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Dec 01

The Dennis O’Neill Child Memorial

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I have taken the decision to rename this page in honour of a little boy whose death in January 1945 shocked people in the United Kingdom and around the world and instigated changes to ensure protection and better care for our most vulnerable children. His suffering and tragic death opened the eyes of a society that had for too long been closed to the issue of child abuse and neglect.

Dennis O’Neill was just 12 years old when he died lying beside his little brother, Terence, in a cold, stark bedroom on a bed of straw in the middle of a bitterly cold winter. The brothers had been living for six months with foster parents, Reginald and Esther Gough, on an isolated farm in Hope, Shropshire and had been subjected to extreme cruelty, starvation and neglect. The little boys endured vicious beatings every day until one final night when a particularly savage beating left Dennis’s abused and weakened body unable to cope any longer.

In memory of Dennis’s death and suffering and following the heartbreaking testimony of his ten year old brother Terence during the Gough’s trial, the Children’s Act of 1948 was implemented which laid down improved and more effective protocols in the fostering system and addressed the failings that were responsible for Dennis and Terence’s experience. Sadly, despite the changes made, children are still dying of abuse in the UK almost 70 years later. Council child welfare authorities are still getting it wrong. Since the Monkton Inquiry into Dennis’s death, over 70 more Inquiries have been held since 1945. We owe it to Dennis, and all those who have suffered the same fate in the years since, to be aware of a child who may be suffering. Today, children in foster care are better assured of a loving and secure foster home and less likely to suffer the horrors that Dennis and Terence O’Neill endured, but if we close our eyes and forget our duty to them it could so easily happen again.

Maria Colwell, John Smith ,Victoria Climbe, Baby Peter, Daniel Pelka….their names remind us that the system is still failing children nearly 70 years after Dennis died. It has to stop. It is up to all of us to keep Dennis O’Neill’s legacy safe – in his name and in the name of all children.


Dennis O’Neill – Born: 3rd March 1932, Newport, Wales – Died: 9th January 1945, Bank Farm, Minsterley, Shropshire, England. Cause: heart failure following repeated blows to the chest. Contributary factors: starvation; untreated chest infection; long-term systematic physical abuse and neglect by foster parents Reginald and Esther Gough. Inadequate monitoring of child by social services; failure to follow-up recommendation of immediate removal from foster home. Aged 12 years.

‘Toddler’ HoldsworthBorn: 1954, England – Died: 1956, England. Cause: prolonged physical abuse by mother. Aged 2 years.

Michael BuckinghamBorn: April 1965, England – Died: 16 January 1967. Cause: Prolonged physical abuse by father. Aged 2 years.

Maria Colwell Born: 26 March 1965 Whitehawk, England – Died: 6 January 1973, Brighton, England. Cause: internal injuries, brain damage, starvation through prolonged physical abuse by stepfather. Aged 7 years.

John Smith Born: May, 1995 – Died: December 24, 1999, Fishersgate, West Sussex. Cause: Prolonged physical abuse by foster parents Simon and Michelle McWilliam. Failure of Brighton and Hove Council social workers to remove child. Aged: 4 years.

 Victoria Adjo Climbie – Born: 2 November 1991, Ivory Coast, Africa – Died: 25 February, 2000,  London, England. Cause: Hypothermia, multiple injuries caused by prolonged neglect, starvation and severe abuse inflicted by great-aunt Marie Kouao and boyfriend Carl Manning. Failed by multiple Council, medical and Government welfare social service authorities including NSPCC. Aged: 8 years.

Peter ConnellyBorn: 1st March 2006, London UK – Died: 3 August 2007, London UK. Cause: Prolonged Abuse/Murder (mother and two males). Age – 17 months.

Dean Shillingsworth25 Feb 2005 Blacktown, NSW, Australia – 11 Oct 2007 Ambarvale, NSW, Australia. Cause: Murder (mother). Age – 2 years old.

John Erik Ashfield1987 – 5th August 1993, Nowra NSW, Australia, Cause: Prolonged assault/Murder (mother and boyfriend). Age – six years old.

Deraye Lewis – Born: 2001, England – Died: January 1st, 2005, Osborne Street, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, England. Cause: multiple internal injuries inflicted by Nicholas Halling, boyfriend of mother Donna Lewis. Catalogue of failures made by Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire social service agencies to monitor Deraye’s domestic environment. Aged: 3 years.

