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India calling Australia a racist country…? don’t make me laugh! | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Jan 07

India calling Australia a racist country…? don’t make me laugh!

Tag: Australia,Newswendy @ 11:28 pm

I wonder what is being done to find the killer of the young Australian woman who was brutally murdered whilst travelling in India a short time ago…

I also would like to know how far the Indian authorities in Goa have progressed in tracking down the killers of 15 year old British girl Scarlet Keeling, and 65 year old Aussie John Kallie in 2008…and that Australian Pastor who was burned to death in his car with his two little boys in some Indian backwater about ten years ago…

In each of these cases the families told of how disgracefully the Indian authorities treated them in their time of grief – racist no doubt.

But the answer to these questions would be a resounding NO – because they treat tourists with contempt in India, especially those who have the misfortune to become  another one of that countries countless murder victims each year. But the Indian media is too busy jumping up and down and screaming about Australian police right now because an Indian student was murdered in Victoria just recently, and you rarely get an Indian being murdered in Australia…plenty of them kill each other though where they come from. They are ranting about Australian police being ‘racists’ (of course, the catchword of the century…) and have published an extremely offensive cartoon in New Delhi’s ‘Mail Today’ painting the Victorian Police as members of the KKK…

racistindiancartoonOf course yet another example of how white people can be called racist but it is impossible to be racist towards the white race…

Like I said the police are investigating the murder – it was tragic for the man to die in the manner he did – but he was not he only murder victim in Australia of late. At least the police are looking for the killer/s – which is more than you can say for the police in a country that retains the vile ‘caste system’, practices ritual burning of young brides and where parents abort ‘worthless’ baby girls…

Then again if Australia is such a ‘bad place’ for young Indians to be, as has been declared in India recently, then please, by all means, let all those Indian students holding work permits feel free to leave Australia, vacate the jobs they have taken from Australian people and return to their ‘safe’, ‘secure’ and ‘tolerant’ homeland.

Don’t let our tolerant and migrant-weary nation hold you back from leaving – and shut the door on your way out won’t you…?

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82 Responses to “India calling Australia a racist country…? don’t make me laugh!”

  1. Carly Brownrigg says:

    Too true and glad you wrote this – they get a pretty good deal in our country so they should not be complaining. They get all the jobs, top priority for University placements, own every petrol filling station under the sun, also the bakeries, McDonalds franchises, pharmacies…where the heck did they all come from?

    People here are getting fed up with it though – you feel out of place in your own neighbourhood these days. And they wont employ Australians in their businesses, only each other. Like you said, and like many people here are saying, they can just leave if they don’t like it. I wish they would.

  2. Wendy says:

    Well I am thinking 32,000 murder a year in India compared to 250 a year in Australia – and it is well known that violence towards foreigners generally comes from within their own community.
    I don’t know why the Indian media is carrying on so much – but they certainly have shown themselves to be extremely racist by that cartoon…we Australians are so used to having that stupid term applied to us that we think ‘what the heck, if that’s what they want then lets give it to them!’

    Nobody is forcing them to go to Australia.

  3. john says:

    “Cultured views”? Please spare us… I think the Indian cartoon is ridiculously over the top, but it’s surpassed only by your ignorant views on Indian migrants. Do you really believe these people have “taken” all the petrol station jobs from hard working Australians? You don’t think these people have taken these jobs because Australians don’t want them? That the pay isn’t good enough? Thank christ people like you aren’t in charge of immigration policy!

  4. Wendy says:

    I could do a far better job than that which is being done now – are you making money out of the Indian migrants then…? you sound as though you are…

    ‘Migrants take the jobs that locals don’t want…’ – yeah, yeah we all know that one, it is the common explanation for those who like to bury their heads in the sand about this issue. Amazing how we Australians don’t want to work but are still able to create the bloody jobs to GIVE to these people !

  5. Mags says:

    Wendy, you’re an embarrassment to Australia and you’re doing nothing more than confirming the belief that Australia is a racist backwater country.

    You make rather large claims with no references and play on stereotypes.

    This attack on various ethnic groups is continual and immature. If it’s not Indians, it’s the Chinese. Once Asia’s had a fair beating, then there’s the continent of Africa. And after being bored, it’s back tot the good old Middle East with further ridiculous claims that people there are sleeper units for Al-Qaeda. And then when all that’s exhausted, Aboriginals are lined up and aligned as social welfare delinquents.



    This rhetoric is getting old and tired.

  6. Wendy says:

    You really need to get out and see some of the world – you have a very small-town outlook there…and you forgot to mention in your little speech that only white people are racist. ‘good old Middle East’…? of course – Yemen is an undiscovered paradise for people like you.

    Take your blinkers off!!!

  7. Monica says:

    John is ALP all the way – you can always smell them after they’ve been somewhere; they like to stack the community with foreigners, give them all they want and then secure their votes. That’s why Rudd has reopened the doors to the flotsam that is floating into our waters these days – new voters to replace the wisened up natives!
    We all know how hard it is to get work when these people move in and so do you deluded John. God I hate bleeding hearts like you!

  8. Wendy says:

    It seems if you are coloured then your voice is louder when it screams the ‘r’ word – of course white people are NEVER the victims of racism…noooo never. Even a cartoon depicting white police as the KKK is considered a bit of harmless fun…a cheeky little prank and how dare we take offence!

    I hope Australians don’t take this lying down because no way would a Sydney newspaper cartoonist get away with depicting some Indian persons as a bunch of ignorant racists…even though they are guilty of some of the worst kind of racial and social intolerance there is.

  9. Toby says:

    A Sydney newspaper editor wouldn’t allow such a cartoon because Sydney newpapers know their bread is buttered by “white” Australians.
    I doubt you understand what intolerance is since you demonstrate it so well. Didn’t expect anything less from your “contribution”.

  10. Wendy says:

    White Australians seem to matter for nothing in Australia these days – there’s Rudd running off to India to appease his mates there but he refuses to meet one Western Australian farmer…of course if Peter Spencer dies thats fine – but we cannot have other countries calling us racists can we…?
    If I was intolerant I would simply delete your comment – as I usually do with the usual spam that comes from blogspot contributors…

  11. Toby says:

    For someone so “worldly” & “cultured” you are amazing. At being defensive. But of course you have to let opposition voice in, you don’t want the neo nazis being your readership.

  12. Wendy says:

    I consider myself amazing too – I let anyone have a say here, I respect other points of view and so long as they are not full of profanity ( because that’s for people with limited vocabulary ) I publish what they post. You probably would not know a neo-nazi if you fell over one – but it is nice, trendy term and very popular right now…oh, and ‘stasi’ – there’s another popular word-of-the-moment. I’ve not been called that yet and I would like to add it to my list!

  13. Carly Brownrigg says:

    Wendy they must be short on news in India right now – or there is a cricket test coming up? since when do they care about murders in that country given their own crime rate.

  14. john says:

    So Wendy are you just cracking the shits here because you’re not skilled enough to get a job behind the counter at a servo??? You ‘dark’ on the world because a bunch of people with different coloured skin have taken all the unskilled work? Maybe it’s just your attitude to other people that makes you unemployable?

    Monica, you strike me as the sort of person who sports a ‘fuck off, we’re full’ bumper sticker on her car… would I be right?

    To be brutally honest, I’ve never had any trouble getting work either here, or around the world, because of “these people”. But I have had trouble feeling proud to be Australian at times because of the small-minded, ignorant attitude of “you people”.

  15. monkeypants says:

    Culture: development or improvement of the mind by education or training.

    i totally understand the reaction to the media manufactured madness out of India regarding the death of the indian student in Victoria. We are a first world country and india is still a third world country and i’m sure for many indian nationals they dream of living somewhere safe and wealthy like australia so their shock of a fellow indian being murdered here is completely understandable. Unrealistic because it could happen to anyone but understandable.

    Caucasians are obviously less likely to experience racism because in western countries we are the majority. However when it does happen we all get freaked out about it. All i can say is, use it as an opportunity to understand someone elses experiences. It will only ever be a temporary situation for most of us.

    And no i am not a bleeding heart or labour supporter. Simply a white aussie girl, with an average education who recognises that in generations not so long ago this country was built by many, many brave immigrants so we could live this incredibly blessed life we all have here.

    Cultured behaviour in my mind would suggest compassion and well developed awareness of a world bigger than the one immediately in front of us.

  16. Wendy says:

    I have gone out and experienced much of this world and also experienced prejudice and racism – have you…?

    I also wonder why the Indian media does not jump up and down when an Indian citizen is assaulted or murdered in the UK…?as if their govt cares about it’s citizens abroad…it is like Gareth Evans apologising to the Indonesians years back when the ABC satire ‘Embassy’ offended one or two of them…it was pathetic. We owe no apologies to anyone.

  17. Sam says:

    Using monkeypants’ theory as a starting point, I offer the following:

    This is possibly because Indians are far from being a minority in the UK. In many parts of the UK people of Asian decent are fast becoming the majority. This, combined with decline of the standard of living in the UK, are the possible reasons why Indians are not so shocked when and Indian is bashed in the UK – their expectations are much lower. Over time, as people of Asian decent become the majority in Australia, the overreations at these events from the Indian homeland will decrease.

    We just need to hope that the Chinese continue to need lots of iron ore from us, or we will suffer a worse decline in standard of living to what has been seen in the UK.

    The reason why the government wants (needs) mass immigration is to pay for the pensions of the baby boomers via increased income tax revenue. I hope it works or we could be in for a long peiod of deterioration. However, whenever I drive past a Centrelink branch I have serious concerns that we are heading in the right direction.

  18. monkeypants says:

    yep, i have lived overseas on and off for a long time now. i have travelled extensively and experienced racism especially in asian countries. But guess what? i was the odd one out in their country and I don’t judge a whole race by individual sentiments of racism.

    racism is prevalent universally, but here in australia, where we are well educated and better off than most of the planet we ought to be the grown ups and not do it because they did it first.

    we can afford to be the bigger person on so many levels. the chip we carry on our shoulder as a country is like the short man syndrome – full of bravado and an overwhelming sense of entitlement.

    we are a small inconsequential country on the grand scale of things and whilst i certainly don’t believe we should bend over and be shafted, i do believe we must adapt to fit in with a grander scheme if we wish to survive internationally.

    you never lose anything by apologising if someone has been offended. it doesnt mean that you are backing down, it simply implies that you recognise that they were uncomfortable with the situation. everyone cools down and you can start negotiating again. effective communications 101.

    we don’t honestly know what the media does internationally about indian nationals in strife. i’m sure the rivalry from sport certainly spurs on the testosterone driven responses with oz, but the media on both sides also are having a hay day with the massive overreaction to their beat ups. we play right into their moneygrubbing, fear mongering hands.

