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Jan 10

The Blogger

Tag: wendy @ 2:03 pm

Views and commentary on everything from family and home life to what’s happening in the news around the world. Reviews and opinion on consumer products and services from a broad range of the marketing spectrum”.

Well, that’s the official summary of this blog; actually it’s an outlet for me to air my opinion on just about everything that’s happening.  I was always a great writer of letters to the editor in newspapers but it bugged me when the editors refused to publish my really heated missives. So I use this now because I can say what I like and in my own style. I’ve started this as I have always loved to write but was particularly bad at keeping a diary over the years; it’s grown larger than I anticipated but keeps the brain cells active plus family and friends around the world can keep up to date with what I’m doing these days.  I was a professional violist before I left Australia and I love a broad range of music.

Anyway, hope you find something of interest here and, of course, feel free to leave a comment.

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12 Responses to “The Blogger”

  1. Richard Wells says:

    Just thought I would leave an unexpected “hello” from an unknown soul. Far from home, on an oilrig off the coast of Western Australia. As the Medic on the rig, gladly I am rather bored. I had a thought this morning to begin a quest to track down “ode to a sleeping beauty”. A memory from my childhood long ago. Trusting you will have a great day. fair winds and a following sea. Richard.

  2. Wendy says:

    An oilrig – really??? how fascinating, you would have to be in one of the most isolated places on earth! well, I am glad you found that lovely piece here and trust it means as much to you as it does to me….which is quite a lot. I hope the weather is fine and fair out in the Indian Ocean(?)
    That you are a medic and bored as well suggests everyone is safe and well :)

    Cheers Richard :)

  3. Richard Wells says:

    Everyone is very safe as the company considers safety paramount. I do have admin to do, however, the time is often spent researching memories and thoughts. One has to keep oneself busy out here in the never never.
    PS, the sunsets and sunrises are fantastic!

  4. Michael says:

    Discovered your site via a Tweet that was critical of your post about the Indian media. I agree with you btw.

    As a newspaper editor I like to read heated missives. Blogs are a better alternative in many cases though.

  5. vera says:

    I just received this message:You are receiving this message to confirm that you no longer wish to receive e-mail comment notifications from “Cultured Views” .
    I never subscribed to not wanting to receive emails from Cultured Views.

  6. Wendy says:

    Ah, okay then I can explain – I had to un-subscribe an individual who had been posting increasingly aggressive comments to the articles regarding baby Peter. Basically this person was beginning to give me the creeps and he sent an email last week demanding I send no more updates to him or else…he had subscribed to the articles himself, I cannot sign people up for them. He then did a turn around and wanted no more email updates so I had to cancel some subscriptions across the board as he was refusing to do his own cancellation. If you got that message it was by mistake as I was fumbling through the admin board and probably doing something wrong:) haven’t heard from him since so I must have done something correct in relation to what he wanted. Very weird individual I must say, sort of glad he has disappeared.
    Basically I cannot unsubscribe people to something they have signed up to – readers have to do that themselves. So I don’t unsubscribe people unless they specifically ask for it.

  7. vera says:

    I never thought that you unsubscribed me.I was just curious. Thanks.
    Anyway, I disregarded the message as instructed if I didn’t want to unsubscribe. :smile:

  8. Wendy says:

    Well if by chance you get another that it just me fiddling about the with the admin and not knowing what I’m doing !:)

  9. vera says:

    OK :mrgreen:

  10. vera says:

    Quick Question: Under And what people had to say…
    why don’t I see my name Vera? :sad:

  11. Wendy says:

    Try again, your name is there as far as I can see :)

  12. vera says:

    You’re right, thanks. :smile: