed him. If GOD exists well then he failed him too.

  130. Wendy says:

    The entire social services system needs complete reform. Doctors have to take an oath to ‘do no harm’ – police take an oath to uphold the law – the military take an oath to defend their country – why should social workers not also take an oath to protect above all else and to the exclusion of everything else, the life of a child…?
    To date not one child has been saved by any ‘god’ stepping in – any child who survives a life that little Peter had survives through sheer luck.

  131. Mommy to an angel says:

    God didn’t fail him. He saved him from them, by taking him away from them. Now he is safe and sound from these terrible people.

  132. Wendy says:

    Oh what rubbish, please spare me this shit.
    A better way to have been ‘saved’ would have been for him to have been born to someone else, or been adopted, he deserved a life…that child died a long slow painful death and your god is a son-of-bitch for allowing it.

  133. helena says:

    i believe in god and yes i agree with ye when ye say were was he when this little boy was been battered but where is the justice the people who done this and the social workers who give him back to his mother should be given a long and painfull death,bastards. rest in piece little one,you will always be in my toughts you should of had a happy and longer life then what you had.

  134. helena says:

    i would join,ive 3 girls of my own and to think this is happening to inocnent little children makes me sick they didnt ask to be born into the world today was my first time hearing about little peter and in sick sence i did people who do this should suffer

  135. sheila says:

    Wendy, I just want to ask if there is anything new with these monsters? Are they dead yet, I mean did someone beat them until they couldnt take anymore and come back everyday over the next few months and “cause or allow” the death of them? I read all the messages on here, as Im sure any one person who truly cares does. I go to other pages on facebook and see Peter. I do love that little baby, and I see him in my 14mo baby boy. I wish over and again I could have for some reason been in london and saved that baby. Did baby Peter have a middle name? Did he ever get to play with his sisters, I know playing for him would have been so hard on his little tattered body. I dont understand and I cant understand. I know there are millions of baby’s, toddlers, children going thru this, but Peter for some reason I just cant let go of. He is in my thoughts daily, and I wouldnt have it anyother way. I just dont understand why Iam so connected with him? Maybe because with me I know he would have been safe, and had my four children playing and laughing with him. I love you Baby Peter, I would have been there for you no matter what had I known. You are in my thoughts everyday, and I see your smiling little face. R.I.P Baby Peter, I will be here sending you hugs and kisses. Wendy: Could you keep me updated on those three pathetic wastes of space? I hope the rest of their time in prison and on earth is everyday worse than miserable. And please, if Baby Peter had a middle name, I’d love to know what it is.

  136. Wendy says:

    Sheila, this little boy touched something deep within many, many people and I still hear from people who still think about him every day even though he died almost three years ago. Had he lived he would have been just another blue-eyed, blonde haired child but his fate has set him apart and it remind us of how fragile these little people are. I think he knows he is remembered by so many people and that is probably why you cannot forget him…he is possibly there with you at times, looking for a happy, safe place to be :)

    I had a file photo of Peter as a newborn in hospital with his little ID card stating date of birth, weight and name. I had two actually – one published while he was still known as ‘P’ and one when the details were revealed and his full name is noted (I seem to have deleted this photo) and I am almost certain his middle name was John – Peter John Connelly. Now I just might have that wrong, but the name John sticks in my mind.

    We don’t get told much about what is happening to his killers in prison; his mother Tracey Connelly is said to be in the queue for a new identity when she is released from prison, she shows no remorse to date and she was writing letters to an acquaintance talking about her plans to have ‘lot’s of fun and travel the world’ when she gets out of prison. One wonders if she even remembers that she had a little boy…
    Stephen Barker has been attacked twice in his prison; once he was beaten and recently he had boiling sugar syrup thrown in his face by a fellow prisoner and he is said to be severely scarred. He is understood to be a marked man in prison so I’d say he would be looking over his shoulder for his entire sentence.
    So far nothing has emerged regarding his brother Jason Owen-Barker.

  137. sheila says:

    Thank you Wendy for telling me baby Peters middle name. The last I read, Steven Barker had boiling hot water, possibly with sugar in it throw in his face (which wasnt enough and he deserves so much more) but do you know if they are going to be released with identity changes, and all the protection that Baby Peter didnt get? Thank you Wendy for being here answering all the questions that we have. So many what if’s and why not’s, no one will truly know but Baby Peter.

  138. Sharon says:

    Too all the lady’s on here who have seen or heard the story about baby peter connelly. today 25/04/2010 was my very first time i have become aware of this sick and shocking story. I am a mum of two beautiful children, one is 5 and now have a wee man, he is 8 months old.

    I can’t get it out of my head why his mother would let such a bloody sick thing like that happens to him. when after all she was the one who carried him for 9 months and had to do the hard work of giving birth to him. now if she came come this far and still keep him, then why the HELL don’t she walk out with him. If she was a woman that couldn’t handle him and didn’t want a child at that time of her life, then why didn’t she give him to a couple or a person who would love to have a baby more then any thing . there are women out there today who would love to have a baby because they can’t have them there self.

    I have been a lady who went to church for quit a while and then stop going because i found god was not doing any thing for me been a solo mother with a baby. some of the people at the church who did no i was a solo mother and not marred but with child looked at me so strangely and didn’t make me feel very welcome. Been looked down a pone is wrong, as they don’t no you or your life story, so there for I don’t believe god was any help for this little peter at all as if he was he would of never let him come in to the world to such a BAD SICK HORRIBLE family like them.

    these poor helpless baby and children that get bought in to the world by evil sick people like them, do not ask to be born at all.

  139. Wendy says:

    Sharon, you and your baby are all that matters – you belong to each other and let no-one ever come between you. Just enjoy your child and everything that being a mother entails; the rewards are endless. Your child is the only thing that truly belongs to you – I wish you both every happiness.

  140. Sharon says:

    thank you so much for that lovely replay. I love my two children with all my heart and all ways will. I could NEVER EVER do any thing to hurt a bone on there little body’s.

    late night all i could do was hold my baby boy and tell him that mummy would never let any one hurt him in any way and the same with his sister as well. I am finding it hard to get it out of my head the sick and nasty things that wee peter went through every day and night until he went to haven. it brakes my heart in to a million piece and will all way come back to why did he do it and what was going through his head when he did all those nasty things to him.

    It also brings back the merry of the wee two year old girl in the north Island of NZ where her stepfather and unlace abused her day in and day out with COLD COLD baths of Ice water and then put her in the washing machine and then hang her out to dry. and when she came round she was thrown around her room until she stop crying. it bought so many treats to my country to relies how bloody sick some people can really be. this wee girls monther new what was happening and did nothing about it. the people next door to where she lived did nothing about it ether. every one was so scared to speak out in cause they got punished too.

    I will never for get that year and now i will never for get baby P.
    your truly Sharon.

  141. Wendy says:

    I have an idea I remember that case about that little girl as the details are very familiar – being Australian I am sure I recall it being in our newspapers some years back. That bit about her being hung on the clothes line…that rings a bell and I remember feeling so sick when I heard about it.
    These children who do manage to survive – you wonder how they do it when you consider the lives they are born into. Just hold your babies close and be there for them. They depend on us and we owe them everything…right throughout their lives. We never get a day off from being ‘mummy’ until the day we die. It is a job that lasts our whole lives.

  142. nancy says:

    I just want to know when social services is going to wake up and protect the children. I just want to know where the common sense factor is when will they define what abuse really is. If the house is dirty is that abuse, if the kids are dirty or hungry is that abuse if a child has multiple bruises or broken bones. Yes I would say. But a child that is cuddled too long. NOT…

  143. Sharon says:

    Wendy, The little girl i was telling you about how died in NZ was ( Nia Glassie ) she was a three year old little girl who was beaten to death and much more. there was around 5 people in this one though and all of them are going to the high Cort in NZ to be jailed for her death. she was kicked, punched, slammed against wells and put in a bath that was fit for no human to survive and then put in a dryer to be span around the hang out to dry. they would all so make her stand naked in the poring rain for three hours strate and then through her of the house balcony to the grand below. Here in NZ you do not get away with any thing as sick and bad as this. She was a very beautiful little girl in Deed.

    do you know if the three that went up for Peters death was jailed and what is happening to the stepfather. I have tried to fine out but it is not giving me the info i would like to know. these three need to go to jail and stay there for ever.

  144. Angela Lingle says:

    Dear Wendyi have put child abuse on hold for now, do to on April 12,2010 on a monday my life was turned upside down…. My dad Herb Lingle was in a fatal bike crash, he hit into a tractor and even if he lived threw it he was dead anyways (brain dead) and anyone who knew my dad when know the he would never want to live that way….. It’s been very hard on the hole family my mom well there are no words to that i can say nor write to tell yous how she fells… It was a wrongful death and the mandriving the tractor is at falt for blocking the hole road leaving my dad no where to go to…. My dad is a good driver him and my mom every yr have gone on bike runs more then one a yr,and now we are left to pick up the broken pecese of our hearts and move on but it just dont work that way… I feel very angery at my dad for leaving us i feel like he just abanded us now i know that thats not the deal here but i cant help how i feel i cry alot and talk to his pic asking him why why,sadly no answer im so hurtbut i do know that life go’s on and he will live with in me and threw me i must pass him down to my children and all the grandbabies that will never know there PAPA my dad is heaven’s papa now and i know that he is rocking all my angel babies along with the baby him and my mom lost many yrs ago……. Peter i love u and miss u please keep my dad in check and on his toes,keep him bizzy running after you and all your angel friends love you baby boy kisses and hugs from mommy A…..

  145. Wendy says:

    If you go to the categories on the home page at the top and click on ‘Justice for Baby Peter’ you will have a lot of articles to choose from where you can read about the story and the court case – Ive covered it well. Basically the mother is jailed indefinitely but wont spend more than five years in prison by my knowledge, Tracey Connelly will also qualify for a whole new identity when she is released to protect her – this will cost the taxpayer millions of pounds.
    Stephen Barker – who was the main abuser and who also was said to deliver the fatal punch to Peter in his cot – got ‘life’ (ten years) and 12 years for the rape of Peters two year old sister. If he serves more than 12 altogether I will be very surprised. He has been attacked twice in prison as he has a price on his head, the last time he got boiling syrup thrown in his face and is said to have been facially scarred for life.
    His brother Jason Owen-Barker got three years for his part in it all and for not assisting the child.

    They should have all been hanged.

    Here’s a link : http://www.culturedviews.com/tracey-connolly-gets-minimum-five-year-prison-term-stephen-barker-gets-life-sentence/2009/05/22/view.htm

  146. Wendy says:

    I’m very sorry for your loss – I too lost my Dad some years ago and I like to think that somewhere he is looking after two of his grandchildren who died before he did. Dad loved children and despised those who hurt them. I hope you all find the strength to pull together and keep his memory alive and strong. XXX

  147. Clorrise says:

    I would like to post a thank you to all the insight on this horrible death of such a sweet boy. I live in Nevada, US and am seriously considering taking a trip to London to view Baby Peter’s memorial and leave a teddy bear for him. I read somewhere that Peter had a teddy bear – was there any confort for Peter at all? What about his siblings? It’s hard for me to be in the US and keep up-to-date on the case through the internet. Any recent news left in this correspondence would be appreciated by all. Rest in peace little Peter. XOXO

  148. Nancy says:

    I think some of the post are losing sight of what is important and that is get the laws changed so what happened to Baby Peter is not in vain and does not happen to another innocent child. Jesus said suffer the little children to come unto me but I am sure he did not mean as abused babies. WE need to pass mandatory home health visits for all children not in school. We need to make sure the laws state the social workers need to see and touch the chhildren on home visits and not take excuses of the child is asleep or visiting someone else. If the child is asleep they need to physically be able to go in and check on the child, whats to say the child is not injured and I believe in full body scans for at risk children. But the most important thing of all is to use common sense, if anyone had used that with Baby Peter he would be alive today. Also I want to know why he wasn’t with his father once he was put on the at risk list. IF the mother can’t or won’t protect her children why are they not given to the father, why does it seem like social services wants to get dads out of the picture and say you have to go to court to get better visitation or custody. Also another great idea is to remove the parents from the home and put in someone that will take care of the children instead of sending the kids to a foster home, let the foster home come to the children. Also if you abuse drugs or alcohol will you abuse your children…

  149. christy says:

    R.I.P. LITTLE ANGEL YOU ARE SAFE FROM HARM NOW BABY. even though i never knew you i will always remember u and the hell you went through.IM SORRY BABY YOU HAD A TERRIBLE LIFE.i wish i could have been your mom you never would of went through that hell.rip baby

  150. David Misner says:

    a bit extreme don’t you think. It is as if you thought Whitney and/or Laura beat poor Peter to death.

    I read somewhere that he was always looking for cuddles from his mom but I guess he did not get it. What should have happened is when his dad took Peter he should never have given him back. If he had kept him he would still be alive today. I do not know the full story though so I have no idea why the father just gave Peter back so easily

  151. Wendy says:

    Very poor judgement on his part is one reason; there have been many fathers who were seemingly blind to the injuries on their child’s body and their child’s reluctance to want to go back to Mum…there’s no great mystery to this – that poor kid had dead beat parents on both sides.

  152. David Misner says:

    As I understand it he took Peter in attempt to protect him. Maybe that was not the case after all. I do not understand why he took him if he was going to give him back so easily.

  153. Wendy says:

    The man had access visits via a custody agreement. He was required by law to return the child and noticed the last time he gave the child back that Peter cried and was reluctant to go to the mother…the kid was never without injuries on his body so I cannot understand how he never noticed anything. Obviously the child was never undressed for a wash when with the father…
    the man was not bothered enough to hear any alarm bells – they would have deafened most other people.

  154. Felicity says:

    Wendy, While I understand where everyone’s anger comes from towards God, I do agree also that it is our choice as humans what happens to these babies. This does not make me want to disbelieve though. I do not think it has anything to do with being “saved”. We as human beings were given free will. Guess what causes the deaths of these kids like this? You got it. Free will. Wouldn’t you say as a christian yourself it seems, that this is true? My point is that if the ADULTS were truly children of God, there isn’t a chance in hell they would have hurt that child. AND fact of the matter is that HURTING OF ANY SORT in the name of GOD does NOT make a person Christian. God would not want that, it’s that simple. Humans did it, humans have to fix it.

  155. Wendy says:

    Just spammed another comment from a religious nutcase – the thing that strikes me about these happy-clappy loonies is how UNchristian their attitude is. I dont even bother reading most of what they write these days – just the keywords ‘god’ and ‘bible’ are enough to make me hit the spam and delete button. Their comments will NOT make it onto here that’s for sure.

  156. Jessica says:

    WTF!!!!! seriously what stupid ppl would allow peter 2 return home bak 2 the person who was on bail for hurting him in the first place.. what mother would allow that crap 2 happen in the first place… you bring a child into the world, u care for it, u protect it, u put ur life on the line for it… she let a monster hurt her baby boy, and the whole while she sat back and let it happen… how loud can you scream for help before its 2 late… peter was screaming infact he would have begged if he could talk, but still she turned her bak to him… she is no mother.. she dosent deserve the title! peter deserved a life, a mother, and some god-dam respect!

  157. Alisha says:

    I agree with you. Social Services needs to take an oath to protect children in these cases. Theyre are too many children who live in homes where they are abused neglected and much more. Its sickening and I can’t believe that Social Services allows these children to stay there.

  158. Wendy says:

    Exactly. Nobody is protecting these children.

  159. AJ says:

    everyone should be on trial for this…not just the monster of a stepfather, but the mother, the policemen who gave Peter back to the mother (in exchange for something I’m sure) the social workers and the Dr. Put them all in a cage with a few rotweillers and see who comes out on top and the lone survivor hopefully Steven Baker then gets the same treatment starting with yanking his finger nails out…Give me a couple of hard pipe hitting niggas, a pair of pliers and blow torch… then I’d put his head in a vice until his eye balls popped out. For Peter’s sake, were he to die no matter what, I’d only wish this animal had killed earlier on and spare this child the fright and pain. I hope they are shown no mercy

  160. Wendy says:

    Barker is a well marked man in prison and I understand any prisoner who gets at him will be ‘top of the tree’…we all know prisoners have their own code of conduct and people like Barker are always having to look over their shoulder. I am guessing he is in line for something particularly nasty in the near future once he drops his guard…and he will deserve it. As a mother I’d like five minutes with Tracey Connelly – five minutes is all I’d need.

  161. Wendy says:

    I too believe the entire so-called ‘child protection system’ needs to be not just overhauled but replaced with a model that actually works. What is a social welfare system that pays it’s directors vast salaries in return for failures, excuses and unaccountability? what good is a child protection officer who does not protect a child…? we are expected to sympathise with social workers and people like Sharon Shoesmith when their charges, like baby Peter, end up murdered – we should be congratulating them for saving lives, not asking why they stood by and watched them be destroyed.

  162. Wendy says:

    I have been watching this case very closely for almost two years now and even risked prosecution during the trial by publishing certain details. The crazy thing was those ‘details’ were available on the website of the crown court itself but there is a tiny bit of ‘law’ which states you cannot bring those details to the attention of the public by way of a link…in reality the crown court website was in contempt of itself!
    Due to the caring attitude of a certain Met Police figure who had been in attendance when the three scum were charged, I managed to keep this site active and was able to keep up to date with what was happening in the trial. Technically I was in contempt of court but the satisfying thing was the many police who had read this blog and agreed wholeheartedly with what I was saying. I was able to send an email to the presiding judge in the trial, Stephen Kramer (who my actions had angered severely), and explained why I was doing what I was doing and how the public was feeling about the events.

    I am sure that as members of the public we have a facility where we can object to certain criminals being released – there has to be something in British law which allows a public objection just as it allows one to make a citizens arrest. Possibly even a member of the public can even launch a civil case against Tracey Connelly and the two Barkers which could see them returned to prison – little Peter seems to have no-one to stand up for him. I am just waiting for an overseas blogger/journalist, well outside British jurisdiction, to publish a picture of either Jon Venables or Robert Thompson…even the odd detail about them and their new life that would be enough to identify them – and I will be on it like a flash. I would do the same should Peters mother and killers be given new identities and released…what have we got to lose? this blog is hosted in the US and a little thing called ‘freedom of expression’ exists over there as well as ‘freedom of the press’. When the solicitor from the crown court tried to have my site shut down the hosting company in the US told them to get lost and they refused. I would ‘out’ the Bulger killers and Peter’s killers in a second. But only if I was 100% sure I had the right people, and I must emphasise that.

