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Coach Trip is reality tv at it’s best…but only because of Brendan Sheerin. | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Apr 18

Coach Trip is reality tv at it’s best…but only because of Brendan Sheerin.

Tag: Entertainmentwendy @ 1:21 pm

Okay, for all those people who google ‘Is Brendan Sheerin gay’ lets get this sorted before we begin: yes, he is gay, he lives in Malaga and last time I heard there is someone in his life.

For me shows like Big Brother and  I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! hold nothing more than a morbid curiousity – I give the first couple of episodes a viewing (you cannot criticise if you haven’t seen it) what will usually draw my attention is the mix of personalities and characters. I think the original intention of these shows being social experiments has been long lost in the resulting culture of the contestants becoming Z-list celebrities, today they are unchallenging and addictive entertainment for the undiscriminating and the promise of an easy rise to (a dubious) fame and fortune for the desperate wannabe.

That’s enough of the analysis because I actually do have a favourite reality tv program – Coach Trip – and the person who really makes this show work is not any individual contestant but the coach guide Brendan Sheerin. Brendan is television gold and deserves to be given more opportunities on tv other than leading a group of whining, ungrateful coach passengers around their free, all-expenses-paid holiday.You’d think that if you got the opportunity to see the sights of Europe with the bill being picked up by someone else all along the way that you’d not have much to complain about but these are British tourists we are talking about here…even when the coach is stopped the whining continues and it’s not coming from the engine!

The first Coach Trip series was a revelation, the second not as good as the first and the current, Series 4, seems to have been hijacked by gay male couples who are not in any way good television. Not sure why the producers chose to include so many gay males in this series – I always thought Brendan’s racy campness was part of the shows appeal and to me there is only room for one gay on this show…Brendan, because at least he is caring and likeable. One individual currently on the show – Ramon – likes to shout ‘racist’ at people from time to time and others are expected to laugh and see the funny side of this. One fellow objected to his humour – and who wouldn’t? – told him so and the  followed a rather nasty confrontation caught on camera with Ramon and his pal calling the other contestant and his wife nasty names. I just wish someone had pointed one or two things out to Ramon…that the word ‘racist’ is a word used too often these days and very rarely as a means of making people laugh. I would also have pointed out to Ramon that had someone taken the fact that he was a) coloured-mixed race, b) gay and c) unattractive and condensed it into one offensive word and directed it at him, if he himself would see the funny gist to it…I doubt it.

But in all Coach Trip is fun and a very good study of people who go on those coach holidays; being incarcerated in a giant tin can for weeks on end with strangers who are unwashed/loud/annoying/touchy and with very little personal space between them for privacy is something that does not appeal to me as the idea way to go on holiday. But it is fun watching others endure the torture  :)

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18 Responses to “Coach Trip is reality tv at it’s best…but only because of Brendan Sheerin.”

  1. mel says:

    coloured is such an old out dated word, and i can tell the person who wrote that is an old white person livin in the dark ages somewhere in the middle of nowhere, because racist’s do exist, so the word can not be used to often, only if you are the person on received end of racial slur’s, ok that time it was used out of context but that does not excuse that it stil go’s on!

  2. Wendy says:

    Not old – white absolutely…and proud of it. I love being white skinned. I can go dark if I like when the mood takes me courtesy of fake tanners and bronzers, but dark skinned people cannot go light so I have the advantage – hey, that’s life man!!!
    Funny how coloured people ( well, that’s what they call themselves ) can poke fun at non-coloured people, but when non-coloured people take offence the coloured people get offended that the non-coloured people did not see the funny side of things. But if non-coloured people make a joke about coloured people then the coloured people march in the streets and throw bricks through shop windows.

    I think god needs to wipe us all out and start again – and start with us all being one shade and leave it at that. Saves a lot of time, trouble and money.

