Oct 23 2015

Liam Neeson supports Irish abortion reform and the pro-life fanatics get their knickers in a twist!

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It is one thing sure to get the forced-birth advocates jumping up and down screaming with indignation….just mention the phrase ‘Repeal the 8th‘ and away they go. It’s what we, the advocates for women’s choice, expect from them. Any mention of Irish women being granted ownership and control of the contents of their wombs and the sweaty-Bettys and wanky-Frankies reel out their fake abortion ‘photos’ (which are ACTUALLY photos of autopsies on fetuses and babies who died in-utero) and their pseudo-psycho fake evidence that women are ‘damaged’ by terminating a pregnancy…tell that to Savita Halappanavar. Oh, wait…you can’t…she died when her body was poisoned by toxins released from a dying fetus  after the Irish doctors in the Irish hospital she was unlucky to be taken to refused to act and terminate her failing pregnancy. There was a tiny, piddling, fetal heartbeat barely left – Savita’s heart was still beating strongly – and yet her heartbeat was not of enough priority to warrant her being given urgent attention in time to save her. A dying fetus was therefore allowed to kill an otherwise treatable woman.  So, poor Savita, she’d like to tell you how women are MORE damaged by toxic pregnancies but sadly her right to her own life was ignored and she lost her life altogether.

But now we have a new hero in our cause…Liam Neeson. And we women need a hero like Liam to further our cause because Ireland in the 21st century still treats pregnancy and pregnant women with attitudes dragged from the Middle Ages. And when you try and drag such people kicking and screaming into the modern era you always get a certain amount of noise….

But we will prevail. Ireland WILL Repeal the 8th. You can bet on it.

Watch Liam’s contribution to this important cause here.




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Sep 03 2015

Aylan. Islamic State killed this child – not Europe.

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ayanWhile Europe debates what to do with the masses of migrants arriving in Europe from the Middle-East and Africa, this photo of a 3 year old Kurdish boy is now serving to fuel demands for the UK to accept tens of thousands wishing to claim asylum. Bleeding-heart liberals are now jumping on the bandwagon using this poor child’s death, having drowned when the overcrowded dinghy he was on with his mother and brother sank in the Mediterranean, as a reason for taking in unsustainable numbers of asylum seekers.

This child did not die because of Europe’s farce of being borderless. This child did not die because David Cameron has, rightfully, chosen to limit the number of Syrians being granted asylum in the UK. This child died because ISIS drove his mother, and countless others, to flee their homeland. This child died because of people smugglers capitalising on human misery. This child died because Africans and other economic migrants are taking up space in those boats looking for an unchallenged entry ticket to Europe. Why are the boats always full of young males rather than women and children?

Prioritise. Africans have an entire continent to choose to move around. They don’t need to be in boats heading to Greece or Turkey, the boat that child was on was overcrowded with predominantly young males, we do know that. Families…men and women with their children need to be given priority over hoodie-wearing African and Middle-Eastern males once they have arrived in a safe country. Even so, processing these people in Europe will not stop desperate families getting into the boats in Libya and Syria. No refugee policy in Europe would have stopped Aylan drowning.

But lay the blame for Aylan’s death at the real source – Islamic State. The world powers know where they are and they need immediate action to wipe them out.

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May 25 2015

Gay marriage vote gets a resounding ‘yes’ in the Republic of Ireland

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Well done to the people of Ireland who last Friday recognised the basic human right of consenting adult individuals to marry the partner of their choice. It is an acknowledgement by a maturing nation that love and commitment, and the right to formalise such, should not be dictated or restricted by sexuality.

Now, let’s address that other basic human right that IS restricted to sexuality…the right to choose whether or not to give birth. A vote to repeal the 8th Amendment and give women the right to decide not to continue with a pregnancy. The right to bodily autonomy is the most basic human right there is – and while pregnancy remains inextricably tied to a woman’s body it must be her choice and hers alone what to do with it.

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Apr 07 2015

Pregnant and a Jehovah’s Witness – to take blood or die…baby and all?

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In 2009 a pregnant woman, a Jehovah’s Witness, was diagnosed in an Australian hospital with leukaemia. She refused the treatment due to her beliefs and also the suggestion to deliver her baby via C Section due to her anti-blood stance. Both she and the baby died, the baby died first from the effects of her cancer and she died weeks after from organ failure. But should she have been allowed to make such a choice for herself and her baby? Yes!

I don’t agree with that woman’s choice but what I do believe in is that she was allowed to make that choice. What is society for? for forcing treatment on that woman against her will? sectioning her, imprisoning her in hospital on a ward with her arms tied down and drips forced into her veins to administer chemo? don’t sneer…that is exactly happens here in the Republic of Ireland, that good ol’ bastion of Roman Catholic doctrine that women are vessels and incubators for growing fetuses and little else. We have had several women in recent years here held in hospital against their will, female rape victims sectioned and held by the Irish State for requesting an abortion and threatening suicide if refused. The State held one 18 year old African asylum seeker last year in hospital in Dublin against her will as she was suicidal having been raped in Africa and begged for an abortion. She was held in hospital until she was 24 weeks and a C Section was forced on her and the baby taken even though she never consented. Women in Ireland have NO choice at all – it is birth at all costs, pregnancy is compulsory once confirmed and the State WILL detain a woman in hospital if they suspect she will try to seek a termination.

It is terrible that a woman would choose to die with her baby rather than live, but for the State to be allowed to interfere and take control of her body and the fetus inside just cannot be allowed in Australia as it is here in Ireland. Every individual must have bodily autonomy – it is no woman’s fault that we were designed the way we are and that the fetus is inextricably tied to ours for 9 months, but the woman’s wishes must always be prioritised because the alternative – giving the State control over a woman’s womb – is happening here every day and it is horrific.

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