Violet MullenBorn: 2008 – Died: 12th January 2010, Huddersfield Rd Oldham, England UK. Aged 15 months. Cause: Murder (mother and boyfriend)

Kyra Ishaq2001- May 2008, Leyton Road, Handsworth, Birmingham. Cause: Starvation, dehydration, physical abuse by mother Angela Gordon and stepfather Jumaid Abuhamza. Age – 7  years old.

Joshua Jones – Born: 2006 – Died: 06/11/2007, Runcorn, Cheshire. Cause: prolonged child abuse/beaten to death by Wayne Davenport (boyfriend of mother Nichola Bowman). Aged 2 years.

Ryan Lovell-Hancox Born:25/10/2005 – Died: 24/12/2008, Wolverhampton Hospital. Cause: physical abuse/murder. Aged  3 years old.

Alfie GoddardBorn: March 2008 – Died: May 2008, Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Cause: abuse/murder (shaken and thrown to the ground by father Craig Goddard). Age – 3 months.

Amy HowsonBorn: 23/08/2006 – Died: 23/12/2007, Nelson Road Doncaster. Cause: prolonged abuse/broken back inflicted by father James Howson. Age – 16 months.

Abbie JamiesonBorn: October 2007 – Died: 8/02/2008, Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, Scotland. Cause: child abuse/murder by father Craig Jamieson. Aged 4 months.

Sanam Navsarka – Born: 2007 , England – Died: 8/05/2009, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Cause: child abuse/multiple broken bones and internal injuries inflicted by mother Zahbeena Navsarka and stepfather Subhan Anwar. Aged 2 years.

Charlotte AvenallBorn: 2001, England – Died: 12/09/2009, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Cause: accidental hanging/lack of parental care and supervision. Aged 8 years.

Hamzah Khan – Born: 2007, England – Died: 2009, Bradford, England – body discovered September 2011. Aged 4 years old when body discovered after death had occurred at age 2. Cause: Starvation.

Declan HaineyBorn: April 2008, Scotland – Died: Body discovered March 2010, death assumed to have occurred between July 2009 and March 2010. Aged 23 months. Paisley, Scotland. Cause: Abuse and neglect by mother, Kimberley Hainey.

Keanu Williams – Born: 2008, Torbay, Devon – died: January 9, 2011, Ward End, Birmingham. Cause: Child abuse, multiple injuries inflicted by mother Rebecca Shuttleworth. Failure of Torbay Council to implement protection plan. Aged: 2 years.

Rio Smedley Born: 2010, England – Died: April 2012, Breightmet, Bolton, England. Cause: Extensive injuries inflicted by Daniel Rigby, mother’s boyfriend.Aged 2.

Daniel Pelka Born: 15 July 2007, England – Died: 3rd March 2012 Coventry, England. Cause: Head injury, starvation, prolonged physical abuse by mother Magdalena Łuczak and stepfather Mariusz Krachek. Multiple failings by school staff and social services in monitoring child’s condition and domestic environment. Aged 4.

Mikaeel Kular – Born: 2009, Edinburgh, Scotland – Died: 14 January, 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland. Cause: Physical abuse;  extensive internal injuries inflicted by mother Rosdeep Adekoya. Failures by Fife and Edinburgh social care services in monitoring the child. Aged 3.

Chelsey Essex Born: October 2006, Rotherham, England – Died: January 2007, Maltby, England. Cause: Massive cardiac arrest resulting from stomach infection. Injuries noted: 13 broken ribs, infected nappy rash and tears to upper and lower lips of mouth inflicted whilst under care of unnamed foster parents. Aged 12 weeks. (No charges to date brought against foster parents Mr and Mrs ‘A’; couple have been de-registered as foster carers).

Kasey HambletonBorn: 2012, Blackpool, England – Died: 12th April, 2014, Alder Hey, England. Cause: fatal multiple non-accidental internal injuries. Conor Gibson 23 (mother’s boyfriend) charged with murder, mother 23 (unnamed) bailed on suspicion of murder. Aged 2 years.

Alfie Sullock – Born: July 2013, Caerphilly,  south Wales – Died: August 16, 2013, Caerphilly, south Wales. Cause: blunt force head injuries inflicted by mother’s boyfriend Michael Pearce, 33.  Aged 6 weeks.

