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2008 April 03 | Cultured Views Cultured Views


Apr 03 2008

British women need a lesson in style

Tag: Female Topics,Not too seriouswendy @ 4:45 pm

Come on ‘girls’ get it right! it used to be that a day at one of the most famous race meetings on the calendar in the United Kingdom mean’t that the women turned out looking their absolute best. The only thing that matters is style and if you don’t have it then stay at home. These dowdy dames actually showed up at, of all places, Aintree, looking like a reject from a kebab shop or ‘dressed by old curtains’.

In my opinion there is nothing worse than women on the shady side of forty (and yes, there IS a shady side when it comes to fashion ladies) trying to look like their teenage daughters. Where has all the style gone; the chic and the sophistication…?

These women look as though they should be put out to pasture…and left there!

As for the female on the far left; there should be a LAW against people like her!

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