  3. jas says:

    Hi Mel – pity you cannot use your apostrophes correctly…

  4. Cranky Wanker says:

    Wendy is definately a racist with very stereotypical views in her post. No Wendy black people do not call themselvews ‘coloured’. You are ignorant of racism and its dehumanising consequences. Bratain introduced the mass slavery to the world and later joined by French, Belgian and other Western European nations.
    Please take a lot of sunshine, sunbeds and its consequences – we have melanine to protact us that’s why we live in hot countries while you lack it so underdeveloped.

  5. Wendy says:

    Spoken like a true bigot and what an honour to have someone such as yourself stop by and stoop not only to my level but well below it, there are better ways of spending your time other than googling ‘brendan sheerin gay’…and to answer your question, yes he is. So what?

    I suggest a chip on the other shoulder to balance out the one you already have – it seems Santa shat in your Xmas stocking and you did not recognise the compliment. Homophobic ingrate.

  6. T says:

    Wendy, you sound awfully ignorant and uneducated. Iniate research before stating false claims such as, ‘dark skinned people cannot go light’. There are plenty of skin lightening effective creams and solutions on the market. Secondly black people (Aside from South Africans), do not call themselves coloured. For future refrence please educate yourself further Wendy. (Your article was also very weak, and had no substance).

  7. Wendy says:

    You are also weak with no substance and typically like your ilk you take one tiny piece of the article and focus your paranoia on it. This was about BRENDAN SHEERIN you idiot – and who even mentioned blacks to begin with…? the person I referred to was COLOURED as in MIXED RACE which is what they call themselves anyway. He was not a negro so he was not black in any way shape or form hence what you spout is pure verbal dysentery. On your way.

  8. T says:

    I am not black, so your comment regarding my ‘Ilk’ is invalid (Very uneducated judgemental woman). Furthermore mixed race people call themselves exactly that – Mixed race. Not coloured. I guarantee you don’t know any mixed heritage people, as I can tell your just an onlooker. As I Said to your alliance Martin, get out there and socialise instead of trolling. Better yet haven’t you got some cats to feed?

  9. Wendy says:

    Another boring, hand-wringing liberal leftie who assumes offence on behalf of other people – you are not qualified to do so, how arrogant of you.
    This article is about Brendan Sheerin and Coach Trip – either stick to the topic or crawl back to the bottom of the pond you crawled out of.

    By the way sunny, I took the step of correcting your spelling mistakes…one thing I will not accept here is a poorly written comment. I despise bad grammar and lazy spelling. Revise. Edit. Check. There are some excellent online dictionaries and thesauri available – use them and your silly ideas might resemble something worthwhile to read. I hate having to correct illiterate people but it’s part of the job…(sigh)

  10. Martin Wilcox says:

    Oh how very wrong you are Cranky ‘whatever you call yourself’. History has well documented that slavery existed in Africa amongst the Africans for a long time before Europeans and Americans arrived and took the natives for slaves out of Africa. African slaves were also taken by the Roman Empire, by the Greeks, by the Spanish but most importantly slavery existed among the Africans themselves. Just do some research yourself because you have come across as very ignorant and racist in your own right. And one last correction – the Portuguese introduced the African slave trade in the 15th century. Slavery also existed among the native Americans as noted by Columbus. I believe Africans – all of them – belong back in Africa, they just don’t get along with the white race wherever they live. Now go and read a book or two before you make yourself look such a fool again.

  11. T says:

    Martin your also a complete and utter bafoon. Slavery exsists and has exsisted in many other regions before the African slave trade (There is evidence of this even in the Bible. Many countries have enslaved their own people, this is unfortunatley human nature, (Weaker people being controlled and exploited). And if you believe ‘Africans don’t get along with white people wherever they go’, then you are profoundly wrong, just look at the millions of worldwide interacial relationships. Please Martin take a break from trolling behind a computer screen and get out there and socialise, you ignorant being.