Callum WilsonBorn: April 23 2010, Windsor, England – Died: March 20, 2011, Oxford, England. Cause: Multiple fractures and internal injuries including fatal brain damage after child was removed from foster carer and returned to mother. Mother, Emma Wilson, charged with murder. Aged 11 months.

 Roxie Jo-Anne ArcherBorn: April 2009, England – Died: 10 March, 2012, Ashton-Under-Lyne, England. Cause: Fatal head and brain injuries inflicted by mother’s boyfriend Ben Raftery, 21. Aged 23 months.

Scott McMillan – Born: 2011, USA – Died: November 6th, 2014, Pennsylvania ,USA. Cause: Multiple injuries to head and body inflicted through systematic abuse by mother Jillian Tate 31, and boyfriend Gary Lee Fellenbaum, 33. Aged 3 years.

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48 Responses to “The Dennis O’Neill Child Memorial”

  1. Mary says:

    What a lovely tribute to this beautiful little boy. He does matter and he is so special. I dont understand it myself….the overwhelming emotion and feelings that this child and his tragic life bring about. We have all heard these awful stories before. There is something about Peter…his sweet little face, his wispy blonde hair, the look in his blue eyes,angelic….so contradictory to the dark and savage way in which he was treated. Not to mention the cavalier manner in which his case was handled.
    I believe that little Peter is special and that his life had meaning. I would do anything to go back and save him, comfort, hold and love him. Unfortunatley, it is too late for that. I can only refuse to forget him and do my best to further the cause of other children like him. We owe it to Peter to fight for these innocent children. Through our words our actions and our votes.
    Rest in sweet peace angel. You are loved.

  2. Wendy says:

    Beautiful words for a beautiful angel.

  3. Eva says:

    The sweetest baby Peter, I love you, I wish I could have saved you, rest in peace and when my time comes I will find you in Heaven and give you lots of kisses and cuddles

  4. Mary says:

    Merry Christmas baby Peter. You are in my prayers today. I am making a donation to Smile Train in your memory :)

  5. Eva says:

    Merry Chistmas MY SPECIAL BOY!!!! I love you dearly and will never forget you!!! You have a special place in my heart forever!!!! You are with God our Father now but I miss you like mad!!!! Love you!!

  6. Wendy says:

    Merry Xmas to all you little angels – have fun up there!

  7. Mary says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful boy.

  8. helen says:

    Happy Birthday angel .

  9. Nancy Merritt says:

    Its a shame that this is the only way this beautiful little boy will be remember. WE need to protect our children and make sure another child does not suffer, all children are suppose to be loved. Rest in Peace Peter and play with the angels

  10. stephanie says:

    I read this story time and time again as I am so distraught that this could actually happen to a baby . I know have a baby boy of my own and am reminded every day to always cherish every waking moment with him and to love him every day. I will never understand nor do I every want to understand what could possess a mother to let someone hurt her own child..it’s crazy and she should be punished..an eye for a eye is what i believe in!!!

  11. Denise says:

    Eleven children killed by abuse in the UK in just two years who are already listed here. What does this say about us?

  12. Dina says:

    Rest in Peace sweet lil angel.

  13. Penny Manson says:

    I love you sweet Peter, beautiful baby boy. I would rock you tightly, safely in my arms, shower you with hugs and kisses. May God himself have been right with you consoling you, keeping the pain away. I hope you had some good times. But you are safe now, you have all the love you deserved all along. Your story had affected me so much. I just know you are happy now someone in New Jersey loves you.

  14. helen says:

    It is three years today since Peter was murdered and I am sure that I am not alone in remembering a little boy that I never knew but desperately wish I could have saved. I wonder how his mother feels today or is she just too damaged to comprehend the tragedy of his death and her part in it. He was such a special little boy and how sad it is that in death he should have captured the hearts of so many people and yet in his short life he endured so much suffering and fear.I know that I and many others will never forget him. Rest in peace Peter.

  15. Mary says:

    Rest in peace sweet angel. Im thinking of you on this day and every day :) You are loved.

  16. stephen says:

    having watched the story , again , after 6 months . I look at it now without the utter shock and horror of the first time , it made me ill .
    it still makes me shudder , what happened to that precious child , but now i want reprisal for him .
    Why in this day of eternal retribution , when everyone has to pay their dues are his pathetic murderers still alive .
    if i was offered the chance to give them lethal injection i gladly would , they are evil and deserve to die .