  163. Wendy says:

    By ‘the right people’ I simply mean that I would make sure I was outing the actual individuals and not someone who was rumoured to be them. A few years ago a journalist in South Australia had evidence of one of the Bulger killers new identity and the story was going to press in an Australian magazine but was stopped. That it happened in South Australia, homebase of the most significant paedophile ring in the southern hemisphere, was not lost on me. What has been going on in SA since the 1960’s is simply bloodcurdling but, of course, their numbers include judges, police, politicians, doctors, television stars, hundreds of young males have simply disappeared in SA over the past 40 years – including many children – one young man wrote to me anonymously and told me that he knew three young men (who had all been victims of this network) who tried to expose them… and all ended up as shark bait in the Torrens River. Frightening stuff – everyone knows about it but too many powerful people are involved that pull the strings. A high profile news reader was involved in preparing a report on their activities – his twelve year old son was abducted and murdered days later. The report never made it to publication.

  164. rachel says:

    I have the divine privilege of being a Mom, my beautiful charismatic son is soon going to be a year old. I sat here tonight at my computer and seen the video of baby Peter and cried like I never have in my life, tears streamed down my face like never before. My heart aches like it’s been ripped out and trampled on a hundred times, the first thing I did after reading the unbearable story of baby Peter was run upstairs to my sons room lifted his soundly sleeping delicate little body and I held him so close to me rocking him back and forth crying and asking why? why? I looked down at my sons little sleeping face and kissed it and thought of you baby Peter :( You needed a Mommy to love you unconditionally, to teach you how to love, to kiss your bumps and bruises when you fall..not to cause them…you needed a Mommy to sing you to sleep at night, to hug and kiss and cuddle you every time she saw you, to make you giggle and laugh, and to watch you become a teenage boy and help you grow strong and teach you morals and respect, to guide you through life knowing that no matter what you would always have a loving Mother that would do anything for you no matter what……this woman that allowed this to happen to you my dear child was no Mother, she doesn’t deserve that title!! I am from a small town in Canada and around me I see the same that you do Wendy and Mary…..I see people having children for the wrong reasons….and unfortunately here to, the more children you have the fatter the welfare check is, it’s sad the way our economy has grown, just the other day a friend of mine lost her job due to the company shutting down, without enough hours for maternity leave… her baby girl was on the way in a few months and with her husbands income they still couldn’t make ends meet, she being almost nine months pregnant couldn’t find other work and last resort went to welfare to get help…..they refused her…told her “well your husband works” I mean can you believe that, and then I look just down the road from me at a Mother only 17 or 18 years of age milking welfare with her 5th child on the way!! Is their any justification in that?? The world needs more Mary’s and Wendy’s of the world to stand up and make a difference in this messed up ridiculous world, I myself will never stop talking of baby Peter and other children like him that have suffered to extremities because they need a voice stronger than ever now to speak for them and let people know that this could be happening to a child in your neighborhood or across town and to watch out for signs of any child abuse or neglect, because when it comes to the children of the world we shouldn’t take any chances!! And as for a comment I read earlier about God stepping in and taking baby Peter to heaven to stop his pain…my dear…if their was an almighty loving god, he would not have allowed the pain and torture baby Peter went through to have even began….I think people need to wake up and realize that it’s the coward inside of them that chooses to believe that god will set us free, and if everyone would just believe that it’s them themselves that have to change the world…not god…. then maybe the world would be a better place!!!!! RIP baby Peter, and all the other baby Peters of the world, and thank-you from the bottom of my heart Wendy for sharing this story!!

  165. rachel says:

    Wendy as I posted a comment earlier I live in Canada and at anytime you hear that these vindictive scumbags could be let out of prison with protected identities, please I beg you to let me know…because come hell or highwater I will, along with many others bring my Country around and put a stop to their stupid heartless decision!! If anything baby Peter deserves justice!!!! They took his life and should not be granted a new life for themselves!! The pure thought of them being released with new identities just sounds ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. Wendy says:

    Thankyou for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us here Rachel. It is so sad that at a time in human history, when science has made it far less likely for children to die at an early age from childhood diseases and when people have such a higher standard of living and education, that our children are dying from something as tragic as lack of care and love. Children are dying in third world countries from hunger and disease and yet in our societies, where we have everything we could want materially, so many of our kids cannot have the most basic thing as a mothers love and protection. It makes you despair it really does.

  167. Wendy says:

    When I hear anything to that effect I will not keep quiet I can assure you!

  168. Leena Jose says:

    I still think of Baby P everyday. Infact, I believe, he is my son’s Guardian Angel and , I always finish my prayers with “… baby P, watch over my son and all abused and neglected children”…
    Rest In Peace… innocent, lovely Peter

    -Leena & Dominic

  169. Doreen Payne says:

    I j ust found about this story and made me cry.

  170. rachel says:

    Still think about you and love you everyday, my favorite blond hair, blue eyed cutie <3

  171. sheila says:


    I havent been on here in a while, and I havent heard any informantion about what is happening with the Mother and boyfriend of baby peter? I keep him in my thoughts and close to my heart daily

  172. Wendy says:

    Hi Sheila – if you go to categories at the top and click on ‘Justice for Baby Peter’ you will be able to read updated articles I have written on the story. Tracey Connelly remains in Low Newton Prison in Co Durham where it is claimed she is in a ‘relationship’ with another evil female, Rosemary West. The Barker Brothers are also in prison, Steven Barker currently in Wakefield Prison. I do not know at present which prison Jason Owen (Barker) is being held in. Jason Owen and Tracey Connelly are expected to be considered for release within 3-5 years. An Inquiry into the death of Peter Connelly was proposed for early 2011 however it has now been decided it will not go ahead.

  173. nancy says:

    I want to see the laws changed, if you abuse your child you lose custody, why does social services continue to put at risk children back in the home with the abuser, if a parent abuses or alllows someone else to abuse their child, why do they get them back to abuse again. Baby Peter and his sisters should have been removed and given to dad, if dad couldn’t or wouldn’t take them then why were they not placed for adoption. How many people would love to have those beaufiful children to love and raise. We need to stop rewarding bad behavior, it is not your right to have children to raise if you don’t take care of them. Please change the laws and stop the abuse cycle.

  174. serina says:

    60 chances to save peter…… whatt the hell where they looking for….they new peter was abused…. they saw him with bruises…and he was redrawn…everybody failed him…. i feel deeply sorry for this little boy…… even the neigbers heard him crie for ours……and banging his head to his cot
    i hope all those people who failed him can live with themselves………

  175. David Misner says:

    There is a child that screams in pain in the apt right next to us. It is heart wrenching. It seems like the only life this little child knows is pain, sorrow and abandonment. If this child ever grows up he will be one messed up adult. I have called the sheriff in more than one occasion. But they do nothing. They have came out twice. First time nobody answer the door and the 2nd time they said that somebody told them that the child is suffering from colic. This has been going on for about a year. I have called child protective services and they told me there was nothing they could or would do since I have not actually seen abuse. I said something like you have to wait til he is dead before you will do something the person got indignant and threatened to hang up on me. That really pissed me off this person was more concerned about how I talked with him more than the welfare of a child. I am not sure what to do

  176. Wendy says:

    You must keep reporting your concerns! if this poor child cries and screams constantly try and record what you are hearing – do you have a mobile phone or a tape recorder…? there must be some authority you can contact – try the local hospital and maybe the local school…ask them who they contact when they have concerns about a child’s welfare. Don’t give up on this child – you might be their only hope. Please keep me informed about this.

  177. sharon searle says:

    Hi Wendy, thank you for caring enough to start this webpage, I have recently discovered it and the discussions have answered many of the questions I had regarding baby P’s tragic death.
    I currently reside in N.Z but am originally from the U.K. Over the past three years I have thought about baby P constantly, but even more so after I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy 17 months ago. He gives us so much joy and he is an absolute delight that I often get overwhelmed with sadness as I think of how baby P should be enjoying and living life like my baby boy. I breaks my heart as a mother that anyone could stand by and watch/let it happen.
    I have read that maybe the monsters will be given new identities and relocated…….. I am going to write to the N.Z government to voice my concerns if they are ever located here, I am sure they will be constantly be looking over their shoulders………….
    My partner and our baby boy are returning to England for a holiday in April and we are going to visit Peter’s memorial garden to pay our respects.
    Social services needs to be blown up and a new system put in place. Train people who have compassion, empathy and want to help children, not turn a blind eye, then head down the pub feeling good because they ticked a few boxes on a sheet of paper. Get rid of social workers.
    Just one question, Wendy, thats been bothering me for some time, why wasn’t it a murder trial for baby P’s murder???

  178. Wendy says:

    Why wasn’t it a murder trial…?

    Very good question – just put it down to the expert wranglings of the legal teams of the accused. Tracey Connelly refused to identify who delivered the fatal blow to the baby and Barker pointed the finger back at her blaming her for his injuries, but we know that it was Barker who killed Peter. The 15 year old girlfriend of Jason Barker-Owen was present in the house on the last night of Peters life. She claimed Stephen Barker went into the baby’s room after Connelly complained about Peter’s constant crying – the baby had a broken back and missing fingernails among other things by this points. She claimed in a statement that Barker said ‘I’ll sort him’ and went into the baby’s room where the crying suddenly stopped. He came out and nobody apparently went back into the room again until the next morning when the baby was found dead by one of his older siblings. Barker had punched the baby so hard his baby teeth were later found in his throat. So it is obvious who delivered the fatal blow however Connelly refused to affirm it preferring to protect Barker. Later they both blamed each other.

    Members of the Jury assumed during the trial and evidence that they would be deliberating on a murder conviction, they never gave it a second thought that it was not a murder trial – then strangely at the point in proceedings when all evidence had been heard judge Kramer informed them they were not to convict on murder, but on ‘causing or allowing a death’. This caused disbelief among the jury and it is still not clear why on earth judge Kramer did this as it was very obvious that Barker had killed the child. Jury members spoke about their outrage at this after the trial, this is why Connelly and the Barker brothers are not in prison for life or anything near it. Barker in fact got a longer sentence for raping baby Peter’s two year old sister.
    So what should have been a murder trial ended up being a farce – as were the sentences that judge Stephen Kramer handed down. He could have banged them away for a longer amount of time but in keeping with the whole sorry story he made their sentences a joke as well.

  179. sharon searle says:

    Yes a huge joke. I wonder why, when Barker said “I’ll sort him” the lawyes/judge didn’t act on that statement and apply manslaughter charge? The police/lawyers have to prove that there is an intention to kill and did this statement mean that he intended to “sort” Peter for the night or forever?
    Little James Whakaruru’s murderer got 12 years for James’ murder, he eventually died of peritonitis and I note that Daniels killer (Australia) got 12 years, I believe.
    I wonder, Wendy, have things changed much in U.K after Peter’s death? Has legislation changed and are children better protected? How are social services operating? I don’t seem to get the answers on other memorial sites dedicated toPeter. I just want to see that things have changed for the better in England.
    Michael Laws, well known P.M has written an article today in the sunday paper regarding child abuse. A 5 year old girl was murdered last week and he has spoken out about it and has caused a bit of an uproar……………………………good on him!!!
    Happy New Year, Wendy, I hope it is a good one for children everywhere.

  180. Wendy says:

    Sadly not a lot seems to have changed in any obvious way and I would guess that plenty of meetings have been held, plenty of statistics gathered, plenty of form filling has been done…but very little in the way of practical change that would save a child’s life. Attitudes have been changed no doubt and social services have received a substantial increase in the reports of child abuse and neglect in the three years since Peter’s story has been known – people are not prepared to look the other way any more and that is a good thing. Social workers who work at grass roots level need a lot more support when investigating abuse cases and especially when they know they have a child that is in danger – they need support to remove the child without being threatened or intimidated by the adults involved, the need police backup in such cases.

    In my opinion social workers need to be not young people straight out of university, they need to be older and experienced adults – maybe retired school principals, teachers, people who have instincts and act on them and are not easily swayed by conniving young mothers. We also need foster parents, thousands more of them! how can children like Peter be removed if there is nowhere safe to place them afterwards…? this is another problem. The numbers of foster parents have been dwindling because they have felt that the importance of their work has been increasingly diminished as politically correct policies gave more consideration to the abusive parents of these poor kids. My sister applied to become a foster carer but during the process withdrew as she simply could not agree with the way in which mothers like Tracey Connelly had to be treated like paragons of virtue by all concerned. Foster parents need to be given more consideration and what is more they need to be allowed to have a much louder voice and a say in what happens to the child they have cared for and kept safe – my sister was told she would have no say if social workers decided to give an abused child she had cared for back to an abusive mother for a ‘trial period’…she just could not accept that she, as that child’s carer, would not be allowed to object in any way. More safe foster homes for these kids, and give these foster carers more input into the decisions made about a child at risk in their care.

    Three years later we are still seeing babies and children being killed in their homes, children who were known to social services. So on the surface it seems as though nothing has changed, until we bring in licensing for parenthood nothing will…and as for sentencing – I despair. What hope have you got there when you can get a longer prison sentence for non-payment of tax than you can for bashing a baby to death in it’s cot? A DC from the Metropolitan Police in London told me just prior to the end of baby Peter’s trial that Judge Stephen Kramer was not one to go lightly on people like Connelly and the Barkers, so I expected very long prison terms would be announced – and yet look at the absurd sentences he gave them?

    Happy New Year :)

  181. Rachel says:

    this poor little boy is the spitting image of my son. My mother saw just a youtube of him, didn’t read the caption and actually thought it was my son until she watched it.

    i don’t understand how someone took pictures, paid someone to tak pictures of him, even, of this little boy, combed his hair, gave him a sweet little name and then brutally murdered him. its a horrible, shameful scenario, and i cannot look at my own son without seeing this little boy. Had Peter been MY son, he would still be here.

    The people responsible should be beaten to death just like they did that sweet, helpless little boy.

  182. serina says:

    dear wendy
    do you no something about a mobile phone that was barried in epping forrest……barker recording torturing little peter?
    if that is true ,is that ever found?
    im going to londen later this year..( im from holland) only to go to the memorial stone and the house….and were also going to epping forrest.. this little boy is spinning around in my head..im so heart broken by this…and so many other children offcourse…but peter was failed by every single person who new him…. and his father knew about the abuse, i dont understand any off this…do you no something about peter sibblings?
    did barker torterd them to ….i cant find anything about them…its probebly for protection ….well im thinking off peter every day…..i put him in a save place in my heart……xx serina

  183. Wendy says:

    The Barker brothers dumped a pile of Peter’s bloodstained clothes and cot bedding in the Epping Forest area after the baby was discovered dead in his cot. They were not at the house when paramedics arrived, the baby had been dead several hours by this point. It is known that a mobile phone belonging to Barker went missing and that it is almost certain that it contained footage of Peter being abused, that phone has not been recovered to date – should it ever be I would expect new grounds for charging that beast for murder as he should have been. I do not know the area but if there is a lake or river nearby maybe it was thrown into water.

    Peter has three sisters older than him and it was his nearest sister in age to him, aged two, who Barker was charged with sexually assaulting in the year before Peter died. Tracey Connelly witnessed Barker in the act of raping her daughter and merely told him “don’t do that”. That she was not bothered about what kind of a monster she had living in her house with her children just tells you the sort of vermin she is herself, if she had thrown him out right then and there Peter just might still be alive. As far as I know her three daughters live with other family members and they have been taken to visit Connelly in supervised meetings in local parks.
    Tracey Connelly was pregnant with Barker’s baby at the time of Peter’s death and gave birth while in remand in prison – you will be furious to learn that social workers have allowed her continued contact with the baby girl and even tried to organise for Connelly to keep the baby in the prison with her. After all she did to her son you would expect social workers to ban her ever being near a child ever again…but this is Britain and sick bitches like Tracey Connelly, sadly, have ‘rights’.

  184. serina says:

    its a real twisted law….social workers really dont understand what there job is…..it is not saving children but ,kill children ,there so blind….you can see the signs when a child is beeing abused….and that pig of a tracy.. well she is not feeling guilty at all….she says she is.. but if she was, she would kill herself wright there and then… but her hell is coming when she gets out off prison and that barker also.. but when her children are getting much older and understands what happend .they really dont wanna see her anymore…but im affraid if she is getting out she can have more children…. she needs to be sterralised….

  185. Dina says:

    Peter… my lovely little boy, I think about you all the time and I see your lovely little face evarywhere, you’re always in my heart, I love you with all my soul and I’ll never stop crying for you till I know that justice has found you.
    Those killers have abused us all Peter not only you!!! they made us lose belief in Humanity, in society, in motherhood… they made us suspect that our loving God and his protective angels ever exist!!
    they shocked us and shaked us and teased us and made us feel as helpless as you were!
    I wish we have some sort of social rights against these criminals!! I wish we can all come together and sue them for what they did to us since we heard your story!!
    If all your suffering and pain wasn’t enough to jail them for life! then maybe if we prove how much we were all emotionally abused by your abusers and provide professional pcychiatric reports about how badly we were abused, maybe if we were able to explain the feelings of worthlessness and helplessness and damage we had to endure since we heard your killers ridiculous sentence, then maybe something will change, maybe you’ll be justified and maybe your restless soul that still make us burst in tears whenever it’s around will finally rest in peace.
    I love you Peter, let’s go get some sleep now my lovely baby…

  186. Dina says:

    Oh Peter… I wish we have some sort of social rights against these criminals!! I wish we can all come together and sue them for what they did to us since we heard your story!!
    If all your suffering and pain wasn’t enough to jail them for life! then maybe if we prove how much we were all emotionally abused by your abusers and provide professional pcychiatric reports about how badly we were abused, maybe if we were able to explain the feelings of worthlessness and helplessness and damage we had to endure since we heard your killers ridiculous sentence, then maybe something will change, maybe you’ll be justified and maybe your restless soul that still make us burst in tears whenever it’s around will finally rest in peace.
    I love you Peter, let’s go get some sleep now my lovely little boy…

  187. sharon says:

    How soul destroying knowing that even today social services STILL not doing their jobs and keeping children safe.We’ve gone mad in this world, where too many people have too many rights (and benefits) and bugger the children. I know its all been said before, but it makes me sick.
    Yes, I’m not surprised that your sister stopped doing fostering, Wendy, especially when social services decide to give the children back to the abusers.I have been reading, Wendy, that the female monster is going to have new identification when released from prison…………………I have read that this would include plastic surgery….. have you heard anything like this? I often wonder what happened to the 15 year old girl who witnessed this horrendous crime…… is she being monitored by social services? What happens when she starts to breed…………..will she think what she saw is normal?????
    I really don’t believe that these three monsters will ever live normally like they so wish (I don’t wish that for them, only swinging at the end of a short rope would satisfy me……..) but that the world is so full of hate for them that where ever they go they will have to watch their backs.