  19. monkeypants says:

    “Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.”

  20. Wendy says:

    Tell that to the French who have made Nationlism policy – I lived there – and they would be damned before they allowed their national identity be threatened by introduced cultures – see how they have banned women wearing the burqca? it will happen in the UK soon.

  21. monkeypants says:

    what is our national identity? the french identity has had roughly over a thousand years cultivate.

    To my mind australia is about a young country built on introduced cultures with plenty to offer people who are prepared to come here and make it a better place by working hard and enjoying the fruits of their labour.

    we are a very mixed pot thank god. that’s what makes it so wonderful and so frustrating all at once. our national heritage is based on building a better place in a harsh country to live together in peace.

    have i missed something else?

  22. Wendy says:

    Yes, your comment regarding the French having 1000 years to ‘cultivate’ an identity – wrong on that one, they have been invaded by English several times over the centuries – their modern day identity as French only dates back to the first republic as declared in the 1700’s after the revolution, having children who learned French history in a French school you get a different perspective of things.
    Your ‘introduced cultures’ theory is a pipedream – pure fluff – how tragic that we have bred a generation like yours that considers it wrong for 3rd, 4th and 5th generation Australians to want to retain some semblance of the country they helped to build. Are white Australians not allowed to have an identity of their own…? this is happening in the UK, it is considered unPC for white British to consider themselves THE British – it seems anyone can now adopt the title.

    Live together in peace…? tell that to those living in the Western Suburbs of Sydney where Lebanese gangs and Muslim bikie gangs have created social problems – you can have your ‘mixed pot’ thankyou.

  23. Sam says:

    Really? I thought that culture and diversity were a good thing.

    By doing away with this diversity you will create a boring, homogenous planet. Different cultures and diversity grow from seperation and independence.

  24. Wendy says:

    Exactly, and diversity of opinion must be respected. As soon as one is deemed racist you create an ‘us and them’ situation.

  25. Michael says:

    John, I really don’t know why you are so fired up over this post. It’s not at all racist, as you have wrongly stated on Twitter. As my 15yo daughter would say, take a chill pill.

  26. Wendy says:

    Micheal, these lefties just love the term ‘racist’ – makes them feel very holier-than-thou when they fire it at you and it is only used by types who cannot produce an original thought. Just shows how narrow a life they have lived to consider what I write as racism and what the Indian press did as merely ‘over the top’…also proves how muche of a threat it is to some people when you use your right to say what you have to say. I couldnt care less what the backward Indian media has to say or do – but they are hyprocritical in the extreme.
    Monekyface is living in a dream world with his/her ‘mixed pot’ idyll – I worry for Australia I really do…

  27. john says:

    Michael, if I didn’t know you a bit better than your comment would imply I’d tell you where to stick that chill pill :) It’s a shame, but I don’t think this mob can be lured to twitter, although there is some further debate here: http://bit.ly/69OuOV

  28. monkeypants says:

    Wendy, i don’t know where you live but i grew up in a stock standard middle class suburb in Perth in the 1970’s and our immediate neighbours were: english, italian, dutch, indian, singaporean, burmese, vietnamese, greek, aussie, german. My view i appreciate is significantly different to yours based on my personal experiences.

    I imagined that everyone grew up like that but as i got older i realised that Perth was in fact full of “white middle class” suburbs.

    I fully appreciate your feedback on the French view of their history and here is a reality check on ours:

    During the Gold Rush era of 1851 to 1860, early migration peaked at arrivals of around 50 000 people a year. During this period, Chinese immigrants were the largest non-British group.

    Over the years, the migration program reflected economic or social conditions in Australia and elsewhere. For example:

    •during the 1840s a large number of Irish immigrants came to Australia to escape famine in their homeland
    •from the 1860s to the late nineteenth century, labourers from Melanesia were recruited to work on Queensland plantations
    •from the 1860s to the 1920s, concerns about population imbalance resulted in deliberate efforts to attract women to Australia
    •during the second half of the nineteenth century, Afghani, Pakistani and Turkish camel handlers played an important part in opening up the continent’s interior, facilitating the construction of telegraph and railway lines
    •Japanese fishers were instrumental in the pearling industry in the late nineteenth century.
    The two world wars also influenced Australia’s migration program. The resettling of ex-servicemen, refugees and young people were significant chapters in Australian immigration history.

    At various times in the 1950s and 1960s, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Yugoslavia were important migrant source countries.

    There were also significant intakes:

    •of Hungarian and Czech refugees following unrest in those countries in 1956 and 1968 respectively
    •from Chile following the overthrow of the Allende Government in 1973
    •from Indochina after the end of the Vietnam war in 1975
    •from Poland after martial law was declared in December 1981.

