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Kerry Parker and Oliver Smith – smile, you’re on record as child abusers! | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Feb 25

Kerry Parker and Oliver Smith – smile, you’re on record as child abusers!

Tag: News,Our Lost Childrenwendy @ 8:50 pm

It makes me sick to know that our taxes are supporting the lifestyle choices of feckless morons like 21 year old Kerry Parker and her 17 year old boyfriend (wow, she likes ’em young eh?) Oliver Smith from Temperance Place Ryde on the Isle of Wight. Like many of their ilk they live their worthless lives through Facebook, posting odious images of themselves on their profiles assuming other people actually CARE, and fittingly this has proved to be their undoing.What idiots…but it gets worse folks.

Ms Parker has, unfortunately, produced a child. This misfit is the mother of a two year old boy – just 15 years younger than her boyfriend mind you – so sadly once again we realise just how tragic it is that we cannot choose our parents. This woman’s esteemed lover decided it would be a good laugh to encourage her two year old child – not his by the way…of course – to climb into the tumble drier where he closed the door on the little boy and captured this hilarious moment on camera. I don’t know about you but enclosing small children in tumble driers has, in the past, resulted in hideous tragedies. But these two odious no-brainers thought it was so funny they would share the image on Facebook with other like-minded people. I am sure that there were plenty too. This witty caption accompanied the photo…“OMG, found my son in the drier! LMAO”

Not so thought the little boy’s natural father who was appalled by what he saw and called the police. The sentences they received are not worth reporting – supervision orders for her and ‘rehabilitation and curfews’ for him. I’d like to grab her by that ludicrous ponytail of hers and wrap it round her stupid fat neck! a good example for enforced sterilisation if ever there was one. That poor, poor little boy – we can only pray that he wont be spending too much more time with her.

The only pleasure I get out of stories like this is that I play a part in ensuring their names, faces and crimes are recorded for posterity on the internet. They can never escape their actions.

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3 Responses to “Kerry Parker and Oliver Smith – smile, you’re on record as child abusers!”

  1. Nicole says:

    She has that uneducated-council-estate-chav look written all over her, just check out that flatscreen tv-forehead fronting an empty, thick skull for a start.
    That child should be with his father, in fact most kids should be taken off mothers like this and given to their fathers. Mothers and their boyfriends are the worst dangers a child can face these days.

  2. Lewis says:

    Classy eh? 21, a mother, and has a teenage boyfriend not yet old enough to vote. Labours most enduring legacy – brainless chavs who breed.

  3. vera says:

    That’ just the beginning. If that child is not removed from the moron’a care, he will suffer worse abuse in the future.

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