Nov 19 2014

Precious Life bully, Bernie Smyth GUILTY of harrassing Dawn Purvis MLA.

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smythThe great news today is that pro-life nazi Bernadette Smyth of the hateful Precious Life organisation has been convicted of publicly harassing Marie Stopes Clinic director and champion of womens health, Dawn Purvis. As you can see, this has finally wiped the famous smirk from this dangerous woman’s smarmy face at last.

Ms Smyth, leader of a group of anti-abortion fanatics, have for too long harassed and interfered with women and girls entering the Marie Stopes clinic in Belfast. Thinking clearly that their beliefs place them above the law, they behave like callous, sanctimonious bullies on the street. They are completely and utterly deluded, they seek to condemn and victimise vulnerable women – well their boss is now facing a prison sentence for her troubles. May this be a warning to the rest of her ilk. Their despicable tactics of accosting, following, shouting at and interrogating women outside the clinic have landed their darling with a criminal conviction – which is something all good ‘christians’ aspire to I assume?

These people are bullies and nasty bullies at that. Go straight to jail Ms Smyth. Do not collect £200. Do not pass  Go.

And stay there.


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Nov 09 2014

The torture and killing of 3 year old Scott McMillan – ‘The brief nightmare that was his life is now over’.

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scottmcmillan2The human animal is unique in that it is the only form of life that will kill its own young for no reason whatsoever. Three year old Scott McMillan of Pennsylvania in the US is the latest victim of a mother who, along with her boyfriend, killed her own child. It is futile to say ‘for no reason whatsoever’ because what reason on this earth could anyone, let alone a mother, have for inflicting the kind of torture and death that Jillian Tait inflicted on her 3 year old son?

This precious, innocent little boy was subjected to such cruelty and violence by his mother and her boyfriend, Gary Lee Fellenbaum, that when his failing body was taken to the hospital’s emergency dept the normally battle-hardened  ER nurses wept at the sight of him. Not an inch of him was spared injury, his tiny broken body the result of two weeks of systematic physical abuse. Mercifully (how else can one put it?) his suffering came to an end very shortly after; we can only hope that in his last minutes he was in some way aware of and eased by the sound of comforting voices and the touch of gentle hands.

And what will be done with the adults who did this to him – take away their liberty for a few years or even for life? as if deprivation of liberty carries even a microbe of equality to depriving a child of their life…as if 50 years being fed and sheltered by the State pays one’s dues for inflicting 50 minutes of terror and unspeakable suffering on a child let alone the 2 solid weeks of continual abuse this child suffered. They even kept him home from nursery school in order to torture him. Every breath those two monsters take will be a breath little Scott McMillan will never take again, every day they live will be a day that has been taken from him.

The death penalty. Execution.Yes. Absolutely. No crime is more worthy of the death penalty than one such as this, no child killer should be considered more entitled to life than their innocent, helpless victim and no prison should continue to be overfilled with living, breathing sadistic degenerates like Jillian Tait and her co-accused Gary Lee Fellenbaum.

I even volunteer to pull the lever.



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Oct 17 2014

Marie Stopes in Belfast – 2 years of supporting women and girls in their hour of need

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The bible-thumpers and the sanctimonious woman-haters of Northern Ireland tried their best to shut down the Marie Stopes Clinic in Belfast before it even opened, but they failed and fail they continue to do!

Thanks to our wonderful MLA and supporter of women’s rights, Dawn Purvis, the women and girls of Northern Ireland who find themselves pregnant and in need of non-judgemental care, advice and support have somewhere at last to turn to in Belfast. For two years Marie Stopes has been providing that vital lifeline to the female population of a country that is manned – literally – by men and bibles. Women in such a society are always the victims of religious ideology and twisted, narrow thought; ‘women who are raped are at fault’, ‘women who are abused are at fault’, ‘women should be seen – fully clothed from head to toe – and not heard’.

Thanks to Marie Stopes and Dawn Purvis we have somewhere to go and people to talk to – a woman or girl with a crisis pregnancy needs to be cared for – not preached to, not harassed and abused in the street by sexually frustrated, sour-faced do-gooders headed by that bitter, bleached blonde Bernadette Smyth Brigade.

Congratulations Marie Stopes and may you celebrate many more anniversaries to come!

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Oct 07 2014

Justice for Cody the collie – ten months prison for Andrew Stewart.

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Justice was finally served in a Belfast court today for family pet, Cody the border collie, who died after being set on fire by Andrew Stewart of Aghalee, Co Antrim.

This good result comes after several heinous crimes of cruelty were committed against animals in this country in recent years, I’d have liked the sentence to have been in years rather than months but it is good anyway to know that this sadistic cretin will be denied his freedom for almost a year. He will now live the rest of his life being known as the monster who took a beloved family pet and committed an act of sheer barbarity upon it.

I hope his time in prison is everything I’ve heard and read about….


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