    We have been welcoming non white immigrants since our earliest years so when you speak of 3rd, 4th and 5th generations of australians please note that many of them are not “white aussies” and are as aussie as any one else living here.


  29. Wendy says:

    I am fully aware of the multi-cultural aspect to our nation’s history and can do without the history lesson – however your description of such a multi-cultural Perth in the 70’s leaves me wondering just where on earth you lived – I have relatives from there and Perth was not a destination for migrants in the 70’s from what I know…they generally went to Sydney or Melbourne.

    It seems to be a crime to be a white-middle-class Australian by the way you present it!

    I grew up in Sydney and went to school with Italians, Greeks, Indonesians, Chinese, married a South African (dont DARE lecture me about racism while I know what HE went through in his life!) and worked in an industry where I have made life-long friends from more cultures than you would be aware existed. The OP questioned the hypocrisy of the Indian media as have many Indians living happily in Australia who have been appalled by what the cartoonist depicted – I have friends and some relatives who find it very hard to gain employment in areas where foreign university students predominate and staff the shops, supermarkets, etc…and whenever one questions this there is always the old chestnut thrown ‘Australians don’t want to work anyway…’ – this is inverted racism in itself and it is wrong and frankly bloody annoying. My own son was even told by an employer at a recent interview he preferred the foreign students as he gets a subsidy to employ them on a casual basis and at a cheaper rate…this has got to cause resentment among locals as it is happening on a widespread basis.

    Hypocrisy of the Indian media and the imbalance of foreign students taking jobs from local workers – that’s the issue I have a problem with. And I am not the only person who does.

  30. skink says:

    ‘Perth is not a destination for migrants” ??
    I know it’s your blog, and you can use it as you please, but using it to display your own ignorance is perplexing.

    just looking out of my office door I can see seven people of Italian heritage, two dutch, four South Africans, one Zimbabwe, one Egyptian, two german, one Austrian, two Indian, three Poms, one Macedonian, one Vietnamese, two Irish, one ginger, and maybe a dozen of what you call ‘white Australians’, by which I assume you mean currency. We are all getting along just fine.

  31. Wendy says:

    No, I said WA was not a destination for migration until relatively of late. How do you ‘spot’ a Dutch person because apart from them being very tall what other characteristics do they have…? (just curious). My in-laws came from WA so I am familiar with the population mix there – migrants headed there in the 70’s, many South Africans for sure. I bet they enjoy life there – I found Perth and its surrounding suburbs too quiet, too boring.

  32. Wendy says:

    For a start your claim of living around Vietnamese in the 70’s in WA is quite astounding given that until 1975 only 2000 Vietnamese-born people lived in Australia and the demographics show that they were settled in the eastern states of Australia…after 1975 these people tended to settle in NSW and Victoria.

    The Irish were convicts to Australia before they were migrants – the Irish migration was greatest to America and Canada with the majority of Irish migrating to Australia – Sydney largely – as part of the assisted immigrants scheme and this occurred between the 1840′-1880’s.

    Since when were Polish, Hungarians, Czechs, Dutch, Germans, Yugoslavs, Greeks and Turks considered to be ‘non-white’ immigrants…? your categorisation, not mine.

    Even the aborigines arrived at some point if you want to go that far back – they migrated from Maritime South East Asia and New Guinea so not even they are actually indigenous to the land mass we call Australia…but who has the balls to even touch that little hot potato!

    People living in Australia have it relatively easy compared to other places around the world with regards to racial persecution, and those who have settled there will admit that if they are honest.

  33. Martin Wilcox says:

    OMG – Australia has really gone to the dogs with commentators like these. First they abuse and decimate the indigenous population, then they transported white British children to their colony after the war and abused and almost decimated them – you have yet to apologise to the British people for doing this. And here you all take the faux-moral stance on multiculturalism and happily boast how you have grown up with other nationalities – is this patronising or what?
    When you slag off anyone who expresses concern for their nations future you show how socialist you have become because socialists attempt to suppress independent thought and speech. Australia is going the same way as the UK and none of you can see it. Good luck.

    No wonder so many British are returning home – and even this place has gone to the dogs.

  34. Martin Wilcox says:

    We already face the introduction of sharia law in the UK just wait until you aussies have to deal with this issue.

  35. Wendy says:

    Hi Martin, for a start I think Rudd did apologise to the British for the transporting and abuse of British children years ago just like he apologised to the indigenous population here for the wrongs they suffered at the hands of the early British settlers – the almost complete massacre of the Tasmanian aborigines by the early Dutch explorers seems to be forgotten…

    Being Australian and having lived in the UK I can see dangerous parallels developing and both stem from having Labour Govts in power. I see also how unchecked immigration has damaged parts of the UK socially and economically and wonder why on earth Australia is not learning lessons from this. British people are returning to the UK because they are finding increasingly that the grass is not always greener – better the devil you know…

  36. Ashley S E says:

    I was about to go to bed but thought I would make a comment here first. I noticed that some here including John and Toby come from WA, as if they would speak from any real experience coming from over there. What do they know about life here in Sydney. They know nothing except how to spout left wing shit. Wendy I live in Marsfield where we play spot the Aussie, I don’t care about students coming to study here as our universities are far better than theirs and they need the education but they should not form almost the entire working force of Macquarie shopping centre where places like Target are now asian run. I can understand why Australians are angry about the students being everywhere that the jobs are because you go to centrelink and there are whole categories of jobs where you are told they are only for foreign students with work permits. This is unfair and discriminates against Australians, my sister tried for a job in target but was asked on the phone did she have a work permit and it was preferred that she did. And people wonder why the asians are resented. It may not be their fault but they need to know this. People who don’t live where I do should shut up unless they can provide a solution. Great blog too.

