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May 31 2008

Have a nice holiday but ‘don’t mention the war’ !

Tag: News,Travelwendy @ 10:13 am

A British ‘holidaymaker’ (what is it with this word – why don’t the Brits call themselves ‘tourists’ ? ) has been awarded £750 after he booked a holiday for his family on the Greek island of Kos and on arrival found the resort full of German tourists.

He complained that the activities and facilities were geared toward the Germans and he and his family were unable to join in on any of the fun because they cannot speak German. I suppose he has a point to some degree but what was stopping them just mucking in and having a go ?

Anyone who encounters German tourists on holiday at these places generally have just one complaint; they totally hog all the pool side sun loungers by placing their towels on them as early as sunrise and then returning when they are ready – ‘This is my sun chair for the entire day so bugger off  – why ? because my towel says so! ‘

 This annoying ‘reservation’ system is widespread and having encountered this myself I have one excellent way of dealing with this situation; if you arrive at the pool first thing in the morning finding no people but plenty of towels everywhere simply choose the lounger you like most and remove the towel. Now you have yourself a chair ! works every time for me.

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May 29 2008

Sorry girls but apparently we are the ‘wrong sex’

Tag: Female Topics,Newswendy @ 9:04 am

Having grown up and lived in the successful example of multi-culturalism that Australia is I have a very well developed and long instilled tolerance for people from the different cultures that I came into contact with through my friends at school and through every day work. Other cultures are stimulating, interesting, sometimes a bit strange but always help to contribute a diverse and colourful aspect to life.

In Australia the schools hold multi-cultural days where the kids spend a day highlighting a feature of their cultural heritage; they get to eat food from Vietnam, learn folk songs from Italy and Greece, make Japanese sushi, see Chinese Dragons dance, learn about Islam…its great.

We may not understand what some cultures are all about but this is mainly due to ignorance on our part; getting together with people of other nationalities, socialising, working with them is all it takes to get to know them and learn about what makes them who they are.  Of course there are people too ignorant to accept this and you have to feel sorry for them – I certainly do – but what happens when society is confronted with aspects of a certain culture that are both cruel and totally incomprehensible ? is it fair to say that in such cases the limits of tolerance and understanding are allowed to be pushed to the limit ?

A couple, British citizens but Indian by birth, recently abandoned their twin baby girls in a hospital in England.  What makes this story so sad, and also infuriating in my opinion, are the finer details.  This husband and wife, he is 72 and she is 59, travelled to India to receive fertility treatment which resulted in her falling pregnant with twins. They returned to the UK for the birth which happened two weeks ago and when the babies were delivered and found to be both female, they abandonded them. Why ? because they are ‘the wrong sex’.

They wanted boys. Because to these and their culture, boys are valuable and girls are a bloody nuisance. Sons can earn money and support parents; daughters cost money to get rid of later on.

Now, despite the fact that this couple should have been considered too old to be allowed IVF in the first place, they were still able to avail themselves of this remarkable modern technology. Technology in which women have played a major role in its research, development and implementation. In which ‘the wrong sex’ have played the role which helped make it all possible for selfish individuals as this couple.

They left the babies at the hospital who are now in care. They do not want them. While I feel pity for them in some way, I mostly feel anger at this aspect of Asian culture because this attitude, that girls are the wrong sex, has no place at all in their own culture let alone in British society. It is outdated, cruel in the extreme, totally unnecessary and should meet with more condemnation than it gets.

Naturally there is moral outrage both in the British media and general public right now, and so there should be. In India these little girls would probably have been killed, if not now then most certainly by their future husband and in-laws who place the value of dowry above the value of a female human being.

Of course we will all be asked to ‘understand’ where this couple are coming from with regards to what they have done and how they think but that request will fall on deaf ears.  This couple will most certainly object to the public anger directed at them, and if they do, maybe this man should pack up his wife and her shrivelled up ovaries and return to where they will be applauded for keeping their abhorrant tradition alive.

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May 27 2008

Indiana Jones makes amazing discovery !

Tag: Entertainment,Not too seriouswendy @ 4:32 pm

Indiana Jones, in the next exciting instalment of the gripping film series arrives in a long forgotten cave…

He finds an ancient relic; one that is so frightening; one that is so dangerous to the existence of mankind that he must decide what to do…destroy it…or capture it for scientific examination…

What has he found…??

A perfectly preserved, long hidden species of the most feared form of alien life ever to walk the earth…

the cranium of a Georgonian Bushoid !!

Our hero takes his torch, shines it deep in to the darkest recesses of the skull and searches for proof of the existence of the one thing that mankind had always speculated on from the very beginnings of time – his brain – and discovered tangible proof of what mankind had always believed…

It didn’t have one !!

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May 27 2008

“Come on dearie, hand the nice policeman your knife…”

Tag: Newswendy @ 9:00 am

Yes, this is how the British Commissioner for Children, Sir Al Aynsley Green,  would like to see young knife-carrying thugs dealt with by police.

He has enraged the country by pitifully whining on about how the current knife-culture is a ” delicate issue “ ; that giving police the authority ( hello, what’s that ? ) to stop, search and disarm knife wielding youths could ” antagonise them “ .

Well, my heart bleeds for the poor little darlings…imagine being asked by a couple of policemen to empty your pockets and hand over your knives when told to. How dare such an infringement of human rights be allowed to happen !!

Of course society must stop this from happening; we cannot have a police force upsetting these sensitive little darlings by taking away their precious weapons…

or giving them a taste of their own medicine…

Don’t worry plenty of people will stop this from ever happening…

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