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The evil of the Jugendamt: one mother is reunited with the daughter stolen 38 years ago | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Oct 02

The evil of the Jugendamt: one mother is reunited with the daughter stolen 38 years ago

Tag: News,Victims of the Jugendamtwendy @ 12:36 pm

I have given this issue it’s own category because it is an evil being perpetrated in one of the founding nations of the European Union. One woman has related her own story – yet another – of how her daughter was stolen by ‘Youth Welfare’ authorities 38 years ago when she deemed to be ‘unfit’ as a mother. This is still happening today and the fight against the evil of The Jugendamt continues. I have sent emails to the BBC and it’s investigative program Panorama requesting that it look into this story and the people affected and caught up in it…so far nothing. It seems it is too big and too explosive to handle…

Here are other stories to make your blood run cold:

* Female German Scientist warns against bringing children to Germany

* Family Rights in Germanyand the Jugendamt

Video Clip: Jugendamt steals the seven children from the Haase Family

* Foreign parents denied access to their children stolen by authorities in Germany

Where are these peoples human rights as European citizens…? and why is this 21st century version of ‘Lebensborn’ still able to flourish with no opposition at all…?

Who is going to be made accountable for this and why is this NOT happening???

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2 Responses to “The evil of the Jugendamt: one mother is reunited with the daughter stolen 38 years ago”

  1. Olivier Karrer says:

    the newest production of CEED-WebTV is to be watched hereunder. It is story of a brazilian mother, Simone, living in Duesseldorf. A story of MODERN Germany:


    Here the explanation of the German JUGENDAMT made life on RAI TV by Dr Colombo in front of the President of the Appeal Court of Rom :


    Here a document of the European Parliament (2009) to explain what is modern German Jugendamt :

    kind regards.
    Olivier Karrer
    CEED Paris

  2. Wendy says:

    Hello Olivier and thankyou very much for this information – I shall view these links with great interest.

    All best wishes.

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