  37. john says:

    It wouldn’t matter where you lived Ashley, there’d be no escaping that tiny little closed mind that you inhabit.

  38. Wendy says:

    And yours is very broad – room for a horse and cart in there I’d say…

  39. Wendy says:

    I’m already bored with this topic…

    Ashley what you say is what a lot of people have told me already, people I know who live around where you do. Those who are not directly affected find it easy to get on their high horses and proclaim a person racist whereas what they really are is resentful…big difference there.
    Many Australians would not know anything about REAL racism and to compare what I have expressed with that of what is occurring with the white farmers in Zimbabwe, the persecuted Muslims in China (where they are being murdered), and that of what the Roma Gypsies endure wherever they go…that is pure racism and dangerous stuff. I say the Indian media is hypocritical and there is an unfair amount of employment given to foreign students in parts of Sydney – if that is racist then I will ease their little minds and say okay. So be it. For such a racist nation a hell of a lot of people sure want to live there!

  40. Terry says:

    Have you seen the article in the UK papers about the rioting blacks in Italy? you Australians have your eyes shuttered, you call this article racist and yet you have no idea about what is happening here in Europe. And it is coming to a town near you if you dont all pull your socks up and take notice. Stop complaining and you all call us Brits pommie whingers! we would stop ALL migration here if we could but we are part of the EU and have no control at all over who comes here anymore and we are expected to just accept it. Immigration will be the decider in our next election and we intend to do something about it because Brown will not. We want out of the EU and a stop to migrants taking over our towns and cities. Sounds like you Australians have the same version of what we have only you have not been affected by it just yet, just wait, it will happen.

  41. Wendy says:

    That’s a bad situation in Italy for sure and the Italian police will not muck about taking care of those rioters – I have seen how they deal with the gyspies there, I have also encountered the attitudes of the gendarmes in France towards foreigners…and yet we have India calling our police the KKK…
    It is a telling situation and – call me racist again if you like – but there have been alot of problems associated with the flow of African migrants to places like the UK and Italy. They are coming from troubled spots like Somalia, the Ivory Coast, Sudan and Nigeria and honestly many of them are criminals. You would know that because the UK is experiencing problems with them – you would know about that Nigerian who arrived in England and brutally raped and murdered that young model so he could gain entry to a British prison for an easier life…and then those bloody human rights lawyers tried to get him off! not enough checks are done on them that’s the problem. What really riled me recently was the story of that Somalian refugee family living in a fancy Chelsea apartment, claiming £256,000 a year in benefits and dont work a day in their lives – their rent is paid for them (£3,200 month!) by the taxpayer and yet pensioners cannot afford to heat their homes and are freezing to death in this cold. Something is wrong with the system and it makes people angry – not racist – but ANGRY!
    Australia has a way to go before the situation is duplicated there but it could – and guess what, you are not allowed to criticise or you are…drum roll please…RACIST!

  42. Wendy says:

    I found the link to that story – terrible situation – and it will not be the last either. There has got to be a more responsible approach to immigration in Europe or more scenes like this will dominate, there is a real pressure-cooker atmosphere developing and it comes from trying to mix cultures and races that have never mixed and cannot, at least not under the circumstances that prevail here…what on earth would Nigerians have in common with Italians and placing them in small towns…?

    here’s the link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1241843/Racial-violence-worsens-Italy-37-wounded-immigrants-riot-response-shooting.html#comments

  43. shazza says:

    Astounding diatribe Wendy. Grow up.

  44. Wendy says:

    Profound – to receive such advice from someone called ‘shazza’…

    But then five words must have been an effort.

  45. john says:

    Wendy, it’s remarkable that you’re not only racially intolerant, but you’re also prejudiced against other cities in Australia – most notably Perth! Don’t be fooled, we may be a small city, but we have our fair share of top notch racists here too… try Jack Van Tongeran for a start… you’d like him.

    Oh, and because we live in Perth it doesn’t mean we don’t have the vast world experience that you claim to have – I’ve lived in a number of countries and also spend 11 years living in Melbourne.

  46. Wendy says:

    Nobody brags about living in Melbourne!

    Had you lived in ‘other countries’ you would know – unless you lived in predominantly white populated countries – that racism in Australia does not come close to what is racism in other nations. Australia is a very tolerant country in that regard – I have seen enough of it to comment…have you?

  47. john says:

    If you lived in Melbourne I’m sure it’d be the greatest place in the world. So where do you live? In a predominantly white populated suburb with your predominantly white family?

