Dec 10 2014

Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission to fight for abortion rights in Northern Ireland

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The NIHRC is set to go to court to challenge the unfair and inhumane laws that deny women access to safe legal abortion in this country. Presently women who are victims of rape or incest are forbidden to terminate their unwanted pregnancies in Northern Ireland which is out of step with the rest of the UK and out of step with many other countries around the world.

Forcing such women to be locked into giving birth to babies they never asked for and whose conceptions were forced upon them in acts of violence is an atrocious violation of their human rights and thankfully this at last is being recognised and challenged.

Currently the rights of the fetus are held in line with those of the woman which creates a grave contradiction of the law because once fetal rights are upheld the woman’s right to bodily autonomy becomes invalid – she is forced to proceed with a pregnancy against her will. This is unacceptable and I will be strongly supporting the NIHRC in their challenge.


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Dec 05 2014

Pregnant lady puts Abort67 bullies firmly in their place outside London clinic.

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I love this woman – facing down the anti-choice bullies who were filming and harassing women entering a women’s health clinic in London. Just around the corner from this scene is a welfare centre that addresses the needs of children living in poverty, children experiencing abuse in their homes, children who are deprived and neglected – so why are these people with their fetal-obsession and pro-life fantasies not around the corner at that centre protesting about BORN children suffering every single day from abuse, neglect and deprivation…? because they prefer to target the fetus while it is still in the woman’s body…and why? because they know damn well they cannot blame, explain away or justify the way their ‘god’ allows children to die from abuse, neglect and deprivation every day. It is far easier to focus on the fetus and blame the woman for what happens to it because it is inside HER body and beyond the control of ‘god’. These people don’t care about women and they certainly don’t care about how children suffer once they are born – where were these people when a distressed mother dumped her newborn baby in a bin in England just recently? where are these people when babies are dumped every single day in bins as soon as they are born? they are nowhere except in the faces of vulnerable pregnant women who seek to avoid bringing unwanted and unneeded babies into the world and who seek to avoid the distress of having to give birth and either hand the baby over to someone else or feel the need when in great distress to dump it in a bin. These people seek to create more dumped babies than they seek to help babies once they are born. As long as it is born they don’t care what horrors await it afterwards.


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Dec 04 2014

Court of Appeal strikes a chord for common sense and rules against criminalising pregnant women who consume alcohol.

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Sometimes we get crazy, illogical decisions from our courts and sometimes we get decisions that make plain common sense. A Council in England attempted to sue the mother of a six year old girl, who is currently in the care of social services, for causing the child to be born with ‘foetal alcohol syndrome’ after consuming excessive amounts of booze during her pregnancy. This case was not about the rights or wrongs of drinking alcohol during pregnancy but about whether the law should be able to prosecute women for their behaviour during their pregnancy. The answer to that question has to be undoubtedly NO. Research shows that consuming excessive amounts of booze whilst pregnant can have an effect on the foetus, as can use of drugs such as heroin and cannabis. Personally I do not believe that tobacco products cause foetal damage but this is not about smoking during pregnancy. The Court of Appeal has rightly dismissed the case.

The issue was whether it is legally acceptable, and workable, to impose restrictions on women when they are pregnant. No it is not. And it is not acceptable, or workable, because those same restrictions cannot be imposed on men – and the law must treat and be applied to men and women equally. That is the basis of justice and a democratic society – this is not Saudi Arabia, this is the United Kingdom in the 21st century. To impose a standard of behaviour and moral responsibility on women that is not extended to men is a flagrant abuse of the most basic of human rights – the right to bodily autonomy, the right to have authority over what you do, what you eat and what you drink. It is not the fault of us women that we are born female, that we have wombs and are saddled with the role of child-bearer and we should not be held to some specific moral and social code of conduct simply because we happen to be the ones that fall pregnant. A woman’s body belongs to her first and foremost, the foetus inside her is a secondary, dependent being and remains so until it is born and becomes an independent and separate entity on its own.

The mother involved was just 17 at the time of what was her second pregnancy and obviously vulnerable and unstable. She should have been persuaded instead to terminate her pregnancy rather than bring an affected child into the world that will have a very poor quality of life at best. As an alcoholic she needs help not criminalising. In any case both her children are in care, I just hope she receives effective education about birth control and gets treatment for her illness. I am a strong advocate for removing babies from mothers who abuse drugs, I am also a strong advocate for providing such women with safe legal abortion should they realise their habit will damage their foetus or that they are unable to give up their habit and instead be good mothers. But under no circumstances should women be forced by law into giving up their basic human right of being the arbiters of their own bodies and behaviour for a period of nine months when no such thing would ever be imposed on men – the very idea should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

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Nov 19 2014

Precious Life bully, Bernie Smyth GUILTY of harrassing Dawn Purvis MLA.

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smythThe great news today is that pro-life nazi Bernadette Smyth of the hateful Precious Life organisation has been convicted of publicly harassing Marie Stopes Clinic director and champion of womens health, Dawn Purvis. As you can see, this has finally wiped the famous smirk from this dangerous woman’s smarmy face at last.

Ms Smyth, leader of a group of anti-abortion fanatics, have for too long harassed and interfered with women and girls entering the Marie Stopes clinic in Belfast. Thinking clearly that their beliefs place them above the law, they behave like callous, sanctimonious bullies on the street. They are completely and utterly deluded, they seek to condemn and victimise vulnerable women – well their boss is now facing a prison sentence for her troubles. May this be a warning to the rest of her ilk. Their despicable tactics of accosting, following, shouting at and interrogating women outside the clinic have landed their darling with a criminal conviction – which is something all good ‘christians’ aspire to I assume?

These people are bullies and nasty bullies at that. Go straight to jail Ms Smyth. Do not collect £200. Do not pass  Go.

And stay there.


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