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Child-killer Austin Allan Hughes: released from jail and coming to a Northern Rivers town near you… | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Dec 28

Child-killer Austin Allan Hughes: released from jail and coming to a Northern Rivers town near you…

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I had read an article just recently regarding the parole of child murderer Austin Allan Hughes where a small appendix to it reported that his release was to be held over until January 2010 for review. I wish I had copied the link to that story but it would be of no use now – the NSW State Parole Board has released Hughes and given him a second shot at a life he should not have. Unbelievably State Parole Authority secretary Paul Byrnes has declared that it was in the “community’s best interests to release him”. What??? this guy bashed a six year old boy to death, and did it over a period of hours so that the child endured what was a long drawn out torturous death. While his mother, Gunn-Britt Ashfield (Angelic Karstrom) stood by ignoring his pleas and cries – and participated in his torture, and this clown says it is in OUR best interests to free this mongrel??? anyway, here’s what the bastard looks like at the age of 36 and on his first day of freedom…


Not that much different from the day when he walked into custody at  just 20 years of age – obviously prison has not been all that hard on him at all. Sixteen years in prison and he comes out looking like he has been backpacking around Bali – his six year old victim, John, looked decidely worse after his ordeal of several hours with his mother and Hughes…

His uncle, Linden Hughes, a Queensland estate agent, has confirmed he is buying a farm in the Northern Rivers region of NSW (Mullumbimby, Ballina, Kyogle…) where he and his family will reside with this murdering piece of scum. Hughes has been banned from working with children – one would hope that also covers living with any female who has children. He also hopes that the family of little John Ashfield will “forgive him one day…”

It is not up to John’s family to forgive anyone.

The other half of this murdering couple, John’s mother Gunn-Britt, will qualify for parole once again in May 2010 – I am hoping that the media will raise enough community outrage by reminding the public just what happened to this little boy, so that authorities will know that we have not forgotten. People can speak about the possible ‘rehabilitation’ of Hughes…but how on earth do you rehabilitate a woman who willingly stood and watched her own child being beaten to death?

You cannot – you just punish as harshly as possible.

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4 Responses to “Child-killer Austin Allan Hughes: released from jail and coming to a Northern Rivers town near you…”

  1. KEN says:

    What a piece of shit, his prison papers should have been marked never to be released,i hope the people of the northern rivers never let him live this down,my heart goes out to the little boys now deceased father.Shame on Docs again for not caring enough and letting this happen.

  2. Greg says:

    Shame on the system and the people within it that are involved in this parole. Grow a spine, find the right way through upholding principles that the community is expected to live by. The murder’s must accept the consequences of their acts. They did it.. they accept what comes. The current day “do gooders” within the Govt’s system need to respect the decisions of those that sentenced those scum. I don’t know that boy. But I weep when reading his story. I don’t know the murders and while being a caring person, I feel raw hatred and vengeance toward them. But regrettably, the murders have probably come to believe and find comfort through social worker bull shit sessions that it was somehow caused by circumstances of the time. Yeah right!! Are we better off as a community for providing compassion to these murderers? NO. Can we trust and can we believe in a system that lets it happen? NO. Does the community get a clear picture and understanding of the meaning of consequence? NO. By paroling the murders this kid’s life is demeaned. Shame on you! I’m disgusted.

  3. daniel thwaites says:

    i am the brother of wesley thwaites and i recall vividly how those events happened and how docs never did anything to help us it sais after i sent to live whith family members that is a lie i lived whith foster famalies untill i was sixteen i did live whith my real father that was great untill he died of an epeleptic fit then i was shipped back to homes and farms for boys i was mistreated abused sexually and non sexually but you never hear those cases just the ones that lead to death

  4. wendy says:

    Oh Daniel, I am so sorry to read your words. I remember your little brother’s story so well as my sons were about the same age and both of you back then. I remember being so angry and sickened by what happened to both of you. I read you’d been sent interstate to live with family and I remember wanting to know how to find a way to send some presents to you but after making enquiries with local police they told me to forget it, that your location would never be revealed to the public. I just wanted to make sure you had some nice things to play with and I prayed that you were sleeping in a warm bed each night, eating nice dinners and wearing new clothes now and then, going to school and making lots of new friends in your new home. I am so angry and saddened that was not the case. It is not fair.Wesley’s tragedy touched me so deeply, I have never forgotten about him and always wondered about you and what happened to you. Child welfare is in the hands of people who are employed to tick boxes, fill out forms and observe the rights of adults, it never seems to be about the welfare of the child. I despair I really do. I hope that today you have strength and love in your life, and if your past experiences of the nasty side of this world are interfering with your life today that you have support to work through the memories and experiences. No child, no adult deserves what has been dealt to you. I’d have happily taken you into my home and cared for you. I hope you have direction on your life and that Wesley’s memory will stay with you always. Keep him in your heart, he needs a warm place to stay – he will be safe there as long as you live. Love and best wishes to you X

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