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2008 April 28 | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Apr 28 2008

Dad space: The Eaglehawk

Tag: Bloggingwendy @ 10:37 am

One thing you notice about Dad’s who blog is the interesting difference in their style from those Mum’s who blog. I am not just referring to the content, though it is often significantly different, but form, presentation and outlook.

Of course as men and women we certainly view the world, and family life, with a different attitude; it’s a refreshing difference that really stands out to me as a reader.

EagleHawk writes very quirky articles and one thing grabs me from the start – he dosen’t go on…and on…and on; his articles are nicely concise and the subjects he writes about can make you sit back in your seat and think for a bit and then go ‘ oh yeah…interesting point’. He has some articles that would never occur to me to write about: Your Linguistic Profile was a great little read – he say’s Howdy y’all  – I would say G’day. Actually that article has given me food for thought for an article along those same lines…

I can really relate to his post about newborn feeding problems having been in exactly the same situation myself when my huge strapping son was a small baby – he had me going ‘yep, been there done that got the t-shirt’. I have to say that in another blogger’s  hands, a Mommy-one for instance, such an article could have gone on a lot longer and in more gory detail but then again, here is the difference I mentioned earlier; a common everyday event but from a male point of view.

In all I like this blog; it is easy to read, not too heavy on the kiddie aspect and the ‘Hawk is an avowed anti-spammer warrior  – and I think we all need guys like that around.

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Apr 28 2008

Is it too soon to say ‘welcome back’ to Britney Spears?

Tag: Blogging,Entertainmentwendy @ 7:59 am

Okay, from one human train crash (Amy Winehouse) to another let’s take a brief look at how Britney Spears is doing these days…

Well, happily there is not a lot to report! and this is a great thing wouldn’t you agree? no more pictures of her driving erratically down the road; no more pictures of her waving her arms at the pap’s; no more arrests or men with butterfly nets dragging her out of her house.

Brit’s has been quiet of late because she really seems to be getting her life back together. Obviously whatever treatment was prescribed for her during her recent sectioning is showing signs of success; she is looking great and getting fit.

She is seeing her kids again and has fortunately dumped that weirdo with the caterpillar on his chin by the wayside – something she needed to do at the start. I think we could be seeing the rebirth of Britney Spears as a mature woman; if she can relaunch her career and keep everything together for keeps then she will surely serve as an example to many of those who are also experiencing the depths of despair.

Amy Winehouse…are you listening?

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