Apr 10 2014

Cruelty to animals: when will the punishment fit the crime?

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Making those who commit despicable acts of cruelty towards defenceless and vulnerable animals serve appropriate and proportionate sentences appears to be largely beyond the powers of the judiciary in this day and age, if anything the sentences handed down are so inadequate that there is hardly a reason to consider them a deterrent to other would-be sadists. When your wrist is merely slapped and you walk free from court where is the feeling that you have committed a hideous crime and the dread of the oncoming months or years in prison…? answer is it does not exist, because few – if any – people who abuse, maim and kill innocent animals ever face the loss of personal liberty they so deeply deserve.

While it is frustrating for those of us who read week after week of yet another case of cruelty to animals to see time and again the perpetrators walk free, it is even more frustrating for those people who work tirelessly and endlessly as volunteers for animal rescue organisations to see the results of their work and efforts to bring these monsters to court come to little effect. Rescue teams such as CARA Rescue Dogs Ireland, located in Portlaoise, have recently experienced this very sense of anger and frustration.

In June 2013, two tiny puppies – a brother and sister – were beaten to within an inch of their new lives by one such bully named Jason Mossa (52) of Esker Hills Portlaoise. A grown man taking out his frustration and personal inadequacies on two puppies so tiny they could barely fit into the palms of the hands with which he bashed them so viciously. Not content with inflicting near-fatal injuries on their tiny bodies, he took the conscious decision to simply throw them away over a nearby wall and forget about them. No feelings of remorse and horror at what he had just done, no dash to the vet to try and retrieve the situation for them at least, no feelings of guilt or concern – just tossed aside like pieces of rubbish.

These pups laid injured, starving and near death for a week where they had landed on the ground, their situation being made worse by attacks from rats, birds and exposure to the elements. Miraculously, they were found five days after being left for dead and rescued by two volunteers from CARA, Georgina Herlihy and Antoinette Thurlow, who found the pups barely clinging to life. Both had suffered brain and internal injuries, were dehydrated, blind, unable to walk and were deeply traumatised.

Alfie and Lexie today with their rescuers.

Alfie and Lexie today with their rescuers.

Months of specialist vet care followed along with round-the-clock love, care and attention in the safety of their new foster home which has seen, almost one year on, these two pups – now named Alfie and Lexie – thriving, healthy and much loved members of a family of their own. The scars  of their ordeal remain however.

Jason Mossa, through the efforts of CARA, has been convicted of a crime that even his own solicitor described as ‘repulsive’, is it enough to give such a person ‘community service’ instead of the ten months in prison that the judge was at liberty to hand down…? no it is not. When you consider that in March, a Belfast court in Northern Ireland allowed to walk free a family of men who had stolen local cats and puppies to use as bait for fighting dogs and had even videoed the agonising deaths of these poor creatures being torn apart, you have to ask just what the hell does it take to send these sadists to prison for their sickening crimes. Where is the deterrent…? when will the punishment fit the crime?

CARA Rescue Dogs Ireland work solely from donations, I can personally speak for the wonderful work they do picking up the pieces and changing lives for injured and homeless dogs. Please support them in their work, the smallest of donations add up (caradogs@hotmail.com) and if you are looking to adopt a dog or puppy, contact CARA and change a dog’s life forever.

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Mar 25 2014

Cowards: Andrew Richard Stewart and Jamie Downey granted legal aid to escape trial for torture of Cody the collie.

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andrewrichardstewartcodyMany people will not have forgotten the tragic story of Cody the border collie from 2012. Just to recap briefly; Cody lived happily with her devoted family in the pretty rural village of Moira, until the day of 26th August 2012 when her family were out for the day and Cody encountered two vile local cretins named Andrew Richard Stewart and Jamie Downey (allegedly).

While the great majority of people would greet such a lovely friendly dog with a pat and maybe a bit of play, Stewart and Downey saw fit instead to douse Cody with petrol and set her on fire, then they watched as the terrified animal writhed in agony and tried to escape (allegedly), as you do….when you have the reasoning of a psychopath and a peanut where your brain should be. Shockingly injured, Cody found her way back to her home where her owners were looking for her, but sadly despite the dedicated efforts of her family and the local veterinary team, Cody had to be euthanised  to spare her any more horrendous pain. Nothing alleged about that folks.

jamiedowneyStewart and Downey, pictured above and left, trying to hide their faces outside Lisburn Court recently, are the accused and have been granted legal aid not to plead ‘Not Guilty’ to this appalling crime folks, but to have the charges against them thrown out altogether under a ‘no case to answer’ admission. These two scumbags don’t even have the balls to take the witness stand like men (for want of a better word…) and answer questions about their actions that day.

Obviously lacking the ability to plead a case of Not Guilty, they are instead being granted a chunk of taxpayers hard-earned money so they may worm their way out of having to answer at all to a sadistic crime against a defenceless animal. Note their faces folks and if you’re striking a match when one of them happens to walk past you – don’t… however tempting it bloody well is.

 Story and Image Source: Belfast Telegraph, 2014.

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Mar 15 2014

Daniel Morcombe: life must mean life and no less for his vile killer Brett Peter Cowan.

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danielmorcombeThe parents and family of 13 year old Daniel Morcombe have walked a path that no parent anywhere would wish to even think about let alone want to travel. It began in December 2003 when their beautiful and adored son went to do some Christmas shopping at a local shopping centre and never came home. For almost a decade Bruce and Denise worked and prayed tirelessly for some clue as to what happened to their boy on that hot summer’s day in 2003.

In 2011 Daniel’s remains were discovered in remote bush land on the Sunshine Coast and child sex offender Brett Cowan, a suspect in the murder, was arrested and charged. Yesterday he was found guilty of abducting and murdering Daniel and sentenced, believe it or not, to life with non-parole of twenty years. Yes folks, this monster can reasonably apply for his freedom in 2034. This cannot be tolerated. Life must mean life, if we cannot hang him – as he deserves – then this scumbag must die in prison.

Daniel’s legacy: http://www.danielmorcombe.com.au/

Bruce and Denise Morcombe have filled the unimaginable void in their lives left by the loss of their beloved child by working to educate children in schools about how to stay safe when mum and dad are not there, for whatever reason, to protect them. As our children grow and become teenagers we have to allow them freedom and independence but it is vital they learn from as early an age as possible how to protect themselves and what to do if they are approached by people intent on harming them. Because such people are not always so obvious to children.

Please support Bruce and Denise Morcombe in protecting our children so that nobody else has to endure the agony they have had to endure, please honour Daniel’s memory by getting involved and being aware of a child who might be in danger. Looking the other way is not an option.


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