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2008 April 20 | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Apr 20 2008

Monster parents who practice child-baiting

Tag: health/lifestyle,Newswendy @ 6:52 pm

Just when you begin to think that parenting standards in the UK could not sink any lower comes something like this: you have heard of bull-baiting, bear-baiting, cock fighting and pitbull fighting – get ready folks for the latest craze…child baiting. Parents in the UK are placing their tiny children into violent Thai boxing tournaments and cheering them on from the sidelines as they get the crap kicked and punched out of them – many are under the age of ten!

Take the case of Darren Flanagan – his twin children, a boy Kian and girl Miah, have to get into a boxing ring whilst he eggs them on to punch the shite out of their opposition – Kian and Miah are just five years old. Miah, pictured, clearly does not enjoy the experience and her father is pictured shaking her and yelling at her to “Just enjoy yourself!” Miah’s ‘mother’, Lisa, decorates her tiny little daughter with makeup and glitter before she shoves her little girl into the bull-pit to get beaten to a pulp. And this is allowed!

But take the case of ten year old Thai Barlow – his father Mark drags the poor kid all over the world spending thousands of pounds entering the child in tournaments so that he can ‘get experience’. On March 28 Thai took part in his first cage brawl, fighting inside a 23ft metal cage in front of a huge baying crowd paying £335 a ticket – is this sick or what?

Whatever happened to the parental instinct of protecting one’s child? what man would place his pretty little five year old daughter in a boxing ring to get punched to the ground? What has happened to society!

This is totally sick. It is violent, it is as repulsive as child p.o.r.n (I did that to discourage sickos who google such words) and is a form of legalised child abuse, absolutely. This sport must be banned for underage children and the parents should be prosecuted.

Shame on you Darren and Lisa Flanagan, shame on you Mark Barlow – shame on anyone who supports this disgusting spectacle. Ban it now!

Darren Flanagan gives his little Miah the order to ‘Just enjoy yourself!’ even though she is terrified. Is this child abuse or what!

Little Miah waits to get beaten up whilst the adults cheer it all on.

Pictures: UK Daily Mail

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Apr 20 2008

The one-stop hotel marketplace

Tag: Commercial,Travelwendy @ 9:13 am

If you, like us, have an investment property to sell or maybe are looking to rent a luxury property in a beautiful location you would find that being able to conduct your business through one complete website carries a number of advantages.

Many sites, we have found, with a high-density listing can be a task to trawl through but on condo hotel you will find life is made much easier. The site is very easy to navigate, quick to load and offers a service connecting buyers with sellers and those wishing to rent with property owners. If you are wondering, Condo Hotels are a combination of apartment style and hotel acommodation – with a touch of luxury thrown in for good measure. If you aren’t bound by a tight budget then these sound like a perfect option to your average hotel experience.

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