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Legacy Prize 2009 awarded to Simon Tedeschi

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

“Benjamin Franklin’s Legacy is the symbolic link from extraordinarily creative Laureates, who explain and inspire creativity, to those curious, innovative and motivated individuals at the start of their careers who deserve greater recognition, encouragement and mentoring.”

This is the Mission Statement of the distinguished and coveted award named in memory, and honour, of the great American Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin holds a place in history which has been equalled by few. Not only the Father of Electricity he was Statesman, inventor, writer, philosopher; he stood at the helm of the Age of Enlightenment overseeing the advancement of innovations and principals that today still affect and impact our lives.

His Mission for the new age was that creative youth be encouraged to fulfill their potential and, deriving from a codicil in Franklin’s will of 1789, his Legacy sought to award and inspire those who excel in their chosen disciplines. The Legacy first awarded recognition in 1793 and continues to do so today.

This year the Creativity Foundation has named internationally acclaimed Australian pianist Simon Tedeschi as winner of the Legacy Prize 2009.

Simon, currently resident in the United States, is a musician of rare and exceptional skill with a brilliant repertoire seamlessly spanning Gershwin through to Brubeck effortlessly through to the classics of Debussey, Bach and Shostakovich.

His collaborations with the leading artists from various genres of music, both in Australia and around the world, make for a repertoire which is diverse and adventurous – a true musician who is not bound by category.

It is fantastic to see a fellow Australian receive such an esteemed honour as the Legacy Prize and particularly one so deserving as Simon. Well done!

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