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Rebecca Stevenson: how do we stop women like this from breeding? the solution could lie with you men. | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Nov 17

Rebecca Stevenson: how do we stop women like this from breeding? the solution could lie with you men.

Tag: Family Life,Female Topics,Newswendy @ 1:03 pm

rebeccastevensonWe need to do something about women like Rebecca Stevenson, we need to do it fast and we need the assistance and co-operation of the only people in society who can do something that will actually make a difference…men.

That’s right – men. Rebecca Stevenson is one of an all too common breed that blights our community these days – deadbeat women who have multiple children to multiple men and then drag them up in a haze of squalor and rank irresponsible immorality. Rebecca Stevenson is 22, has four kids to three men and one night not long ago locked all four of those kids in her dingy council-owned flat and went out binging on alcohol and drugs for 24 hours. The ages of those children ranged from 12 weeks to four years and they were discovered in the most chaotic state after the four year old leaned out of the window crying for her mother.

The children were found filthy, dehydrated, starving and – though unbelievably – alive. The baby was in the worst condition having not been fed since the day before, police found heartbreaking evidence that the four year old had climbed a ladder to reach a tin of milk formula placed out of reach on a high cupboard so that she could try and feed her baby brother. The children were filthy and extremely distressed, the flat was a pigsty and had not been cleaned for what appeared to be a long time. This woman, Stevenson, turned up hung over and out of it, 24 hours later – by which time her children could very well have been dead had the little girls screams not been heard.

Just what does it take to get through to women like this…? certainly no court because a magistrate has just handed her a 20 week suspended sentence with an 8 week night time curfew – why was this woman not given a custodial sentence…? she deliberately placed her children in a dangerous and potentially tragic situation as well as from the clear evidence that showed the children were malnourished and in a neglected state of welfare. Let’s not make any excuses for women like this – four children under four with the two youngest born within a period of 15 months suggests a lifestyle of sexual irresponsibility and the complete inability to care for herself let alone those children.

The parenting course she is being made to undertake is a joke – some women are just not cut out for motherhood or the intelligence to deal with the consequences that go with having unprotected sex with a variety of men. Taking these children off them is one start, mandatory sterilisation is another option though find one politician with the courage to even raise the issue. Call me simplistic, even naive, but are there any men out there willing to take a lot more responsibility for the children they help to create with women like Rebecca Stevenson?

Not  merely in a financial or emotional sense, but by simply avoiding sleeping with women such as her like the plague!

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6 Responses to “Rebecca Stevenson: how do we stop women like this from breeding? the solution could lie with you men.”

  1. ola says:

    What happened to the children? Did the authorities take care of them?

  2. Wendy says:

    The children were in a very poor condition when police broke into the flat – they are now in the care and custody of their grandparents. Having sad that, considering how many sets of grandparents these children have with three fathers between them, it is said they are being cared for by this woman’s parents. I wonder about that choice seeing how this woman has turned out but social services have seen fit to place them with them. You cannot continue to make excuses for these women – the way she is lives is due to her own personal choice, she probably had a decent upbringing but is just a useless case herself. It was her stepfather who reported her on previous occasions for neglecting those kids.

  3. Brian Fingerton says:

    Unfortunately most men who father the children of women like this are equally feckless.
    In all seriousness, what man of any substance would want to sleep with a dumb, dirty slapper like her?
    Aside from not finding her attractive, there would be a concern about what you might catch.
    Someone sleeping with her is probably useless, desperate and taking advantage of an ignorant, immature girl with no self esteem, thus probably not amenable to your exhortations.

  4. Wendy says:

    Thanks Brian, I always value comments from men on these kinds of topics for one reason; any comments I receive supporting or apologising for women like Ms Stevenson – and amazingly even the mother of Baby P – always, always come from other women. Never men. I never know what to make of that – in all of the articles I have written here regarding feckless women, abusive women only other women defend them. It is the men who always come out in support of the child/children. I have not one single comment from men here making excuses for Baby P’s mother yet several from women doing so…why? it seems only women are willing to make excuses for such appalling behaviour.

  5. lee says:

    i can say this woman has turned her life around,no condoning what she did but she is working and seeing her kids,she is nothing like she used to be a few years ago,no drugs or drinking,she doesnt even go out..and in response to the comment wendy made,no she did not have a decent upbringing..people respond diffrently then others,it can mess some people up,or some people jus get on with their life..its not there fault,its hard wired in to their dna

  6. wendy says:

    That’s good to hear and I hope she continues. Sometimes we need a wake up call…

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