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Apr 06 2008

Replacing a soulmate

Tag: Blogging,Entertainmentwendy @ 4:26 pm

We all grieved for Paul McCartney when he lost Linda to cancer in early April 1998. He had stated so often that she was the love of his life, his soulmate, the only one who would ever really know him. Yes, it was truly sad when she died leaving him bereft and seemingly lost.

Then he met Heather Mills barely a year later in 1999. We watched the courtship develop at lightning speed. We saw Paul smiling again and reveling in what was obviously new-true love. Heather shared his passion for things like conservation and animal-rights; the engagement followed. Then their wedding in Ireland in 2002. We were happy for them, well, most of us. We hoped for them to be happy but we all know how it all ended. But for whatever reasons the marriage ended, whether you like Heather Mills or loathe her, I think she had an uphill battle from the start.

Many say Heather tried to fill Linda’s shoes. I don’t believe this. Heather is too independant; too individual and too much her own woman to have tried to walk in another woman’s steps. However she did live in Linda’s shadow.

Now Paul, divorced from Heather, is reportedly becoming attached again to a new – and of course younger – woman, his fans will be glad to see him happy again. But will he be? will he ever be as happy with another woman as he was with Linda…will any woman be able to represent to him what she did?

Paul, I think, is one of those men who cannot let go of their one true love. Whether they lose that love through being dumped, divorced or widowed, it makes things almost impossible for the woman who follows. I pitied Heather as I pity any woman who tries to find a permanent space in Pauls heart. In some ways I think men like him should stay single – Linda is too well known as Paul’s soulmate. Yes he deserves to be happy, yes he deserves companionship. However unless men like Paul take that lost love off their pedestal they will never be truly happy with anyone else.

The woman who takes her place by Paul’s side in the future will need to be more special than Linda ever was. One thing remains to be seen though – is there a woman alive, who in his eyes, is?

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Apr 06 2008

Olympic torch struggles through London

Tag: Newswendy @ 10:46 am

I am currently watching the attempted procession of the Olympic flame through the city of London – what a sad sight it is and what a public relations disaster for the Chinese Olympic organisers in London. The flame is being carried by a lineup of the UK’s greatest athletes and what should be a proud and exciting moment for each person is becoming an ordeal they could never have imagined. Ten arrests have so far been made as the relay makes it’s way along and thrown into the situation are pro-Beijing supporters – one wonders whether they have been planted.  The whole ceremony is turning into a debacle and the Chinese ambassador may have to rethink her participation in the ceremony – for her own safety.

The Flame’s progress is being hampered by Tibetan  anti-Chinese protesters and whilst I feel for torch bearers such as Konnie Huq, who almost had the torch wrestled from her grasp by a protester, I have to say I support fully the emotion behind their protests. They are attempting to get the message across to the rest of the world, and to the Chinese Govt, that the record of human rights abuse in that country is appalling. It’s actions against the people of Tibet is atrocious. And they are absolutely correct in what they are doing.

These people must be heard. The world must listen to what these people have to say, they must be accorded the freedom to express their concerns – to attempt to do the same in China would see them arrested, tortured and killed. Their message is clear and simple – Stop the killing in Tibet!

As I say, I fully support what these protesters are trying to say; however it would be nice to see the Torch make it’s way unhampered through the streets of London – this is a high point for those athletes chosen to carry it in this relay. But also those standing up for the people of Tibet rarely have the chance to achieve such an audience – what a shame they have no other way to do this than in this manner.

Above: a Tibetan protester at the start of the Olympic Torch Relay is taken away by police.

Photo: The Press Association.

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