    I have said my piece . hope you are with the angels Peter , god bless .

  17. merryjo says:

    it was only this april 2010 that i come across his story & since that day i do not understand the kind of attachment i have for this angel Peter. in a way i am angry on how he was treated by the people who should be giving him love, caring & patience. i have a child almost the same age as Peter he is 14 months & there are times my child can be cranky & naughty but i cannot hurt him…& when my mom who takes care of him while i am at work gives him a spanking i get hurt as if my heart is being torn into pieces i do not understand why tracey connelly allowed that man to hurt her son…with the slicing of the fingertips–i cut my sons fingernails every weekends for hygienic purposes & keeping a child still is difficult & with steven barker doing the slicing of the fingertips & pulling of fingernails of the baby i picture it so horrific—i really feel pity towards this little boy & as a mother i want to impart to him love—i really wish there is a god & i wish he is with peter to take care of him —-rest in peace my angel peter…

  18. Wendy says:

    Thankyou for your kind sentiments but I must question why you allow your 14 month old baby to be spanked…? if your mother is your primary carer for your child in your absence I suggest you have a word with her – babies of 14 months should not be spanked, he is only a baby, how can a baby be naughty…?

  19. merryjo says:

    it is just a slight spank but even if i know it doesn’t hurt him that much i still cry over it & would ask my mom not to do that because as you’ve mentioned he is just a baby he doesn’t know what is right & what is wrong…but let correct i do not tolerant that since i am very aware of child violence.. my baby has a habit of hitting people with whatever is in his little hands of his or he even hits people with his own hands & would blurt out a giggle…he is very interested on electric sockets, he would go & reach cans & if he cannot reach it he would shake shelves (make shift ones) until all the contents falls down…he would roll over & make the cartwheel position (& believe me my heart would literally pound like a motorcycle on a highway) my son is very playful & very active….

  20. Wendy says:

    Time to baby-safe the house because when he starts walking…

    When my boys were small I had nothing on shelves that they could reach, in fact I didn’t get furniture like bookshelves until they were older. No coffee tables in the middle of the floor, nothing with sharp edges. Stairs were barricaded and I covered the light sockets with those safety socket covers – you can buy them easily in the shops very cheaply so get some asap. My house was very basic back then and I guess it will all happen again when I become a granny :)

  21. rachel says:

    I cannot get you out of my head dear baby peter, I think about your sweet little angelic face every day, and mostly every night when I tuck my baby boy in bed and kiss him goodnight…I always wonder if you ever got any goodnight kisses In your short life, god how I wish I could have been your Mommy little darling boy!!!!!!

    Just voicing my opinion on a comment I read above, I do realize that this is for a memorial for the sweet blue eyed baby p but I thought I could give my ideas on the matter…. first I would not call a child of that age naughty, nor would I spank them or allow anyone else to spank them!!! Children of that age are just exploring their surroundings and checking out their boundaries, they haven’t a clue they are doing anything wrong, so therefore how can you even remotely decide that they deserve a punishment for something that they don’t even realize is wrong????? I too have a little one, he slaps, occasionally bites…and is constantly into everything in sight but I use the method of distraction..because their attention span is so short at this age it’s much easier taking them out of whatever thing they are into, and either playing with them, or giving them another toy rather then telling them to stop, or no. As for the slapping thing, I always tell my little guy “that is not nice to slap, it hurts mommy” when you are telling him this it’s important not to smile, he needs to know you are serious. These methods seem to be working for us, remember every child goes through this stage at one time or another :) most of all always remember that we are all our children have in life in the beginning, so make them feel loved unconditionally and hug and kiss them every chance you get!!! Baby Peter in heaven, I feel love for you like you are my own baby boy, and you’ve touched my heart in a way that it will never be the same; we printed off a picture of you little boy and we have it hanging on our wall, you should have been all along babe but you are loved now my sweet!! Have fun flying with the angels.

  22. Dannelle says:

    Rachel, your little boy is lucky to have you as a mommy. It is so sad that baby Peter is so loved by so many of us and yet he was not blessed with any of us as his mommy. I did not like my little boy climbing into my bed at night until I read this story about baby Peter who was so alone and so hurt, with no mommy to hold him and protect him. Now I take my baby boy into bed with me and cuddle him tight against me because you never know which cuddle will be your last. Doing this has made me realise how much I adore him and how important it is for mothers to hold their children as much as possible. When I hold my son close to me I also feel as though I am holding little Peter as well, I wish I could have saved him.

  23. serina says:

    fly precious one
    your endless journey has begon…..
    your in my heart little boy….
    I often think about you en what i had done to save you if i had lived near by you…i still think what i can do for you wright now…for your justice…those evil cariers are locked up now…but when they are getting free…there punishment begins….believe me…..the whole world is angry……. your in my mind little one…….

  24. sheila says:

    To Peter: You are a very loved little man. I think of you every day, and my heart breaks with every thought of each tear you shed. It has been more than a year now, that I have loved this little man, I have several pictures of you and look at them as often as I can. I love you little man, rest in peace

  25. Kerry says:

    I read a story about little Peter two months ago, after deliberately avoiding it since it all became public. I have not stopped crying ever since and was told by my family to go to the doctors because they thought I was depressed. I too keep looking at his pictures and looking at sites like these as I can’t stop thinking about him. I am surprised at how many people feel exactly as I do, how they wish Peter were their own son and could hold and care for him the way he should have been. So many if onlys – I think of ways he could’ve been saved, what I would’ve done if I were the teenage girl, the grandmother, the social worker, doctor, a neighbour. I just cannot believe how many people let him down. There will always by degenerates who take pleasure in hurting innocents, but what really angers and hurts me are the people who could’ve helped him; the people who knew and didn’t do anything and the people such as the A&E doctor and the social worker, who should’ve known but missed his later horrific injuries through laziness and incompetence. To me that is unforgivable. I think about him when I see my daughter’s hands, when I put her into her cot, when I come home and she’s snuggled on the sofa with her dad watching a Disney DVD….every time I look at her, I just think ‘he should’ve had all this too’ . Although I never had the pleasure of meeting him, I dont think I will ever come to terms with the fact that this has happened to him in front of so many people and nobody helped him. I imagine what his life would be like here with us, how his bedroom would look even, and it’s so pointless because he’s gone and none of the pain he suffered can be taken away. I am heartbroken. I really hope you are out there somewhere Peter and you can feel all the love people have for you. You are in my thoughts always. I wish we could’ve saved you. xxxx

  26. Canadianmom says:

    Kerry, thank you so much for your honesty. I finally feel like I am not alone in my grief for Peter! I am also seeking councilling because I can not get his suffering out of my head . . . I wake up at night and I can’t get back to sleep because I think of him, I think of what his personality must have been like so damaged, how he was hungry all the time, how he was in so much pain. I watch the internet for news and I feel comfort in the postings from all of you. I feel like Tracy Connelly owes ME and the rest of us who cannot forget an apology! How dare she let something like this happen! I can’t believe she hasn’t taken her life . . . how can she live with herself? God, what does that tell you about her? If something ever happened to my boys, especailly if I caused it . . . Keep those other children of her’s away from her! Don’t force them to relive the horror they witnessed. She is unremorseful, given the chance she will fall back into her usual habits. No more chances, social services . . . you don’t serve the criminal, protect the children!!!

  27. kerry says:

    She must be an unbelievably selfish and deluded woman. I have read recently, apparent extracts from letters that she has sent from prison saying how she misses sex and is going to have fun when she gets out. Also that saying that she has to believe there is a heaven so she can see her little boy again. This mortifies me, I am completely distraught by what has happened to him and his own mother clearly has other things on her mind. I do not believe in heaven but if there is one I’m pretty damn sure she won’t be going there. The problem with this country is that in general people just don’t care. If they cared then the medical profession, Police, Social Services, neighbours, health visitors,MP’s would not have left him to die. If they cared, the murderers would not have received such ridiculously short sentences.After dumping Peter’s bloodied clothes and hiding out in woods for over a week following his death, Owen was even released on bail!! during which time he changed his name by deed poll and nearly escaped the country. If all criminals were treated like criminals and sentenced appropriately, according to their crimes, they would not be free to commit more crimes. I cannot believe we live in a country where a man only recieves a 10 year sentence for torturing, mutilating and brutally beating a toddler to death. It’s completely crazy.

