Apr 02 2012

Lennox the Dog: the costly battle to save him – is it justified?

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The saga of a dog called Lennox, a pit-bull-type dog removed from it’s owners for posing a potential risk to the public, has become an ongoing battle that now stands in the office of the Lord Chief of Justice in Northern Ireland. The owners, a teenage girl and her mother, have been fighting to reclaim their dog – the authorities want him put down. Nearly two years this has been dragging out, at a cost to the tax-payer – legal aid is funding the owner’s case – that would be reaching into the tens of thousands of pounds.

This should not have come this far and it should not be tying up court time and resources, nor should the future of an allegedly dangerous dog be the subject of the courts or paid for by the tax-payer. As it stands, our hospitals are in a mess – our city and regional A&E departments are not coping with the transfer of workload resulting from other A&E departments being closed. People have died in recent weeks on trolleys in hospital corridors because funding is tight and resources are stretched to the limit.


And one dog is costing us thousands of pounds because it cannot be decided one way or the other if it is too dangerous to be owned and kept in a residential area. If Lennox is a danger to members of the public then he should have been put down two years ago – if it is decided he is not then for gods sake return him to his owners and be it on their heads – and their hip pockets – if their dog vindicates what the authorities are concerned about. It is one hell of a risk which could end in a tragedy – if it does not then fine, but if it does…

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