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2008 April 23 | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Apr 23 2008

Live in Colorado Springs – Want to go to a film festival?

Tag: Entertainmentwendy @ 2:05 pm

I thought I would give the film production students at Pikes Peak Community College a plug here; on April 24th at 5-7pm they are showcasing their film-making talents by offering a screening of their series of short films.

If you want to see some great work by very talented young people (all young people are talented in my books) then go along and provide an audience for them. Entry is free to the general public and just to top things off they have free giveaways on offer.

I am strongly in favour of supporting young talent, who knows, there just might be a new Spielberg or Scorcese there !

The College is at Colorado Springs and you will find the festival at the Centennial Campus.

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Apr 23 2008

Are you into Paranormal and UFO’s?

Tag: Business,Commercialwendy @ 10:52 am

My fourteen year old son is for sure. He even has his own blog on which he writes, nothing very highbrow ro too technical of course but he gets to share his thoughts and interests all the same.

On a different note the theory of UFO’s and everything to do with the paranormal  is now being discussed and studied quite seriously – no longer is this an area just confined to those ‘who believe in anything‘. Personally I keep an open mind with regards to things like this.

If you like reading and talking about paranormal phenomena then why not join a Social Network about Paranormal and UFO   interests where you will meet like-minded people? join the forum and receive updated information that promises to be very interesting. 

The topics of discussion are quite varied, not just extra-terrestrial beings and flying saucers, and lots of interesting photographs too. You’d be in your element there for sure.

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Apr 23 2008

When the kids are away Mums can play!

Tag: Blogging,Family Lifewendy @ 10:25 am

I am almost at the end of my week without my two youngest children and their Dad. They have been visiting Nan and Granda for the past week and, judging by some of the phone call updates, I feel that their grandparents still need to get a few pointers straight when it comes to having the grandchildren stay for a few days.

Number one: if you don’t want something touched, broken or played with you should place it on a high shelf or in a cupboard. Number two: young children know exactly what a TV remote control is for – it is for pressing the buttons! Number three: Granda needs to hide the remote control without forgetting where he put it.

Number four: a handful of red jelly babies are not a good idea half an hour before bedtime; Number five: Mummy will get around to teaching them The Lords Prayer soon…I promise!

On the other hand, over here the silence could not be more deafening. But there are some advantages: I can cook something without tripping over a toddler on a trike; I can make a cake without tossing a coin as to who will lick the bowl because I will; I can watch a DVD from start to finish and it will not have Postman Pat or Fireman Sam in it; I can take a bath/wash my hair without Daddy sending out a search party for me; I can eat a whole bar of chocolate and not have to share – funny thing is I am so used to sharing that I cannot finish a bar of chocolate on my own anymore!

Well, tomorrow the silence will be replaced by noise once again; toys will breed around the floor and I will need to post a notice where and when I go to take a bath; I will be cutting meat into tiny portions again and watching the next instalment of Balamory.

Life will return to normal again – and I cannot wait.

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Apr 23 2008

Who is easier to dress – men or women?

Tag: Commercialwendy @ 9:27 am

Well it depends on the age I suppose. As a rule many men are not all that fussy when it comes to fashion trends; my partner will wear pretty much whatever I choose for him so long is it not a pair of denim jeans, he must be the only man alive who refuses to wear denims. Of course I am a lot choosier.

I have five sons, the oldest three are in/just out of their teens and they have always been relatively easy to buy clothes for over the years. My cousin has three daughters and has had a constant battle since they were toddlers to buy clothes that they would like enough to wear anywhere. They are teens now and she just gives them the money and they buy their own stuff to save herself the stress. But you have to admit that men are better served by choices in men’s fashion than we girls are. They have no problems buying trousers to fit, they don’t have to worry about their top half being a bigger size than their hip size; t-shirts fit them uniformally and a nice suit always looks good on them.

I wish it was that easy for us women!

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