  188. serina says:

    IS THAT FOR REAL?? OMG…….. what is that about the britisch law….?
    we dont have a good law in holland but plastic surgery?? never…… that sicknings me
    i think about this every day…. will peter ever get justice ? becouse even after his death…people still leave him …..this stinks in every possible way……. but your wright… when she gets out…people will no … and then she will never be save……

  189. vera says:

    I think that when these monsters are released, justice for Peter will be done.
    Poor baby Peter.

  190. David Misner says:


    Interesting web page that gives no real specifics in the defence of
    Sharon Shoesmith. Statement from Baby P’s father was also interesting because
    I feel if he really loved his son he would have seen the signs taken Peter and never
    given him back.


  191. serina says:

    but he did… the reasen why ,we will never understand……..

  192. Sheila says:

    Sharon Shoesmith, along with Baby Peters father and grandmother need to be removed from public view and from any normalcy they have known. They TOOK this little boys life right along with the mother and her sick ass boyfriend and his brother. The father knew, there is no way anyone couldnt have seen the abuse this little baby went through. A tremenoudous amount of suffering will come to those involved. I love this little boy, and he has been with me since I first learned of his case more than a year ago. I wish I had the chance to save him. I would love to have gotten to hug him, and kiss him, kiss away his booboo’s, sing him to sleep. however, mosters took him and they get a better life for doing so. Time is coming, they better hide!!!

  193. vera says:

    True justice for Peter (in my opinion) will be that the killers and abusers of him are dealt the same deal they gave to this little boy. They should be starved, punched and kicked, made to lie in filth with lice crawling over them. They should die a slow agonizing death. They should be alone and frightened as was Peter.
    I truly hope this happens and I am around to hear that it does. I am in the US.

  194. sharon says:

    Yes, agree with you Sheila, their time is running out and they aren’t going to last five minutes.

  195. vera says:

    Shelia, I also agree with you. How did Peter’s father and grandmother not know something horrible was happening to him? They should have kidnapped him. No one would have looked for little Peter, since no one cared. No matter where his dad or grandma would’ve gone with him, he would have been safer than with the other monsters who inflicted such pain and suffering on him.
    Why, didn’t anyone help him?
    Why didn’t they notice how hungry he was?

    There are many people responsible for Peter’s suffering. How about the sixteen year old who did nothing??? Give me a break; I was a mom at 17! Why didn’t this young lady tell someone about him? She could have waited for the child carers to arrive and shout it out to them!! Steven Barker would have done nothing to harm her. He was a coward! He would only inflict suffering on those who were unable to defend themselves.

  196. sharon says:

    I agree with you too, Vera. Unfortunately little Peter was born into a family who didn’t give a toss about him, or the other children, they were only interested in the money they received in benefits.
    Sharon Shoesmith and the rest of the ss should never ever again work with children or ever advise on childrens issues again.
    I wonder about Peter’s father and grandmother, did they never see the bruises and abuse when they bathed him??????????????????????????????????

  197. vera says:

    There is no excuse for what Peter’s family did not do for him. I don’t think they needed to bathe him to see the bruises. What about the lice crawling over him; his evebrows? I purchased the book entitled “It must never happen again”! It was basically everything we already know from newspapers, forums, etc.

    I try to focus on little Peter; on what an angel he is, how he is safe now,etc., but it is very hard because Peter deserved to live a normal, happy life as any other child! Then my focus remains on the punishment of these monsters that did this to him; specifically Tracey Connelly, Steven Barker, and Jason Owens. I imagine someone from Organized Crime dealing with them; someone that knows the extent of what they did to this little boy.
    I agree that it was mostly about money when it came to Tracey Connelly. She needed benefits to feed her fat face, and she manipulated authorites because she could; because authorites did not care. If they cared, this bloated pig of a woman would not be bright enough to manipulate them.
    The other two needed a place to stay; a free roof over their heads, and the brutality was a part of them. Little Peter never had a chance. No one protected him.
    I agree with Wendy’s suggestion to pay people not to have children. I don’t think it will happen. I think it would work wonders though.

    The particular Social Workers should not be allowed to do this job any longer, but didn’t that already happen? Weren’t they sacked? Were they able to keep their pensions? Probably, they were! I don’t really know.

    I think that Peter’s dad sued and got some money which I think is disgusting since he didn’t protect the toddler either. Grandma is also useless since she admits Peter feared Barker in her presence. I am a grandma and I would’ve snatched that little boy and dared my daughter to do something about it. She would have had to kill me to shut me up!
    Deep down inside of me, I don’t think that I am a violent person, but I want these animals punished. CONNELLY, BARKER, AND OWENS. What if they inflict pain and suffering on some other defenseless being?? They will.

    They need to be dealt with properly and what is done to them should be published, so that others will think before doing something like this again.

    Of course the system must be changed, but first things first!

  198. serina says:

    they knew about it… even grandmother came in the house once in a wile…and she saw peter looking like a child in a concentration camp.. al grey en skinny and always hungry….. but she said (quote) i was there …but i wasn,t aloud to be there….. all exuses offcourse….they al feel guilty…well they shoul,d , peter could be saved 60 and more time,s …….. but nobody did..

  199. serina says:

    i see my english is not al that great…. exuse me for that……

  200. vera says:

    Thanks to Wendy’s info I was able to watch Tracey Connelly’s interview with a social worker. Later I went to YOUTUBE and watched the full interview, or a longer one which shows Baby Peter in March of 2007, about midway through the video. Clearly, he was not yet devoured. There was still time to save him. The monster was setting him up, and playing the dumb woman, Tracey Connelly. If you can, watch this for more reasons why something more must happen to the criminals who did this. It is entitled BBC Panorama: Baby P – In His Mother’s Words (Full). Look for it on youtube.

  201. vera says:


    hope i’m allowed to send this.

  202. vera says:

    sorry, watch from the beginning of course..you can see the monster setting woman up so that he could devour child. Peter looked so cute and almost happy,or at least content. Notice how he looks at the monster, kind of wondering who the hell he is. That is how I see it anyway.

  203. Annette says:

    I decided to have some of his photos developed off the internet and I’m going to place his pictures up on my living room across from my own son’s photos. If I had known him I would have saved him and did what I had to to keep him safe. I’ll never get that chance now so the best I can is place pictures of him on my wall. This is the closest thing I’ll come to giving him a loving home. Anyone deeply touched by his story should do the same. Lets give this baby a home.

  204. vera says:

    That is a loving idea about the pictures of Peter. Since I have heard his story I have not been able to stop thinking of him.So many people could have saved him. No one cared. I ask myself why. Why didn’t anyone care?
    If so many people care now; after his death, then why didn’t they care when he was alive?

  205. vera says:

    I am asking about the people that already knew; why did they not care?

  206. Annette says:

    In reality, it’s not that they didn’t care. The way I understand it they were trying some kind of experiment on the mother. By working with her to make her realize her full potential, they’d hoped to help her. The study felt that there was a direct link to helping the child by bettering the parents. In this case, the notion failed because the mother was loving the attention but could care less. They over estimated the goodness in her and accepted all her excuses for Peter’s condition. They blinded themselves and everyone wants to talk about what went wrong, but none of that helps him now. Remembering Peter and loving him like our own will give him immortality and peace that he deserves. That in itself can right this tragic wrong. I wish to put a curse on the monsters responsible for this. Everything that happens to them from now on will bring suffering upon their heads.

  207. Wendy says:

    Tracey Connelly had no ‘full potential’ other than being a careless, negligent mother. There was no ‘goodness’ in her whatsoever.
    In these cases it is the child who needs all the help, the mothers can go to hell.

  208. Annette says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I would trade everything wonderful about my life just to give that little boy one more chance to be saved.

  209. vera says:

    Tracey Connelly can go to hell….is putting it mildly!! I want her to experience EXACTLY what Peter experienced. Nothing more,and nothing less. That would make ME feel better!!

    Again, no one cared. Peter is gone forever. Nothing will change that. Nothing will change what he suffered.
    He deserved better when he was alive. Now that he is dead, nothing can be done for Peter.


    When I viewed the above interview with Tracey Connelly, I learned so much more about what was done for Peter.. Nothing!
    This moron social worker, or whatever her title was did not even bother to investigate the seriousness of why Tracey Connelly’s case and what she was accused of doing to her baby! She was too busy conducting this “experiment”! No discipline was ever issued against this worker. Why, because her collegues liked her!

    I hope Peter Connelly is in these people’s dreams at night.

  210. vera says:

    Connelly admitted having a male friend who was tall, blonde and every woman’s dream. She was referring to Steven Barker! She admitted wanting to have a relationship with him. She admitted cooking a Valentine dinner for him in her house where little Peter lived. Why wasn’t this looked into, since Peter was considered to be at risk? I guess they were too busy conducting this experiment!
    I hope someone conducts physical experiments on the killers as soon as they are released from prison. Some physical torture would satisfy me.

  211. Annette says:

    I hate to come off sounding like an absolute crack pot but I just wanted to share this with anyone who feels touched by this horrible crime on a spiritual level. I would just like to say that I am not an attention craving fruit cake. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m far from being off my rocker. I’m also not easily sicken by tragedies or swayed by them, but when I first heard about this baby’s story not to long ago and after reading some of the particular accounts of torture that this little guy endured something clicked in my head about my own son. He’s 3 now but anyone who knows him is automatically inlove with him. He’s very unique in his ways. Some thought he was autistic for a long time the way his was unattached from people and attention but now we’ve come to understand that’s just who he is. When my boy was born Jan 16th 2008 he was a fussy newborn he always seemed like something was bothering him but he was the specimen of health. He hated being laid down on his back which he eventually settled down about but I literally had to sleep sitting up right with him on my chest for him to rest at all. *could he have memories of a broken back?* Months later he started sleeping on his own all night long like he never knew what sleep was. He wouldn’t sleep unless he was on his belly. He’d wake up at night like he was having a horrible dream from time to time. *what baby who’s never known real fear would have nightmares so bad that they wake up in a cold sweat screaming?* Scary but true. At times right up til he was 5 months old, when I would change him he’d lay on his back and out of no where have a freak out. He’s incredibly intelligent but refuses to talk. He has weird food phobias as well. He won’t eat anything soft. You can’t even get him to eat ice cream. The sight of anything liquidy or soft and he twitches and backs away. *I learned that it was reported Peters mom use to make him eat his own vomit when he got sick* I have to give him crunchy stuff to eat. Everything has to be baked and crispy or he can’t stand it. Perhaps the most startling thing about my boy is the fact that for the first 1 and a half of his life, he’d never give me or anyone else eye contact like he didn’t think he was allowed to look directly at me when I talked to him. I don’t know? Is reincarnation possible? I never toyed with the idea but there was something. An almost connection I felt to Peters life and how my boy acted and to some extent still acts to this day. I’m not sure. Whether you believe in baby angels or reincarnation either way, he’s safer where he’s at now.

  212. vera says:

    No matter where Peter is he is safer than when he was with those monsters.

    You are obviously a very loving and kind mom. I don’t remember reading that Connelly made Peter eat his vomit. I did read however, that she stopped feeding him when he was too old for a bottle and jar food. Peter ate scraps from the floor. A worker or child minder noted how the child was always hungry. Hello?? Why didn’t they investigate his hardy appetite? They would have learned that he was starving. When he was weighed, he was always losing weight. Again, no one did anything about it.
    The way you held your child in your arms sitting upright with him to make him comfortable while he slept was so loving. Peter was placed faced down in his crib, wrapped in a blanket like a cocoon in very hot weather so Barker could see how much the toddler would dehydrate!
    I guess you already know this and I am not trying to make anyone ill. I only want to stress that when these bastards are released they must be dealt with. I hope an organized group takes control of this situation.
    I have been around a long time. I am also not shocked easily, but this is absurd. This is torture. Prison is too good for these bastards; especially HER!

  213. vera says:

    What a perfect world that Little Peter would be reincarnated into your son…………….

  214. Canadianmom says:

    I absolutely agree!! I feel the same way. If any of you have even heard about baby Brianna in the United States . . . her two killers were each given about 55 years respectively, and the mother 27 years for her death (another awfull story, she was 5 months old). How on Earth does anyone think that 10 years, 5 years and three years is enough of a sentence for those monsters? It is a joke. The effect that this whole situation has had on so many of us is enough to keep them in prison for 50 years! How the hell is she allowed to see her kids?! God bless that poor little girl if she figures out who her father and mother are (the one the hell-bitch Connelly was pregnant with)! Please, social services, use your heads! Quit feeling sorry for Connelly.

  215. Annette says:

    Another thing I’ve always noted about my boy is his disinterest for our dog. He grew up around bindi but to this day has very little to do with her. She’s cute and fluffy but he doesn’t try to pet her or touch her. He doesn’t care for animals at all. She doesn’t bother him but likes to be near him anyways. My son was diagnosed with a sensory disorder when he was one because that was the only conclusion they had to explain why he shut people out. They claimed that in his world, Ben found everything so terrifying around him that he’d focus only on what he wished to to keep from being overwhelmed. We never knew why his subconscious developed that defense mechanism. I’d like to stress to you all that I’m not delusional when I say he never came into harm at any point in his life. The closest thing he ever came to being in the presence of an “undesirable” person was when my mother invited a shady man into my home who was helping her move her stuff from her house while I was gone. I knew it was whispered among his adult nieces that he wasn’t to be trusted so when I saw him in my living room watching my boy playing I immediately ordered him outside. I didn’t hesitate to let him know he was not to be caught in my house again..even if he wasn’t alone. That was the end of it. I hope to see Peter’s guardians put down. I’m tired of liberal politics finding it’s way into our court systems. This is an outrage. If I ever had the chance to gut that woman, I wouldn’t think twice about it. My only remorse would be that her death couldn’t be as long and painful as her son’s.

  216. vera says:

    I just want to thank Wendy for starting this site. If I didn’t have somewhere to vent about Baby Peter, I think I would go mad.

    As I have said in earlier posts, I am not a violent person, but this story touches my heart and I wish that I could have comforted him. Since I know that I cannot it also brings out the rage in me against those who enabled his suffering and those who committed the atrocities. Again, Wendy thank you; and everyone else who shares.

  217. Annette says:

    I just learned that Steven Barker is thinking about moving to Canada when he gets out and they’re going to make every attempt to have Tracy located out of London but I’m betting she’ll wind up being located to another country too because. I’d put my money on America. The authorities will try to separate these two so they won’t find each other again, but there’s no way they’ll keep them in England. To many people know about what they look like. If she comes to America..she’ll be recognized. Someone will recognize her. Maybe they’ll drop here off here in Kentucky. I’ll invite her over and we’ll play 😈 lol

  218. Wendy says:

    This little boy has made such a difference to so many people – even people who claimed they never really cared much about children (by that they mean they never wanted to have them I assumed) and they have written to me and told me how much they realised how important children are…all because of little Peter. For a child to be able to do that to people, even a child that so many never even knew, shows just what a special child he was and how even more special he could have been given the chance. But he needed to have been taken away from that woman and that home – he needed a completely new life, home and parents. It just shows how catastrophic something as simple as a wrong decision can be – he needed a new home, it was as simple as that and they would not give him one. I know he is in a peaceful place now, but it could and should have been so much better.

  219. Wendy says:

    And when their faces are revealed on their release you will see them right here – they must be recognised wherever they go for the rest of their lives. I am out of British jurisdiction so it will be a case of ‘sod the law’.

  220. Annette says:

    I just checked ABC news here in the states to see if they ever covered this story in depth. Nothing came up when I typed in her name or her boyfriends or even Baby P. They tried sweeping this story under the carpet for some reason. I think for two points: A. If they locate these two scum bags to north America, they’ll have an easier time giving them a place to hide among people B. If this story was campaigned all over western culture, people would want to start lynching offenders again and the law wouldn’t be able to control the situation. It’s disgraceful how society has become so docile against such heinous crimes. Always wanting to pacify the murders and try to rehabilitate them. It’s unacceptable.

  221. Rachel says:

    I too love and adore Baby Peter, and feel every single bit of hatred towards the miscreants who were responsible for his death. I don’t know how many times I’ve truly wished, with all my heart, that I could have been his mother… and as a Mother, who also lives in Nova Scotia, Canada I can assure you that the evil Steven Barker better re-think his decision, and do me, and everyone else a favour, and just torture and kill himself…save everyone else the trouble you scumbag….although, the idea of taking out my own vengeance on the whole herd of them really sounds intriguing to me!!

    As always I am thinking about you Baby Peter and sending you a big kiss and warm snuggle wherever you may be xoxo

    Baby Peter you really do have alot of people who love and adore you now…like you should have, and deserved to have.

    May you rot in hell Tracey may you feel every bit of hell and torture that you allowed to happen to your beautiful son, you didn’t deserve him, you don’t even deserve a piece of lint to call your own, you cow!!!!!!!!! 😡 👿

  222. vera says:

    She could live with me rent-free! New York!

  223. David Misner says:

    What I want to know is how did Sharon Shoesmith get in the position that she did?

  224. Wendy says:

    Ms Shoesmith was a teacher before she entered the social services, but then many teachers these days are left-wing hand-wringers who follow protocols rather than commnsense.

  225. vera says:

    sorry if this was already posted..when are the three scheduled to be released? Is Owens in prison?

  226. Wendy says:

    All three are currently in prison; Steven Barker has the longest sentence of the three – 12 years for his part in Peter’s death and 10 years for the rape of his little sister at the time he was living in the house. His lawyers made appeal bids to have both reduced as being too ‘harsh’. His brother Jason Owen is serving a paltry sentence of 3-5 years but it is known he will be released before the time is up. Tracey Connelly was also given an ‘indeterminate’ sentence meaning anything up to 5-8 years – basically if the courts believe she is no danger to the public she will be released. She has been allowed out of prison on several occasions already to see her surviving children. Makes you sick doesn’t it…?

  227. Annette says:

    amen sister

  228. sheila says:

    I too live in Kentucky, I will surely recognize that fat cow. I will give her the best welcome she could possibly imagine……..Not to be fear free either

  229. Canadianmom says:

    I completely agree! I feel like I have no one to talk to, either. Thanks to all of you!

  230. Canadianmom says:

    I’ll join you . . . I’m in Grande Prairie, Alerta, Canada! We don’t want him.

  231. vera says:

    Yes, thanks I know what their rediculous sentences were,(except Owens) but when did it begin?
    I read that Connelly would not be freed automatically after serving her sentence. I wonder if that is “in between the lines”, for meaning we won’t know when.

    Are the laws in England set for the people to be informed when prisoners are released?

    Why was this poor excuse for a human being allowed to visit with more innocent children? Who brings the children to visit her?? Does that mean when she gets out she can again live with these children? How can this happen? Can the people do anything to stop this?
    Sorry for so many questions. I guess I should do online research ❓

  232. Wendy says:

    Of course social services – those liberal lefties who abandoned Peter to his death – have decided that the children must see their mother…even a mother as evil and wicked as that witch Connelly. They are better off without her.
    Unless an injunction is put in place the media will report on Connelly’s release from prison.

