Sep 30 2014

Dennis O’Neill: long before the tragedy of Baby P there was a little boy….

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dennisoneil The circumstances of his terrible death were supposed to lead to changes that meant vulnerable children would never again suffer the pain, humiliation and degradation that he endured before he died. Changes that saw those who torture and kill children served appropriate sentences in prison, changes that would see that no adult unfit for parenting would again be allowed to inflict damage and terror on a child in their care. Had such changes been implemented, had such lessons been learned Baby Peter Connelly might not only still be alive but alternatively his mother and the two men who killed him would never be walking free today, having served just a handful of years for causing his death. So why then has so little changed since the tragedy in 1945 of 12 year old Dennis O’Neill?

I have read about Dennis, pictured here standing between his two younger brothers, I have even written about him here in the past but until I watched a documentary on TV a couple of nights ago I realised that this little boy, whose suffering and death shocked so many British people, had all but been forgotten. His name exists today in all those historical reports, his name comes up now and again in print when yet another child dies a death that social workers ‘never saw coming’.

Their story has been documented by his younger brother, Terence, who survived the horror that took his brother’s life. Terence has given Dennis a voice in the 21st century that was denied to them both during the six months they spent, aged 12 and 9, at the isolated farm house of their two brutal foster parents in the closing months of 1944.

The details of the suffering these two little boys endured were described by Terence himself in a recent BBC documentary ‘Disowned and Disabled’. The outrage at Dennis’s death and the power of Terence’s testimony led to the Children’s Act of 1948  and an overhaul of the fostering system. But it continues to happen, year after year – children abused by manipulative foster parents, children left in the custody of cruel and abusive parents. One would have thought that in the time between young Dennis in 1945 and 17 month old Peter Connelly in 2007 those charged with ensuring the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children would have had ample opportunities to get it right, to remove abused and neglected children from chaotic homes and place them with caring and understanding people.

So why are our children still dying from abuse and why the hell are those abusers, like Tracey Connelly and the killers of 2 year old James Bulger, walking free as I write? just as the Goughs served too short a sentence for their crimes against Dennis and Terence O’Neill in 1945, our judicial system is still not placing enough value on the  suffering and deaths of children today and abusers are not being punished harshly enough. When the hell will this change? when will inhuman treatment and murder of our children warrant more than a short spell in prison?

Please remember Dennis O’Neill.

Someone to Love Us: The shocking true story of two brothers fostered into brutality and neglect. By Terence O’Neill.

You can say hello and leave a message for Terry O’Neill here…https://www.facebook.com/Someonetoloveus

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Aug 12 2014

Robin Williams dies eluded by the happiness he gave to so many others.

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Very sad news today has told of the death by suicide of actor and comedian Robin Williams. So many words will be written and spoken over the coming days and weeks of a man who, it sadly seems, could make so many people laugh while being so deeply filled with despair himself. It is the old story; the tears behind the mask of the eternal clown.

He often spoke about his battle with depression and substance abuse but despite his brutal honesty about his demons, only he knew about and lived with the utter turmoil that lay inside and it obviously reached the point where it became unbearable to cope with. How deeply sad and felt his loss is but we can all only hope that he has found the peace that eluded him for so long. He leaves his family with with a grief so hard to bear, he leaves his fans around the world with memories of a comic and acting genius. What a terrible tragedy that the laughter he gave us came at such a price for him.

The best tribute to him is to remember him with a smile and, hopefully, a better understanding of depression and mental illness.

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Jul 28 2014

Mikaeel Kular: in an age of 24/7 surveillance how does social services ‘lose’ a 3 year old child?

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mikaeelWhen it comes down to the final truth, only one person killed 3 year old Mikaeel Kular and that person was his mother, Rosdeep Adekoya. The infuriating truth of the matter is that this woman should not have been able to commit this atrocity because Mikaeel, and his four other siblings, should not have been in the custody of Rosdeep Adekoya in the first place. Not since all five of her children were being monitored after previous instances of neglect and abuse, not since Mikaeel and his twin sister had previously been placed in foster care for being abused by their mother.

Social services returned a dangerously at-risk child to the custody of a woman whose ultimate aim was to harm him. Then, when Rosdeep Adekoya moved home, they ‘lost track of him’ because agencies in Fife and Edinburgh failed to communicate with each other resulting in Mikaeel no longer being monitored and thus, tragically, left to suffer and die alone and unprotected at the hands of his unfit mother.

How the hell does this happen? in this day and age where almost our every move is recorded, our personal data is stored and viewed, even our emails and phonecalls are supposedly monitored – how do two government agencies lose all trace of the whereabouts of a child whose mother is claiming benefits, withdrawing them from bank machines, whose children are attending school…how does all this information not provide even the smallest indication as to where a child might be located?

And what about family…friends? why were none of them approached for information when Mikaeel and his siblings were taken from Fife to Edinburgh in December 2013? rental agencies, redirection of mail, mobile phone records…all of these will lead the tax man to your door in a flash if you try to defraud him of a few pounds, but for some inexplicable reason not social services to a child on borrowed time.

Mikaeel should never have been returned to his mother, after abuse occurs just once the removal of the child from the abusive parent should be swift and permanent, make adoption just a bit easier and give children like Mikaeel a chance to live and be loved. Some children escape abuse and neglect by growing up and out of it, other children like Mikaeel never escape because nobody saves them and in reply we hear the usual claims ‘lessons will be learned’….sane responses from an insane system.


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Jul 22 2014

Baby P killer Jason Owen released from prison…again: “bail conditions may breach his human rights” say the Keystone Cops.

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You really could not make this up if you tried. From the moment baby Peter Connelly was placed on the at-risk register, to the 60 (at least) oversights made in 8 months by social workers and doctors, to the dangerous misuse of the Children’s Act 1989 that kept him within the questionable custody of the family circle, to the woefully short prison sentences handed down by Justice Stephen Kramer – the tragic story of this little boy has unfolded like a farce and continues to this day seven years after his murder.

One of his three killers, Jason Owen, served barely 2 years of a six year sentence in prison for his part in this most horrific of crimes and was returned to prison in April 2013 for breaching his parole conditions. Owen, released in June, has seemingly earned himself some significant human rights privileges since the year he tortured a 17 month old child to his death. Whilst in prison most recently he applied for, and received, a cash payout of almost £2000 in compensation for alleging his food had been deliberately contaminated – god forbid he should suffer an upset tummy – the judge agreed, tut-tutted in sympathy and Owen banked the money. Now where is my £2000 for being hit by waves of racking nausea over this information…?

So, the wheels of justice turn for Jason Owen – in a way they never turned for little Peter Connelly – and Owen is now walking free and without having to look over his shoulder too often because…wait for it…the police are fearful of monitoring him too closely in case it invades his privacy and thus breaches his human rights.  This child killer, this monster who committed acts of sheer brutality on a defenceless baby, continues to be treated as anything but the lowest most dangerous form of criminal there is. And right now he is living somewhere near one of you. And should the police get too close, should he feel any sense of annoyance at being watched, there’s the European Court of Human Rights, an all-expenses paid barrister and a trip to Strasbourg waiting should the need arise.

The European Court of Human Rights – the one court in the land where you have to be a criminal to get any.

Like I said, you just could not make it up if you tried.

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