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Apr 21 2008

Enter the world of the Space Turtle!

Tag: Blogging,Entertainmentwendy @ 2:01 pm

I wonder how many people encourage their kids to combine their online life with that of reading…? well, here’s a way to go about it. Yank them away form MySpace and YouTube and show them the way to a new world of fantasy, imagination and, well, just some darned good reading from a guy with a wonderful imagination.

Get them to make friends with The Space Turtle ! actually this site is not just for the kids, if you love fantasy and the silly-side of things – I really like people with a wacky view on life – then you will enjoy spending time with what is going to be the next Ãœber Hero. Let me put it this way…if you are into Terry Pratchett/Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy line then you will enjoy spending time here. It is even linked to from Wiki, which is great and hopefully will lead to bigger things, and there are a whole collection of stories and poems to read.

The layout of the site is eyecatching and totally suits the theme; my 14 year old son loves the site and feels like he has discovered a kindred spirit in the author – the illustrations are really good so applause to the author’s talented wife. You know what I like about The Space Turtle atmosphere ? let me put it this way…I remember being taken to the library as a kid and sitting down with the other kids for story time with the librarian. She was a wonderful narrator and I always felt as though I was entering a different world once she began a story which you never wanted to end…this is how I feel looking at this site. It’s imaginative and, I feel, quite innovative. ‘Imagination’ – that’s what we all need to rediscover these days… everything is so virtual and realistic that we have lost the ability to imagine and fantasise.

His Crazy Supermarket Adventure is a little short tale that involves flying fish – read it though and it actually has a point to it all; and definitely make time to read Snap  and see if you are not still laughing to yourself an hour later…this little story conjured up some funny images in my mind which had me giggling. Nice, too, to see his article about Terry Pratchett and his struggle with alzheimers; Terry provides inspiration to many authors both budding and otherwise and it is terrible to know that the most important tool for authors – imagination and thought – is the very thing stolen by this condition.

Usually I am a little put off by sites with black backgrounds but this was a breeze to view and read the text on – I enjoyed my visit with The Space Turtle and would like to see this author get real exposure; I wish him great luck with his creation, and the illustrator too!

Illustration above courtesy of: The Beandom.com

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