    They all began their sentences in May 2009.

  233. vera says:

    OK..Let me understand this. Social Services thinks children still should have contact with the mother, no matter what the mother did?

    These bleeding hearts thought Peter would be better off with his family and they were dead wrong. They haven’t learned anything at all. They are of the same mindset as when Peter was alive.

    Connelly should not be considered anyone’s mother.

    2009. It’s only 2011.

    Hopefully inmates will torture them.

    I cannot believe the hatred these monsters stir up inside me.

  234. Wendy says:

    Well, Connelly was pregnant at the time of Peter’s death and she gave birth while on remand – social workers actually appealed for her to keep custody of the baby girl! fortunately police also appealed and the baby was placed in care. Social services here believe in keeping the ‘family unit’ together even when there is no family unit in place and the mother is dangerous and so they tried to allow her to keep that baby with her in prison. Thank god common sense prevailed in this case, but those poor kids are still being forced to see that woman. Those kids will make up their own minds one day I have no doubt and hate her for what she did.

  235. vera says:

    Yes, I am sure that Connelly’s other children will hate her one day. How could they not, when they read about Peter? We, strangers have come together with love for the now dead child. He was their brother.

    I read a post on this board that said the world has gone mad; maybe not in those words, but yes the world has gone mad!! Today with all the “politically corrections”, and folks who advocate whatever causes, I would like to report that some child abuse cases were taken more seriously than they are today buy authorities regarding penalties. Since Peter I have done lots of research regarding this subject. There is a site if you can stomach it that speaks of cases throughout the years. A couple received death for killing their child. Most will never see the light of day. The penalties today seem to have gotten lighter and I don’t know why. Don’t we care about our children?
    There is a man in this country named Bernie Madoff. If you never heard of him, he ripped off lots of rich people including judges, etc. with a scam telling them that he could increase their wealth. Well he didn’t increase their wealth; instead he took their money. He was given 150 years. WTF?? That is a death sentence for a 70 something year old man. I’m not an advocate of thieves, but death for stealing? What about someone who tortures their babies and gets 8 years?? I don’t get it.
    Actually I do get it. 💡 Bernie angered greedy polititians and judges so his penalty was great. Why don’t politicians and judges get angry when our children are tortured by their parents or caregivers?
    I am all for animal activists. I support not hurting and torturing animals. There are more animal support groups in my country than children support groups.

    Sometimes authorities leave the people with no choice. We’ve got to take laws into our own hands at times. :sad:


  236. Wendy says:

    The website you quote is one I have referred to here in the past – it is enough to give you nightmares for the rest of your life so horrific are the cases. The real animals in this world are not the four-legged species…

  237. vera says:

    I know Wendy

  238. Annette says:

    Lots of people have been saying, “they need to die.” You don’t know how right you are. I have to admit that I’ve never endangered another person’s life or abused any children but once I was on a fast track to having a personality to become a monster. I did all the things in my youth that would be signs of evolving into a Steve barker or any sort like him, but something snapped in me because I felt remorse for my thoughts and some of my deeds and stopped the process. I decided I didn’t want to be that kind. From my “insiders” perspective, I can tell you that there are beasts living inside human flesh. They look like other people and pretend to react like other people but they are not human. Their world is dark and unnatural and they see the light of innocence in their darkness. The light of a child makes them see how unnatural they are. They feel compelled to dash out that light because it reminds them of how disgusting and filthy they are on the inside. They want to torture and violate that child. It becomes addicting to them. What starts out as a punch to the head evolves into worse things because the thrill of hitting and biting doesn’t cut it anymore. They constantly have to raise the bar higher and higher to keep that “rush” of satisfaction going. The child will suffer more and more until their soul lets go. Tracy Connelly and Steven Barker’s only remorse for that they did was the fact that their game of torture the baby was finally done and the world would see them for what they are. They can no longer pretend they’re normal. They regret getting caught. That means that the next time, they’ll have to be more clever. Steven will probably turn to stalking and kidnapping his victims. He won’t make the same mistake of actually living with the victim. No matter what they do, even if they have to wait years til they feel safe again, they’ll do it again. I’m sorry folks but it’s the truth. You can’t rehabilitate the beast. It can’t be reasoned with. From personal experience, the more you give in to it, the stronger it gets. If you stop it early you can suffocate it, but most don’t want to stop it. They let it grow inside them because it makes them feel special. Once it’s had it’s taste of blood it will demand more. The terrifying part is..Steven, Tracy and Jason are a slice of a larger legion of animals out there parading around in human form every single day. Question is..who’s going to stop them? The law? No. The law is filled with reason and logic, but there is no justice in law anymore. It’s a political tool now. It cares nothing for Peter and other victims like him.

  239. Annette says:

    Hey sheila, we should talk sometime. Maybe we can start up a fan club for her. Maybe a fan club for Brianna Lopez’s mother too. Check this out. Here’s a brand new story that just emerged from South Carolina. I’m curious to see how these two get off for this 1 year old’s death. http://www.wmbfnews.com/story/13940836/copy-summerville-man-charged-in-death-of-1-year-old-son

  240. Rachel says:

    You are so very very right about that Vera! It’s just ludicrous that our political and justice system is so corrupt here and all over the world. Here in Canada where I am from, our laws set in place regarding child abuse are just as ridiculous. This is a case that happened nearly 4 hours away from me in New Brunswick, Canada in 1995, and the father is already out of prison..going to college mind you…why in the hell should he get to do anything again in life..he and his wife killed their son!!this is the story:

    How many more children our we going to have to lose in this world before they change the laws in place for child abuse/neglect/murder….I mean seriously, they give a life sentence for someone that commits murder in the 1st degree, so when a child dies from neglect/abuse why is that any different, they hum and holler about the cost of keeping these monsters in prison….maybe some of the high and mighty suit and tie a**holes should take a decrease in their pays?? When hell freezes over I’m sure 😈
    Maybe once they change the punishment/sentence of these crimes they won’t occur as often..well we could only hope. I am ashamed to be from this planet sometimes…I’m going to school in the fall to take Practical Nursing…I might just change that idea into becoming a Social Worker….for god sakes we need somebody to protect our children!!!

  241. Rachel says:

    Annette, I was wondering if you had an e-mail address I would like to keep in touch with you. My e-mail is rachelgraves069@hotmail.com drop me a line, and we will chat :)

  242. Rachel says:

    What suprised me the most was the quote further down in the report that says

    “You can’t lock them up forever. It’s not as though they’re psychopaths or pedophiles who are going to go out and find some other children to abuse. I may be naive in this, but as bad as this was and it’s as bad as it gets, my hope is that this is probably a one-time thing with them.”

    Are you kidding me? I was so enraged when I read this I was shaking…I am sorry but to starve, beat and torture and child..your own child..does that not make you a psychopath?? And in doing so making it a “one time thing” Seriously I don’t know what this world is coming to. I am just beside myself..I mean what can one person do…tell me what can I do? I want to stop every child from having to endure any kind of pain…but I feel so helpless with the whole situation :(

  243. David Misner says:

    Annette, you have been saying what I have been thinking. The only difference is that I believe the law is grown soft and fuzzy. It has become weak. Everybody is a victim these days and people are not punished as they should. If you steal money then you get 150 years but if you commit murder then that is another story. It is all about money. I believe that as long as it does not effect them people do not care. How do we get people to care again? What is it going to take to get people out of their comfort zone and start paying attention to what is going on around them? When did people start becoming complacent? I remember being at the gym and there was a child playing with some weights. One person was trying to get the child to leave the weights alone presumably so the child would not get hurt. I heard a voice that said leave the kid alone he is not hurting you. Is that we have become? As long as it does not effect us personally we should not get involved? How many people saw or heard the abuse of Peter and did nothing? It is the path of least resistance to do nothing and people have been to do just that. nothing. Sad :(

  244. David Misner says:

    So if somebody murders just once it is ok. How about people who murder their spouse like Scott Peterson? I think somebody could make the argument it is a one time only thing with them? Where does it stop?

  245. sheila says:

    A fan club sounds wonderful. I cant believe these people. who in their right mind says “it was a one time thing”? I bet they would change their mind if it was done to one of their family members. To baby Peter….Im sending hugs and kisses…

  246. vera says:

    Vigilante justice might scare these bastards. Organized crime justice, may frighten someone enough that they might lay low.

    I think that people who abuse and/or murder their kids are a rare breed. The have usually been abused themselves (I said usually). All they will do if they continue to live is recreate themselves in their offspring, so I think they should die, period. They are useless. They will not be rehabilitated as Annette said. Never!!

    The law doesn’t kill them. No, the law lets them connect with other offpring, as with Tracey Connelly, who gets to visit with her other kids in a park!!!!!!!!

    Murder, theft, or any other crimes are wrong and I am not calling for vigilante justice for them.
    When it comes to crimes against innocent children, I am. When their parents do it the penalty should be worse. If you don’t want your children, give them away. If you feel you can’t control yourself, say good-bye to them. If you don’t, then suffer the consequences.
    If I am elected Queen, that’s what I will do! 😳

  247. vera says:

    Also, if you allow someone to abuse your child, same punishment!

  248. vera says:

    Good article Rachel, although it made me cry.

    You know what got me? When someone said Lorelii could not be with children 16 years of age and under without parole officer’s authorization. No one will check with authorities when they want to committ a crime, especially not these bastards!

  249. Annette says:

    One person can do plenty but a group of people committed to the common good is a lot more constructive still. Maybe we aught to put our heads together shall we? Drop me a line y’all aneumann07@gmail.com

  250. vera says:

    I didn’t mean to imply that any murder was ok. Not enough concern seems to be placed on the care of our children. They are truly innocent and need advocates.
    In Scott Peterson’s case,justice was served.His sentence was death.
    Maybe if Scott Peterson just killed his baby, he wouldn’t have received the death penalty. I am concerned with the lenient sentences parents receive after they torture and murder their children. Seems like USA, Canada, and England’s laws alone do not put the children as a high enough priority.

  251. vera says:

    Scott Peterson’s trial was just. He was given a death sentence; same as he have his wife, and child

  252. vera says:

    Sorry for the repetitive post 😳

  253. Rachel says:

    Exactly my point David. It makes me sick how our justice system is.

  254. nancy says:

    We need to really get the word, if you suspect child abuse report it and don’t take no for an answer. No child deserves to be abused, they should only have hugs and kisses. We need to make the penalty fit the crime, if you abuse a chld you lose custody and go to jail until you can’t harm any other child

  255. vera says:

    Wouldn’t your idea have been wonderful if when Peter was abused, and authorities were aware of it, the abusers were jailed?
    That little boy would be alive and we would all be in line to adopt him.

  256. Annette says:

    Peter’s pictures will be arriving from Snapfish.com today fully developed and ready to hang in the living room. Such a beautiful baby boy. I feel a lot better putting that beautiful face on my wall then some stupid painting of trees and water and crap.

  257. Michelle says:

    What a tragic story this is and unfortunately, we see and hear about too many of these things. It is just beyond my comprehension how a parent or any adult can be so cruel and brutal. My little boy is my life and world and I just could not imagine doing anything like that to him. children are not always easy , but they are SO WORTH IT

  258. vera says:

    The ones who did this to Peter are monsters.

  259. vera says:
  260. Rachel says:

    Are you kidding me!! If I seen that ba*tard praying on his knees I would kick him in the teeth!! In a perfect world, if god does exist in it, he’s mocking his prayer, and laughing about his one way ticket to fiery hell! Steven Barker I wish I was in that cell with you…for just 5 min! That’s all I would need. 😡 😡 😡

  261. Sheila says:

    you know Rachel, I would love just five minutes with him as well. As far as him becoming religous, I dont buy it. Its just a frong. He knows this case was watched and is followed by millions of people. This is his way of saying (wait til you trust me, and you let your guard down, I will get your child next. The law will let me kill and rape your children, Im just waiting for you)! Thats what Barker is thinking, sitting in church next to two other murderers and a rapest. Hes just probably comparing tips from either of them, so his next victum will have to suffer at the rath of him much longer than baby peter did. That sick bastard will get his one day. I am so enraged by all three of them,(barker, owen, and connolly) I would love to be sitting outside those prison gates to befriend them. man,the surprises they would encounter.

  262. vera says:

    Instead of boiling water, the prisoners should administer some hot grease or oil and throw it on Barker. Connelly and Owens too. I wish that I knew someone inside their prisons so that I can suggest some other forms of torture that I think about day and night when little Peter Connelly comes to my mind, and he always does. I feel such anger and rage against these bastards I sometimes cry. I hope that they get what they deserve. Again Wendy, thank you for your website.

    I have a facebook account and I hardly go on it. I have been on the fb lately only to encourage people to read about Peter and join the cause that prevents those bastards from getting new identities when they are released. I also try to encourage those I know to read about the case so that more people become outraged, and hopefully justice for Peter will be served when they are released. The world needs to wait and watch.

  263. Annette says:

    There’s nothing more disgusting then someone who uses their new found love of god to absolve them of their deeds. God doesn’t listen to the mock prayers of an animal in human skin. God doesn’t forgive evil. That’s why hell was created so he wouldn’t have to forgive. The more guiltier of all those involved is the one who never went to jail. Peter’s social worker. Someone who’s job is to save children. How many times did she ignore the signs and walk out?..leaving him there in that house of horrors. You guys saw the picture of what he looked like the last time she saw him alive..EVEN SOMEONE UNTRAINED COULD TELL..THAT BABY NEEDED TO BE SAVED. As far as I’m concerned she probably stepped on him a couple times on her way out the door.

  264. vera says:

    You are so right Annette; so many people let that little guy down. His own father and grandmother turned their heads the other way.

  265. serina says:

    justice for peter and all the other tortured,abused,raped and murdered children 👿 👿 👿

  266. vera says:


    You are right. The sad thing is that we the people must avenge these children on our own. The lawmakers for sure are not doing a damn thing. Nothing in place to prevent it; and no current strict enough laws as punishment. The United States seems to have laws that are better, but then the monsters reduce their sentences by appealing and winning. Seems as though the laws in the states LOOK better on paper!

  267. Annette says:

    well I look at it like this: His mother and step dad were heartless drips of slug that crawled out of a shit pool somewhere..but his social worker was suppose to be a normal human being looking out for his rights and his best interests…what was her excuse?

  268. Canadianmom says:

    I read that it was boiling water with sugar in it so it sticks to the skin for longer. Yay for whoever did that to him!!!

  269. Canadianmom says:

    So Barker has found God, has he? It took the torture and death of Peter, and the rape of his two year old sister to find out that he needed saving? Wow, Barker, way to go! You finially figured out what the rest of us already know – you are sick evil “thing” . . .I don’t even know WHAT to call you, “man” is certainly not the appropriate word. I don’t believe for one second that you have repented, nothing can save you anyway . . and I don’t mean from hell . . . I mean from the wrath of the people who care about what you have done. You will NEVER be forgiven. As soon as you are released you will return to the sick and evil habits and behaviours you have always exhibited.

    Here is a somber thought: It is Peter’s birthday soon . . . he would have been five years old :(

    I plan to release 5 balloons and post it on youtube, if I can get it recorded, that is.

  270. Canadianmom says:

    I’m a bit confused about the father. What excactly was he like if that evil bitch had custody of their kids? Was he a moron? Really, he didn’t have a clue? I read he tried to steal him once but Peter was returned. Hmmm, I wish I knew more about that.

    I also wish there were more pictures of Peter. I know that sounds weird but I wish I knew more about what he was like and happy times in his life. I guess there were no happy times in his life. I suppose that is all private information for the family anyway.

  271. Wendy says:

    The biological father of Peter and his siblings had been married to Tracey Connelly and was quite a bit older than her, several years older in fact. When they separated she was granted custody, and this raises an issue which father’s rights groups have long been trying to have recognised here in the UK – that mothers are not always the better choice for children to reside with. Social services wanted Peter kept with her even though the father made attempts, though rather half-hearted ones at that, to have custody given to him. This man can live with the guilt that he DID suspect something was seriously wrong with his son and yet feebly failed to act. I would have gone underground with my child if it meant saving him.

  272. vera says:

    Social worker didn’t care. What a waste of money. She got paid and didn’t do her job.
    I read somewhere that an official thought it was a waste of money to do an inquest into Peter’s death ❓ ❓ ❓

  273. Annette says:

    I was thinking about his birthday too :-( I lay a feather kiss on his picture in the living room each night before I go to bed. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful then a child. How could he not have been anything but loved and adored. Hey Canadian Mom..you can see him in home movies from this show. They took them from Tracy’s cellphone. You have to stomach watching that poor baby have to kiss Steven but it’s nice to see him playing in the park like a normal child should. Anyone who’s watched this video of Peter in the park..y’all notice when he kisses Steven how big Steven looks compared to him. It only shows how pathetic that piece of filth was getting joy out of breaking that baby’s back and throwing him around. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdBG8kT5OBA

  274. Annette says:

    Did you all see the video on Youtube where this family has their baby boy put a decoration on their tree that has Peter’s picture on it. It’s too sweet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMjxGQechz0

  275. vera says:

    No, the prison stated that sugar was not in the boiling water, unfortunately. That’s what I read anyway. :sad:

  276. serina says:

    yes i saw the video and it made me sick again…peter walking to barker and then suddenly barkers face … i feld scared…. thatpoor thing …even with all the pain he had.. he still walkes to barker….in good faith

  277. vera says:

    Beautiful, Annette, thank you

  278. David Misner says:

    I remember as a child my mother hit me repeatedly. I remember wanting her to hug me even though she was the one that beat me.

  279. Wendy says:

    Classic sign of an abuser; they hit you, hurt you and then feel guilty and remorseful – then hit you again. It is a vicious cycle and possibly she was abused herself. No excuses for her because when you are an adult you should recognise you have a problem and seek help for it. But many people don’t.

    I hope that you got plenty of cuddles from other people around you – you cannot cuddle a child too much in my opinion – just ask my own sons, I smother them with kisses and hugs at every opportunity :)

    You’re never too old for a hug – so consider yourself hugged from us here 😉

  280. sheila says:

    I had the same thing happen to me when I was a child. I have four children and man can they climb a nerve, but I dont and wouldnt ever hurt my babies. Im beside myself knowing how many people was abused as a child. Looks like it is more often then not. To baby Peter, you’re always in heart, and loved very deeply

  281. A Connolly says:

    the real tragedy seems to be that you can’t even spell the child’s name correctly you fvcking moron

  282. Wendy says:

    And you spell ‘fucking’ with a ‘v’…being blighted with that name must be a hell of a burden to carry. Crawl back under your rock now.