  48. Wendy says:

    Where would you expect a ‘racist’ or ‘racially intolerant’ person to live…? come on tell me because I am dying to know. I have three mixed race children by the way – but I only had them to make a point of course and to annoy a few people…

  49. skink says:

    Oh Lord, she’s quoting the Daily Mail
    why not go the whole hog and reprint some of Nick Griffin’s literature?

    normally this sort of person has started referring to themselves as ethnic English to proudly differentiate themselves from the migrants, even though they themselves might be descendants of Huguenots, Saxons or Vikings.

    thankfully white Australians are all fifth generation migrants or ten-pound queue jumpers, and casting themselves as an oppressed ethnic majority is as bonkers as suggesting that we will be living under sharia law.

    thankfully these are just the pathetic rantings of a group of people frustrated by their own irrelevance. In a few years they will have disappeared, except maybe for a few white towns out in the bush still clinging to the old ways, a bit like the Amish, but with Slim Dusty playing on the gramophone

  50. Wendy says:

    Huguenots were a religious denomination, protestants, so your point is? your message has got lost in the syntax there but basically I get that you hate white Australians and those who are proud to be so…

    I merely provided the link to the story the commenter referred to and did not quote it. read. carefully. before. you. write.

  51. skink says:


  52. skink says:

    ‘Speed Camera traps WA Cops in KKK prank.”


  53. Wendy says:

    See? political correctness – and I have you boys waving the flag here – has killed off people’s sense of humour, nobody can take a joke any more. Well, I read the comments here so just as well I have one…

  54. skink says:

    damn it if those politically correct do-gooders don’t take the fun out of a good lynching.

  55. Wendy says:

    Where’s the rope…?

  56. Manisha B says:


    I dont live in Australia, but I am an Indian. And I will say the unspoken, that Indians are the most rascists I’ve ever met. We distinguish ourselves between Hindus and Muslims (2 largest races living in India) and even amongst our classes and religions. Tough to explain, but a lot of us common people are fed up of being fought against each other. We are trying to live and let live.
    Talking about job opportunities, we are an over populated country, and Bombay is a city full of migrants from other parts of India. The local Bombay-ite is losing his ground to fight for survival. There are politicians fighting to stop migration of other communities into Bombay. Imagine, thats our situation internally.
    I see you are being rightfully defensive about your point. But if you are having a problem finding a job for yourself or a family member, its a personal problem. Don’t drive it out on the streets. Look within to see what you gotta do to be better than others. If not an Indian, a fellow Aussie could well be more deserving than you for any job, in any part of the world. It maybe alright with you, if a fellow Aussie gets the job. But in the end, it still hasn’t got you employment.
    I’d like to quote lyrics of an Indian Bollywood song…

    “Birds, Rivers and Air,
    are not bound by Boundaries,
    Boundaries are made by Humans..
    Tell me, what have you gained by living in Boundaries?”

  57. Wendy says:

    Manisha, my cousin spent nine months of last year working and training staff in Amritsa (I think I spelt that properly…) and wanted to remain in the country – she assumed it would be fine but discovered how strict the visa officials are there. She applied for extension of her visa but got turned down and had to return to Australia but is trying to get a permit to return. We stayed for a while in Goa (just Goa, we didn’t get the chance to see much more of India while there) and made some wonderful mates and in fact my partner wants to buy a business there in the future but I have kind of had enough of the travelling thing for now – we’ve put down roots here and I don’t want to drag the kids out of school again.

    When we were working in France (we owned a hotel – strange occupation for a racist like me…) we played host to two fellows from the Bombay Times, one a journalist and the other his photographer (they were in town for the Visa Pour L’Image International Exhibition for Photo Journalism) and they have remained in contact with us ever since. What you have said echoed what they told us – they were fascinated by the area we lived in because we were in a rural region and they were not used to having so much open space around them coming from such a crowded city as Bombay. They said it was unusual being able to walk around without bumping into people all the time…I had never considered such a thing and it was an interesting perspective. Also interesting is that you consider Hindu and Muslim to be races – whereas others see them as Faiths – I know that Judaism and Jewish is considered to be one and the same. Does being Hindu and Muslim in India go beyond just Faith…?

    Boundaries bore me – that’s why I left Australia.

  58. Martin Wilcox says:

    Wow skink you sound like you are really overrun where you are! I love it when you get a bunch of Aussies all banding together and using the racist tag against other people when Aussies are generally racist to the core! your intolerance for the white English is transparent but that’s okay as white English do not have a platform to stand on and accuse you from and they are not an organised lobby like other cultures. Lets face it if you, John, skink, Mags, Toby, etc had to defend yourselves and say in 25 words or less how YOU are not racist you would not be able to, not without coming over all sanctimonious that is. I like to generalise and assume that you are closet racists because every single human from every single race on earth has some leanings towards prejudice of some kind. But go ahead and call Wendy and others racist because it will make you feel better but I would bet my life that all of you have had a racist thought at some time in your lives. Have I? yes, only I am prepared to admit it unlike you perfect beings here.

  59. Wendy says:

    Your point regarding the English is true Martin. I call it ‘selective intolerance’ – they call an English person a ‘pommie this-and-that’ but I wonder why for instance you cannot say, for example, an ‘african-this-and-that’…what’s the difference as both are ignorant remarks. Maybe skink can clarify. But I doubt it.

  60. skink says:

    I can call the English a ‘Pommie this and that” because I am one,
    similar to how African Americans can reappropriate the N-word but I cannot.

