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2008 April 12 | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Apr 12 2008

News review site

Tag: Blogging,Businesswendy @ 11:10 am

The in-thing these days is to have an articles directory and howto.fm has entered the fray with a rather nice looking variant.

As the site is relatively new there are only 450 odd articles on it at the moment but it’s not the number but the quality that’s key of course and in this case the quality seems fairly high. For example, if you consider their article on vendors for SSH you’ll find a very complete article on the topic of alternative vendors for SSH software.

To date the main focus is on business and Internet articles which is typical for articles directories in the early days simply because people writing stuff in those categories are more likely to pick up on a new outlet. However, there’s also a sprinkling of articles on more diverse topics such as on coffee.

Nice look and if the quality can be kept up, a useful resource.

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Apr 12 2008

Amy Winehouse: Is she getting better or what?

Tag: Blogging,Entertainmentwendy @ 11:05 am

Judging by these photo’s I would say the answer is ‘or what’ . We all saw Amy appear on the Grammy Awards a while back; she wasn’t singing with her usual gusto and had just emerged from rehab, but she got through the songs and appeared to be genuinely on the mend. I wonder if we celebrated too soon…

Amy is recording the theme song for the next James Bond film and was photographed leaving the recording studio looking like the result of an autopsy. Reports suggest her drinking and drug addiction is getting out of control again and judging by the look of her here if you reckon she looks better then you are fooling yourself. Maybe rehabilitation involves many things besides detoxing; it is one of the toughest things to go through but isn’t the person supposed to look just a bit better?

Amy seems to be disappearing before our very eyes; the tragedy of drug addiction is that it not only ravages your mind and body but the one thing that sets you apart…your talent.

Kerry Katona has her baby boy…at last!

Yep, hands up all those people well fed up with pictures of the ever-pregnant Kerry Katona…I thought so. So am I. I think if you are going to promote yourself as a celebrity and nothing else and then complain about the public and media constantly judging you then here’s what Ms Katona needed to stop doing…

* smoking whilst pregnant

* drinking whilst pregnant

* taking dope whilst pregnant…

are not going to bring you favourable publicity nor sympathy when you experience the resulting health problems; this seems to have been the longest pregnancy on record and, while we wish Kerry all the best, she ain’t exactly a good poster girl for expectant motherhood. Anyway, congrat’s Kerry but please, do us all a favour and do what you claimed you would do…get your tubes tied!!

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