  283. Nicole says:

    So why were you googling ‘Peter Connolly’ yourself you odious piece of child-hating scum?

  284. Annette says:

    Actually his name was spelled with an E. Connelly. It doesn’t matter how you spell his last name. Who the hell would try to honor him by keeping his mother’s name on him anyways. She’s a low life piece of garbage. So is she your sister or something?

  285. Wendy says:

    You are correct Annette, however during the early stages of this story being reported the surname appearing in the media varied from Connolly to Connelly – since writing this article I now always spell the name with an ‘e’. If I changed the spelling in the title it will affect it’s standing in the search engines.

  286. Annette says:

    so let me get this right. Three years after Peter’s death another situation ends in tragedy for a 13 month old. 17 visits from social services and no one tried to save this little guy. The mother gets ?? years. No folks just 27 months. This has probably already been released. Check out the story here: http://www.nigeriadailynews.com/law-and-crime/4621-toddler-found-charred-was-dead-3-days-after-17-missed-chances-to-save-him.html

  287. Annette says:

    don’t apologize. Who cares who his disgusting mother’s name is spelled. You got his christian name right and that’s what matters. I think you spell Connelly: E-V-I-L anyways. So we’re both wrong.

  288. Wendy says:

    Oh god yes, I was thinking of writing about that poor little baby but I found it so upsetting when I read over the details in media reports. Honestly, a mother so hopelessly alcoholic being allowed custody of a small child just shows how the needs of these children are overlooked in favour of the rights of the mother. These women cannot look after themselves let alone a baby – if she had applied to be a foster carer they would have laughed at her and yet she was deemed fit to care for a baby…? it just makes you so damn sick and furious!

    And what really annoys me are these statistics that claim women who abuse alcohol suffer from infertility more than women who do not drink…then why the hell do so many of these female soaks get pregnant???

  289. vera says:

    Who the hell cares about spelling names?? Are we missing that Peter was murdered? Why would anyone care how his name is spelled? Let’s not lose the focus.

  290. vera says:

    Re: Alex Sutherland

    I think England needs a revolution regarding its child murder laws. The penalty for murdering a child is 27 months? Nigeria seems to think that Connelly, Barker, and Owens’ sentences were ok.

    Is it just me? ❓ ❓

  291. Wendy says:

    Their sentences were NOT okay and personally I know many expected much better from judge Kramer. I had spoken with one of the DC’s leading the original case, who had been involved right from the day Peter died, and he informed me a week before the jury went out that very harsh sentences were expected due to the judge being Stephen Kramer. That DC too was very surprised at the leniency. Interestingly, Kramer would have put me away for around the same amount of time as them as I was writing stuff at the time he did not like. So, I ask you – priorities…?

  292. vera says:

    It’s a messed up world Wendy, for sure. I know the sentences that Baby Peter Connelly’s murderers received were ridiculously lenient and I hope justice is served when they are released.
    Having expressed my wish, now, about 10 times, I also think the people should protest against these lenient sentences. I don’t know if that was already done, as I have only recently read about Peter’s murder.
    I know injustice for children being murdered is rampant throughout the world and I haven’t done a research so I don’t know statistics, but I can only compare my country (US) with England. It seems to me that England has not changed too much since Charles Dickens complained about this topic in his writings during the 1800’s. 😯 I am not against England. In fact I wish that we lost the war; then, we at least would’ve had wonderful accents like you guys have! We sure didn’t save too much when it comes to taxes!
    But really, maybe a revolution should be considered to protect children from monsters. :sad:

  293. Wendy says:

    They have not had a revolution in England for almost 400 years and I am not expecting another one in the near future. The English are full of complaints about almost everything that’s happening in their country but there’s nothing in their chemistry these days which would encourage them to get off their backsides and actually DO anything about anything. All they do is continually vote for incompetent leaders – the destruction on British society wrought by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown over 13 years is quite simply irreparable – they set out to divide and destroy and they most certainly did. Part of their legacy is the culture into which little Peter was born – Blair nurtured an underclass of uneducated, feckless dregs and paid them to remain that way. His wife was instrumental in implementing the Human Rights Act into British law which sees people like Connelly and Barker treated like shoplifters rather than child killers. In my opinion any revolution here should run along the lines of that of the French…with ‘Teflon’ Tony and ‘Grinning’ Cherie Blair staring down the same barrel as King Louis and Marie-Antoinette.

  294. vera says:

    Well said.

  295. serina says:

    in many cases it,s mostly mothers and stepdaddy,s, what is it about the damn mothers anyway.. read daniel valerio……. well all cases are ..law in holland is also not very hard…. prison is like hotels… they can work..make money …criminals have a good live here… its a sick system… law is week…

  296. A Connolly says:

    Anyway, I don’t see what the fuss is all about. I don’t think we lost a cure for cancer

  297. Wendy says:

    The statistics of child abuse and child murder among the Maori in New Zealand are almost off the scale – absolutely astonishing in how so many of them kill their children. Of course political correctness prevents the Govt addressing the problem as one particular to their race – just like in Australia where authorities are very reluctant to reveal how many indigenous children are raped and abused within their own communities and so they have become almost untouchable. Just because they are non-white and indigenous.

    This article touches on the issue: http://www.crin.org/violence/search/closeup.asp?infoID=14641

  298. Wendy says:

    I have spammed your previous piece of verbal bile as you are simply incredibly uneducated and ignorant – also insensitive in the extreme and quite possibly the spurned bunny-boiling groupie of the Barker brothers.
    Never fear they will be out before too long and the three of you can compare attitudes.

    Now should you meet a similar fate – yes, now that would definitely be nothing to fuss about.

  299. Nicole says:

    Oh look, the anti-christ is back or should I say the anti-child?
    Hideous, hateful individual you are and I bet you would suit the Barker boys down to the ground, which is your level for sure.
    No more from this person please Wendy, this space is to remember Peter and discuss such issues not for sick minded psycho losers as this person so obviously is.

  300. Wendy says:

    I have entered the details for this individual – IP, email, etc – in the spam catcher. It is always interesting where these types come from…they have no idea how much detailed information their computer leaves when they post a comment on a site like this – and it is all safe with me of course 😉

  301. sheial says:

    A Connolly,

    You are sick. We lost the cure for cancer when you was allowed to breath. Baby Peter has stood for more, and gave more in his short life then you will ever think of giving. He IS more than you will ever be. Someone needs to take you out back and give you a little bit of what that baby got and see how much you like it.

  302. vera says:

    A Connolly

    Oh my God, I know that I am a little slow at times, but now I see what you meant by losing the cure for cancer you useless piece of crap. At first I thought you were just trying to provoke, so I thought it better not to feed your remarks by answering them.
    I want to tell you something about Peter Connelly. He suffered beyond imagigination. Don’t you dare try to spoil his memory in any way. If you do, you can deal with me. I live in New York and I would like to meet you, you spineless jerk.

  303. Annette says:

    Hemingway once wrote: the world is basically good and it’s worth saving. I don’t agree with that statement.

  304. Wendy says:

    Well, it left some pretty desperate comments – why it bothers is beyond me – that ended in the spam-catcher, though I had a great laugh at one of them which was full of terrifying visions of it suing me and basically getting itself into a terrible lather over what we have said to it. I had an overall image of it wetting it’s pants and then throwing it’s dummy as far out of it’s pram as it could. Oh, and also some bragging about having university degrees which just proves we DO need to start hiking up the fees because miscreants such as Connolly are giving education a bad name here. Oh the fun of it – just how easy is it to get some idiots worked up like that…? LOL!!!!
    Claiming to not be bothered about what is said and then issuing threats left right and centre about taking legal action – I’M SO SCARED!!!!! – what a complete prat indeed. 3 degrees…in it’s dreams!
    And I’ve still got it’s details…;)

  305. serina says:

    i read the article …and i don,t have words for it…. how can this be……..how can people be so ignorant…..we probebly never can understand

  306. vera says:

    me either

  307. serina says:

    the guy don,t deserve our words…basterds like him like this ……. we all no what peter stoud for..and in our live still stands for… vera well sad ……..

  308. Nicole says:

    OMG, Connolly is one of those twats who say you insult them and yet they keep returning to see what else you have written about them. What a pathetic creep this person is, and sue you for WHAT? for spamming their disgusting comments? OMG, I think you should take their email Wendy and put it on one of those mailing lists so that Connolly gets 15,000 spam emails a day. Legal action? oh please, what an insecure asshole.

  309. vera says:

    Is A Connolly a group or just one jerk?

  310. Wendy says:

    One very ill and unbalanced individual with a huge chip on it’s shoulder and also pathologically insecure going by the incoherent missives it has been leaving here. If it was a fly you’d swat it. Best ignored but it’s IP is logged and will be blocked and it’s ISP provider informed if it persists. Nobody forces it to come here and talk such rubbish after all.

  311. vera says:

    ROACH..comes to mind..I don’t want to insult the fly species.

  312. Wendy says:

    I was speaking earlier about the lenient sentencing of Connelly and the Barker brothers – here is a link to the evidence given by the 15 year old girlfriend of Jason Owen who was living in the house in the months prior to Peter’s death and also discovered the baby dead in his cot.
    With evidence as compelling as this why the hell did judge Kramer NOT ALLOW the jury to consider a murder verdict…? just disgusting.


  313. Canadianmom says:

    That was the first I article I have read about the girlfriend’s testimony. So awful I can hardly stand it. Peter’s spine snapping, the gut-wrenching scream . . . I can’t even think of what that would have sounded like . . . there is nothing in my klnowledge base that I can compare that to. Makes my stomach sick. I lose sleep so many nights thinking about his last few days in that house. How many tears can we cry for Peter? I feel like this sadness will never go away.

    Peter, I will continue to sing to you and thing of you when I kiss my boys goodnight and good morning. You are always in my thoughts, dear boy. You are loved forever.

    Oh great, crying again.

  314. vera says:

    This article should be sent to the prisons where these bastards are . Each prisoner should receive his or her own copy.

    Is Judge Kramer still working as a judge ❓ Did he explain his decision?

  315. Wendy says:

    And this important testimony did impress upon the jury – however just prior to final summations the judge told a stunned jury that they were not to consider a murder verdict, but the astonishing one of ‘causing or allowing’ a death…I want to know why this was the case as members of the jury were devastated when they were told this. Murder verdicts would have seen much more substantial sentences handed down – I feel the judge did not wish to do that seeing as Connelly had four other children.

  316. vera says:

    Do you think Judge Kramer was considering what a great caretaker Connelly would be to her 4 other children when she got out of prison if he gave her a lenient sentence?
    If he did, after knowing what she did to Peter by allowing scum into his life, then Judge Kramer is to be considered incompetent in my opinion. WTF ❓ ❓ ❓

  317. Wendy says:

    Yes, he is still on the Bench – and no, judges are not held accountable for their decisions. This is the problem with justice here, there is no accountability where judges are concerned and their decisions cannot be questioned.

  318. vera says:

    Do judges have to sentence within the guidelines of the law, as in the states?

  319. Wendy says:

    Yes and this is often the problem, as there have been cases where a judge has wanted to give a harsher sentence for a particular crime but has been restricted by those guidelines. One example is from 2008 where a judge wanted to impose a lifetime driving ban upon a man who had over 42 drink driving convictions but was unable to due to sentencing restrictions, he was given several months prison time instead. While the judges are free to criticise these guidelines where they restrict them, they are not able to influence them. Any change must come from Govt.

  320. vera says:

    I see. It’s such a helpless feeling to know that monsters have to be dealt with it as if they are human. Was little Peter’s torture and death in vain?

  321. Wendy says:

    It is hard to say – since his death other young children and babies have suffered and died from abuse in their homes. One little girl was starved to death in 2008 in her family’s flat above a pub which her mother co-owned, her mother too busy feeding customers downstairs to feed her own child. The little girl was found dead in absolute squalor, locked in a dingy room and this was in England. The list continues to go on. It has been noted that since Peter died more people are reporting incidents of abuse, it appears the public have become more vigilant in recent times and are more likely to report a concern. But as for a change in the way in which social services operate, these things happen slowly. The thing is kids are still dying – being killed – and it is always the same outcome…’lessons will be learned from this’ they say.

  322. vera says:

    The death penalty for crimes like this will at least stop the monsters from reoffending. They’ll be dead, just like their victims.

    Yes, I have read about that little girl who was starved over the pub in 2008. Horrendous.

  323. Wendy says:
  324. Annette says:

    This is the latest Baby Peter news. It’s not much. Hopefully this summer more information will surface about Tracy and when she’ll be released.

  325. Annette says:
  326. vera says:

    Tomorrow Peter Connelly would have been five years old. I know that some folks want to celebrate his birthday, but to me if will be a sad day of what could have been.

    The day that I will celebrate will be when Tracey Connelly, Steven Barker, and Jason Owens each gets what they deserve.

  327. Wendy says:

    He was born on the 1st of March 2006 Vera so his birthday is not far off. I must do something special here for that day…and thanks for reminding me 😉

  328. vera says:

    😳 Boy do I feel stupid…I know his birthday was March 1. I just thought that today was February 28! 😳

  329. Wendy says:

    No, I do the same thing every February because of the shortness of the month. Once the 20th passes I lose track of the days!

  330. Dina says:

    Happy Birthday to you… happy birthday to you… happy birthday my lovely (Peter) Happy Birthday to you…
    I love you sooooo much and miss you even more, although we never met but I think about you every day and I adore you every second, I wish you were mine my love, maybe someday if you decide to give it another go, I’ll be lucky enough to be your mom and I’ll make it up for you in every way, I’ll spoil you and love you and hug you and kiss you and make you the happiest boy alive I promise!
    there are many moms and dads out there who would give away everything to have a wonderful and a smart baby like you my little BRAVE boy. I wish I was there for you habibi I’m soooo sorry I wish I can make it up for you I love you I love you with all my heart and soul and Kareem loves you too and sends you hugs and kisses on your 5th birthday.
    Happy birthday PETER from mama Dina

  331. Wendy says:

    Come to his party on the homepage! :smile:

  332. sheila says:

    I apparently dont know where the home page is :sad: . But to baby Peter, Happy Birthday dear one. I love you, I think of you daily. I see your face when I hugs and kiss my babies. You are in our hearts, the people of the world Peter, the good people who want to hold you, rock you, hug you, kiss you, and make right all you were wronged. Fly high with a beautiful smile my little one for today is just your day.

  333. Wendy says:

    Go to the top left hand corner of the page you are on and click on the tab ‘Home’. And thank you for your beautiful message of love.

  334. Canadianmom says:

    Considering it is Peter’s birthday, I wonder what today is (was) like for Tracey Connolly . . . ?

  335. vera says:

    She probably remembers, but doesn’t care. You know, you and I think differently than these monsters. I feel guilty for nothing sometimes.
    What she allowed happen to Peter is beyond a normal person’s wildest horror or imagination. Don’t think of her as human and having empathy. She is nothing but a useless piece of dirt and I only hope she suffers to the fullest extent for what she did……….there I go again. She makes me so angry.

  336. David Misner says:

    She is probably thinking about what to do next time so she does not get caught. I believe that most if not all of us on this list would see a criminal that got off easy and think “If that was me I would never do that ever again. That being what ever they were arrested for. But unfortunately criminals do not think that way they just try to figure out a way so they will not get caught next time. I sure that is what she is thinking

  337. Wendy says:

    I think you are very right there David. Throughout Peter’s short life that woman made no attempt to stop his suffering – she just tried to stop it being discovered. No attempt to stop it – just did her best to prolong his agony and hide what was being done to him. Evil, wicked woman.

    I do hope she googles her name one day when she gets out and gets to see what has been written about her…

  338. vera says:

    I agree David, only Connelly is much more than a criminal; she is a MONSTER ❗

  339. David Misner says:

    I have often wondered why this woman even bothered having children if she has no desire to love them cherish them and take care of them like a mother should. I thought why not just give Peter to a loving family if you do not care for him then I realized that maybe it is because she gets money for Peter and if she gives Peter away she does not get that money anymore. I also think that if she gave Peter away it will then be reviled what a heartless cold woman she is. People go to great length to hide certain things from people and for Tracey what she wanted to hide was the wickedness inside her. It all boils down to selfishness. Tracey was and is selfish. She needed to think of Peter’s well being but she did not.
    I can not give Peter what he needs and deserves I wish I could. There is nothing I own that I would not glad trade to give Peter the love and happiness he never got. Though I help Peter there may be another “Peter” out there that I can help. I have been looking into adopting a child. I figure that could be my way to honor the memory of Peter

  340. vera says:

    Yes, I believe for Tracey Connelly, having children was just an accident. Keeping those children was just for money. I guess you know that all of her children were neglected. Poor little Peter’s other misfortune was that Barker signaled him out for the torture and experiments that his sick mind conjured up. Connelly did nothing to protect him. On the contrary, to please Barker she handed Peter over. It was willful. It was premeditated and they were not punished for it.

    It sounds wonderful to adopt a child. That’s one way to avenge Peter’s death and another child will be loved. :smile:

  341. David Misner says:

    Yes your right she is a monster. Who could possibly forgive her for what she did to poor peter? I remember about a woman who would go on tirades. She would break things yell and scream like a mad woman. She was full of anger. Just imagine how her children felt. I am sure they would be scared of her. She would eventually calm down and she would realize what she did and ask her children to forgive her. Their response was always the same. “It is OK mommy”. I think want love and acceptance from their parents and I think some people do not have that love to give. That makes them feel frustrated that they can’t give their child what they need so they take their frustrations out on their child. I am not sure if this was the case with Tracey though. It seems like she was just a monster. If there is a Heaven I know Peter would be there. Could he forgive his mum? Is he saying right now “It is OK mommy”? Thoughts?

  342. Heidi says:

    I can not comprehend why this happens to anyone at all, let alone beautiful, innocent BABIES such as Peter Connolly and Baby Brianna. And the sad thing is there are many, many more victims. 😥 It is disgusting that no one reported anything in the above instances, and I do believe that this needs a course of action. EVERYONE needs to be aware that this happens and we also need to be prepared to do something about it.
    You are absolutely right Vera, she is a MONSTER !!

    R.I.P to all the innocent victims. :sad: You did nothing wrong <3
    May your spirit live on in those who loved/love you. <3 xoxox

  343. vera says:

    You know something David, I’ll bet little Peter would have, and did forgive the monster Tracey Connelly. That’s one of the reasons why I want to kill her even more. That little precious angel only wanted to be cuddled and treated like a person. I remember his eyes smiling at her when she called his name in the video while Barker was pretending to be playing with him. She abused Peter before she even met Barker.
    Right now Peter isn’t saying anything because Tracey allowed someone to kill him. He’s dead because of Tracey Connelly. If she couldn’t love her children then she should’ve given them away. She had feelings for that moron Steven Barker. She accepted him all right. She had no problem giving him sex and so called love!
    While inside prison she was known to have said when she is released she wants to visit Egypt as one of her desires. If I did what she did, my one desire would be to die ❗

  344. serina says:

    if connely feld guilty at all…she wouldt really wanted to die…how could you live with that.. she killed her own son…. who loved her so much more than that barker…well he did not love her offcorse….

