Dec 29 2015

Baby Peter’s mother Tracey Connelly back behind bars for two years!

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This is great news for society – more prison time for the vile, repugnant individual that is Tracey Connelly. Two more years of prison time in fact.

I wont post an image of her – we are all familiar with that bitch’s ugly mug.

She has breached her bail conditions – I don’t know which is sicker…that she was caught selling porno selfies online to her male ‘fans’ or the fact that she actually has fans – male or otherwise.

“Authorities believe she was uploading images of herself and trying to flog them – possibly to sick perverts getting a kick out of her notoriety.” a legal source has told the media.

Connelly was released from prison in 2013 and was rehoused at taxpayers expense at a popular seaside resort town…allegedly Scarborough.


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Dec 29 2015

African migrant youths run riot in Melbourne with machetes…and the media stays silent.

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melbourne-daily-stormer-niggersHere is a tricky one for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to answer…why is there an almost blanket media silence about these savages rioting in the Australian city of Melbourne?

Tell us again Mr Turnbull how taking these uncivilised bastards into Australia benefits the Australian people and Australian society…?

Here’s an apt headline that would describe the situation you are choosing to ignore: ‘Imported Black Shit Stains Melbourne’

Let’s see how fast these thugs can wear out their welcome in their ‘safe refuge’ eh? locals would suggest they have already done so…..

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Dec 29 2015

Help put an end to the barbaric Asian dog meat trade.

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soi-dogI’m putting this as bluntly as I can – NO HUMAN ANYWHERE NEEDS TO EAT DOGS…OR CATS for that matter.

People in Thailand and China are not starving – they consider dog meat to be a delicacy. The more pain the poor defenceless dog suffers before death the better they taste according to their twisted, sadistic minds. This is not culture, this is human behaviour at its worst…and we must do all we can to stop this savagery.

Sign the petition NOW

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Oct 23 2015

Liam Neeson supports Irish abortion reform and the pro-life fanatics get their knickers in a twist!

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It is one thing sure to get the forced-birth advocates jumping up and down screaming with indignation….just mention the phrase ‘Repeal the 8th‘ and away they go. It’s what we, the advocates for women’s choice, expect from them. Any mention of Irish women being granted ownership and control of the contents of their wombs and the sweaty-Bettys and wanky-Frankies reel out their fake abortion ‘photos’ (which are ACTUALLY photos of autopsies on fetuses and babies who died in-utero) and their pseudo-psycho fake evidence that women are ‘damaged’ by terminating a pregnancy…tell that to Savita Halappanavar. Oh, wait…you can’t…she died when her body was poisoned by toxins released from a dying fetus  after the Irish doctors in the Irish hospital she was unlucky to be taken to refused to act and terminate her failing pregnancy. There was a tiny, piddling, fetal heartbeat barely left – Savita’s heart was still beating strongly – and yet her heartbeat was not of enough priority to warrant her being given urgent attention in time to save her. A dying fetus was therefore allowed to kill an otherwise treatable woman.  So, poor Savita, she’d like to tell you how women are MORE damaged by toxic pregnancies but sadly her right to her own life was ignored and she lost her life altogether.

But now we have a new hero in our cause…Liam Neeson. And we women need a hero like Liam to further our cause because Ireland in the 21st century still treats pregnancy and pregnant women with attitudes dragged from the Middle Ages. And when you try and drag such people kicking and screaming into the modern era you always get a certain amount of noise….

But we will prevail. Ireland WILL Repeal the 8th. You can bet on it.

Watch Liam’s contribution to this important cause here.




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