  28. vera says:

    you are so right Kerry

  29. Kerry says:

    Happy Christmas little Peter. Thinking of you today as always. you should be running around playing with your presents and laughing, if only. Xxx

  30. serina says:

    hello kerry
    jou are so not alone… ive been trough the same…i was down .. it was like a stone in my stomic….crying at night..couldn,t sleep…my boyfriend sad ..why are you crying?? even today i look at his video every day …since i came to know about peter…and every child who died off severe torturing….. it made me do something with children…were going to be foster parents for crisis children who are going trough this………i have also a son ..ryan is 3 now…born august 8 just after peter died………..

  31. kerry says:

    Hi Serina, me too. I have applied to become a foster carer although I am getting nowhere at the moment as the agencies are concentrating on older children and I have a young daughter so I am getting turned down. I have also applied for volunteer work, visiting struggling families with young children who may be at risk. I know if I was one of the people visiting his house I (along with countless others) would have seen the wood for the trees and got him out of there one way or another. It’s too late to help him now but at least we can still help others 😐

  32. Wendy says:

    A mum at my children’s school is also a foster mum and currently has two children aged under four in her care – even though she deals with them on a frequent basis she hates social workers for the reason that so many of them get carried away on their little power trips that they refuse to listen when she has something to say. She has seen many kids taken from her and replaced into dreadful homes for the sole reason that ‘the mother deserves another chance’. Very often it is all about the mother and that is why Peter died. It was all about Tracey-fucking-Connelly and not about that poor child. We do need so many more foster carers, it is a very hard job and often you will feel like banging your head against the wall when they make a decision that you know is wrong for the child you have cared for. That’s part of it – but god knows we need them…sadly.

    One thing also – what a shame they are stricter on allowing people to become foster carers than they are on people becoming parents – going by the qualifying criteria Tracey Connelly would never in a million years have been accepted as a foster carer and yet they allowed her to keep that poor little baby. It does not make sense does it…?

  33. vera says:

    No it does not make sense.

  34. Annette says:

    Peter’s Prayer

    Though we did not know you
    We love you just the same
    If we could have saved you
    We would have saved you from your pain
    We place your photos on our wall in love
    To invite you in our home
    Here you’ll find the love you needed
    And you’ll never be alone
    This home is filled with love
    Take as much as you wish
    Enjoy the warmth, laughter and adventure
    That in life you had missed
    If we could wrap our arms around you
    And cuddle you so much
    know that you are loved
    By the people that you have touched

  35. Wendy says:

    Lovely :)

  36. Mary says:

    What a sweet poem,thank you for sharing it with those of us who think of Peter and love him always.

  37. akinola luther jackson ajala says:

    Peter, Elohim, Osiris, Thor, Wotan and all the hosts of heaven- Archangel Michael awaits to receive you back home. Rest in blissful sleep. I love you than my mind can convey.

  38. Annette says:

    I figured this would fit well right here. I wrote this for you little guy. I hope you enjoy it. It’s your lullaby. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=342138&songID=10402496&showPlayer=true&ref=nf

  39. Canadianmom says:


    your lullaby was beautiful. I thought it was sorrowful yet peaceful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  40. Rob says:

    I will never forget Peter. He will always remain in my heart and soul. Thank you for making this memorial. God bless you.

  41. pam says:

    God has saw all and knows all. He will be the final Judge. ALL our sweet childern are now sitting around our Jesus Christ. Peace little one’s.

  42. im a mum says:
  43. Wendy says:

    Yes I remember little Jaidyn Leskie – the mother’s boyfriend killed him no doubt about it. That poor child was surrounded by useless adults.

  44. Kimberley says:

    Fly high with the angels Dennis, always remembered. RIP.

  45. A Mom says:

    To Dennis O’Neill safe in the arms of Jesus.

  46. allan says:

    To Dennis O’Neill

    Sometimes God picks a flower that’s still in full bloom.
    Sometimes the flower that is chosen, we feel He’s picked too soon.
    We’re at peace knowing; in God’s heavenly garden,
    He has placed the ones we treasure.
    You have changed our lives forever.

  47. Sarah Lambert says:

    70 years ago you went to sleep and escaped the pain and hurt of this world I hope your sleep has been a peaceful one. Forever in the arms of angels. RIP Dennis O’Neill X

  48. Denise says:

    Sleep tight Dennis 70 years on we wont forget you X

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