  345. vera says:

    There is no other appropriate word for Connelly. I hate to give her the title MOTHER.
    I can put myself in her shoes. Believe me, my life was no bowl of cherries either.
    I was a single mom. I became a mom at 17. My husband and I divorced when I was 19. I wanted to party and I did. I went out and left my son at my dad’s apartment with my dad or mom!
    He was well cared for and fed. I wasn’t the BEST mom. At 17 you can only imagine ❗ But physical abuse of my child? Hello?? The thought never entered my mind. There is no excuse for something like this to happen. Tracey Connelly lost her right as a human.

  346. Canadianmom says:

    I hope she contemplated suicide every minute of that day, couldn’t sleep and relived every terrifying moment that she saw Peter abused. I hope she recalled Peter’s every scream of terror and every cry for help that she ignored and feel guilty.

    My two-year-old son banged his face yesterday as he slipped on a toy car running down the hall, and he cried that really painful, I’m hurt sounding cry, where you know they are scared and in pain. I cuddled him and immediately burst into tears because I thought of Peter right at that moment and all at once thought about what his cries must have sounded like, and how no one picked him up and kissed his owies away, and I thanked God that I was there to hold my son and that I wish I could have held Peter, too. In pain with no mommy to love and hold him and make it all better, what an awful life poor Peter had. He cried and cried for her but she never came. I often wonder what his last three days on Earth were like, and cry for him.

  347. vera says:

    Oh my goodness. I picture Peter’s horrors so often. I imagine how frightened and helpless he had to be.
    They cannot get away with what they did to him.

  348. sheila says:

    The “monster” never felt one ounce of guilt or hurt or sorrow for that baby. She only cared about pleasing Barker, getting high and having sex all day. I dont and will never understand how anyone in that house or came in contact with that house wouldnt have kept such a extremem close eye on what was going on. For Christ sakes, if you’re going to investing, why would you call and schedule a “best time” for her? I cry over baby Peter, my heart breaks each time I think of all the awful stuff he had to endure all alone. NO one to hug him, kiss him or even look at him in a caring mannor. Peter stood for a lot, and I for certain wont let that die. I know there are others out there just like Peter. I pray each night for a protective bubble to be placed around them so no one can hurt them. I know that wont ever happen! Connolly, Barker, and Owens…..You need to be put to death by means of turtore!!!!!

  349. vera says:

    Peter Connelly is with me no matter where I go. He is always in my thoughts, it seems. Tonight I went to a birthday party for 1 year old twin boys. Of course I compared them to little Peter. Only five months younger than he was when he was beaten to death.
    Peter was just a baby, damn it. He deserved to be a baby, but they took his right to be a baby away from him. Yet the law is concerned about his killers’ rights. I just don’t get it. ❓ ❓

  350. vera says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth! That’s it. Death by torture. (If anyone disagrees and says that I’m just as bad for wanting this, then so be it. Everyone has the right to his own opinion.) It won’t make a dent in the way that I think or feel. Death by torture for the three!
    There are too many of us who are sick over what was done to Peter for Death by Torture to be a wrong sentence. Too many of us cry and picture that sweet innocent face. I can’t look at babies without thinking of Peter Connelly’s torturous life.
    My husband says “Peter was protected by god. He didn’t feel anything”!
    What??? What’s the point then? Why did it happen? For what purpose? Give me a break?
    First of all we know that Peter screamed out in pain. He cried the word “MUM” until he realized that no one was coming. Then he stopped crying out. The so-called person that lived in the house said so. The 15 year old!!
    I read every article on Peter that was written. I even purchased the book, as I said in an earlier post. I try to alert as many folks as possible about this; not to make them feel bad, but to cry out for justice and make these murderers pay for what they’ve done. Really, I don’t know what to do physically. I wish that I did. I don’t want to go to prison and I’m not sure I could carry out the punishment myself.

    Thank you WENDY for this website. I don’t know where I would be or what I would feel if I couldn’t speak about that little boy, Peter Connelly.

  351. vera says:

    I have been meaning to ask this question: Who photographed little Peter with chocolate on his face? The chocolate that covered his bruises?

  352. Wendy says:

    So far this has not been revealed however as the photo was taken with the child in his pram outside on a public street I assume it was someone – either the mother – or who was with her at the time. The way he is looking upwards and away from the camera it looks as though he is being told to smile for the camera…the photo was dated just one week before he was killed.

  353. vera says:

    Poor baby, the hell that he was given to live in on this earth.

  354. Annette says:

    It’s so sad when you go to the store and you see these babies being adored and strolled around in carts by their parents the same way I do my boy and I think of how Peter should have had the same kind of life. Someone should have been took him out shopping, buying him toys and food he likes to eat. Take him out to the park and chase him around the house and wrestle with him but instead he was tortured and beaten everyday until he died. That was his reality. Most wouldn’t have the strength to endure one day of what he went through for months. Such a strong little man.

  355. vera says:

    Guess he’s on so many minds all the time!!I’m not implying that Little Peter was more special than any other abused child.
    It’s just that Peter was a special little boy, period. His whole time on earth was painful, sad, lonely. He never had Christmas.
    I’m sorry. I know I am totally ruining everyone’s day.
    That piece of crap, Tracey Connelly gave him nothing and took everything from him

  356. vera says:

    I just tried to view the BBC Panorama Video of Tracey Connelly’s full interview. I can no longer view it in the United States. I previously put it on facebook because I wanted to raise awareness. I wonder if this has anything to do with these bastards’ rights?

  357. serina says:

    i never knew him……but i wish i was there for him…to save him from the horror….that feeling of missing him will never leave. little peter was sooooooooooo sweet and innocent 😥 he will always be with me…..

  358. Wendy says:

    You have raised a very interesting point Vera; some people ask what was so special about Peter that warrants him so much mention. It is not that he was more special than all other children who have died in the same circumstances, it was more a culmination of events that highlighted just how badly he was failed in the face of so many ways that could have saved him. In 2000 little Victoria Climbe died from horrific abuse in her own home having been left to her fate by social workers – after the huge furore and subsequent inquiry (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/uk/2002/victoria_climbie_inquiry/default.stm) the Govt promised that no child would ever be left to suffer and die again as Victoria had. Politicians promised that social services would be better trained – ‘lessons would be learned’ (that old chestnut) – and social services staff would be better equipped to deal with such children as Victoria so that the mistakes which led to her death would never be repeated.
    And then baby Peter came along just 7 years later – after dozens more children had died in between. But it was Peter’s case that especially highlighted just how LITTLE had been learned from Victoria Climbe’s death and how BADLY social services case workers were performing their duties. 17 month old Peter and 8 year old Victoria stand hand in hand to this day, proof that our politicians cannot commit themselves to provide the protection that our most vulnerable children need. Victoria died in February 2000 with 128 injuries on her little body – Peter died in 2007 with over 60 injuries on his – both died within days, even hours, of being seen by doctors and social workers and in both cases nobody did anything to save them.

    What the hell will it take…? At the Victoria Climbe Inquiry a spokesman for UNISON claimed that her story would not be the last…they were so correct – and baby Peter had not even been born yet when those words were spoken. in almost every way, his fate had already been decided.

    Thankyou for raising that point Vera – it is very important and needed to be raised.

  359. Wendy says:

    Interesting, probably something to do with copyright because as far as I know the US protects the right of people to have access to information under the First Amendment where Freedom of the Press is concerned:

    “In Lovell v. City of Griffin, 303 U.S. 444 (1938), Chief Justice Hughes defined the press as, “every sort of publication which affords a vehicle of information and opinion.”[85] Freedom of the press, like freedom of speech, is subject to restrictions on bases such as defamation law.”

    The BBC clip is a source of public information and as such the public should not be prevented from viewing the content. Your rights to that information have been violated. Can you view the clip on my site here…?

  360. Canadianmom says:

    I just found an awful story about the abuse witnessed by the 15 year old girl that lived in the house.


    Oh my god, poor baby Peter. Your poor angel. Maybe don’t read, it will make you cry.

  361. Wendy says:

    I already am aware, I have posted a link in relation, it is horrible and to think that this girl’s evidence was not taken into account at the trial.

  362. vera says:

    No need to thank me. I’m compelled.
    The author of the book (It Must Never Happen Again)called Peter the baby with the eyes that cried “Help Me”.

  363. vera says:

    And to think that this girl did nothing to help him.

    She was mature enough to be Jason Owen’s lover, now wasn’t she!

  364. vera says:

    Yes I viewed yours, but it was the short version. The long version was 27 minutes, full story. I viewed it from youtube and posted it onto facebook so others could learn about Peter in the United States. Many folks knew already!

    Suddenly, I tried to view it again and youtube said the Video was not available any longer due to infringment something or other! I viewed stories about the little missing girl Madeline without any problem. I hope no one is protecting that fat slob and her pals.

  365. vera says:

    Sorry another message I got from BBC was “You cannot view this video from your area”! I took that to be from US!

  366. vera says:

    Something is strange here. I tried the link that Canadianmom sent and something else came up. Do you think they are trying to erase Peter from our minds? Fat chance, they’d have at that!
    That is another article that I previously was able to view.

  367. Annette says:

    If I was that 15 year old, I would have stolen him at night when everyone was passed out and made him disappear. That’s exactly what I would have done at 15…I was hateful and very brave. I didn’t know any teen at my age who wouldn’t have had the spine to do that.

  368. Annette says:

    BTW I’m 30 now. I’m just saying that when I was a teen, teens didn’t just sit back and not do anything. When I was in high school there was a 13 year old girl who ran away from home to get to a larger city to alert the authorities that her 8 year old brother was chained in the closet being starved and beaten everyday. She knew that she’d get more attention if she was a run away and the authorities would have to take her home and while they were there, they’d have to check out her story. Even though the parents had time to get the kid out of the closet they still couldn’t hide the marks on him and they wound up in deep s***

  369. Wendy says:

    How very fitting too. The eyes that nobody looked into long enough…

  370. Wendy says:

    That’s very odd indeed – i wonder if anyone else is having the same problem.

  371. Wendy says:

    I am only grateful that, as far as we know, that girl has not yet had a baby herself. If she would ignore Peter like that god help her own child as she sounds like she is attracted to men like the Barkers…

  372. vera says:

    Yes someone else is having the problem with the video. She used to be able to view it. Not anymore!

  373. vera says:

    Me too ANETTE,
    I was MARRIED at 17.
    I also would’ve stolen Peter, ratted them out, comforted him, screamed to his dad to help Peter and me (if I was so scared as she claimed).
    I could go on and on and on!

  374. vera says:

    Hopefully she will be too frightened to bring a child into this world.
    The thought of Little Peter may haunt her for the rest of her life. I can’t stop thinking about that little guy, and I didn’t witness the horror. Could you imagine how her thoughts are now?

  375. Annette says:

    I mean seriously. If she had taken him to a hospital with his finger’s peeled off and his back broke and brought it to their attention, they would have checked it out. She could have said she found him like that. Once he’s injuries were discovered then she could have said who he was and who was doing that to him. The hospital wouldn’t have been so blind as to not contact the proper authorities. who would have inturned went to the house and arrested Barker and Connelly for suspected child abuse especially if they saw the condition of his bed which I’m sure would be covered in blood and s*** not to mention his clothes would have been found. Their cell phones would have have been seized and videos of the abuse would have been discovered rather then disposed of. It really wouldn’t have taken much to have saved that little guy. He was surrounded by gutless people.

  376. Canadianmom says:

    Really? They didn’t include her testimony? WTF?

    I sort of wish I didn’t post that link because I don’t want to read about Peter’s suffering anymore. I already know what happened and I thought about it all night after reading that link. I want to move past the horror story but continue the convsation with people like all of you who care so deeply about OUR little boy and the plight of other children.

  377. Canadianmom says:


  378. Wendy says:

    Too right we will!

  379. vera says:

    You know what I think Annette? I think that Barker wouldn’t have done anything at all if he witnessed the teenager taking Peter from the house to hospital.
    He would’ve run from the house, just like he did when Peter was found dead. Barker is a coward.
    Being afraid of him was just an excuse.
    Then there’s Mr. Connelly. He leaves Peter to fend for himself even after Peter screams, “No Daddy”. He went home and didn’t think anything of it, because if he did, then he would’ve taken Peter with him. What was his excuse? Fear of the cops? Very scary cops. Yeah, right.

  380. Wendy says:

    Well said Vera. If you were a caring parent and had even the tiniest inkling that your child was in trouble you would act, Mr Connelly is just another link in the chain of people who decided to ‘let it go’.
    As for Barker; any man who hits a child even once has the courage of a flea.

  381. vera says:

    No one gave a damn about that poor little boy. No one at all.
    His body was crawling with lice when he was found dead in his cot. It takes a long time for head lice (that’s what they were) to infest one’s entire body. It was said that the lice could be seen crawling on his eyebrows. Sorry.
    That’s what the teenager said.
    She also stated that she and Barker took little Peter for a walk behind the house in the woods after his back was snapped, and that Peter couldn’t walk straight.
    Neighbors witnessed him eating dirt in his yard. Nothing was done about that.
    He was so hungry because they stopped feeding him regularly once he outgrew his bottle. Social workers at the clinics claimed, “The little boy was always hungry”! Hello!!
    After he was thrown about, picked up by his neck, spun around in a computer chair, little Peter was made to kneel in front of Barker with his hands out so that Barker could punish him some more.
    Peter had no luck at all. The only time anyone ever gave him love was after he died, and even then he was cheated out of a proper inquest.
    If anyone is trying to make us forget Peter Connelly, it’s not going to happen. The whole world has to know what these bastards did and they must never be allowed to have new identities, even if they traveled in space!

  382. Canadianmom says:

    You said it! They truly deserve to die!

  383. Mary says:

    Wendy, I wanted to share this horrible story with you….it makes me ill. He reminds me of Peter.

    3 year old baby Noah Fake.
    His “mother” and of course her “boyfriend” beat him nearly to death for peeing his pants. Then they enjoyed a pizza and a movie. They decided to call 911 the next morning…he died shortly after.

  384. Wendy says:

    This story reminds me of little John Ashfield in Australia – poor, poor baby. Honestly, you need a license to own a dog or drive a car but no qualifications whatsoever to have a child. Those two deserve the death penalty, no ifs or buts, they intended to kill that child. How could you do such a thing to your own baby! I am so angry !!! RIP little Noah – you are in a better place now but you deserved so much better in this life.

  385. vera says:

    Thankfully they still have the death penalty in Florida. After reading the story and cringing,about Noah Fake and shaking, I could imagine their defense already. She’ll blame the fact that he beat children before. Her defense will be that she had no previous charges against her for child abuse. I hope a jury will see through this bull.
    They’re truly garbage.
    I just hope that the state of Florida remains tough.

  386. vera says:

    How soon will Tracey Connelly be eligible for parole?

  387. Wendy says:

    Within the next 12 to 18 months according to the terms of her sentence. She is serving an ‘indeterminate’ sentence which basically means they will release her once they have organised a whole new identity for her…at great expense to the taxpayer (new birth certificate, new birth date even, new name…) As she has been in custody since 2007, the past four years are counted into the five year sentence she received in 2009, so in theory her time in prison is almost finished. Not bad going for neglecting your child while someone else beat him to pulp eh…? I can see the authorities going to great expense to organise a whole new identity for her because frankly there is nowhere in the UK she can go and not be recognised. She is marked for sure and honestly she would not last very long once a crowd cottoned on to who was living next door to them…
    Only a handful of people here have been given the full identity-makeover thing – it costs a fortune, it will mean that reporting restrictions will be put in place to protect her new identity in the UK. My only hope is that some publication or blogger abroad – well outside British jurisdiction – will blow her cover. I know we should have respect for the law but come on – this woman deserves no peace any where for as long as she steals oxygen from the rest of us.

  388. vera says:

    Thank you for the info Wendy.

    How can one have respect for the law when the law doesn’t protect children?

    Tracey Connelly’s face is known in the United States. Facebook is worldwide and her ugly face is up and running there as well. I’m not a frequent Facebook surfer, but for Tracey’s cover to be blown, I occasionally make appearances. Her day will come. I’m sure of that.

  389. Wendy says:

    Well, like the two young monsters who killed 2 year old James Bulger she, like they were, will no doubt be afforded all the protection by the authorities that tax payers money can buy. But it just takes one photograph, one piece of information…and like I said, it has to come from someone who is outside the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. The world is a huge place and British law does not apply everywhere.

  390. vera says:

    So then, James Bulger’s murderers were set free and their whereabouts are unknown?

  391. Wendy says:

    Oh yes, one – Robert Thompson – is said to be living with a girl who is said to be unaware of who he really is, and the other fiend, Jon Venables, is currently in custody for being found in possession of category five child pornography. And they said these two were fit to be released!

  392. sheilab3r says:

    NO ONE absolutely NO ONE can ever make OUR little boy go away. He is in our hearts, our thoughts, our houses, and mostly, he’s part of us. I love that little boy so much, I hurt for him, I cry for him, I look in the faces of my children and I can see him. Those bastards, no matter where they are will never be set free simply because of people like all of us who truly love and adore him. They will feel the wrath of killing him. I cant say that I have ever felt so much hatred for anyone. We will never understand why or how someone could do this to a baby, if we did, then we would be just like them. I strogly believe that no matter what, no matter what abuse you endured, no matter how frustrated you get; at the end of the day the choice is yours. Why would you want to make a baby, a child, a teenager, a person feel any kind of pain inflicked by your own hands. Barker said he was making Peter tough, news flash, Peter was strong and even as a baby he was way more man than either Barker could ever think of being. As for the teenager, it dont matter how scared you are, you do the best to stop the abuse, not watch it or run to the garden to cover you ears. As for Baby Peter, no matter who trys to make him disappear, We. Peters family wont let that happen. Baby Peter, I love you, and you are on my mind daily!! For the Barkers and Connolly, in the UK, or in the States or even in HELL, you will be hunted!