  12. Martin Wilcox says:

    T – you cannot even write your rubbish under a proper name. I was replying to the idiot above named ‘Cranky’ who claimed that the British were responsible for the start of the slave trade. Can you not read at all? you have merely reproduced what I have already said. Can you not even think for yourself? YOU are the buffoon my sweet, YOU!
    besides, as Wendy has stated, this article is about Brendan Sheerin so why have you and that other fool turned this into a race issue, or TRIED to? black, coloured, mixed race – what’s the bloody difference and how would YOU know anyway!

  13. Katt says:

    There are afew points that I’d like to make…

    1) “I love being white skinned. I can go dark if I like when the mood takes me courtesy of fake tanners and bronzers, but dark skinned people cannot go light so I have the advantage – hey, that’s life man!!!” – With that attitude Wendy, my dear, you are going to get thumped! Do you have the slightest comprehention of how that sounds? It makes you seem like a racist arse! Which is what I beleive you are. What makes you think you have an advantage by being White? You have a nerve… and also, have you never seen a picture of Michael Jackson (post Thriller)? I think you should shove off back to 1950’s America where your ideas about other races belong!

    2) Coach Trip is the crappest TV Show I have ever been unfortunate to witness.

  14. Micheal says:

    Katt, why is it okay to be proud to be black but a white person is racist if they are proud to be white? the old double standard again see. Micheal Jackson is not a good example to hold up for anything, he had a medical condition and was even ostracised for supposedly bleaching his skin.

  15. Micheal says:

    And as an afterthought, I think the majority of his fans preferred the PRE-Thriller Jackson, when he looked African American and had his own features. I think Wendy was pointing out that with white skin the advantage lies in being able to ‘darken’ with tube of tanning cream, whereas black skin requires very harsh chemical treatment, or airbrushing as in Beyonces case. And Beyonce always cops criticism from the black community for looking paler in her commercial shots. Why?what is wrong with a black person wanting to look lighter skinned, I think that is a racist attitude on behalf of black people.

  16. Carl says:

    Totally agree – some good points made!! :)

  17. Joe says:

    I have really enjoyed reading these articles that I stumbled across by accident. I have not smiled so broadly in a while. Wendy, this country (the UK that is) desperately needs more people such as you – say it as you see it. What a breath of fresh air you are. It is a shame our politicians (and some of those cocks that have responded to you here) won’t take a leaf out of your book. Incidentally, I love your ‘ hand-wringing liberal leftie who assumes offence on behalf of other people’ quote, it’s priceless. I’d vote for you if you ran for political office.
    By the way people – I am not black (I have a number of West African friends that are black), I am brown; a beautiful shade of third generation Jamaican brown in fact. I get hacked off when I am referred to as ‘black’ because I am NOT and I wince, almost as much as my caucasian friends cringe with uncertainty as to what to refer to my colour as (on the occasional time the subject arises).
    All of this PC bollocks does, is to irritate the crap out of people like me, antagonize normal whites (and please don’t come back with ‘What actually is normal?’) and fuels the hatred in extremists, whatever their colour or religion. Anyway, what happened to the topic of Brendan Sherrin? The universally liked poof (or can’t I say poof because I’m heterosexual? Who gives a rat’s arse!)

  18. Wendy says:

    Thanks Joe, I like the way you see things. I wonder how, if ever, the human race will ever get its sense of humour back and wipe out all this PC crap altogether. Maybe I should run for political office, lol! Now, onto the subject of poofs. I think it’s a shame how society has now taken certain words and removed all chance of them being said in a light-hearted way. Why does ‘retarded’ have to be offensive when not spoken with intent to offend…? why can I be called ‘Aussie’ but my Pakistani friend cannot similarly be called in short ‘Paki’…? he cannot understand the craziness either. It’s madness. Anyway, I love Brendan Sheerin! loved your comment too :)

    I wonder how long it will be before someone takes offence at this comment on behalf of all those not bothered about being offended, lol.

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