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The kids are off to visit Nan and Granda- separation anxiety time! | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Apr 18

The kids are off to visit Nan and Granda- separation anxiety time!

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About three times a year the two youngest go off on the plane with their Dad to visit their Nan and Granda. They are usually gone for a week or slightly longer and they love going – but as they are leaving in a couple of hours time the experience is having it’s usual effect on me. I suffer dreadfully from that separation anxiety thing – I never go along with them but stay here to mind the fort. Don’t ask why – let’s just say that there are some things that Northern Ireland’s Good Friday Agreement didn’t resolve…

Anyway, they are off on the plane this evening and as usual I have that dragging feeling of impending doom each time I have to say bye-bye to them. I know it’s only for a few days but I am one of those people that does not handle too well the ‘saying farewell’ process. I know that air travel is infinitely safer than road travel; I know that pilots today are very highly skilled and are not allowed to imbibe alcohol 24 hours prior to a flight; I know that just because there is bad weather on the ground that does not mean that their plane will get tossed around like a salad several thousand feet up there.

I know that their Dad won’t lose them in the airport terminal; I know that there are not really armed kidnappers waiting to grab innocent children while their Dad is busy at the check-in counter…(well, sort of)

We mothers have fertile imaginations that can really go into overdrive when we don’t have our children under our noses where we are used to having them. Will Nan remember not to give them hard boiled sweets in case they choke? will Granda watch them like a hawk when he takes them to the park? will Dad remember not to let Granda drive the kids in the car after dark? (or at all – his eyesight is baaad) – are there any savage dogs living nearby?…

 I should also remember that for the next few days I will get more peace and quiet and time to myself than I know what to do with, I will be able to watch a show on TV that does not have a tellytubbie in it or play the Ballamory song and if I tidy the living area it will actually stay tidy…

One of these days I will probably be able to relax and enjoy it but, oddly enough, as soon as they leave I will be counting down the hours until they return (yes I am that hopeless, I really do that). Now, anyone know where I can get hold of the pilot for a quick chat about air safety…?

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