  393. vera says:

    I can feel what you feel Sheilab3r. I think all of us on this board can .
    Maybe death would be too easy for them. Believe me, I too never hated ANYONE as I do these low-lifes!
    Complete alienation from the human race is what these three deserve. To be scorned and hated right to their faces. They should never feel kindness, only contempt. The way they made our little Peter feel. I hope when they go into the streets that they have to wear masks. Plastic surgery won’t be an option. Trust me, it’s too expensive! They will NEVER be able to do that.
    Someone, somewhere, will expose them when they’re released. Prison officials, prison guards, inmates, bus drivers, etc.(these are people who have families). People talk to each other! This case is too high profiled for them to slip through the cracks.
    Tracey Connelly will never be able to support herself. She is way too needy. She will be found. Steven Barker is way too dumb to be able to start a new life.
    The only one that concerns me a bit is Jason Owens. Somehow, I can see this monster laying low to protect himself. It was said that after Peter’s death, and he was released for awhile, that he enrolled in school!
    I’m thinking right now, what more can I do personally to expose these dirt-bags. They affected my life as well..sorry for such a long post.

  394. sheila says:

    Vera, somehow I managed to put the b3r on my name, its just Sheila. I think that I was just so upset to learn that there are people trying to make Peter go away, I got a little carried away with the keyboard. Jaon Owens concerns me as well. Even more so to know that he was a little more sound minded than Barker and to know that he recorded the abuse. He cant lay low too long,he will get that itch that will have to be scratched. You’re right, someone in the prison will alert the world. They will never be safe anywhere.

  395. vera says:

    You’re right Sheila. Jason Owens will not be able to lay low for long. He will definately break the law.

  396. David Misner says:

    forgive me for saying this but this reminds me of the Jeffrey Dahmer case. Though I am not sure which one is Dahmer. Maybe they all are.



  397. Wendy says:

    Dahmer was in a league of his own in many respects, he was a true psychopath in the text-book example. Barker definitely had similar tendencies (inflicting sadistic cruelty, no compassion, no conscience but fully aware of what he was doing…) however I would not place him in the same category as Dahmer. People like Dahmer are driven by some invisible force inside them and can actually live very normal lives for many years without committing any crime at all, that’ why people who know them say when their crimes are discovered ‘but he was such a nice man…’.Suddenly something will trigger the killing spree and despite their hideous crimes they seem quite unable to stop.
    Connelly and the Barker bro’s…entirely different. Each knew what they were doing and chose to act in a sadistic manner, they were deceptive in hiding their crimes whereas psychopaths tend to remain reclusive until their crimes are accidentally uncovered.
    You could write page upon page about the psychopath and even today the medical world still retains a grey area where the condition remains a mystery as to why people are either born or become like that – but as for Connelly and the Barkers…they were simply cruel, nasty creatures.

  398. vera says:

    Sorry, but i beg to differ. I too thought Dahmer’s crimes weren’t as sadistic as Barker’s , but bear in mind we don’t know for sure if Dahmer tortured his victims before killing them. As far as irresistible impulse, I don’t buy it. They don’t WANT to stop. They like what they do. Maybe the method of operation between Dalmer and Barker is different, but they are both monsters, AKA psychopaths.

    Though I am a far-cry from any doctor of psychology, or any doctor at all, I do read. Many, many years ago I read a quite informitory(spelling?) book entitled THE MASK OF SANITY, by a well respected doctor named Hervey Cleckly. A psychopath according to him does not have to committ murder. He speaks of how someone usually becomes one through environment, and for reasons that are unknown, some are just born that way. They are diagnosed as having no conscience! No empathy. No cure for them has ever been known. It’s classified as a personality disorder, not a mental illness. The only remorse these people have is for getting caught. Crying is only for themselves. Heaven help anyone that comes across their paths. The inmate that killed Dahmer did everyone a favor.

    It looks as though poor little Peter had three of them in his house. He never stood a chance.

  399. Annette says:

    Dahmer was homosexual with necrophiliac tendencies. He was unable to have intimidate relations with his lovers unless they were dead. Barker is a sadist who enjoys sexually assaulting and torturing children. There’s a big difference.

  400. Canadianmom says:

    Has anyone read Baby X or Little Victims by Harry Keeble? I guess he was transfered to Child Protection following Peter’s death.

    Also, it is pretty obvious that the 2 year old S.B. raped was Peter’s sister. I’m wondering why no reports state this fact. I’m sure it is to protect her identity, but why isn’t this fact aknowledged?

    I often wonder what Peter’s siser’s lives are like right now? I hope they are healing more and more everyday. I wonder if they will choose to speak out when they are old enough to do so? I was wondering if their father took custody – I hope not because I don’t think he is fit to be a father either! He really didn’t know Peter was abused? Didn’t that moron bath him or change his diapers! How could you not notice the constant evidence of abuse? You would have to be a complete fool.

  401. vera says:

    I was reading articles regarding the three monsters who killed Peter. You were right. It looks like the British Government intends to and will help these bastards at any cost. Even alter their physical appearences if need be.
    It makes me sick.

  402. vera says:

    Like I said, method of operation was different, but all are (were) psychopaths. Useless, while alive on the planet earth.

  403. vera says:

    Peter’s sisters lives will be messed up if they continue to visit Tracey Connelly. Some bleeding hearts thought this was good for them.
    I read somewhere that Connelly told Barker “Don’t do that”, when he was raping or going to rape the little girl. I don’t recall reading anything else about who the baby was.

    Was Mr. Connelly the father of all her children?

  404. David Misner says:

    How much money was spent on protecting Peter? Why is it that all of a sudden they have all this extra money to protect these monsters but they could not be bothered to protect Peter. Yes lets turn a blind eye to Peter but when it comes to monsters lets protect them.

  405. Kerry says:

    Hi Canadianmom,

    I did see that the father is sueing Haringay Council/Social Services(not sure which one) and then hoping to gain custody of his surviving children. Apparently he said to a friend “I’m going to show them what being a parent is really about”. ummm too late for that I think.

  406. vera says:

    Right David.
    It was said that an inquest into Peter’s death would have been too costly. Makes me ill.
    Looks more like an inquest would just remind The People what happened to little Peter and it would therefore be more difficult to protect his murderers.
    I wonder if the killers of Tracey Connelly, Steven Barker, or Jasen Owen would be protected ❓ ❗ 💡

  407. vera says:

    I hope he didn’t (doesn’t) receive a dime if he sues for the death of Peter. He didn’t protect him at all. It was said that he doesn’t have the right to compensation because he had Peter on weekends and should’ve known that something wasn’t right. Peter’s little fingers were covered with band-aids to hide that his fingernails were torn out. His little body was covered with bruises everywhere, but DADDY chose to believe Tracey Connelly’s excuse that little guy was accident prone and causing the injuries himself!!
    Mr. Connelly just wants cash.

  408. Wendy says:

    That whole family are highly dubious morals-wise. Her mother was a poor example of parenting, she has an uncle who is a paedophile and the child’s own father left and gave Connelly custody of all the kids. He was quite a bit older than her too, around 15 years older. Old enough to know better too…

  409. vera says:

    Poor, poor baby.

  410. David Misner says:

    Did not somebody use the lack of funds as a reason why they could not protect Peter? Why is it they do not have a lack of funds to protect these monsters?

  411. Wendy says:

    Good question David; social services claim a lack of funding leaves these kids vulnerable but these monsters are given every comfort in prison. What we need are more people to become foster parents, to provide safe homes for these kids to be moved to – that would go a long way towards helping this situation.

  412. serina says:

    im going to his memorial stone later this year… and will go to see the house where … just to bee a little bit closer

  413. serina says:

    well i need to finish my lines… where it al happend

  414. vera says:

    Bear with me folks. I just noticed that the cause for Peter here in the US has over 1 million seven hundred thousand members. I am really happy about this. Of course I joined the cause a few months ago when I first learned about Peter. I had no idea so many people knew and cared. I guess I’m a late bloomer.http://www.causes.com/causes/332979

  415. vera says:

    Sorry I didn’t post it right. This is the name of the petition in case anyone like I, didn’t know.
    PETITION! Stop Baby Peter’s So Called Parents Getting New Identities!!

  416. Canadianmom says:

    Thanks, Vera. I joined!!!

  417. vera says:

    You’re welcome Canadianmom!
    I am so glad that at least one more person can help stop these bastards from having a new life because of me. Looks like the only safe place for them is prison, and maybe not there either.

  418. David Misner says:

    Me too and I invited as many as my friends as I could

  419. vera says:

    OMG David ! That’s great. Finally something about this horrific case is causing me to have hope that these monsters won’t get off so easy. There are many kinds of sentences and knowing that upon their release folks from everywhere in the world will be watching, is comforting.

  420. Kerry says:

    I signed this some time ago as it was doing the rounds on Facebook (something that site is actually really good for!) I have also just signed the following petition:


    And have suggested it to all my friends on facebook. Vera, you may have already seen this via the link I posted previously.

  421. sheila says:

    vera, where is the petition?

  422. David Misner says:

    I hope to be an actor someday. It seems like every actor has some cause they want to Champion. I envision myself having dinners or whatever and tell the world about what is going on. In the meantime I just tell my friends and my sphere of influence. I am hoping to will get bigger

  423. vera says:

    Thanks Kerry,
    I just joined it. I didn’t start one though. Is that right?

  424. vera says:

    Hi Sheila,

    Just type in these words in your search:

    PETITION! Stop Baby Peter’s So Called Parents Getting New Identities!!

    That should take you to some results and just click on them. You’ll find it!

  425. KERRY says:

    I think so, the link below shows all the people who have signed it (too few for my liking!) so if it has worked you should be on there.


  426. vera says:

    Thanks Kerry
    I just now signed it. My name is there. Apparently I didn’t have to join anything, but I did. You could sign without joining.Anyway, I agree with you. Not enough people signed.

  427. vera says:

    I’ll bet Peter never even watched cartoons or movies for children. How sad.

  428. kerry says:

    I often think the same thing 😥

  429. Canadianmom says:

    Or read him a book :(

  430. vera says:

    I swear, if he was mine I would give him the world.Just to look into his beautiful eyes would be a privilege. I’d be kissing his face all day.
    Tracey Connelly truly should rot in hell. There’s a sadness in my heart forever because of what those bastards did to that innocent little doll.

  431. vera says:

    I often think the same thoughts.

  432. Kerry says:

    Same here. Same for all of us I’m sure. What a shame that useless lump didn’t feel the same way.

  433. Canadianmom says:

    I’ve always wondered how poor Peter’s back was broken . . . sadly, now I know. I wish it wasn’t true, I wish it wasn’t this awful for him but I guess it was. Our poor, poor baby.


    If you scroll down to the bottom and read July 29 it talks about that day. How can anyone be so evil? Caution: it is very upsetting.

    This is one thing now I wish I didn’t know.

  434. Amira says:

    If he was mine, like vera said I would do everything in my power 2 let him have a great life!!! And he never got to do things that regular children do. It just makes me sick that these crappy people in the UK that murdered and tortured Peter r getting out of jail soon, they deserve a lifetime in jail and a $500,000,000 fine. AND FOR ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO TORTURE AND MURDER THESE PRECIOUS CHILDREN. B ASHAMED OF URSELVES NO CHILD SHOULD HAVE 2 GO THRU THAT KIND OF RETARDED ACTIONS.

  435. Canadianmom says:

    Now that I am not raging mad and I actually think about this, I thought Peter’s most serious injury occured in the the living room when that useless pierce of flesh was “playing with him”. After reading so much, it is hard to know what is the truth anymore. I guess that the only thing that matters is that it happened to begin with. It really bugs me that they didn’t have to explain what really happened to Peter. That stupid bitch should have to beg for the public’s forgiveness!

  436. David Misner says:

    She should with a picture of Peter behind her. You see Iron Man 2? Iron Man defeated the bad guy turned around then told the people “he’s all yours”

  437. Canadianmom says:

    Exactly! I never wanted to harm anyone before her!!!

  438. Kerry says:

    Oh. I’ve just read it. It’s so bad I can’t even cry, just feel numb :sad: :sad:

  439. Sheila says:

    Like everyone else, I lay in bed each night and replay what happened to that Baby. I dont see how anyone could have let that happen. I would murder whom ever tried to hurt my children. I have four children 2 year old twins, 3 year old and a 6 year old, I couldnt bare to look in their crying eyes and continue to let someone hurt them. They are the best little huggers, perfect kisses, and the most innocent, pure love. I see Peter in my children. The thing that makes me feel better is I like to believe that Peter is safe, and he is my child and I am loving him. I have many pictures of him(unfortunately they are all the same) but they are of him. I also try to make myself believe that he was numb and couldnt feel all the awful things that happened to him, although I know differntly. I wish I could have let him fall asleep on me, and rub his little cheeks, and just kiss him til he woke up. That was robbed from all of us. Peter’s playing now, and we should think about his smiling face, and all the great things that he is getting to do now. My heart skips a beat in pain with each thought of him, so I had to help myself with this. I know there are other children who get abused, starved, cut, scolded, raped, and murdered too, but Peter is the one that I absolutely can not let go. That pathetic piece of shit Tracy Connolly can beg for forgiveness, but she or her nasty partner and his bother will never be forgiven. They are safer in PRISON, so maybe we should be glad they are getting out, ’cause “we the people” will take care of them. TO PETER: You are very loved and missed by many. R.I.P angel boy!!!

  440. David Misner says:

    Not that is matters it was Iron Man not Iron Man 2. How much sympathy would she get if all knew exactly what she did and also had a picture of Peter behind her as a visual reminder too

  441. vera says:

    I know it’s upsetting to read about Peter’s horrific life and death. But we must know and remember what was done to him, and by whom.
    After reading I see that more people are enraged by what was done to that poor little boy. I’ve known this for some time now because I read and search anything concerning Peter Connelly. That’s why I am so passionate about this.
    Hopefully, some justice will be served when they’re released. If more people become enraged, the more we stand a chance of that.

  442. vera says:

    I too read that Peter’s broken back occurred in the living room.
    But you’re right, it doesn’t matter where it took place. It’s that it took place at all.
    I was also thinking that perhaps an inquest was not done because if it was, then the social workers who were supposed to be doing their jobs by protecting him would REALLY have to answer. Don’t forget, by the time the inquest was to be considered, millions of people already knew about the case.
    I think these bastards should’ve been jailed as well as the killers. Not physically harmed, but jailed. They were receiving salaries to protect children. Peter Connelly was one of those children. They simply let all this happen to him. I’m sure they knew and didn’t care.

  443. vera says:

    The monsters are surely safer in prison ❗ Far safer than they’ll be when they get out ❗

  444. vera says:

    Peter was special in many ways. He was beautiful, both physically and inwardly. It was said that he always smiled.
    Knowing what happened to him in his short life has brought us all together throughout many countries, seeking justice for him.

    He was not only abused and neglected (as if that’s not enough).
    Peter Connelly was SINGLED out for TORTURE. That baby was systematically TORTURED. Just to please and humor those who did it!
    From the time of his birth to the time of his death, Peter Connelly received no love, no mercy. That’s a reason why he stands out!

  445. Canadianmom says:

    I know, for me it is difficult to put into perspective what our darling Peter went through because I have nothing to compare it to. Makes you sick.

    I cannot wait to hear how Tracey Connelly dies (and SB)!! I have to admit that I eagerly await that glorious day. I will litterally throw a party! I hope that bitch s-u-f-f-e-r-s. I hope we get the news of her release in Canada, but I’m sure Wendy and others will be right on top of it! I will choke if I find out she was reunited with her children.

    Peter: how much love do you feel, buddy!?!? We send it to you everyday! Forever.

    I know what you mean Sheila, about feeling like he’s part of your family. I blow him a kiss everynight after I kiss my boys in bed. There was always something about HIM that made it personal.

  446. Leena and Dominic says:

    yes, Peter is still remembered… everyday… His death is a reminder for social services to wake up and take action at the right time instead of hoping for the parents to improve. read an article of Sharon Shoesmith saying that she gathered all the Paracetamols in the house for her unfair dismissal… too bad she dint take the next step, i would have helped her.. if she really was guilty of her failure , she would have atleast kept her mouth shut and face the humiliation. RIP PETER , REMEMBERED U ON UR 5TH BIRTHDAY , THSI MONTH

  447. Leena and Dominic says:

    yes, Peter is still remembered… everyday… His death is a reminder for social services to wake up and take action at the right time instead of hoping for the parents to improve. read an article of Sharon Shoesmith saying that she gathered all the Paracetamols in the house for her unfair dismissal… too bad she dint take the next step, i would have helped her.. if she really was guilty of her failure , she would have atleast kept her mouth shut and face the humiliation. RIP PETER , REMEMBERED U ON UR 5TH BIRTHDAY , THIS MONTH

  448. Canadianmom says:

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if you could fill in a few details for me about Peter’s final resting site? Where were his ashes scattered . . . Is it Islington Cemetery? Is there a headstone to mark the spot? Who erected the memorial stone there and is it still there? Do people still drop off toys there? In some pictures in Islington Cemetery I see a semicircle of small saplings . . . Is there a garden dedicated to Peter? Was his funeral service just for family? In the interview with the grandma I thought she mentioned that his ashes were scattered by the father’s parent’s final resting place and that she hadn’t been there yet. Has anyone been there?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I have been relying on the Internet for answers and I am having trouble finding them. I hope to one day travel to London, maybe when my kids are older.

    I find myself wishing that the father would make a statement about Peter, share new pictures or tell a happy story about him. I know he wants to move on but Peter is so important to so many of us! I guess that would be intrusive . . . I know. Just wishful thinking. I also think he would probably open himself up to a lot of criticism if he spoke out. I keep wanting to know how Peter’s sisters are and if they think of him. I want to know what happened to Peter’s toys and his clothes (that didn’t have blood on them) and what his favorite toy was.

  449. Wendy says:

    The memorial to Peter is still there in St Pancras and Islington Cemetery in East Finchley. His memorial stone is located in the Garden of Remembrance. His memorial is located very close to a bird bath in Spinney No.2. His ashes were scattered near to his paternal grandmother’s grave – none of his family have erected a plaque in his memory, apparently to prevent those involved in his death ever finding his grave and visiting it – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/3476109/Baby-P-laid-to-rest-without-plaque-at-Londons-largest-cemetery.html

    There is a sea of toys and flowers scattered around the memorial spot, a black headstone was erected after the Sun newspaper sponsored the purchase and placed the memorial close to where his ashes were scattered – http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2583233/Baby-P-given-memorial-by-Sun.html

    Peter’s maternal grandmother was in no way qualified to speak. She was as bad and neglectful a mother herself as her daughter turned out to be. Th grandmother was herself a drug addict and a prostitute.

