Oct 17 2014

Marie Stopes in Belfast – 2 years of supporting women and girls in their hour of need

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The bible-thumpers and the sanctimonious woman-haters of Northern Ireland tried their best to shut down the Marie Stopes Clinic in Belfast before it even opened, but they failed and fail they continue to do!

Thanks to our wonderful MLA and supporter of women’s rights, Dawn Purvis, the women and girls of Northern Ireland who find themselves pregnant and in need of non-judgemental care, advice and support have somewhere at last to turn to in Belfast. For two years Marie Stopes has been providing that vital lifeline to the female population of a country that is manned – literally – by men and bibles. Women in such a society are always the victims of religious ideology and twisted, narrow thought; ‘women who are raped are at fault’, ‘women who are abused are at fault’, ‘women should be seen – fully clothed from head to toe – and not heard’.

Thanks to Marie Stopes and Dawn Purvis we have somewhere to go and people to talk to – a woman or girl with a crisis pregnancy needs to be cared for – not preached to, not harassed and abused in the street by sexually frustrated, sour-faced do-gooders headed by that bitter, bleached blonde Bernadette Smyth Brigade.

Congratulations Marie Stopes and may you celebrate many more anniversaries to come!

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Oct 07 2014

Justice for Cody the collie – ten months prison for Andrew Stewart.

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Justice was finally served in a Belfast court today for family pet, Cody the border collie, who died after being set on fire by Andrew Stewart of Aghalee, Co Antrim.

This good result comes after several heinous crimes of cruelty were committed against animals in this country in recent years, I’d have liked the sentence to have been in years rather than months but it is good anyway to know that this sadistic cretin will be denied his freedom for almost a year. He will now live the rest of his life being known as the monster who took a beloved family pet and committed an act of sheer barbarity upon it.

I hope his time in prison is everything I’ve heard and read about….


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Oct 07 2014

Why bother fighting ISIS when the appointment of Health Minister Jim Wells is a nod for the continuation of religious fundamentalism in Northern Ireland politics?

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Right now the fight against religious fundamentalism, in the form of Islamic State, is threatening to reach the door of Europe. Right now, in Northern Ireland, we continue to endure the stale stench of religious fundamentalism as politicians – ‘christians’ – bring their bibles to the decision making process. This continues to be as much of a threat to civil liberties and human rights  in this land as does that of IS in Syria and Iraq.

It will be a better day for  Northern Ireland when atheists outnumber the brainwashed addicts of organised religion. With the appointment of Free Presbyterian Jim Wells as Health Minister, we have yet one more creationist-theory believer sitting in authority with one hand wielding the pen of decision and the other wielding the bible. This is a man who is well known for believing that no woman should be allowed to access safe, legal abortion – no rape victims, no victims of incest – no woman.

This is a man who will sit in judgement as the continuing issue of abortion reforms are brought forward for consideration in this backward church-obsessed country; this is the man who believes in sentencing rape and incest victims to nine months of pregnancy with no recourse to ridding their bodies of the stain their attacker forced upon them. This is what you have when religion and politics exist hand in hand. It must stop.

It must stop because good government  represents all the people, not just those who share the faith of particular government officials, in this case christianity. It is wrong and abhorrent for a government policy to be based on or influenced by religious doctrine and the religious leanings of one individual. The misleading and fantasy of so-called ‘holy scripture’ should never form the basis for policy-making or decision-making.
Politicians must leave their personal beliefs at the door because they do not have a mandate to decide what is better for society based solely on what they believe, but to be guided by what society believes is better for itself. Today, the belief is that women in Northern Ireland deserve convenient and unchallenged access to safe, legal abortion – and they must have it on-demand, in cases of threat to maternal life and so that rape and incest victims will not be victimised further by the trauma of having to bear the offspring of a criminal.
To have a man like Jim Wells in this position is not a strike for progress in religion-blighted Northern Ireland, where the god-believers demand modern-day issues be guided by ancient myths – to have a Health Minister in office who believes the earth is 6000 years old and who has attitudes to match, who advocates the relegation of women to the role of broodmares and servants of men who rape. This man, Jim Wells, and his mission to impose his own moral code on vulnerable and abused  women in this land will be opposed and opposed in the strongest possible terms.  We must be free of this Free Presbyterian dictator.
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Sep 30 2014

Dennis O’Neill: long before the tragedy of Baby P there was a little boy….

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dennisoneil The circumstances of his terrible death were supposed to lead to changes that meant vulnerable children would never again suffer the pain, humiliation and degradation that he endured before he died. Changes that saw those who torture and kill children served appropriate sentences in prison, changes that would see that no adult unfit for parenting would again be allowed to inflict damage and terror on a child in their care. Had such changes been implemented, had such lessons been learned Baby Peter Connelly might not only still be alive but alternatively his mother and the two men who killed him would never be walking free today, having served just a handful of years for causing his death. So why then has so little changed since the tragedy in 1945 of 12 year old Dennis O’Neill?

I have read about Dennis, pictured here standing between his two younger brothers, I have even written about him here in the past but until I watched a documentary on TV a couple of nights ago I realised that this little boy, whose suffering and death shocked so many British people, had all but been forgotten. His name exists today in all those historical reports, his name comes up now and again in print when yet another child dies a death that social workers ‘never saw coming’.

Their story has been documented by his younger brother, Terence, who survived the horror that took his brother’s life. Terence has given Dennis a voice in the 21st century that was denied to them both during the six months they spent, aged 12 and 9, at the isolated farm house of their two brutal foster parents in the closing months of 1944.

The details of the suffering these two little boys endured were described by Terence himself in a recent BBC documentary ‘Disowned and Disabled’. The outrage at Dennis’s death and the power of Terence’s testimony led to the Children’s Act of 1948  and an overhaul of the fostering system. But it continues to happen, year after year – children abused by manipulative foster parents, children left in the custody of cruel and abusive parents. One would have thought that in the time between young Dennis in 1945 and 17 month old Peter Connelly in 2007 those charged with ensuring the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children would have had ample opportunities to get it right, to remove abused and neglected children from chaotic homes and place them with caring and understanding people.

So why are our children still dying from abuse and why the hell are those abusers, like Tracey Connelly and the killers of 2 year old James Bulger, walking free as I write? just as the Goughs served too short a sentence for their crimes against Dennis and Terence O’Neill in 1945, our judicial system is still not placing enough value on the  suffering and deaths of children today and abusers are not being punished harshly enough. When the hell will this change? when will inhuman treatment and murder of our children warrant more than a short spell in prison?

Please remember Dennis O’Neill.

Someone to Love Us: The shocking true story of two brothers fostered into brutality and neglect. By Terence O’Neill.

You can say hello and leave a message for Terry O’Neill here…https://www.facebook.com/Someonetoloveus

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