    I never said that I am free from prejudice. I do not however choose to set up my own website to broadcast my prejudices or argue the right to express them.

    I agree that most people harbour prejudice of one sort or another, but most also have a conscience and a sense of shame.

  61. Wendy says:

    Which is why racism and resentment exists among people in mixed societies today. To say that you can use an offensive term so long as it is aimed at someone of your own nationality but someone of another cannot…? sheer hypocrisy and in the extreme. It is fine for Manisha to claim that Indians are racist…but you or I cannot? such an attitude is racist itself, to tolerate offensive terms from one person but not another, to use race as a means of justifying an attitude or behaviour.
    I would never use the word ‘nigger’ in conversation (only to illustrate here) and never have done, I also don’t know why African-Americans use it in relation to themselves but I do know the context of the word can denote racism or not – racist if I say it but not when they do. I am not Indian however my great-grandmother and great-great grandparents were born in Bombay during the 1800’s – so is it okay for me to question the attitude of a section of the Indian media or does the colour of my skin make it wrong…?

    I am free to write and express what I like here responsibly and I think I do that, you’re also free to not read any of it or contribute if you are so offended by the content – you choose to do that. I cannot argue anything here if nobody responds to the contrary – your response enables me to do so.
    This site is not all about this topic, far from it, do you give a shit about child abuse as much as you supposedly do about me questioning the issue of foreign students working in Sydney…? because there is plenty of that covered here as it is something I feel very strongly about. But I doubt you’d be bothered.

  62. skink says:

    no, you’re right

    I really can’t be arsed reading anything else you might have to say

    as somebody who likes to pigeon-hole people, you should understand better than most that once people perceive you as a narrow-minded whiney opinonated dullard, it is difficult for them to take anything else you say seriously.

  63. Wendy says:

    And you are perfectly entitled to that opinion. But one wonders why you frequent the site of a dullard!

  64. Breen says:

    You forgot to mention their f****** annoying call centres with f****** annoying people who cannot speak English properly and break the law by constantly harrassing you by phone!!!!!!
    And it really pisses me off when I want to speak to someone from my bank and instead I get put through to someone called Amrish in Mumbai !!!!!!!!!
    I HATE INDIAN CALL CENTRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. samuel welsh says:

    only a small percentage of aussies are real racists.

  66. Wendy says:

    There’s a small percentage of racists right throughout the world.

  67. Robert Hrook says:

    What is it u have against indians Wendy?

  68. Wendy says:

    I love a good chicken korma – we have a great curry house nearby which we frequent every few weeks. Cobra beer is the best accompaniment…but it has to be freezing cold.

  69. Anna says:

    According to the Oxford English Dictionary, racism is a belief, or ideology, that members of each racial group possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race.
    If we deduct word abilities, as we know now, abilities varies widely within any ethnic group, the rest of the sentence would not be denied by any educated person.
    All human history is a history of resistance to foreign invasion., as local people could not accept ruling of different ethnic culture on their land. This is a natural human reaction. People prefer to live in the familiar surroundings. What is happening now in Europe and Australia is exactly this – resistance to the gradual demographic invasion from Asia, Africa and Middle East. And if this called racism, maybe racism is not such a bad word at all?

  70. Holy says:

    My Friend use to say the worst of worst moved to Australia during the first wave of migration and just imagine the distance they covered for Europe to Australia in those days. They completed wiped out the local indegenious population and the state and fate of Aborgines are well known to everyone.

    I feel sorry for those poor Indians.

  71. Wendy says:

    Your friend is an idiot. You are not doing your people any favours by talking such shit…and we all know what Indians do to unwanted female babies, they burn young brides to death who dont post good enough dowries, the caste system has lighter skinned Indians looking down their noses at the darker skinned Indians which is why no dark skinned Indians appear in an Bollywood films. The lighter the skin the better in India everyone knows this so dont point the finger at other cultures. I wonder what the local aborigines would say about your stupid comment regarding them all being wiped out…so you say those aborigines today are fakes???

    You’ve wasted my time enough already. No wonder you are all going to Australia, England and the US for study…you need educating badly!

  72. Ricky says:

    Now im not going to leave a message about race or immigrants or whats racist and whats not for if i so i know that someone will no dout call me ” racist white trash ” as i always get called when i talk about such matters. I find most peopel who call me such insults tend to be people who cant open there minds up and look at the bigger picture but i just wanted to say this. Wendy you seem like a well educatied person and im happy that someone with a brain has told it the way it is. You have done your research well. Thank you for showing me that there are still some people out there that know what they are talking about. And you have shed some new light on this matter for me to think about. Keep up the good work and thanks again ! ! Peacse out

  73. Wendy says:

    I think you have to say what you think regardless – what’s the point of having a voice or the ability to think unless you use it? I may not agree with what others have to say however I respect their right to express what they feel…responding to an individual’s opinion with a personal insult/attack is the result of an ignorant mind and an immature attitude. There is nothing more intolerant in my opinion.

