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2008 April 29 | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Apr 29 2008

Club membership that any Aussie would love!

Tag: Commercialwendy @ 11:51 am

However many Aussies would be disappointed to learn that this particular club is based in the US – for now – but who knows for the future? anyway, I want to tell you about a great new way of choosing a gift for someone you love, or just know exactly what they like…a club membership! these clubs are out of the ordinary as they are gift clubs and when you join up you receive on a monthly basis a delivery of top quality products all relevant to the club you have signed up with.

Here’s how it works and for my example I will choose a product close to any Aussie’s heart…beer. There are not too many beer clubs around to my knowledge where you can enjoy a regular monthly delivery of fine beers fresh from one of the many small independant breweries who supply Clubs of America.

Now, when you join their beer of the month club you also receive a monthly newsletter and some great information telling where your particular brew for that month has originated; who was involved in the creation process, biographical background about the individual company and when you develop a liking for any particular brand you will qualify for a discount on re-ordering.

You’ve talked me into it…how do I join!!

To start with you can take out membership for one month up to twelve months – there is no minimum which is a great aspect. This is why these club memberships make for such a great gift idea – why not join up Grand-Dad for his birthday as a beer of the month club member if he loves his beer? you can also choose to ship to him on a monthly/every other month or third monthly basis; and don’t forget of course that they can only deliver to those over 21 and an adult signature is required on receipt.

Any other incentives…?

Yep. Choose a twelve month membership and you receive bonus club cash to redeem whenever you want on other merchandise or maybe towards another membership – it’s up to you! if you are choosing this as a gift you have the option of choosing a gift letter to go along with the delivery as well. Maybe you are head of a corporation/business/club?…this would make an ideal way to reward employees for performance and for large group orders there is an added discount bonus.

There are lot’s of other clubs to consider with Clubs of America whether you like chocolate, flowers, wine or even cigars – just take your pick. You can order online or by phone so why not get hold of a catalogue asap?

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Apr 29 2008

Mad moggy-mania!

Tag: Not too seriouswendy @ 11:09 am

I saw these pics of some crazy cats; there are more on this website called lolcats. If you love puddy-tats with attitude or sense of humour go take a look – it’s hilarious. I’ve put some of my own captions to a couple…

” If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a paw driver! “

” Aw gee, I just hope the guys down the alley don’t see these! “

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Apr 29 2008

FlameTune will excite any music enthusiast

Tag: Commercial,Entertainment,Musicwendy @ 9:49 am

I have discovered this site, Flame Tune, at just the right time. My son has just bought his first guitar and I am encouraging him to explore the culture of the instrument as well as the repertoire musically. Basically Flame Tune is a very popular online community featuring the latest and most popular music tabs, bands, individual artists, lyrics and social networking. One feature I am very impressed with is the regular reviews regarding guitar lessons and information regarding individual artists such as Avril Lavigne – maybe you are after Avril Lavigne lyrics and her song collection? the list is updated weekly and is quite extensive.

I have searched some sites to download scales, studies and notation but really have not yet found what I think would best serve my son’s needs; on Flame Tune the student can have a look at what online lessons are available currently – these are all reviewed by musicians themselves which is an aspect that I find extremely important. For the enthusiast who has a particular favourite artist or music genre they can choose from a huge selection of guitar tabs; if you are into Avril Lavigne, for example, you will find Avril Lavigne guitar tabs along with the lyrics and chords. These are mostly contributed by individuals so should you find the one you want is not there all you do is make a submission/request.

By the way the previous are for acoustic/electric guitar; there are also Avril Lavigne bass tabs for who play bass guitar. While you are at it check out the ringtones, posters and that all-important sheetmusic. There are various forums for you to join in and discuss your favourite band/artist and all music genre’s are well covered; jazz, rock, punk and pop…

Don’t forget it is not just guitar stuff here; if you are a drummer you will find your niche and pianists as well. It is free to register and join so give it a try and widen your circle with more friends and contacts in the world of music.

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Apr 29 2008

Increasing your back-links in 30 minutes

Tag: Blogging,Businesswendy @ 8:26 am

I have just been looking at a review by Loretta regarding a proven way to drastically increase the back-links to your site/s from PR5-7 sites – this is not reciprocal linking but legitimate page rank gain. It is called the 30 Minute Backlinks test. She’s a smart cookie this girl and has test-run the method herself so I have signed up to learn more.

You subscribe by email and then receive your information. There is a video to view – 30 minutes duration – and she claims quite credibly that within that time frame your links will start flowing in, all search engine friendly and should you give it a go yourself she’d really like to hear from you about your own results.

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