    I am sure that Peter’s sisters still think about him and will not forget him. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say in the future when they are old enough to speak out, just as the sister of the murdered 6 year old Australian boy, John Ashfield, did. They are in the custody of foster carers. Most of Peter’s clothes were taken in as evidence as – and you will be sickened to learn this – when police looked through the house for evidence after his death, they did not find one single article of his clothing that was not stained with his blood.
    What his favourite toy was we will probably never know; Peter’s father has never revealed such information. All he ever says is how he ‘never knew what was going on…’

  450. vera says:

    I doubt that Peter had a toy, let alone a favorite one. I did see him playing in that walker type chair when Barker was trying to kiss him . It was on his first and only birthday.
    I read that the teenager said that she witnessed Peter being so afraid when he played to let anyone notice him. He played with his head down very quietly. I guess he thought if he was noticed, it would mean more pain for him.

  451. Annette says:

    Makes me so mad. We just had a similar case of child abuse here in Louisville. A child beaten til he couldn’t stand and then beaten and beaten some more. The details are awful. The jury demanded the boyfriend get 90 years and the boy’s aunt get 20 to 30 years..The system is trying to make an example of these two and yet Tracy Connelly gets out in what? A years time? Why couldn’t she had at least gotten 20 years. The aunt tried to make the same case Tracy did but our system doesn’t accept excuses and lies like that.

  452. Wendy says:

    The problem with the sentencing is the judge changed the charge from murder – which it no doubt was – to one of ‘causing or allowing a death’…nobody knows why he did this almost towards the end of the trial, and he did not have to explain why because judges are not held accountable to the public. That needs to be changed. Even the jurors were shocked when he told them not to consider a verdict for murder – god knows what he was on about.

  453. Canadianmom says:

    If there was an inquiry into Peter’s death would the judge have to answer those question?

  454. Wendy says:

    Yes, which is why the Inquiry was cancelled…

  455. sheila says:

    I live in Shelbyville, wow we are close. I’ve not heard about the child in Louisville, can you fill me in? I did read somewhere that since Peter’s death, there have been many more children to die at the hands of their parents. What the hell is going on in England?

  456. Annette says:

    http://www.wave3.com/story/14353376/couple-sentenced-for-2-year-olds-death?redirected=true.. I don’t think it’s just in England hun…it’s here too. People are at their breaking point in their lives and some of them are turning on their children. That’s the only thing I can think of.

  457. sheila says:

    Thanks for the link. I dont think that I had heard anything about that. I do know that child abuse happens here, I guess that I just research so much about Baby Peter, that most of everything I find is happening in England. I wish that it didnt happen at all.

  458. Annette says:
  459. vera says:

    It angers me so much that the monsters that killed Peter were not in any way punished by the law. It’s as though they are temporarily being housed by the government until things cool down. The only reason that Barker is serving a longer sentence is because of the rape of the 2 year old.
    Why the hell weren’t they charged with murder?
    In the eyes of the law, how did this child die?
    Who murdered him?
    I just had a thought. If these bastards were not tried for murder, then can they be charged with murder at a later date? (Of course that’s if they survive the Public’s Rage after they’re released). 😕

  460. Canadianmom says:

    Let’s hope they can be charged with murder.

    The thought of those two living in society makes my skin crawl.

  461. vera says:

    Mine too.

  462. tahliah says:

    i swear, im and i think child abuse it disguisting he was a beautiful child, he didnt deserve what happened to him no one does, but this is soo1 sad, i cry at stuff like this, i hope his mum step dad and the other dude rots in hellllllll

  463. Canadianmom says:

    I read someting one time that Tracy said (apperently)about Peter’s horrific life and his abuse that has been bugging me. She said, “it didn’t happen the way they say in the newspaper.” and I have been wondering exactly what the hell that meant. Does anyone else remember reading that? What a stupid thing to say (not surprising, I know). Is she refering to the abuse that finally took his short little life? Is she saying it wasn’t as bad or as often as the papers made it out to be? You killed you baby boy, how could it NOT have happened like that? I am so annoyed by that comment because it’s like she is saying she doesn’t take responsibility for his death.

    I still think of you often Peter, and blow you kisses every night. You are loved little angel.

  464. Wendy says:

    I would not let her stupid words bother you – I doubt she could even read a newspaper and I seriously doubt she was ever given a copy to read. This woman lived in total denial about what was happening in her house so of course she would come out with such a lame remark. She also claimed she was scared of Barker and that was why she never stepped in to protect Peter…total rubbish again. The most she could ever do was deny what happened and when it comes down to it, however it happened, her child died with injuries to every part of his body.

  465. vera says:

    ‘My case is not as clear cut as the press has made out.’ That’s what the bitch said. Then she went on to speak of her dreams for her future. Going to school, and how she will never return to prison. She never mentions her baby boy. It’s all about her case.

  466. Wendy says:

    ‘My case is not as clear cut…’ – those words would have come from her legal team, she is nowhere near as articulate as that. She has reportedly claimed that on release she will do a lot of travelling (she will need to as people will give her no peace anywhere…) and that she wont be looking for a new man too soon. Heaven forbid…

    So long as they spay her first…

  467. vera says:

    You’re right Wendy. Of course they arent’t her words. I never thought of that. I hope her legal team is good and she gets out soon. I wish that when she’s released she gets the punishment that she so clearly deserves.

  468. vera says:

    During the Easter holiday, I went to visit my grandkids. The youngest one is 9 months old and crawling, laughing, crying; just being a baby!
    Of course, as always Peter is on my mind. While observing my little grandaughter, and following her around as she explores I am so careful that she doesn’t fall down a step, or pick something harmful up and put it into her mouth.

    Instead of getting that care, little Peter Connelly got just the opposite. He was purposely hurt.

    My son hates to hear his daughter cry. He wants to see her smile and laugh.

    Those bastards MADE Peter cry. They terrorized, tortured, and then murdered him. They deserve the same horror dealt to them, that they gave to Peter.

  469. serina says:

    you are soo whrigt about that…just the other night peter was in my dreams and i heard him scream and crying.soo awful…..

  470. Wendy says:

    I often wonder about the neighbours who heard his screams and yet did not do enough to alert police, or even confront those evil adults. Barker for one thing is a coward of the worst kind – he picks on babies and elderly women for his kicks. My dad always said that ‘ a bully always meets their match’ – when Barker does I would like to shake that person’s hand!

  471. vera says:

    I read that one neighbor, after learning of Peter’s death was surprised and said he thought the “family” who lived in the house was a nice family.
    More like the Manson Family.
    What about the neighbor who claims to have seen Peter eating dirt in the garden? It would’ve been better if she’d shut her mouth than admitted seeing Peter shoveling dirt into his mouth and not reporting it until after he was murdered.
    Maybe no one heard his screams. Maybe Barker muffled the sound somehow. He wrapped the baby in a cocoon like fashion inside a blanket so that he couldn’t move.
    Social workers, doctors, police, his grandmother, and his own dad knew that things were not right for that little baby. No one helped . No one cared. Too many people knew and not one person helped him. I think if Peter Connelly could talk and pleaded for help everyone around would’ve turned their backs on him. For some unknown reason, that little guy was invisible. Unloved. Now, only in death, he’s loved by millions. So sad. Not fair.

  472. Canadianmom says:

    Just put my boys to bed and as usual thought about little Peter. We say our prayer to Peter, which is a big deal for me because I’m not religious!!

    It’s sort of to the tune of Away in a Manger if you know it. I’d thought I’d share because we all have our own way of remembering our little guy.

    Be near him Lord Jesus,
    I ask thee to stay,
    close by Peter forever,
    and love him, I pray.

    I love you little Peter,
    look down from the sky,
    and watch over my babies,
    from morning til night.

    You are still in my thoughts everyday Peter. I blow you a kiss as I put my boys to bed and look at your picture before I turn out the lights. You are so sweet and beautiful . . . the perfect little guardian angle. Do the best you can sweetheart, so many need you.

  473. Canadianmom says:

    absolutely! So often I too see little kids, or my own playing or whatever and I think Peter will never have the chance to do that. Those three need to be dealt with severely.

  474. Wendy says:

    Wow that’s beautiful :)

  475. vera says:

    I’m not religious and this site is not about God. I truly hope God is real, because then, it would mean that Peter is finally FEELING the love. It would mean that Peter is finally KNOWING he’s loved. What a miracle that would be. To see his little beautiful face smiling, and happy, and giggling.
    Thanks for the prayer, Canadianmom.

  476. Canadianmom says:

    I too hope God is real for the same reason. I think Peter feels all the love we send him with our thoughts and our memories and the way we pay tribute to him.

  477. Canadianmom says:

    Oh, hell, yes! If there was ever a candidate for sterilization it would be her. Guarenteed she will fall back into old habits. It would be a public service to spay her!

  478. Wendy says:

    I think it should be a condition of her release – she could not be trusted and for some unknown reason there will be men who would sleep with her with or without the knowledge of who she is, lets face it a lot of men are not at all fussy. I sincerely hope that she is NOT reunited with her remaining children on her release and I will be staying on this to see what happens. She has displayed complete and total irresponsibility as a parent, complete and utter failure in every single area regarding the most basic behaviour expected of a mother- she must never be allowed another chance to try again because it is simply not worth another child’s life.

  479. vera says:

    I think that Tracey Connelly should never be allowed to breathe. She should be tortured, not spayed.
    If this monster is just not allowed to have any more babies, but is allowed to be in charge of anyone other than herself, it would be horrible. I am hoping she pays the ultimate price for what she has done to that baby. That poor little doll.
    I cannot even imagine that bitch getting any opportunity in life whatsoever.


  480. vera says:

    I sure hope so. :sad:

  481. vera says:

    I learned that Peter liked Winnie the Poo.

  482. vera says:

    Hi Everyone,
    In my forever quest to learn more about little Peter I found this. Type in these words and you will get to see lots of Pics of our little angel.

    À la douce mémoire de Baby P (Peter Connelly).Photos

  483. sheila says:

    Dear Peter. It’s been a while since I have been on. No worries baby, I didn’t forget about you as that isn’t easily done. I just wanted to come by to let you know that you’re on my mind daily. You are truly
    loved by many. I love you more with each little though of you. I hope you are playing and having fun. I love you baby Peter, sweet dreams, sleep with the angels.

  484. vera says:

    I did not forget Peter either.

  485. Jacob says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt such an emotional connection to a story. I see these pictures I can’t help but see my own little boy staring back at me with big innocent eyes, completely trusting, just wanting to be picked up and cuddled. I love my little boy so much and it makes me so sad and angry that there are children deprived and abused that are no less deserving of love.

    I keep thinking about how this baby probably knew only cruelty in his short little life. Wishing I could bring him back for just a little while to cradle and comfort so he’d have known what it was like to feel loved, and I’d know he knew it.

    I keep thinking back the timeframe this was happening, and what I was doing at the time, just living my day to day all while this child was being tortured. How many are enduring the same as I type this?

    I pray that there is a special place in heaven for baby P and other children that endure this treatment.

  486. Wendy says:

    Lovely thoughts Jacob – sadly one of baby Peter’s killers, Jason Barker Owen, will be released from prison within the next six weeks and the child’s mother, Tracey Connelly, is set for parole next year. Given the horrific circumstances of this story it is a travesty that their sentences were so lenient – barely five years for both of them and you can bet your boots that the authorities will be bending over backwards to ensure they will be protected once outside. Owen is requesting a new identity so nobody will harass him…I hope he spends the rest of his miserable life looking over his shoulder in fear just as that poor little boy had to.

  487. love baby p says:

    thats just sick how any one could do that

  488. Anna says:

    i don’t know this baby boy but he’s always on my mind. i have a 5 month old baby boy and i give him kisses and lot’s of hugs. i cry everytime i think of this baby p and all the pain and sufferings he went thru especially with that tiny body. i wish he was mind cause i will take good care and love him dearly. i just can’t believed that this assholes are getting out soon for murdering a baby this is sickening it’s making me more angry. i always think of you baby p.

  489. Sheila says:

    Thinking of you Baby Peter, Everyday! Your murderers will get what they deserve. It’s impossible to go the rest of your life not talking or laughing about what they did. Identity change or not.

  490. Jo davis says:

    Trash like these so called human beings should be thrown to wild pigs to be eaten alive. May they have eternal unrest

  491. vera says:

    I wish that. To be eaten alive.

  492. April¬¬ says:

    R.I.P baby boy you did not disurve what you got 😥 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  493. Wendy says:




  494. Nicole says:

    For all that is merciful on this earth we MUST reintroduce hanging for these monsters! 4 weeks old, WTF!!!!!!

  495. Vera says:

    Unfortunately one monster was already released

  496. vera says:

    Sorry I thought you were talking about the Connelly tragedy. Although anyone who does what these creatures do should HANG!

  497. Wendy says:

    Totally agree Vera.

  498. Aquasia says:

    Hi wendy,

    I am glad you have this going. I am from India. I would like share that I “stumbled” upon the topic of murdered children on the net and since then I am a changed person. It started with the James bulger story and i cried for months no end…then I “found” baby P and it just ripped my heart apart ….and then I thought that’s it It cant hurt anymore and boy was I wrong!!!! i read about Baby Brianna Lopes….I JUST DIED!!!!…I have a precious prscious precious little baby boy who is 10 months old and I cant imagine anyone so much as to talking to him in a harsh tone and or a high pitched voice let alone touching him…. and then I read this going on all around the world.. if I hadnt had my son i would SERIOUSLY need therapy to get over this…. i had soo many sleepless night… cried alone in the bhathroom so that my husband doesnt suspect what i am reading …he knows how much i adore babies and children… i am soo helpless so helpless how can people working with kids or for kids… NOT care enough how can u ignore the pain in silent eyes and tiny bodies withering in pain… i am not sure if you know about the baby brianna case…i hope people have not forgotten her too i keep looking at the dates of the comments posted just to know if they are recent i feel relieved to see “posted yesterday”…. i cant thank for all the people here who think this is “WROng” and we should bring back the death panalty…i have hope for the wrold with poeple like these …. ok i have no words now my heart is hearting again…. god bless our lost angels… i hug my little boy a few extra times now making them count for these little sweet hearts who never got them…. love and god bless you Wendy…sorry for the typos as my eyes are teary 😥

  499. Aquasia says:

    Yes Annette I am from India and yes I do belive in re-incarnation…But I dont know how far its common it might be one in a million cases where in something like this is even noticed anyways I would says love your baby boy through all your heart and mite and give him the best you can….. god bless you u and your little one…sorry for posting a year late!

  500. Wendy says:

    Hi Aquasia, the story of this little boy touches people around the world and it is wonderful that he is still remembered today, almost five years after his death. It is amazing how people still return here to leave a message in remembrance of Peter and it shows how much people are determined to continue to hold him in their hearts. If only he was as loved when he was alive…thanks for writing to us:)

  501. Aquasia says:

    Hi wendy, I am back here today again coz there is one though that keeps chewing at my brains and heart. I wanaa know if anybody else feels the same way. From what I have read on the net i learnt that the week end before the little angel was killed he had spent the night.. get this” ONE WHOLE NIGHT” with his dad over the weekend. how on earth did his dad miss his injuires???? from what I see on the net I understand baby P poor sweetheart had a broken back days before he actually passed away now i am sure he must have been in a lot of pain.. how did the father miss this??? did anyone question the dad?? did the police question him? From what I see on the net the injuries were horible and there is no way one would have missed it. How did his father not think of taking him to the doc when he had the chance. I wish i knew what had happened in this area.

  502. sheila says:

    It’s almost your birthday dear little man. I think about you daily, and wish that I could be holding you while you are laughing, having fun and feeling love from everyone. I can just imagine your sweet little voice. I can’t tell you just how much I love you! RIP little angel boy.

  503. Aquasia says:

    Hello, just wanted to leave a message for baby brianna , today would have been her 10th birthday… sweet sweet angel of love… mommys around the world love you sweetheart…..i belive god has sent into a loving and caring family now… rest in peace sweetheart and wish you a very happy birthday darling… I LOVE YOU BABY… SLEEP TIGHT!! 😥

  504. ann says:

    i cant believe they are trying to see if they can get their names changed legally when they get out of prison.12 years is what they got,WTF,drug dealers get more then that and why didnt the neighbors say anything about hearing screaming and do something,thats f***ed up

  505. wendy says:

    These people are cowards of the worst kind aren’t they? they can dish it out to a defenceless baby but want protection for themselves…….they should experience fear and pain as that baby knew it, that would be justice. They do not deserve to live in safety, they deserve to be afraid!

  506. Vera says:

    You’re right Wendy . They should experience every fear and pain that baby Peter experienced. Loneliness and despair should follow them all the days of their lives. I wish it were so easy just to put an evil spell upon these monsters. Unfortunately they’re able to eat, laugh, and be in touch with humans. All of which Peter was denied. I’m almost lost for words. I don’t know what to say anymore. It makes me so sad that justice for peter was never served. The only way I believe he will receive any justice is through vigilantism .

  507. Aquasia says:

    Oh god I just cant tell you guys I am so relived to see that people still remember the little angel. I was just thinking about baby P yesterday and wondering how many people still do? I so wish that we as the citizens of the world can do something to make life hell for these morons. Can you imagine our money being spent on protecting these bastards where as the people who were actually paid(social services)to protect the little boy did NOTHING!! One thing that has been eating me all this while and noone has any answers is the fact that how come the father is cleared of all the charges. Yes I might be wrong but please can someone tell me this….I know baby P visited his father two weeks before his death . How on earth can a father cannot notice his little boy’s ripped ear, broken neck and torn out finger nails??? I understand he bought the bullshit about the bruises from the trac(sh)y bitch but HOW CAN ANYONE HAVE A LOGICAL EXPLANATION FOR A BABY’S NAILS TO BE RIPPED OUT ACCIDENTLY???…The father also failed to notice the baby’s general distress?? Can u imagine how miserable the poor baby must have been??? How can a parent not know instinctively that something is horribly wrong… My heart bleeds to think that his father was the only one who could have REALLY saved baby P from the horror if only he would questioned more and not taken bullshit for answers..now the docs are saying his injuries were not normal “play” type ..but why dint someone think of this then???…. I so wish he could have done something…. I cant believe he held and hugged the battered baby just two weeks before his death and dint realize something was wrong…. I still cry for baby P..specially in March and August….. Sweetheart I love you my little angel… you were obviously too good for the world to have….you were a beautiful gift…. not appreciated by us mortals and we failed you darling (as humans and we will still all fail ones your tormenters will walk out of the prison..)..and therefore god rightfully brought you home sweety… RIP…love you!!!!….shame on us to think that his killers should even stay alive for a sec let alone be protected. Resent the fact that the little innocent baby’s killers will walk out of prison one day to carry on with their filthy lives where as SOMEONE/ANYONE… SHOULD/COULD HAVE WALKED OUT OF THAT HOUSE OF HORRORS WITH PRECIOUS BABY PETER IN THEIR ARMS…..STILL ALIVE….. 😥

  508. vera says:

    The whole point is that EVERYONE failed that baby and no one is or was held accountable.

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