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2008 April 18 | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Apr 18 2008

The big wide world of Mummy-blogging

Tag: Blogging,Family Lifewendy @ 3:52 pm

Why do Mummies blog? well for a start we Mums are a deep well of resources. We know a million things that you won’t find written in any book; we can make things better with a hug or a kiss; we are the prime consumers of goods and services. We laugh easily (well, we have to) and sometimes have to cry just as easily.

Anyway, thanks to the internet millions of talented Mums are pouring all their talents into their own blogs now and reaching out to each other, just like at Parenting Times, where the focus is on family and love. Not too long ago if you wanted to network the old way with other Mums you went to playgroup or got involved with the school – now Mums everywhere can meet through their blogs and learn from each other – sharing all those ups and downs.

She’s a smart cookie this Mum – just like all of us – she talks about things that we Mums can all relate to and she works in the accounting industry – I often feel that Mums are the most qualified unqualified accountants there are – and has lots of handy hints, suggestions and ideas for things to do with the kids at home. I wonder how many Mums need some great ideas for getting the kids away from the XBox;  maybe check out some of the craft ideas for kids, unplug the TV and get the kids to work with their hands for a change.

If you are having any little issues with your kids maybe a look here will help you sort them out – that’s what we Mums are good at, helping each other out when we need it. If you are a Mum who wants to blog maybe take a look here and get some inspiration from a Mummy who has been blogging, and doing it well, for about four years now.

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Apr 18 2008

Studying is great but hard on the eyes

Tag: Commercial,Family Lifewendy @ 1:56 pm

My other-half has developed this habit over the years of collecting letters after his name like other people collect stamps and coins. Arnold loves to study and has several diplomas and degrees to his name and this year will be adding one more link in the chain when he completes his degree in modern languages. It’s funny but if he added all the letters he has earned to the end of his name each time he wrote on an envelope it would take up a whole extra line.

Of course it’s all wonderful but all the study does take a toll on the ol’ eyes. He reckons one of the best things I ever bought him for his birthday was a set of those magnifying glasses that you hold over the page of a book or newspaper. They would even be a good idea for a student in school as they reduce eye strain and help the concentration.

What will his next course of study be?…hard to say but it won’t be long before he gets the itch – he is threatening to do a chemistry degree next and is already eyeing up my kitchen for his practical experiments. No way babe!

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Apr 18 2008

Want to know why England has gone to the dogs? – here’s why…

Tag: Bloggingwendy @ 1:22 pm

When you get headlines like these everyday in the newspapers what does it say about society?…

Downs Syndrome teenager with mental age of five charged with racist assault on Asian pupil: a young male who could not know any better pushed a fellow special needs pupil at his school after she annoyed him as he was eating his lunch. The problem is she was Asian which makes the issue a racist one. Of course! God help us!!

More than 200 heroin addict prisoners forced to go ‘cold turkey’ win £4000 damages each for human rights breach: Yep, you’d better believe it. Only in the UK would such a thing happen. Criminals who have bashed, robbed and stolen from law abiding citizens have won cash payouts because they had to give up their heroin habit when they got thrown in jail. Oh dear, the poor little things…European Court of Human Rights? you suck!

Two-thirds of British residents fear violence as migrant tensions rise : Speaks for itself, the Brit’s are not fond of foreigners although they like emigrating to other people’s countries – what did Enoch Powell say in his “rivers of blood” speech years ago?…

Inhumane motorists drove OVER and around hit-and-run victim as he lay dying in the street: no-one wanted to get involved  in case they got the blame.

Gang smile in court as they are jailed for killing homeowner who caught them burgling: three cretins smiled and laughed when they were sentenced to life in prison for killing a man who was protecting his home from their evil and despicable actions.

This is England today. Thanks to Tony Blair and his society/family destroying Nu Labour and his human rights champion of a wife Cherie Blair (she fights for the rights of criminals and terrorists).  This is your legacy to a once decent nation. Hope you are enjoying your retirement Tony-boy. Thanks for the mess you have left.

 Rule Britannia (choke).

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Apr 18 2008

The ‘Oscars’ of the corporate world

Tag: Business,Commercialwendy @ 1:00 pm

It seems there are awards for just about everything these days wouldn’t you agree? everything from the entertainment industry – of course – through to almost every sector of the business industry.

Even the corporate world have their own awards which recognise the top movers and shakers and one I have just read about which involves those in the cpm arena. This particular gong is called the Innovative Solution Award for Corporate Performance Management and is designed to reward those businesses who utilise technology at a very high standard to facilitate the workplace.

The office environment has certainly changed since I sat at a typewriter in the 1980’s – anyone remember those?

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