  74. hardwerking nazi with no crim bloodline says:

    hey!i couldnt help but notice all these ramblings in here!!mein gott himmel!!was ist geschen???is it that bad in australia now??!!even in city regions????perhaps the problem lies with insufficent australian made companies,too little global companies setting up shop in oz and too little enterprising aussie entrepreneurs thus …..no ****.

    i have seen aussie industries in outer regions like gladston ,rocky, emerald etc…..not only are the industries dangerous with my 15 years of experience as a singaporean…….i find it intriguing how AUSSIES ever werk in dangerous subhuman conditions in oz.and funniest thing are that the machinery was unsafe in design in d first place…theres no safety devices….no safety process…..i would have the aussies designers of the machinery sued for designing it as a ticking time bomb instead of a real time machinery thats supposed to be meant for humans !

    and worst thing is they insist they wanna do it this way and that was how they have been doing it all along!!!!!very narrow minded and uneducated indeed.

    most of my technology exposure are from the yanks and japs.

    ya need really good people to prop up whats supposed to be realistic industries with serious production rate……………for me…..im too afraid to werk with made in australia equipment n some labour intensive process thats been obsolete fer decades but u folks r still using it as a master plan for all the machines,,,,,,its downright messy n atrocious to the core!!!!…i must be very desperate to werk with machines that are badly designed and dangerous when using it.

    i have no confidence in australian industries for what they objectively are…..poor performance with a zing of insanity in this region i am in .

    in less than a year i have seen 3 people fatally injured with others smaller ones not counted in.thats way more dangerous than any thing in any factory in my decades of work in asian factories.
    do u folks really exactly know what the hell u are designing n doin in the first place???i guess not from the way i had to help an aussie old man after a badly aussie designed steel equipment weighing 200kg fell on his head!!did u know i had to help him out while he was unconscious???and another victim months later had her hands shredded in a powerful rotating equipment with no operations safety procedure or safe designed equipment…i never saw her again.

    im too old for this kinda bull and crap in oz or any part of the werld.


  75. Wendy says:

    Definitely the most interesting comment ever posted here :)

    I get what you’re saying and I have argued this point before with those who claim that Aussie-made is best and all that Australia needs…it is not always. To block foreign imports is to severely limit progress. Competition from outside is what raises local standards. I lived in France for seven years and have seen what comes from protectionist policies; the French have a policy of ‘French made for French people’ and as a result what they put out in terms of cars (Citroen, Renault), electronics, etc, are crap. They do not allow foreign competition to set up shop in France so there is nothing to make them lift their game in the manufacturing industries. I would never buy a French car made in France – I would never buy anything made in France.

  76. hardwerking chinese singaporean with no crim bloodline says:

    i would buy it if it was safe,price competitive and efficient. im a simple person.

    is that too hard??

  77. Wendy says:

    I agree – who cares where it comes from if you need it to do your work? so long as you get value for your money.

  78. marvin says:

    What I do not understand is why on earth people want to go and live in a country that is *supposed to be* full of racists?
    Because they know a) Australia is the most tolerant nation around and b) because they get a pretty good life there and c) because, for now, Australia is accepting migrants but it sounds like it wont be for too much longer. The Govt is running scared because the Australian people want LESS migrants and NO MORE AT ALL from the middle east, we all know why in that case too. Obviously if the government want to win the next election they have to turn away the asylum seekers and cut out migrants coming from the middle east. I think it will do that too, they want to win so they have to make the Australian people happy and give them what they want. Banning the burqa and those who wear them too would be a huge vote winner.
    In a society you will find that the migrants are the worst moaners because they want things to be as they were back home, muslims are the worst for doing this. The best thing for them to do is go home and stay there. Australians moan because things are NOT what they used to be, but they have every right to do that.

  79. Robert Hrook says:

    wake up buddy

  80. Robert Hrook says:

    so does that mean u respect india or just hate it and all the people that belong to it?? As if we are tolerable… my indian friend dosent go through one day without being called curry muncher and he is a very nice guy

  81. Wendy says:

    I lived in France for seven years and was discriminated against solely because the French hate the English…and I’m not even English – they assume all white english-speaking people are English. Racism happens to everyone, no particular race of people have the monopoly on being on the receiving end of ignorance and prejudice. Your friend should try living in a country where people are KILLED because of the colour of their skin or because of their sexuality or choice of faith. Name-calling…? you deal with that. Try being a female in some countries where females have no rights whatsoever and are stoned to death on the whim of a crowd of savage men…including their fathers and brothers. Being called a ‘curry muncher’ is nothing compared to what other’s go through. I never said I hated Indians at all, just the bigoted attitudes of many of them towards their own people and then calling other people racists – they still kill baby girls and burn young brides in India you know, and I do I despise that aspect of their ‘culture’.

  82. nicole says:

    Look you idiot, wendy has never said once that she ‘hated Indians’ so why do you keep on about it? cant you read for petes sake, she was being critical of SOME Indians at a time a while back when they were calling Australians racists where THEY are among the worst in the world for being racist, bigoted, prejudiced and discriminatory! as well as being thieving and murdering criminals to tourists especially in Goa and Mumbai. and whats wrong with suggesting to people moaning about the host country they have been allowed to live in to go back to where they came from if they dont like it?? well????
    we all know why so many indians are going to Australia, because they get far better treatment there and lifestyle than in their own flea pit nation!

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