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2008 April 11 | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Apr 11 2008

James makes his film debut

Tag: Family Lifewendy @ 5:55 pm

We have just returned from the post-Easter class performance. James’ class at his nursery school, including the wee one’s, gave us parents 90 minutes of laughter, pride and plenty of kodak moments. Any parent who has sat through a school concert will agree that the experience can be rather daunting…your child always seems to appear towards the end; and you sit through what seems a lifetime of watching other people’s children saying a few inaudible lines, dancing to badly recorded music, comedic sequences performed by four year olds and the inevitable child who refuses to muck in and instead stands on the stage amidst his classmates and cries while Mum and Dad sit red-faced in the audience (wasn’t that the Dad who ducked out for a smoke at that stage?).

James is number four in my lineup of five sons so I qualify as a veteran of these school events.  But it was fun; and the closer you get to the end of your populate or perish days the more you seem to appreciate these little occasions. Once they are gone you never get them back, except the memories, until the grandchildren come along – hopefully much later.

James’ class had made their own movie The King and the Magic Lamp. I had donated several plain white t-shirts towards the costuming of the kids and the other more talented Mums had turned them into Arabian robes. Watching the film I had to marvel at how those teachers are possessed of so much patience and tolerance; it could not have been an easy project to complete with a bunch of kids aged 4 to 5, but the end product was wonderful. James shone in his film debut and we are so proud of him. Like I said, I have been through this type of thing before, but it was a first for Arnold and he filmed everything like the proud Dad he is.

As I said, James is number four in my lineup of five sons, John is three and we have it all ahead of us again when he starts school. Makes you feel like you don’t want it to ever end…

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