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2008 April 30 | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Apr 30 2008

Pure evil – but what is it about Austria and her ‘cellar children’?

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In August 2006 the world was shocked when teenager Natascha Kampusch escaped from her ‘prison’ in a Viennese suburbian house after being kidnapped in 1998 as an eleven year old child and held captive there as a sex slave for eight years by a depraved paedophile…just miles from her family’s home.  In February 2007 Austria revealed once again that three young children had been rescued after being enslaved by their criminally sick mother for seven years in a rat-infested cellar in Linz. It has happened yet again…

I think that most of the civilised world is reeling in shock right now after learning about Josef Fritzl and his daughter whom he kept locked and hidden away in the cellar of his Amstettan house for the past 24 years. The details of this story are repugnant, disgusting, vile and almost unbelievable…except for the fact that his daughter, Elisabeth, was found along with three of the seven children she bore to her father during her imprisonment.

This revolting piece of scum lured his 17 year old daughter into the cellar of his house back in September 1984, left her there, and locked the door behind him leaving her trapped. What followed for this poor girl over the next 24 years at the hands of her father was a litany of crimes against everything that we as a civilised society hold to; incest, rape, enforced captivity, suppression of human rights, child abuse…

Over a span of 24 years, during her imprisonment in the cellar of her family home, Josef Fritzl continually raped and abused his own daughter; as a result of this abuse she endured seven pregnancies, the babies all sired by her own father.  This girl suffered, lived and gave birth in the tiny space of a few square feet. And all the time, living above her prison, was her own mother who has claimed she never knew what was going on during all that time.

Excuse me?…your husband forbids you to venture below a staircase in your own house for 24 years; he disappears on a regular basis ‘downstairs’ during which time he is raping his own daughter and subsequently delivering the babies she bears from the assaults. Three of the babies he ‘brings up’ to the house claiming he ‘found them on the door step’ and his wife accepts them and agrees to raise them as her own…the other three he leaves captive in the cellar with their mother…his daughter.  This woman lived one floor above the ‘prison’ in which her daughter lived and gave birth seven times…surely she heard her screams during the labour and birth…surely she noticed her husband taking food and supplies downstairs…surely to god she noticed something over those 24 years!!!

She claims she heard, and knew, nothing. She accepted three babies her husband presented to her as ‘foundlings’ and raised them; her daughter gave birth seven times – one birth resulted in twins with one baby dying and Josef Fritzl disposed of the baby’s body in the cellars’ incinerator. Three other children he kept imprisoned with his daughter, their mother, and three he took ‘upstairs’ to be raised as ‘foundlings’. And his wife claims ignorance of the whole thing.

When Elisabeth Fritzl was found she had not seen daylight for 24 years, she is white haired and extremely frail; her three children – the eldest aged 19 and deathly ill – had never seen daylight, had never been outside of the cellar they were trapped in. Her two little boys had never seen a car, another human being, the sun or the moon. Her daughter, aged 19, is so sick she is fighting for her life in hospital.  Elisabeth is no better.

What kind of evil man is Josef Fritzl? what kind of man locks his own daughter up in a tiny room for 24 years and continually rapes and abuses her during that time…what kind of man impregnates his own daughter seven times!! what kind of woman claims ” I know nothing” as his wife has done ?

What really sickens me is that, as those children were confined to such a small space with their mother over all that time, they would have witnessed in some way the serial sexual abuse of their mother and also the births of their siblings.
I wonder if these children, and their mother, will ever be able to live normal lives in the future even if they have now been rescued.
The eyes of the world are on the Austrian authorities now…they had better darn well make this depraved and evil creature pay for what he has done. Clearly there is something horribly wrong with Austrian society – with family life there – this girl, Elisabeth, was reported to have ‘disappeared’ 24 years ago and yet not once was her home ever searched.  Her father built her concrete prison with a grant from the Austrian Govt.

How can a country that has given the world such beauty in the form of Mozart, Bruckner, Haydn and Strauss also spawn such horrors as Adolf Hitler and now Josef Fritzl…amongst others?

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