Mar 15 2014

Dennis O’Neill: long before the tragedy of Baby P there was a little boy….

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dennisoneil The circumstances of his terrible death were supposed to lead to changes that meant vulnerable children would never again suffer the pain, humiliation and degradation that he endured before he died. Changes that saw those who torture and kill children served appropriate sentences in prison, changes that would see that no adult unfit for parenting would again be allowed to inflict damage and terror on a child in their care. Had such changes been implemented, had such lessons been learned Baby Peter Connelly might not only still be alive but alternatively his mother and the two men who killed him would never be walking free today, having served just a handful of years for causing his death. So why then has so little changed since the tragedy in 1945 of 12 year old Dennis O’Neill?

I have read about Dennis, pictured here standing between his two younger brothers, I have even written about him here in the past but until I watched a documentary on TV a couple of nights ago I realised that this little boy, whose suffering and death shocked so many British people, had all but been forgotten. His name exists today in all those historical reports, his name comes up now and again in print when yet another child dies a death that social workers ‘never saw coming’.

Their story has been documented by his younger brother, Terence, who survived the horror that took his brother’s life. Terence has given Dennis a voice in the 21st century that was denied to them both during the six months they spent, aged 12 and 9, at the isolated farm house of their two brutal foster parents in the closing months of 1944.

The details of the suffering these two little boys endured were described by Terence himself in a recent BBC documentary ‘Disowned and Disabled’. The outrage at Dennis’s death and the power of Terence’s testimony led to the Children’s Act of 1948  and an overhaul of the fostering system. But it continues to happen, year after year – children abused by manipulative foster parents, children left in the custody of cruel and abusive parents. One would have thought that in the time between young Dennis in 1945 and 17 month old Peter Connelly in 2007 those charged with ensuring the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children would have had ample opportunities to get it right, to remove abused and neglected children from chaotic homes and place them with caring and understanding people.

So why are our children still dying from abuse and why the hell are those abusers, like Tracey Connelly and the killers of 2 year old James Bulger, walking free as I write? just as the Goughs served too short a sentence for their crimes against Dennis and Terence O’Neill in 1945, our judicial system is still not placing enough value on the  suffering and deaths of children today and abusers are not being punished harshly enough. When the hell will this change? when will inhuman treatment and murder of our children warrant more than a short spell in prison?

Please remember Dennis O’Neill.

Someone to Love Us: The shocking true story of two brothers fostered into brutality and neglect. By Terence O’Neill.

You can say hello and leave a message for Terry O’Neill here…https://www.facebook.com/Someonetoloveus

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Nov 01 2013

Tracey Connelly walks free.

The day has been and gone. The woman who stood by and did nothing as two monsters in her own home tortured and killed her 17 month old baby, Peter, has been released from prison after serving just five years for her part in this evil crime. One of the men who made her child’s life such a misery or pain and terror, Jason Owen, won his freedom two years ago.

Tracey Connelly now joins one of her co-conspirators in having her life back, to make a new start, to enjoy walking the streets and to look forward to the future.

Her baby, the child she abandoned to such an awful fate, continues to lie in his grave. No future, no new start in life for him. No growing up. This, dear reader, is the result of British justice in the 21st century. Children’s lives, to the British courts, are worth nothing.

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Sep 29 2013

Baby P mother Tracey Connelly to walk free after just SIX years in prison.

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Tracey Connelly is to walk free from Low Newton prison within days after serving just six years of an ‘indefinite’ sentence for her part in the atrocious abuse, torture and killing of her baby son Peter. Connelly stood by for months and did nothing to protect her child from the sadistic treatment inflicted on him by her retarded bully of a boyfriend, Steven Barker and his brother Jason Owen. As Barker snapped her screaming baby’s spine in half Connelly sat just feet away staring at online porn…she did nothing.

Owen is already enjoying his freedom having been released two years ago. Barker remains in prison and has been the victim of several attacks by other prisoners. I hope they continue….

Authorities claim Connelly is ‘no threat to society’ but she certainly poses a lethal threat to any further children she may have, I believe such a monster should be sterilised. One can only hope that no man will want to touch her with a barge pole…except to smash her ugly face in with it.

Keep looking over your shoulder woman….

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